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cipioso my old pages don't link -- they were -- now i am forced to use to see it
rhandom2well you can adjust all in the database using pma if you already did the install
cipiosuspected apache, but it is not there
rhandom2wp options table as I recall
cipiofrom the web interface, is there an option?
cipioalready did the install . . . yes
rhandom2well often people can access phpmyadmin from cpanel or plesk... or directly
rhandom2pma = phpmyadmin
cipioi just use mysql from bash, but i think i can change this in settings . . .hold on
rhandom2well from bash you could as well... never do myself as I am not that good @ MySQL command/queries just yet..
rhandom2in settings you can as well yeah
cipiogot it -- i just changed the site url in settings, thanks for steering me!
rhandom2sure you're welcome
cipiohmm . .  so it all looks right in wordpress panel
rhandom2Now I need to get some help adding a upload field to a plugin to upload images ... anyone ideas why does not work?
rhandom2@ cipio ?
cipiobut when i go to i get an apache error
rhandom2well then some paths are still off... use pma
cipiowhat is pma?
nkuttler.codex moving wordpress > cipio
rhandom2and or check error log
rhandom2link added talks about pma or phpmyadmin as well
rhandom2.htaccess might have to be adjusted as well
rhandom2base url
cipioahh . . . thanks -- hold on
rhandom2Anybody any experience with adding an (image) upload field using WP image uploader functionality to a plugin in here?
rhandom2Sample code that works? Trying to add it to datafeeder random adds.. no luck and no more clues...
ivan__Warning: filemtime() [function.filemtime]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/home/www/cashflow/www/sitemap.xml) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/users1/h/hedy/:/usr/local/lib/php/:/tmp/) in /home/users1/h/hedy/domains/  on line 595
ivan__how to fix a bug?
cipiostill not able to get to
cipiore-generated my .htaccess file
cipiodatabase looks good for wp
cipiobut still getting 404 error
cipiomy old site had a wordpress 404 as well . . .
cipioinstead of the default apache folder  .. . suspecting apache at this point . . .
lhtHi all, The my_func will be executed everytime a post is saved denoted by the action: add_action('save_post', my_func); If the author is updating a post, my_func() will also executed. Is there any way I tell that a post is being updated and I can prevent my_func() being executed. Thanks.
cipiopretty simple what is going on here . . . [Thu May 20 12:07:43 2010] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/wordpress/about_us
cipioso i think this is a symlink issue
cipioso only the home page is loading
rhandom2@ cipio did you upadte siteurl in wp options?
rhandom2as well as home?
cipioyes -- siteurl is updated in wp options
cipiowhat do you mean by home?
rhandom2option id 38
rhandom2http://localhost/wordpress2 for me locally for example
rhandom2two fields that need changing in wp options
cipiothat value is correct
cipiothe option_value is correct
rhandom2and htaccess ok?
rhandom2I hardly ever have symlinks issues
cipiochecking to see if mod_rewrite is enabled
cipiopretty simple what is going on here -- /var/www/wordpress/about_us doesn't exist
cipiodon't know how wp handles routing, but it is not routing at all
cipioso i am guessing apache has the problem
rhandom2are permalinks used?
cipiorhandom2 not sure what your question is
rhandom2did/does ur wp install use pretty urls?
cipiodidn't specify that
cipioworked on my old server
rhandom2site is online now to be viewed?
rhandom2well you seem to be using permalinks
rhandom2wp-admin works
cipioyes -- so what do i need to enable
rhandom2please paste .htaccess @
rhandom2and paste link here
rhandom2would liek to see it
rhandom2wp options permalink structure I often use is /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/ what is yours in wp options?
rhandom2you can check permalinks in post using post editor as well btw
rhandom2and so you use as url in wp optiosn now?
cipiothe problem is apache is not routing . .. i think there is a mod i need to enable
rhandom2well check if mod rewrite is running / installed
cipiodon't think it is
rhandom2if you have ssh access you could
cipioi'm on the server now, just want to find an example of how someone has set this up with the virtual hosts file
rhandom2@ cipio
cipioa2enmod rewrite <-- fixed everything, thanks
rhandom2you're welcome
cipiooff to real work . . . have a great day and thanks
WDS-Brad2sivel ansimation you ready for the new after party pics?
ioricloudalgum brasileiro
rhandom2Of Nederlanders die kunnen helpen met toevoegen afbeelding upload veld in bestaande plugin....?
rhandom2Anybody any experience with adding an (image) upload field using WP image uploader functionality to a plugin in here?
rhandom2Come on people... just need a little boost here... pretty please .. is the code I added to datafeedra radnom adds plugin, but it does not open an upload box yet..
rhandom2I am wondering why not.. no php or apache errors so I guess coding is ok, but just does not work..
rhandom2This is my first attempt at hacking a plugin... just wanted to add an image upload field. field is there now, but does not work
rhandom2maybe the scripts needed are not enqueued and or registered properly... but what is wrong?
jguldahlI am trying to log in to the WP control panel, but I am just redirected back to the login page (the password is right, I even reset it) - any ideas?
jguldahlif I manually type in however, it works
jguldahlnever mind, figured it out. :)
rhandom2Well I guess no one here available for help with plugin customization now. Will check back later
mikronazhey, is it posible to show posts witch has two tags like: "hot, dog"
mikronazI am trying to make something like filter..
nkuttler.codex query posts > mikronaz
mikronaznkuttler, yeah, thats nice, I am talking about selecting one tag, saving it, then selecting other..
