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PierreMinikCrap I need Xcode to be installed before I can install MacPorts... Any way around that?
xentekxcode is needed to get gcc on the system
johnpblochis anybody else using Otto's Simple Facebook Connect Fanbox Widget?
http_Hikari_WSI simply can't get a comment-page-3, it always splits all comments in 2 pages, without even respecting the amount I set
rainrainam getting "Call to a member function get_results() on a non-object" - can anyone help me out a bit ?
UtkarshHikari, custom theme or default?
http_Hikari_WSUtkarsh: my theme, but I think it has nothing that whould break it
Utkarshnot sure, have you tried switching theme?
Utkarshpaginated comments are worknig fine for me.
http_Hikari_WSok I'm gonna test kubrick :/
xentekrainrain you are calling something like this $var->get_results() but $var is not an object ... var_dump the variable and see what it actually is and work backwards from there
Utkarshkubrick is old :p
http_Hikari_WSI doubt it works with 2.9.2
Utkarshkubrick then
DurchfallIs anyone from germany here?
zorzar_Durchfall: yeah
http_Hikari_WSthe problem is that it doesn't count comments
Durchfallzorzar_: What do you think of my new nickname?
PierreMinikAnybody familiar with the internationalization process? I get an error when using the makepot.php file
brianrichardsjohnpbloch: still kicking around?
johnpblochsort of
zorzar_Durchfall: well... kinda offtopic
johnpblochnow I've got my own soul-crushing problem...
johnpblochI really really hate Facebook...
Durchfallzorzar_: Is my nick off topic, or is the question...?
PierreMinikFacebook APi is a pain to get around, what you need to di, johnpbloch?
DurchfallHey, I'm also struggeling with the facebook api. Trying to upload images from wordpress to fb.
DurchfallNot going so good though...
brianrichardsjohnpbloch: i really hate checkboxes
johnpblochbrianrichards: touche
DurchfallPerhaps curl has something against http-address-uploads?
johnpblochPierreMinik: I'm using Otto's Simple Facebook Connect fanbox widget
http_Hikari_WSUtkarsh: ok 35 on main ugly page... well it's the same, comment-page-1 has all others and comment-page-3 is empty
brianrichardslast night i had a framework that could create any type of option you wanted, but i was afraid it would make too many db entries
rainrainxentek: thanks but what does "not an object" - i have this almost same piece of code working properly in another place and that var is just meant to take the output and store it
johnpblochand the darn thing won't apply my styles!
rainrain!!! ..... not an object "mean" !!! sorry
zorzar_Durchfall: the question
xentekrainrain show me? paste it here:
Durchfallzorzar_: Just tell me - is my nick awesome?
zorzar_Durchfall: yeah it is...
xentekDruchfall diarrhoea == awesome?
DurchfallNow to the important stuff - is curl able to upload http-hosted files, or do they have to be locally stored?
Durchfallxentek: Right on!
brianrichardsjohnpbloch: lets say i wanted to bail on how i'm currently registering all of my defaults
brianrichardswhere would you hook them?
rainrainxentek: not sure if i used that right --- do you need the url ?
johnpblochbrianrichards: I'd hook them onto a block of cement and drop it into the Potomac
DurchfallGee, get a room-
brianrichardsi've been cloned!
xentekyeah, so rainrain so if you put var_dump($wpdb); right after global $wpdb; you should get some clue
xentekbut... do you already have the post_id?
DurchfallAnyone who want to finish my plugin and struggle with Facebook API for a while?
rainrainxentek: yes it's null and it's supposed to be "globalized" ( which im not 100% sure on " - but for the other function ( which worked ) all i did was write global $wpdb; at the top of the function - thanks for your help - any ideas
xentekso yeah, $wpdb is out of scope so you can't use it directly
xentekwhat are you trying to do? see if the $post_id in question has a metakey of 'balance' whose value is greater than zero?
rainrainwhy would it be out of scope --- it could be that i am calling the function via jquery ?
xentekhave you looked at this?
xentekalso, what do you mean by 'via jquery'?
xentekwhere does this function live?
xentek(theme, plugin, functions.php)?
rainrainxentek: no - but it looks like it might work or if not some other function - hadnt tahoughot ofthat - thanks
rainrainjquery ajax $.ajax({
rainraini think get_post_meta might work for me - will try it out - was thinking querying the db was a bit mad
johnpblochbrianrichards: gotta go. good luck with the checkboxes
brianrichardsha, thanks
Kawausorainrain: good luck using $.ajax in stock wp ;)
techrusheverytime i insert an image into a post its making it a link by can i just insert the image without it becoming a link ?
