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uLinuxmy wine is slow
uLinuxvery slow
uLinuxHhow can I restore Wine shortcuts?
darko3dhello, anybody here
TaoI'm having trouble with WINE. I'm trying to install Star Wars: Empire at War, which has two CDs. The first CD started up and ran perfectly, but when it came time for the second CD, I put it in, but WINE couldn't find it. Any help?
kevlarmanuse wine eject
TaoWine eject?
darko3di tried installing windows office and it didnt work, now i have all these entries for microsoft office .......(mui) that im not able to remove
darko3dhow do i force removing
TaoWhat is wine eject/
sebi`a command. enter "wine eject" in your terminal
TomInVegasI realize it's not going to be the cream of the crop, but what would you recommend for like a $20 wine to go with beef or chicken for people who actually like/drink wine? Also I want to get like ~4 bottles, do I get the same wine for all bottles, or do I mix it up for every one?
darko3dim having troubles with microsoft office,can anybody help
oiaohmTomInVegas: Bad news this is winehq its about the software called wine not the drinking stuff.
KenSharpmust be the topic
oiaohmI guess you have already been to the appdb?  darko3d
darko3doiaohm: what?
oiaohm  << The appdb.  Our master list of what works and howtos. darko3d
darko3doiaohm: im installing the latest version of wine now, but guna still need some help, and yeah been there
TomInVegasoiaohm, I knew that
TomInVegasfigured there'd be some overlap
fluffymuffinsi was wondering if there is a way to change the default internet timeout under wine 1.1.42
darko3dok this is started to get rediculous, no matter what i do i can get wine to uninstall completly
darko3dsudo apt-get autoremove --purge wine <-doesnt remove everything? how do i do it
oiaohmYou left ~/,wine behind. darko3d
lindenleHey all how do i set my default bottle to be windows xp?
node357i think that's crossover, not wine :/
node357they have their own support system
lindenleOK, well when I run wine setup.exe i get "using default bottle (win98)"
lindenleomg ha ha
lindenlei have a crossover installed
lindenleremoving it now
node357that would do it, hehe
node357by default wine creates a single directory for all programs, ~/.wine
lindenleha sorry
node357that's okay, I just know from past experience anyone who asks about crossover gets directed to their own support forum or email
oiaohmThey have there own support IRC has well node357
node357oh, didn't know that. thanks oiaohm
oiaohmThere is enough differences between crossover and wine to make supporting other ones bad news.
oiaohmYes they share common code.
node357i like the fact they donate to Wine
oiaohmIf crossover staff happen to be in here they redirect person to the crossover channel and sort out the persons problem there.
the_fileIf I pay to get a program to work under whine 100% will it benifit only me or everyone who has the program?.
Mathmanhi.  off topic, forgive me, but maybe someone would know what I can do with a file that the file command says is "Little-endian UTF-16 Unicode English text, with CRLF, CR line terminators"?  Basically a cat -v shows a bunch of odd characters in between all the normal characters.  dos2unix doesn't help.
Mathmanthe file was produced by a windows app running under wine by the way.
kevlarmanopen it in something that understands utf16
dash9In Ubuntu Lucid I have in every program with a print dialog the "Print to File" printer, but Notepad, for example, complains that there is no printer installed. Shall I file a bug?
austin987dash9, do you have it configured in cups?
austin987e.g., when you go to system/administration/printing, do you see a device there for cups-pdf?
austin987if not, then wine won't see it
austin987do sudo apt-get install cups-pdf, add the device in cups, then try notepad again
maslaki'm looking for sb who tried running wine apps via LTSP terminal. i'm trying it right now, but both have some strange bug...
maslak... when I try to run some apps client runs out of ram... - currently I'm running UniPaas 1.9 enviroemnt
maslaki'm looking for sb who tried running wine apps via LTSP terminal. i'm trying it right now, but both have some strange bug...
maslaksoor for duplicates - haven;t use irc for a long time ;)
oiaohmmaslak: wine is very opengl dependant.
oiaohmFor running lots of applications.
oiaohmLTSP really does not do that well.
maslakoiaohm: when I try to do the same locally, or via VNC it works fine...
Gimpexegday, does Doer ever appear on this channel?
oiaohmLocally does not have a problem.  Type of vnc is critical.
Gimpexeon windows XP or 7, does anyone know a way to trace which .dll's are used by a perticular app?
Gimpexewhen it starts
oiaohm  And there are a few other tools as well in sysinterals.  Gimpexe
oiaohmmaslak: VNC does not have applications waiting around for events like X11 over network can either.
maslakoiaohm: is there any way to tell wine which display it has to use, or do sth with opengl so it stops hanging up my thin clients... for some testing scenarios I run identical dell machines as clients - when I use one with less than 512MB ram - will hangup session, when I use one with pciex graphics based on nvidia - and 1GB ram wirks fine, when I use intel based graphics and 1Gb ram - I see some graphics artefacts - lines, grids, and messed up symbols...
maslakwhat Can I do to run wine totally local on server, and just to display on client - sorry for my english - haven't use it for ages...
alakooHi. I'm having problems with wine. I'm running CM 01/02 and I cannot see the cursor on my game window. The cursor does work, I can click at things but obviously I should also see the cursor to be able to play.
alakooand I'm running ubuntu 10.04
Firstgearwhen I try and run an exe from wine the timer symbol shows for a few seconds and then stops, the program doesn't start, and doesn't complain. Is there a way to try and run the app  in the console via "wine appname.exe", and a special switch, to show processes the program is actually looking for - maybe the software is searching dll's it requires etc. If I can see what it is searching for then i could work out why it won't actually start.