beerkidWhat would be a reason a post would say "missed schedule"
FirstSgtis there a wordpress conditional that says if(is_a_custom_page_template_called('thecustompagetemplate'));
jonkristianHm, something appears to be very wrong with this validation,
jonkristianAny ideas?
nkuttlerjonkristian: #html
jared^its because you are not encoding you & jonkristian
jared^& should be &amp;
jared^even in urls
EnlightenMentalFirstSgt: if(is_template(home-page.php))
EnlightenMental& Vs &amp; will destroy validation
nfreader24 queries in 3.133 seconds
nfreaderI think... something is broken
EnlightenMentalwhos the host?
nkuttleror high load
jared^thats your problem
nfreaderyeah, probably
EnlightenMentalyeah GD shared hosting is whack
nfreaderanything I can look at or try on my end?
EnlightenMentalnothing that will give a vast improvement
srikatany recommendations for a plugin that will let me play .swf files in widgets?
srikatshould provide a wrapper player around the swf
srikatw/ play controls
w3prodigymorning channel, curiosity has struck me again.. does the WP login handle anything in regards to whether the user has javascript enabled or disabled? having an intersting interaction with javascript disable in some tests
MadLemzanyone know a good plugin for monitoring performance?  such as recording total time to load page, queries, etc?
MadLemz(think devel module for drupal)
sha1sumHey all. I'm working on a recipe site (to put it simply) and have made it to where users post only on the front end and are locked out of the wp-admin section. My clients now want me to add in the ability to do draft posting and scheduled posting from the front end. I'm sure I can do this, but after the user creates the post, they are presented with an image management page where they can upload and attach images to the post from th
ferikMy wordpress admin "Edit Post" list only shows posts one at a time suddenly. So one page per post instead of 10 or whatever. This problem is only in the admin pages. Any idea?
MadLemzSuper simple plugin (6 lines)  doesn't seem to be working. see what's wrong?
MadLemzferik: What did you do last before it started happening?
nkuttler.codex adding admin menus
w3prodigyinstead of wpmu-admin.php try options-general.php
MadLemztried that (even though it's not where i want the link) - but still nothing. i have this file in mu-plugins btw if that matters
ferikMadLemz: restored from archive & db backup
MadLemzyou sure there ARE more posts than just the 1? :P
ferikMadLemz: quite
ferikMadLemz: it says All(167). Says displaying 1-15 of 167 but only shows 1
MadLemzi'm an idiot. i never call my function ><
MadLemznow it works perfectly :D
sha1sumOkay... I have a humdinger for you guys. And I don't use the word "humdinger" often.
sha1sumAgain, same recipe site... The image upload works perfectly, and all images display fine, but my clients now want the ability to select which image displays first.
sha1sumRight now, the images pull up in the default WP descending chronological order.
sha1sumSo how can I customize the way the image attachments are ordered?
srikatany plugin that adds a widget to add player with controls for playing a .swf file
sdwrageHey all
sdwragehow does one add a page without adding it to the menu?
cHiKNPadyou can use a plugin to exclude pages or you can edit your list pages to exclude them
cHiKNPad.codex list_pages
libertiycould someone please share with me working NGINX rewrite rules for wordpresS?
libertiyi tryed several i found online none seem to work
libertiyit should just do prefferable
libertiyno index.php and no 404 errors which i get everytime
libertiyi had it working with wich is plain ugly
libertiynobody uses wordpress with nginx hrere?
sivellibertiy: I do
libertiyive searched for long time and tried like 5 of them all not working :(
libertiycould you please share yours if they work? like
srikathey sivel
sivellibertiy: sure, let me give you  a stripped down version of my entire vhost config for one of my sites
sdwragecHiKNPad, what plugin is good for it?
libertiyi have it working but with index.php/pagename i wonder if it would be able to remove the index.php
libertiysivel: would be great thx man, you would make my day
srikatcHiKNPad: hey
sivellibertiy: here is my vhost config:
sivellibertiy: then in addition to make WordPress believe I have mod_rewrite since I am not running Apache I do: add_filter('got_rewrite', '__return_true');
sivelin my themes functions.php
sivelbut that last step is not necessary, you can simply just remove index.php from the permalinks on Settings->Permalinks
fern_42Howdy y'all. Anyone know a simple way to create an online demo of a plugin?
libertiythanks a lot sivel that works indeed :) thx!
EnlightenMental.plugin subscriber account cancel
fern_42uh, besides just running it on my site
srikatfern_42: use camsudio or jing to capture the plugin in action
EnlightenMental.plugin allow user to cancel
srikatfern_42: cam studio*
fern_42srikat: not a bad idea.  But, it needs to be a working demo
srikatdoes anyone know a video plugin lets me display swf in a widget (need player controls)
sivelsrikat: hello btw ;)
sivelfern_42: some people setup a demo site and have the plugin working there
fern_42yeah...  the idea is to not have to dedicate a site to it either
fern_42but that's a good idea too
fern_42I guess this isn't normally done then?
EnlightenMentalso if /pulic_html/wp-content/themes/theme_folder/ are all 775 permissions, and i still cant edit theme files through the back-end... where do i look next
srikatcorrect, no one expects to see a "live plugin"
srikatbefore they download/buy
sivelfern_42: not really, generally most people either offer screenshots or screencasts, or they "use" the plugin in the page/post describing it
sivelon rare occasion you will see a demo site
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