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byorgeymauke: ping
byorgey@ask mauke do you have any intention/ability to fix  (NoBorders)?
lambdabotConsider it noted.
jkramerI'm trying to configure my own pretty printer for dzen
jkramerSomehow the whole content of the bar is centered, but I'd prefer having it left-aligned
dschoepejkramer: pass -ta l to dzen on startup
jkramerOk, thanks, I thought I have to do it with the pretty-printer
jkramerWhen I add loggers from XMonad.Util.Logger to ppExtras, do I have to do anything else to make them appear?
jkramerI added battery and aumixVolume, but can't see them in my dzen bar
dschoepejkramer: those work rather flaky though, since xmonad is not properly multithreaded
ivanmbetter off running a second dzen bar that does that
dschoepeso instead I'd use some other app to generate the info, for example conky
jkramerHmm, ok
jkramerCan I push the data from another app into the same dzen or do I really have to have two?
dschoepeyou can use a dzen multiplexer
dschoepe!google dzen multiplexer
dschoepe@google dzen multiplexer
jkramerNice, thanks
dschoepeanyway, it should be the first result
lambdabotNo Result Found.
jkramerFound it :)
ivanmdschoepe: I thought people discouraged using the multiplexer...
dschoepeI don't know, I just know that it exists, and that it's a way around using two dzens
teckanhello everyone. i am seeking a way of monitoring the latency of my internet connection. i have got the IP of a suitable (near) server to do it but i can't get to know how to use grep (or something) similar to get just the number of milliseconds in the ping output. can you please give me a hand? (i am going to integrate it in xmobar)
ivanmbyorgey: doing your bit to clean out old xmonad bugs?
byorgeyivanm: yep, for some reason I just thought "today I am going to look at all the old bugs in the bugtracker"
byorgeydunno why, but I doubt anyone will complain =)
ivanmbyorgey: do you have a link anywhere to the work you've been doing on combinatorial testing so I can link to it in my blog post?
byorgeyivanm: well, I have some slides I could send you if you wanted to look at them, but I'd rather you didn't post them on your blog
byorgeythis is all still very much "work in progress" so I don't have anything I'm really ready to share with the entire Internet =)
byorgeyivanm: what are you writing about in your blog post?
ivanmthe fun I've been having with QuickCheck ;-)
ivanmOK, I'll just link to the announcement of the talk you're going to be doing
byorgeyah, right, now I remember talking to you about this earlier
byorgeyivanm: cool, nice post
byorgeyivanm: re: generating bigger and bigger lists, we need a mechanism for overriding the way that QC increses the size of things internally
byorgeyI think right now it just does something like  map sized [0,2..]  which is sort of... well... Arbitrary =)
ivanmbyorgey: there's a maxsize param; I don't know how it actually uses it though :s
byorgeyhmm, yeah
byorgeyI don't either
ivanmI don't know how _most_ of QC works ;-)
ivanmas I said in the post, took me a while to figure out what GaveUp meant! :s
byorgeyyeah, QC is awesome but also sort of magical and finicky
ivanmawesomely magical!
ivanmanyway, I just had my 90 minute test suite finally finish once without any problems found
ivanmso of course I'm running it again!
byorgeyhmm, even aside from recursive structures, perhaps my research can address finding a more elegant and flexible model for deciding how to generate test cases of various "sizes"
Action: ivanm will be doing a new post in the next few days about how much a PITA Graphviz and its docs are...
byorgeyivanm: heh, excellent =)
ivanmbyorgey: did you choose your upenn email based upon your nick, or the other way round? :p
byorgeyivanm: heh, neither
byorgeyI have been using byorgey as my username/nick since high school
ivanmcoincidence? yeah, right... ;-)
Action: sjanssen watches byorgey clean up the bug tracker
byorgeysjanssen: I accept beer ;)
byorgeywe ought to add some "Difficulty" tags to the bug tracker
byorgeyivanm: hehe
shephebI drink therefore I am!
shephebI like the idea of difficulty tags, if we want to encourage new(er) contributors to tackle some easier bugs as a way into xmonad development.
shepheb(and I'm not even drunk, though I am on my 39th hour of consciousness)
byorgeyyes, exactly.  In my sweep of open tickets I've come across a few that would be easy for a relative newbie to tackle.
byorgeyespecially ones that used to be hard but are now easy with extensible state.
byorgeyso it would be nice to be able to tag such tickets
ivanmbyorgey: I was aiming more at the "American beer is like making love in a canoe" bit...
byorgey@ask aavogt so, did  actually resolve issue #316?  if so, could you close it (or add a comment explaining why it's still not resolved)?
lambdabotConsider it noted.
bimbohello, yesterday I asked for help about a problem with some latency on xmobar, and ivanm pointed out this *might* be due to a bug in xmobar's xft support, however I'm not so sure about this
bimboafter some research (not exhaustive though) I found out that most of the problems related to this bug talk about high cpu load, here cpu load is fine, this also doesn't seem to be a memory leak problem
bimboit happens mostly when having quite a few windows open (several firefox windows, thunderbird and netbeans, each in their own workspaces)
bimboso the question is, what else can I do to debug this problem? as I said before this happens as time goes by (xmobar takes about a second to refresh the focused window title)
bimboright now, with those previosly mentioned windows opened (and some xterms too), iterating through the workspaces (using Ctrl-Tab, CycleWS) it takes quite a while and leaves xmonad in an inconsistent state
bimboe.g. showing the tabs from one workspace on another (only the tabs, not the windows), I have to reload xmonad for they to disappear
AtropoIs there a way to save the session in xmonad?
