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Jaelaeyea - 12
Jaelaepretty close
zexiongotta  love it
zexionthey just upgraded the upstream
zexionit was 10 before
zexionim ging to start hosting shit from here now
Jaelaei had a nightmare getting mine installed though
zexionsame here
Jaelaethey sent a dude
zexionthey had to change all the cables, etc
Jaelaehe got here late and had the wrong box and was like sorry i cant go back and bring it over
Jaelaeand left
Jaelaethen i called them and they said we cant send someone
Jaelaeu have to wait 2 weeks for na install date
Jaelaeim like no i already did that
zexionthat sucks
zexionmine took like 4 hours, but it got done that same day
Jaelaeyea i had to wait a few more days complained to some of the VPs
Jaelaeand they came by and fixed it up
zexion <-- check that out btw
zexionwe are at the very top :D
Arcathoh fuck
Arcathenchanting mats now have a 1s deposit
Arcaththats going to get those 1 dust posters :P
Jaelaei friggen hate that shit
Jaelaebuying 1 of every enchanting mat
Jaelae4[zexion4] what city are u in
zexionfair lawn
Jaelaeoh cool i just moved from there last year
zexionwhere to?
NaiWistezexion, what do you think of this song?
zexionI like it here... very nice, no crime, no drama
NaiWisteon the Uke
zexionhot chick
Jaelaeim in pompton lakes now
Jaelaei was on hopper ave
ammogod damnit
ammoi can't find a couch i like
zexionfor some reason i always think of tiny tim when i see anyone play the uke
NaiWistezexion, what do you think about gay rights?
NaiWisteshould it be allowed?
zexionyeah sure, i dont really give a shit... I dont understand why some people care so much what other people do
NaiWistezexion, its a huge topic in california
NaiWisteespecially the right for gay marriage
NaiWisteits kinda obsurd if you ask me
zexionIt has absolutetly zero impact on my life, my families or my friends
zexionits like asking what I think about iguana rights in the galapagos
NaiWistethere was one point where the government allowed only 1 day of gay marriage to happen. and all the gays & lesbians flocked to San Francisco to get married
zexionim ok with whatevr happens :)
NaiWisteas long you keep it to yourself
NaiWisteand not act so flamboyant in public
zexioni mean if you walk around my block in assless pants or whatever you are getting fucked up... but that goes to anyone, homo or straight
zexioni dont need my 5 and 6 year old exposed to that stuff
NaiWistei just think there's a limit for what you can do
zexionwhich is probably why im here and not in san francisco or whatever
Monty5ps2 sucks when compared with the Xbox360
NaiWisteMonty, get the XBOX 360 slim
NaiWistethe built-in Wireless N is a savior
Monty5My stuff's close enough to the router
Monty5Got both the ps3/360 direct wired
NaiWistemy D-Link DIR 655 is upstairs
NaiWisteand xbox 360 downstairs
Monty5The fios router is only g anyway, they're supposed to have an n late this summer though
zexionget your own G router
zexionthe one i have has killer range and this dual signal thing, 5ghz and 2.4ghz
zexionwhich is good because we got a lot of shit on it
zexionHTPC, PSP, DS x2, 2 phones, 3 laptops, xbox and ps3
zexionnot all at the same time
zexionbut still
NaiWisteMonty, what do you think about my setup?
NaiWistethis was before i got my new 7.1 surround sound speaker setup
zexionshit dude ios that the xbr60??
zexioni have the exact same TV
NaiWisteits an XBR 71
zexion60xbr2 i think its called
zexiontthats the one that got discontinued?
zexionhow old is it?
NaiWisteyeah about 2 years ago
NaiWistei bought it in 2006
Monty5Looks fine.  I have a 56" dlp
Monty5With 7.1
NaiWisteXBR2. rear project LCD full 1080p
NaiWistei haven't replaced the lamp yet. so its going strong
NaiWistemy next TV will be an LED
NaiWistenot sure if i want to get the 3D LED
zexioni replaced the lamp on mine
zexioni want oled
zexioni got an old ass runco projector in the basement, that still looks magnificent
zexionbut i want oled
Monty5Hoping to be able to get a 60"+ LCD with 3d in a few years too
zexion60" LCD == $$$$$$$$
thottbot2[12BLUE2] Death Knights Diesease's on missed targets -
zexionthats really nice
zexionbut for 32k i would get an updated runco
zexionand get better image quality and a much larger screen
zexionof course thats only good if you have the space for it
NaiWistelmao zexion
NaiWiste70" HD LCD
NaiWisteonly $33000
NaiWistethat's like buying a new CAR!
Doyakthat's like buying 30 of my car
Monty5By late 2010 65" LCD's will be in the $4k range
Monty5So they're coming down
Doyaknot that you guys care, but my track car is coming along. Fitted new suspension this week, and by the end of July it will look like this.
zexionoled needs to come out
zexionhow fast 0 to 60?
Doyakaround 9sec, it's not really made for drag racing
Doyakbut going sideways
zexion9 is still good
Doyakit feels quite fast, and the new suspension is solid.
Doyakthis is a comparison of the ride height changes
NaiWistei drive like a granny in my BMW
NaiWisteHit it or Quit it?
doom-that pic is nice
Annexoh wow
Annexnow thats a nice sight after a shitty day
zexionthat girl looks underaged nai
NaiWistemy project manager insists on having these dumb meetings on friday evenings at 4:30pm
NaiWistedoesn't she relaize everybody wants to go home by 4?
NaiWisteso dumb
zexionwhat are the official work hours?
NaiWistethere are no official hours really.
NaiWistei work salary
NaiWisteso essentially i can leave anytime
zexionwell not really
zexioneven salary people have set hours in most places
NaiWistewell, its an honor system
zexionbut if you dont have formal hours, its up tot he manager to keep you :-/
NaiWisteyou are scheduled to work at least 40 hours  week
zexionwow honor ssytem
NaiWistebut in my line of work, its flexible because they know i sometimes put 50 - 60 hours a week
zexionwhat do you do if you dont mind me asking
NaiWisteVOIP Telecom Engineer for Cisco
NaiWistebut work @ Stanford University
NaiWistesee. not all WoW players are losers
zexioni setup my own asterix voip server, i like the whole voip scene
zexionbut when i do tech stuff for work (which is rare this days) its mostly unix admin stuff
NaiWisteChinese Guy vs iPad
zid_lol, just had a fucking awesome game of HoN
chemicaldiscipline was supposed to be a melee tree
chemicalfor priests
chemicallike monks or whatever
zid_4v1, instant respawns, mid only as legionnaire
zid_barbed armor ftw
zid_ended up 20/40/0
ammocool story bro
zid_I know right
nirvholy SHIT NaiWiste
nirvthis is BORING
nirvare you kidding with this garbage?
NaiWisteits Peter Chao dude
NaiWistehe's famous in Canada
nirvso? he's CRAPPY
nirvhe's an AMATEUR
nirvno dignity at all
nirvyou know
NaiWistehis youtube shit is hilarious
nirvyour crappy taste is what's delivering crappy games like the WII FIT
zid_Are you ready for the .xxx gold rush?
nirvyup I'm going to get it
nirvand sell it for BILLIONS
nirvAH AH AH
nirv*lightning, thunder*
zid_I hope you have a botnet to spam the server
NaiWistezid, what about .xxx?
zid_icann looks likely to finally approve it
zid_so you can register .xxx
nirvit's going to be the new porn url
zid_which means all the best ones are going to be fought over tooth and nail
ammowho cares
NaiWistei hope they don't take away my youjizz is the best
zid_gaytube you mean
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