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geheimdienstif a function name has no letters, haskell treats it as infix. so "++" is a function name, only you can say "a ++ b". (for a regular function, say "append" it would have to be: "append a b")
edillingerso its just sugar for ++(a,b) ?
geheimdienstin haskell you can actually write: (++) a b
geheimdienstthe parens are to make the normally-infix function prefix
geheimdienstthe reverse is backticks: a `append` b
Philonousedillinger: Your right about the "every programm defines it's own language". Incidentally that's what's called an edsl, an embedded domains specific language. And that's pretty amazing when you think about it.
edillingeri must be misunderstanding where this manageHook goes, could someone peek at
geheimdiensti agree it can be amazing, but if you aren't very careful designing your edsl, you might end up with unreadable code
geheimdienstyou have an extra comma in there
Philonousgeheimdienst: That is always true with any source language.
edillingerno comma before manageHook ?
edillingeroh, after fullFloat
geheimdienstno, before you close the list
edillingernow it says composeOne, isFullscreen and doFullFloat are not in scope
geheimdienstgood, that's one step forward
geheimdienstadd "import XMonad.Hooks.ManageHelpers" at the top
edillingernice, works now :)
edillingerand i can watch hans rosling in full screen :)
edillingerthanks a bunch
geheimdienstyou're welcome
maukeyeah, flash videos is pretty much why I wrote isFullscreen :-)
geheimdienstbtw, bill gates posted on his blog the other day a few links to more hans rosling talks
edillingeryea? i'll have to check that out, i love his talks
geheimdiensthere ya go
geheimdiensthaven't watched them yet, but hans rosling is a great speaker
geheimdienstphilonous, what i meant was: "isFullscreen --> doFullFloat" is imho less readable than, say, "ifMatch isFullscreen doFullFloat"
geheimdienstor using tuples like (condition, action) because you already know that from the key bindings
leafwizhey. anyone know how to map a keyboard key to button 2
leafwizaka, I want o press a keyboard key to paste
geheimdienstleafwiz, check out this:
astroboyI have just installed xmonad from darcs, following these instructions: . Now if I press M-q, or if I execute "xmonad --recompile; xmonad --restart", it quits xmonad bringing me back the login page instead of reloading it
astroboyAfter various hattempts the problem is still there
astroboyxmonad --restart logs me off
geheimdienstwhat's xmonad --recompile say?
astroboygeheimdienst: hi again (:. xmonad --recompile runs fine, no output
geheimdiensthey :)
geheimdienstany clues in .xsession-errors?
astroboymhm I don't have an xsession-errors in my home...
geheimdienstyour distribution might name it differently, or put it somewhere else ... check /var/log, might be in there.
astroboygeheimdienst: I can't find it. I did a quick search and it seems that on gentoo .xsession-errors should be in the home. maybe is just that I have no errors...?
astroboyor maybe my login manager is handling the thing
astroboyyes probably it is
astroboyi'm going to disconnect now
astroboygeheimdienst: that's what happens:
astroboyit doesn't recognise the --restart flag...?
astroboybut then it shouldn't stop at all...
geheimdienstokay we're getting close. probably you have an old xmonad version which doesn't recognize --restart
astroboyI have the latest darcs version :P
astroboyI mean I have just compiled it
astroboywait I'll try calling the exact executable
astroboygeheimdienst: no, the version is right.
aavogtif it doesn't recognize --restart, you won't make the old xmonad go away
astroboyaavogt: but it worked perfectly fine before (installed with cabal install)
astroboythen I built the darcs version and unregistered the cabal install one
geheimdienstrun xmonad --version for me please
geheimdiensti just want to rule out you have 2 xmonad binaries, an old one somewhere in /usr and a new one in ~/.cabal/bin/
aavogtwhat's the problem with that case anyways?
astroboygeheimdienst: xmonad --version gives 0.9.1. I still have the one in .cabal but I unregistered. The new one is the one I installed with $HOME as the build prefix, as they say in that guide.
geheimdiensthang on a minute
astroboysure, thanks
geheimdienstcould you run: "xmonad --resume blabla"?
geheimdienstnormally, that should tell you an X protocoll error, bad access
astroboyblabla like what?
astroboyxmonad 0.9.1
astroboyastroboy@mcnulty ~/.cabal/bin $ xmonad --resume
astroboyxmonad: user error (unrecognized flags)
geheimdienstdoesn't matter :-) that xmonad won't run anyway
geheimdienstokay we're getting close i think
astroboyactually wait a second
astroboyI installed on a different prefix before
astroboymaybe a setup clean?