Durchfallbrianrichards: I got something for you..
rainrainKawauso: Thanks - yes it's a bit of a nightmare - all i wanted to do was call a function via a link - what's the best way
xentekrainrain you almost NEVER have to query the db directly w/ WP
xentekif you want to do ajax requests in WP
xentekcheck these out:
xentekits actually very straight forward once you get the pattern down
zorzar_hey, what's the difference between getting posts via query_posts() and the loop in index.php? in the index.php i get post-teasers, is there a way to get the same output like on the index page but on a complete seperate page by including wp-blog-header.php? at the moment i can only get full posts or the_excerpt which isn't exactly what's on index.php
brianrichardsDurchfall: thanks
rainrainxentek: now am getting "Call to undefined function get_post_meta()" maybe it's again to do with $.ajax like kawauso was saying ?
rainrainwhat is the best way to provide a button or link on the front end that calls a function ?
FirstSgtwtf.  Why does $wpdb->update($wpdb->prefix."cmm_logindata", array('active' => 'Y'), array('id' => $_GET['lid'], 'password' => $_GET['key'])); .... turn into $wpdb->last_query : UPDATE `wp_cmm_logindata` SET `active` = 0 WHERE `id` = '113' AND `password` = '445bb366989740352a9e69bf1478315462489dea';
FirstSgtdoes anyone see anything wrong with that?
zorzar_rainrain: what do you want to do?
rainrainzorar_: i want a list of posts in the front end - each displayed with a link or button to the right to enable deletion ( but the delete code needs to be accompanied with some other code) - is this not commonly done?
rainrainzorar_: was thinking of having a form for each post with the submit button reloading the page and using isset ?
zorzar_rainrain: can you show me your code please?
rainrainwould just love to know what the standard way(s) of doing something like this would be ?
zorzar_rainrain: did you read xentek's links?
rainrainno - i havent done it yet - i was using ajax and it was causing multiple issues
foomarksI have a lot of grouped categories: grandparent -> parent -> child. I want to list all the parents, but not the children. How do I do this with wp_list_categories?
rainrainzorar_ not fully read yet  - i am not great on ajax and was wondering if there was a better way of doing this simple thing
zorzar_rainrain: i wouldn't delete posts from the frontend, the backend is where most people do this ;)
rainraini know i'ts a bit complicated but is it not possible ?
rainrain... i mean complicated to explain why i would want to do this
zorzar_rainrain: shure it is
zorzar_rainrain: possible
rainrainzorar_: what would be the best way
rainrainzorar_:  i assume i'd have to choose between either a link or a form button - and a link would imply using ajax--- correct ?
zorzar_rainrain: if you do a ajax request to you plugin php-file you have to be shure you load up everything wordpress related. this can be done by importing wp-blog-header.php
zorzar_rainrain: well you can't POST using a link but you could use GET params with a link
rainrainright- never used GET really  - i might try that then because i'm not at all comfortable with ajax yet - only looked into it to get the funcion running off the link
alkrainrain: have you looked at jQuery
rainrainzorar_: gotta go here - sorry to be rude thanks for your help
rainrainzorar_:  will try out the GET
alkthat's a nice way to do ajax
rainrainthanks alk - that's what i was doing
zorzar_rainrain: i think including/requiring wp-blog-header.php will solve your problems
goudafacehey all.  any idea how i would add a unique class to the menu item directly following the current menu item?
friswhat is rainrain trying to do
DaydreamAhello everybody! i've got a problem with the login from new users, i've added. login via "admin" is no problem, but when i want to log on with a new user and password, it shows me the dashboad. when it want's to load news etc. it prints the login-form in these field. thats it. i can't work with other users. i'm using the new wordpress version. any hints?
goudafaceDaydreamA - did you do anything to customize your install?
DaydreamAgoudaface: i've installed nexgen-gallery and SMF2WP
DaydreamAand my apache-error-log is silent :-/
goudafaceDaydreamA: if you deactivate those plugins do you still get the login-forms showing?
goudafaceDaydreamA: any chance you could share a screenshot too?
DaydreamAgoudaface: ok i'll try with deactivation ... just a second
DaydreamAshame on me
DaydreamAgoudaface: thanks. it's the SMF2WP-Plugin ...
goudafaceDaydreamA: cool.  gotta hate it when a plugin screws with your dashboard.
goudafaceyou might try buddypress for forums?
