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obert-Bolkonskij multiple loops
maxaudobert-:   I would create a page template   that uses   get_categories and loops through the returned array creating a query displaying the most recent X number of posts for each of them
maxaudthat was meant for Bolkonskij
sethtmaxaud: all plugins disabled. the function __popular_posts is coded in the functions.php template file sometimes 2 or 3 times. I could manually remove them just dont know if theres an easier way?
maxaudsetht: you'll receive errors so long as their is more than one of the same function defined
seththow can I specify WP_DEBUG but only display E_ERRORS? php error_reporting gets overwritten
maxaudtheir = there
sethtnp ill manually fix those
obert-damn previous_posts_link,i never get it works in the whole site at first try
obert-previous_posts_link('prev','0'); is it ok in category.php?
ansimationi dont see why not
Bolkonskijmaxaud|sleep: Thanks, I got it working nicely with get_categories and get_posts.
obert-ansimation> cause it no shows links
obert- previous_posts_link --  previous_post_link  i never remember it
obert-<?php previous_post_link('%link', 'Prev', TRUE); ?> in posts, previous_posts_link in permalink?
sunil00hi wordpress , i have been applying for gsoc so can i know any clue for getting accepted or rejected
http_Hikari_WSwhat's gsoc?
coaxhttp_Hikari_WS google summe of code
coaxaccording to google =P
jmutls -la
jmutoops. sorry
jmuton vanila 2.9.2 I get      Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp()       Any clue?
jmutgot it whats wrong :) thanks        I had empthy wp-config.php
phrozen77whats the best way to put /wp-content/ and /wp-content/uploads/ on their own subdomain to speed up loading times?
MrDudlejust tell wordpress that the uploads folder is a specific domain etc
MrDudlealso would that really speed up load times?
phrozen77it should - browsers would (should?) treat as a different host and request in parallel
Viper007Bondphrozen77: set up a subdomain in some folder somewhere. go settings -> misc and enter the full path to that folder and then the proper url
Viper007Bondi do that for one of my sites as the main site is apache and the is nginx
Viper007Bondworks great
phrozen77well, both are nginx so it'll be fine if someone decides to pound it into oblivion
phrozen77but sadly, browsers do not do this
Viper007Bonddon't forget the additional dns lookup though
phrozen77hm, that takes care of wp-content/uploads
Viper007Bondmoving wp-content is totally possible, but many, many plugins are coded like crap and won't play nice if you move them
Viper007Bondi wouldn't bother
phrozen77mhmm chances are that with 45 plugins _something_ will go wrong
MrDudle45 0.o
phrozen77any thoughts on compressing images to css sprites?
phrozen77from what i gathered this could (is?) counterproductive since it'll wait until *all* images are loaded (since it'll be *one* sprite)
Viper007Bondphrozen77: served as one image and gzip'ed is supposedly faster. supposedly.
Viper007Bondphrozen77: there's plugins that'll automatically sprite your blog
phrozen77yeah, i know
phrozen77i just wonder if it's worth bothering
Action: Viper007Bond shrug
phrozen77then again.. you got the problem that it *might* load faster (in the end) but rendering the site will slow down
Viper007BondMrDudle: /shrug  i have 50 activated at the moment
MrDudlei have no idea why so many
Viper007Bondwhy not?
Viper007Bondit doesn't matter
MrDudleViper007Bond: i just can't think of what they could all be
alex88hi guys, i'm trying to write a translate plugin, those that i've tried translate evrything, also the highlighted code os it's not working fine for me..
phrozen77there you said it
alex88i've done the post translate except what the user i'm trying to make the url_rewrite rule to set the language..
alex88every language code has 2 chars.. so it's easy to use something like, but how can i handle it?
Viper007Bondalex88: that sounds tricky. would be significantly easier
alex88Viper007Bond: ok that's also possible, but after the rule.. which page should i call?
alex88or, is there a simplier way to just get the desidered language to translate?
Viper007Bondalex88: not sure if this is the best way to do it or not, but this plugin makes that outputs a printable version:
alex88i mean, create a link to a page, then the plugin just do something like if(isset($_...('translate_to')) -> translate
alex88Viper007Bond: ok i'll search in source code..thank you
Viper007Bondjust make a rewrite rules that does the /nl/ into -> ...&lang=nl and then filter the_content based on $_GET['lang']
Viper007Bondalex88: there's also quite a few multi-lingual plugins out there already, so it'd probably be worth seeing how they do it
Viper007Bondand no, i don't know the names of them as i only speak english
alex88Viper007Bond: some plugins just get the url to their plugin php, then translate permalink with google and post google page.. so it sometimes break template
Viper007Bondalex88: no, there's plugins out there that have you type out your post in multiple languages and displays them based on the user's perference
Viper007Bondanother solution is to not mess with the urls (have it always be ) and set a cookie as to the user's language perference
Viper007Bondthen display the content based on the cookie
Viper007Bondi.e. cookie = nl, replace it with nl version, etc.
alex88Viper007Bond: does it work with google? i wanted to make links so google will indicize also the translated posts
Viper007Bondoh, no
Viper007Bondyeah, you'd need different urls for that then
Viper007Bondbut there's plugins for that
Viper007Bonddunno if they work with the latest version of wordpress or not though
Viper007Bond.codex Multilingual WordPress > alex88
Viper007Bondalex88: a few plugins at that url
Viper007Bondat least one of them works with 2.9 and 3.0
alex88Viper007Bond: well, if i can handle the current wordpress rewrite rules, i can simply add to the destination url the language to translate
Viper007Bondalex88: why not use one of the existing plugins?
alex88btw, let me search more.. :)
Viper007Bondalex88: read that link ;)
alex88Viper007Bond: i use geshi highlighter, and i cant translate also the code..