geheimdiensti just checked the source. when you run xmonad --restart, it does a few things and then runs "xmonad --resume stuff stuff stuff"
geheimdienstbut that seems to be generating the log message we saw
astroboymh yes
geheimdienst(and it crashes, exiting X)
geheimdiensti still think there's an old binary somewhere which doesn't recognize the --resume flag
geheimdiensttry which -a xmonad
astroboyjust a sec, recompiling...
astroboyyou are right, it gets the cabal version
Action: geheimdienst thumps his chest and lets out a tarzan yell
astroboyso how do I proceed now? ghc-pkg unregister is not enough apparently
astroboywait a second
astroboy~/bin is not even in my path
astroboywhich prefix should I use? or should I add it in my path?
geheimdiensti have added .cabal/bin to my path
geheimdienstworks for me ...
astroboygeheimdienst: I think there is a misunderstanding here: I want to run the darcs version I compiled
geheimdiensti always just do "cabal install xmonad" with no --prefix or anything
geheimdienstyeah, i do the same. in the directory with the xmonad sources, i run cabal install
geheimdienstit then uses the xmonad.cabal file right from that directroy
astroboyohhhh ok, I didn't know I could do that...
astroboythanks alot
astroboythanks again eheh
geheimdienstyou're welcome :)
astroboyok it works now
leafwizhey, I have tried out import XMonad.Util.Paste , since I want to paste the X11 selection.
leafwizbut that type takes away the spaces.
leafwizI found out:
tjgillieshow do i do a horizonal split?
geheimdienstyou could hit mod-.
geheimdienstfor a more permanent solution, add Mirror Tall to your layouts
pookyI just want to say, I think xmonad is great. While not a power user, the base functionality I got out of the package (so to speak) has been great.
babilenHi all. I would like to implement a wmii-style workspace model in xmonad. I want workspaces based on client tags (N tags per client) and therefore need a way to tag windows with 1-N tags and want workspaces created dynamically once a new tag is assigned to a client. Once there are no clients with a certain tag anymore the corresponding workspace should be removed.
babilenI am not looking for a complete solution (although it would be nice if such a thing would already exist) - but want to gather some tips on how to implement this.
babilenI would also like to assign certain tag rules for clients, such as "firefox" should be tagged "net" on creation ..
babilenany ideas?
dschoepeerr, that's a better link:
babilendschoepe: Thank you, I'll take a look :)
babilenDo you think that this is achievable in around 5-8h or is this whole endeavour doomed because xmonad has a different (i.e. rather static) workspace model?
babilenThe link you gave me uses static workspaces as well. It seems as if it would be possible to achieve what I want with a combination of DynamicWorkspaces Actions.TagWindows and some tagging rules as exemplified in the link you gave me ...
dschoepebabilen: Ah, I only answered your second question. There are some contrib modules like DynamicWorkspaces and TagWindows that should help
dschoepeoh, and then I didn't read that you already found those :)
dschoepeDepending on your experience with xmonad/haskell it should be possible to implement in 8h
babilendschoepe: Ok, that are good news :) I'll see what I can come up with. If you have ideas just let me know as I am currently gathering information and try to come up with a plan to achieve this.
dschoepebabilen: Now that I understand correctly what you are trying to do: For tagging a window upon creation, you can do something like this: className =? "foo" --> liftX . addTag "net" =<< ask
dschoepethen you'd have to make keybindings for opening a Prompt to query the tags to display and use the withTagged function to shift those windows to the current workspace
kynskiHello everybody!
kynskiI would like to ask. What is xmproc resposible for?
Entroacceptorkynski: it's  the file descriptor to write to the spawned xmobar?
kynskiEntroacceptor: Ok, and what if I would like to use dzen2. Where's configuration file for it?
kynskiEntroacceptor: And how can I add it to xmonad? I would like to make something like info-panel above all windows.
kynskiIs there any way to do that?
Entroacceptoryou spawn dzen instead
Entroacceptorit has no own config file
Entroacceptorlook and
kynskiEntroacceptor: Thanks.
tlonimin floating windows, if I dont them to overlap what is the solution ? -- this is in reference to mplayer -- when i open a second video it overlaps the first video's window -- can it be randomized ?
--- Mon Jul 12 2010
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