FirstSgtwhy is wpdb->update changing my values ?!
goudafacei'm sorry, bbpress
DaydreamAgoudaface: well i think i'll have to ^^ thought SMF would work fine, and i like the idea of a "standalone"-forum.
KawausoFirstSgt: sanitizing?
http_Hikari_WSwhich $_SERVER variable am I able to get the #anchor part of a URL?
Kawausohttp_Hikari_WS: it's not sent
http_Hikari_WSKawauso: sent?
toschohttp_Hikari_WS The browser doesnt tell the server about the anchor.
http_Hikari_WSso, how can I retrieve it?
toschohttp_Hikari_WS Per Javascript.
http_Hikari_WSah :(
leksthere a way to show posts from two categories without writing a new loop? something like /category/cat1+cat2/ ?
vbenahas anyone played with a child theme of twentyten?
toschovbena: You may get better answers by just describing your problem.
Kawauso1 hour for 700mb, the joys of DSL...
http_Hikari_WSis there a global variable equivalent to $numpages to know how many comment multipages we have?
coldhostcan someone help me up with a weird thing
coldhostwhatever post i click
coldhostit takes me to the first post
almanis there a plugin that you can put in the sidebar that will do the following. Display preview images taken from the posts and rotate them randomly. When you click the image it goes to that post -- or when you do a rollover on a text link (recent posts) it shows the image from that post?
Revoltive uploaded a favicon.ico to my webspace, how to i actually implement it into my page now :/
KawausoRevolt: if it's in root, then most browsers should pick it up automatically, but you can use the shortcut icon <meta> tag for it too
leks<link href="/path/to/your/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" rel="icon" />
PierreMinikSo I made 2 .po and 2 mo. files for my theme and I'm using 2 languages on the front end, how do I make it load the other .po file when the WordPress language is set for only one of them?
Chien^andalouis wordpress able to use the included jquery lib instead of the external one? (if so: how?)
Revoltcan someone tell me if the favicon works then? think it may just be a cookie issue for me ?
Revoltshould be a blackish logo with "NX"
leksRevolt: you want /favicon.ico not /public_html/favicon.ico. also you want <html> and <head> elements.
http_Hikari_WSok, I set to have 5 comments on each comment page, and post has 26 comments, why do I keep having only 2 pages, 1 with 15 comments and the other with 12?
vbena you're right :toscho, my problem is that I want to add a sidebar to a twentyten child theme I made, since it comes standard with two sidebars.  But My question I need to make a new function or can I just copy the register sidebar function and then just add the additional sidebar to the template or o sidebar.php
lekshttp_Hikari_WS: you looking at comments+trackbacks count?
http_Hikari_WSno trackback
toschovbena You can reuse the existing code, your second option.
Revoltleks how u mean html and head elements? :S sorry im total noob
makeshiftwhere in the css style sheet do i edit the way my text looks when i make a post? i'd like to make the text 14px and add some padding.
vbenaoh, and then just add that code to my new functions.php file in my childtheme?
vbenaI guess this is what threw me off: (message in functions.php file):  * To override twentyten_widgets_init() in a child theme, remove the action hook and add your own
vbena * function tied to the init hook.
leksRevolt: the basic layout of an html file is <html><head>[title and meta and link elements]</head><body>[content to show]</body></html> and you're missing that first <html><head>
makeshifti searched for entrytext in style.php nothing came up. what in the style.php normally controls the way text looks in a post?
Revoltah ok
Revoltwork now ? :p
toschovbena Oh, I see. Copy and rename twentyten_widgets_init() in your own functions.php and call add_action( 'widgets_init', 'my_new_twentyten_widgets_init' );
toschovbena: Dont forget remove_action( 'widgets_init', 'twentyten_widgets_init' );
leksRevolt: look at your HTML. you have two <meta>s and a <title> before your <html><head>
Revoltfixed but it still aint showing on mine
Revoltsomeone else said it workin on theres ^_^ must be cookies?
KawausoRevolt: restart your browser
Revolti just did :'(
Revoltand deleeted cookies etc
Revoltworks in firefox, dont mind if it dont work for me does for everyone else, cheers guys :)
Revolt~*hugs leks*
vbena:toscho, oh that's it? ok, cool! a little confused by that :-)
toschovbena Yeah, the original function looks a bit noisy and confusing.
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