AtropoI mean, open applications, tiling layout, workspaces etc...
esbenawhen I use "sendMessage (ToggleStruts))", my xmobar is _on top of_ my windows, which now extend to the area with xmobar in. Is that correct behavior?
serevenesbena: 0.9 or earlier xmobar version? Newer ones use lowerOnStart = True in xmobarrc. Older xmobar versions you must start xmobar earlier than all the other windows to have them on top I think. (i.e. made to be started with X instead of from in xmonad.hs)
esbenasereven: thx, just found the post in the mailing list saying darcs xmobar has it fixed - and yes I'm using 0.9..
Action: shepheb practices his Spanish reading his RSS feed of a Twitter search for "xmonad".
shephebFrench, Spanish (Portugese?), Russian and at least two east Asian languages are common. I wonder what the Japanese and Russian Tweeters think.
dschoepeWe could try what google translate makes of it, but it might not be _that_ precise :)
shephebhopefully it would get positive vs. negative down
dschoepehmm, "Well, not xmonad same place"
shephebor at the very least generate some amusing "You have no chance to survive make your time" mistranslations.
dschoepeOkay, found one that's definitely positive :)
jonathan1any suggestions on the best program to setroot a background image? something that can easily tile, scale, scale+crop would be nice.
Entroacceptorhsetroot, display, qiv,
ncesry w/c
jonathan1ok, how do most people get programs to automatically start up when they log in? should I just use .xsession even though my login manager is already starting xmonad?
bo0ts__Hi, how can I change the rotation direction in mirror tall mode? It is counterclockwise while it is clockwise in Tall mode. *confusing*
bo0ts__Couldn't find anything in the wiki or the conf examples :(
bo0ts__By rotation direction I mean the way Mod+Tab selects the next window.
And1Is there a rss-feed for xmonad's reddit?
hgabreuAnd1: yes, it's right there. I mean, firefox detected it automatically
And1Ah thanks. :)
hgabreubyorgey decided to squash all xmonad issues :) that's cool
serevenbo0ts__: from XMonad.Layout.Reflect change one you don't like as is to: reflectVert (Tall ....) or reflectHoriz ( Mirror (Tall ...))
diomekeswhy does this config:   create this tiled layout:
newfishhello, is there any mp3 player working very well with xmonad? i mean, you can do play pause stop with some shortcuts?
serevendiomekes: you have ratio and delta reversed in your tiled = definition
diomekesok, duh, thanks
diomekesdoes it matter the order of the definitions after "where"?
serevendiomekes: nope, just after Tall
Action: byorgey just finished looking at every single open ticket in the bug tracker
diomekesonce a default layout for a workspace is set, is it possible to change that workspace's layout
byorgeydiomekes: yes, if you set the layout to something like   layout1 ||| layout2 ||| layout3 ...
byorgeyyou can toggle through those layouts with mod-space
diomekesare new windows always moved to master pane?
hgabreudiomekes: no exactly
hgabreunew windows, by default, replace the position of the current focused one
hgabreubut you can change that
serevennewfish: mpc is popular one -- some example configs. Pkg xmonad-extras has some neat mpd stuff.
newfishsereven, thanks a lot :)
diomekesis this the best: XMonad.Hooks.InsertPosition ?
serevenhurrah byorgey++ Thanks for bug pass :)
jonathan2Ok, what would be wrong with the line "myManageHook = composeOne [ isFullscreen -?> doFullFloat ]"? under my imports? I'm getting errors: xmonad.hs:9:28: Not in scope: `isFullscreen' and xmonad.hs:9:45: Not in scope: `doFullFloat'
serevenjonathan2: maybe missing `import XMonad.Hooks.ManageHelpers'
jonathan2got it
jonathan2here, I'll pastebin the file
jonathan2uh-oh, is my version too old? I'm on xmonad .7
dschoepeyes, that's quite old.
jonathan2I just noticed that the debian backports package is that version
rolandois it possible to have borderWidth with a value of 1 only when there is more than one window on the workspace?
rolandodisclamer: my haskell skills aren't that good... yet
dschoeperolando: Perhaps SmartBorders is an option for you, which hides the border entirely when only one window is visible
rolandothank you, i'll search it
rolandowell that took care of that
rolandothank you dschoepe
Brunersim having problems viewing flash videos (youtube etc) in fullscreen, config here
Brunersit goes to fullscreen but then goes back to normal right away
serevenBruners: import XMonad.Hooks.ManageHelpers and add to your manageHooks lists list: , [ isFullscreen  --> doFullFloat ]
Brunerssereven: that worked almost, got it running fullscreen at least. but the video is not getting stretched
serevenBruners: yeah afaik that's player dependent, different site's players offer different options. sometimes can choose from e.g. a right mouse button menu
--- Fri Nov 27 2009
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