Viper007Bondalex88: read that link ;)
alex88Viper007Bond: those plugins translate evrything, also code..
alex88Viper007Bond: reading.. :)
Viper007Bondalex88: as mentioned there, there are multiple solutions. the most popular ones are that you write out your post yourself in multiple languages and the plugin takes care of the rest
alex88Viper007Bond: i know, but i don't want to do.. i'm italian and my english is not good enough to write all articles also in english.. and with translate i can also do what i want in every language..
alex88btw, here is an example of simple url rewrite
alex88just need to add add_rewrite_endpoint
Viper007Bond.codex Global Translator > alexmglover
Viper007Bond.codex Global Translator > alex88
Viper007Bondautomatic translation and does
alex88Viper007Bond: what has to do with that page?
alex88i've read it
Viper007Bond.plugin Global Translator > alex88
Viper007Bondwrong bot command :)
alex88i'm looking at the complex..
alex88Viper007Bond: shouldn't be simplier to find the current permalink url rewrite, add at the beginning the language, and add the language to the url?
alex88Viper007Bond: i mean, if it's ^permalink$ url change to ^language/permalink$ url?translateto=language
alex88how can i get the properties?
alex88global wp_rewrite then?
nkuttleryay, http 500 on wp-admin/
nkuttlerwtf is with shared hosts not having an error log...
alex88nkuttler: a bad shared hosts..xD
MrDudlenkuttler: i don't think i could go back to shared hosting
nkuttlerMrDudle: it's not mine obviously :/
alex88MrDudle: what you have now?
nkuttlerer, me
alex88i've vps too.. where you've it?
alex88i'm waiting some month to the actual contract to finish and i rent at
Northwoodsi've vps too @ godaddy
Action: MrDudle is gonna lose it at his mouse
alex88i've searched a lot and i think that keyweb is very cheap for what offers
alex88for example i'm going to buy 50GB HDD, 768MB RAM, 3000GB/month at 9.90/month
alex88how can i access to a property of wp_rewrite class?
nkuttlerok... installing 2.8, uprading, adding plugins worked...
MrDudlearen't we on 2.9.2 or something
nkuttlerhrm. still getting 500s on automatic upgrades though :/
obert-again..i would to use one general template to show a list of posts from a specific cat per page
obert-but seems that i must to use a class per wished page with query_posts(catname), right?
nkuttlergreat. wp 2.8 works, 2.9 has random errors. i guess 2.8 for that client
newkinddoes any one knows if there's a conditional tag or anything that would let me check if the registration is open ?
newkindor the "anyone can register" ?
Kawausoit's probably retrievable with get_option(), one sec
Kawausonewkind: get_option('users_can_register')
nkuttleramazing. 1und1 has a proprietary .htaccess rule to use php5 instead of php4. and they must have a patched php4 which is more broken than the default one...
newkindok awesome
newkindthnks :)
obert-brrr <span class="currency_converter_text"> (</span> is the default output of wp_list_categories('show_count=1&hide_empty=1?
Kawausoobert-: doesn't sound right no, might be a plugin filtering the output?
obert-how and why:)
obert-qtranslate? mm nah
obert-but very ugly.uhmf
domcatis it possible to order posts by custom field parameter?
ShawnRiskdomcat: yes
domcatI found it :)
jmutnextGen gallery. any way to upload zip files directly...not one by one..cause I have to upload some .zip files to ~200 Wordpresses having nextGen gallery
nkuttlerjmut: that sounds like a question for the plugin dev or a paid consultant
ShawnRiskjmut: asking the plugin dev first is the correct way
MrDudlejmut: i believe you can do that with nextgen
jmutnkuttler: ShawnRisk MrDudle thanks. sorry
MrDudleno worries
MrDudlejmut: iirc
MrDudleand i'm not necessarily
MrDudlewhen creating a gallery with nextgen
nkuttlerjmut: there's no need to apologize.
MrDudleyou can specify a directory to pull images from
MrDudleor you can upload a zip
WDS-Bradyou can also upload multiple files at the same time in NextGen
nkuttleryeah, but afaik there's nothing that triggers an import when you upload a zip via ftp etc
jmutI have prepared all images in zip files...question is howto do it without the web..programatically.     but heading for nexgen docu and forum
MrDudlejmut: upload to a directory
MrDudleextract the files
MrDudleproblem solved
MrDudlevirtually any web server can do it
jmutMrDudle: isn't it writing stuff to db ?  thumbs etc?
nkuttlerMrDudle: he has ~200 blogs
MrDudlei thought he said ~200 pics
MrDudlejmut: you can specify when creating a gallery which directory to pull images from
jmutMrDudle: thanks. I think this will help  else will be done with rsync or something
coaxthats pretty crazy
coaxwhy do you need 200 blogs?
jmutSEO ;)
MrDudlelet me guess
MrDudlegoogle bombing?
jmutcontent is unique and nice . will definately not name it spamming or anything
jmutanyhow. thanks a lot for help
MrDudleif you have 200 unique ones
coaxyou need to have the blogs on different ips at least
coaxotherwise links might not count
jdingmanlet's leave SEO discussion at the door, thx
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