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SohcahtoaGod damn!
SohcahtoaThat woman has some HIPS on her!
deckergood fer birthin
Action: decker chews on some straw
SohcahtoaI was gonna mention that I mean that in a GOOD way
unkletomi logged in to that account
unkletomand some girl messaged me "why did you steal my account"
unkletomafter some confirmation of details i gave the account back to her
decker"uh, is this misty?"
deckerdid the toons have armor and inventory ?
unkletomi found that odd
deckermaybe an ex-bf
unkletombut it had shitloads of characters
unkletomthink it was used for goldspam
unkletomill add her to msn and say i gave the account back
unkletommaybe ill get a camshow
deckergood luck with that
eyesorecant wait for the new season, unkletom!!!
unkletommeh prolly going to take a year =/
trickeenew season?
Monty5Android Passes iPhone Web Traffic in the U.S
SohcahtoaFuck yeah
trickeewho cares?
trickeeexcept google and apple
SohcahtoaThere's nothing special about the iPhone
SohcahtoaEverything it does, the Droid does better
Monty5I just wish WebOS was doing better, it's the best
trickeeHP just bought Palm
trickeeprob gonna destroy it now
SohcahtoaI didn't know Palm was still around
trickeethe Palm Pre is actually really nice
trickeeI wish i had it tbh
Monty5whoah, they did?
Monty5I like my Pre
Monty5This might be a good thing
Monty5A webos tablet would rule, and HP can do that
Monty5The Pre hardware is mediocre, but damn the OS is great..  
trickeefunny how they make the first pda and they are the sinking ship
trickeereally shows what marketing can do
trickeei wonder when people will finally get tired of buying up everything apple pitches at them
trickeehow many times will they just re-invent the same product over and market it with a different spin to gain revenue
unkletomdid you see how they left a prototype of their new phone in a cafe
trickeei think the ipad really finally showed this is what apple does
unkletomand some guy found it and sold it to gizmodo now he's being prosecuted or w/e
unkletomsneaky cunts
trickeei didnt know he was being prosecuted
trickeehow can they prosecute
trickeemnaybe civially sued
unkletomdunno i made that up
unkletomhis home got raided
unkletomall computers taken etc
SohcahtoaIts all a big fucking PR stunt
trickeeno it didnt
SohcahtoaIts a fucking PR stunt.  Unfortunately, its working.
trickeewho cares
trickeei'm so sick of apple
unkletomhis home got raided
trickeei like their computers, i like the OSX operating system, i work on it everyday in preference over windows, but i am sick of hte apple marketing machine
trickeeand people just gobbeling it up
unkletompolice = apples gestapo
trickeethats not the guy who foudn the phone
trickeeit was the editor of gizmodo
trickeebig difference
trickeei can see where gizmodo is legally responsible as a business
unkletomumm ye
trickeethey pursued buying hte phone for $5k
unkletomso that makes the guy that found it in deeper shit
trickeepotentially hurting apples market share
trickeeit doesnt
trickeehe was acting as a civilian
trickeehe may be civilly liable
trickeehowever you spell it
unkletomyou dont know if he really found it. and if u find something you turn it in to the police
unkletomnot sell it
Monty5Palm's bad marketing killed em
Monty5Those awful pre ads..
spectre_yeah there is a responsibility to turn in any item yuo find worth over a certain amount to the police
Monty5I'd go with android after webos for sure, screw apple
spectre_or you could be guilty of posession of stolen property
spectre_even if you found it
spectre_(someone else may have stolen it)
Monty5I heard the marketing guy at Palm left or go fired yesterday too heh
Monty5He needed to go way back.. They sure won't need him now
spectre_so the only argument the phone seller has is that he abdicated his responsibility to gizmodo by selling it to them
spectre_but that's pretty thin
spectre_as far as gizmodo they were almost certainly in posession of stolen property
unkletombut they can play the card they didnt know it was stolen
spectre_the only legal issue is if they police had the right to seize his shit over it, not if they were or were not posessing a potentially stolen item
spectre_doesnt matter unkletom
spectre_ <@spectre_> yeah there is a responsibility to turn in any item yuo find worth over a certain amount to the police
spectre_and if you dont, you could be guilty of posession
unkletomso that makes the guy that found it responsible
unkletomgizmodo bought it from a seller
spectre_gizmodo bought stolen goods
unkletomyeah they have to return it
spectre_there's no question that they were wrong there
unkletombut they cant be hold liable
spectre_no one is even arguing that
spectre_sure they can
spectre_but they wont be
unkletomso if i buy a xbox on ebay
unkletomand that xbox was stolen by the seller
spectre_the only legal issue hwere is if the police had the right to take his shit or not
unkletomi can get jailtime?
unkletomdont think so
unkletomthey can only seize the item
spectre_yeah you should read the law
spectre_and that's all i'm going to say about it
trickeeunkletom: if you have knowledge it was stolen, then yes
spectre_even if yyou dont
trickeeif you ahve no knowledge, then no
spectre_if they can convince a jury you did
spectre_then yes
trickeethats all theoretical
trickeejury shouldnt/wouldnt ocnvinct without some evidence
spectre_the law isnt theoretical
trickee(an email from the seller saying hey this xbox is hot, thats why you got a good deal)
spectre_and the law sys that technically you're in posession of stolen property
spectre_regardless if you knew it
trickeeit varies
trickeestate to state
trickeebut whatever
spectre_yeah we're talking aob ut cali here
spectre_Since that's where the shit was siezed from
spectre_it's the same in WA
spectre_No one is even arguing about that though
trickeei'm pretty sure if you have no knowledge of it (or at least ther eis no evidence of it) you wont be criminally prosecuted
trickeeits a weak case
spectre_I still dont get how no one really understands the legal issue
unkletomgood marketing tho
spectre_everyone is fighting over if gizmodo was culpable or not
spectre_But that doesnt eve matter
spectre_they were, but they aren;t going to be prosecuted
spectre_no one is even fighting about that legally
spectre_the only issue is weather or not those systems should have been siezed
spectre_and the answer is no
trickeewhat is 'the email' they ar etalking about
spectre_the email they sent to the DA saying that they were shielded from seizure
trickeebefore they bought the phone/
trickeeer ?
spectre_but they are
spectre_regardless if they are culpable for the posession (they are technically)
spectre_no one wants to prosecute it
trickeethen why seize
trickeewhats the poiint
spectre_but they ARE sheilded from search and seizure
trickeeto prevent them from pbulishing anymore?
spectre_i suspect it's so apple finds out how much they knew
trickeeabout that phone
spectre_do they can get ahead of any more scoops
spectre_with their marketing machine
trickeepretty shady
trickeeand scary
spectre_yeah i agree
spectre_apple has jackbooted thugs to kick down doors
spectre_it's disturbing
trickeeblatent proof a large corp controlling, or at the veyr least, being granted favors, by the justice systme
trickeewhat makes you say that
spectre_apple sits on the steering comittee for that task force
spectre_so ... :P
spectre_the task force just did what apple said without realkly questioning it
trickeeheh 'REACT'
trickeeyeah, react when fucking shit goes down
trickeein Palo Alto
spectre_it's bullshit
spectre_dude they searched a guys house here in freemont
spectre_in seattle
spectre_over the same shit
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