Gimpexemaslak, i havnt been following your full convo. but is the server and the thin client both running X11?
Gimpexemaslak, if they are, you could try forwarding X over ssh
Gimpexethat would do exactly what ur wanting. it wont forward the whole X session, just the gui for the X app that is run on the server
Firstgearwhen a program won't start does wine have a log file?
lodtankall output is made to the stdout/stderr
lodtankyou should read everything in your terminal
Firstgearlodtank: so if "wine program.exe" is typed in terminal, where and how do I see the output? I don't see anything when I do that
maslakGimpexe : r u online ?
maslaki've sent u priv msg
killall-9Firstgear: by default wine reports only errors, warnings and not implemented conditions
killall-9Firstgear: a program terminating and total absence of output usually means copy protection or antidebugging tricks
Firstgearthe software I was trying to install was text to speech sapi software
Firstgearit's freeware
PhoebusHow do I force a link, or bash script to execute wine using the programs local directory as default? For ex the script ONLY works if I execute it from inside the directory, no link or shortcut will work because the program can't find its dlls etc.
p1l0tWhere does wine output its error log?
killall-9Phoebus: in a script you can add a "cd" command, in a link depends on your launcher software - it may have a "Start Path" or "Work Path" or "Startup Directory"
Firstgear  It's supposed to have gold status but I can't even get it to read the exe
killall-9Firstgear: sorry, unable to help, sounds like Chinese to me
Firstgearthere is an english version
killall-9p1l0t: to the console if you start from one. graphical launchers usually don't provide a console
p1l0tkillall-9 oh well I get an "encountered serious error" message just before Surfcam crashes using wine (Surfcam is a CAD/CAM program that runs on XP or later)
p1l0tCAD/CAM = Computer Aided Drafting/Maching
oiaohmTo the console where it was run p1l0t the error log appears.
oiaohmWith wine p1l0t
killall-9p1l0t: open a console (terminal emulator), go to that directory, start wine programname.exe
oiaohmWine does not create error log by nature.  If you want a error log file.  wine programname.exe 2>error.log
p1l0tThanks both of you, I will try that
oiaohmIf wine created a error log by nature you could watch you Harddrive space go by by.
oiaohmRunning some programs.
Firstgeargot it to work selected windows 2000
killall-9Firstgear: i see there's a version having "xp" in the exe name but i have no idea what's written there ;-)
FirstgearI recommend it for anybody who wants free tts sapi 5 because it works perfect
p1l0t <-- These are the errors I get when I try to run Surfcam in wine
killall-9p1l0t: does it have an appdb entry?
killall-9p1l0t: it looks like: 1. it scans for a parallel port dongle  2. uses mixed mode .NET assemblies
p1l0tI don't think it has a appdb entry, searched and got 0 results
killall-9p1l0t: looking at its requirements and the list of modules in memory it doesn't look like an easy fix
orly_owl"$ wine app.exe"?
killall-9p1l0t: how did you install it? did it try to install some .net ?
orly_owlinstall the Windows version of Mono to run .NET executables
p1l0tkillall-9 I ran the normal install program, I think it may have tried some .NET if I remember correctly
killall-9looks like it failed: fixme:mscoree:_CorDllMain (0x7c4c0000, 1, (nil)): stub
killall-9you can try to install .net by winetricks but you need to know which version
p1l0tHow do I figure out which version?
killall-9no idea - if the installer is separate on the install media you may try to run it
p1l0tkillall-9 that's genious let me check
p1l0tWould this be Microsoft Data Access Drivers?
p1l0tI spelled genius wrong lol
killall-9the .net installers are like dotnetfx.exe
killall-9or NetFx20SP2_x86.exe
p1l0tI don't see anything like that, I will just have to download the .net just not sure what version to use
p1l0tThe wine version is 1.1.42 but is it that which matters or what Surfcam needs?
p1l0t3.0 seems to be the only decent version even close to my wine version anyway
killall-9better use winetricks as it makes some small required changes or installs prerequisites
killall-9for example dotnet30 requires dotnet20 because of how the 3.0 installer works
p1l0tYeah it just told me its not marked as an exeutable
killall-9sh winetricks
killall-9or chmod +x winetricks
p1l0tIs winetricks already installed or is that a seperate package?
darkkraiI'm using playonlinux and trying to use photoshop cs4. Everything runs good except the text tool. How can I fix this?
darkkraiit crashes when I try to use the text tool
darkkraianyone know how to fix this?
frostworkdarkkrai, from appdb:"I downloaded'atmlib.dll' from a dll download website and put it in '~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32'. This fixed the text tool bug for me."
frostworkbtw playonlinux is not supported here, darkkrai
darkkraiI did the same
darkkraiI put atmlib.dll in there as well
darkkraiit works now?
HajexHi .. can I install photoshop cs5 on ubuntu?
frostworkHajex, might help
darkkraiwhats the most stable version of photoshop under wine?
Hajexdarkkrai .. It depends on both photoshop version and ubuntu version
prodcutnews1is possible to install oracle 10g database server ( .exe excutable )  to be installed on wine ?   pls let me any changes are meant to made in wine config...
austin_workprodcutnews1: check appdb
prodcutnews1i could not get much of help on googling im asking here
prodcutnews1i tried install latest version of java virt m/c
prodcutnews1before installing oracle 10g db failed with some java.lang.null pointer error
prodcutnews1uninstalled wine....and also manuall removed .wine directory
prodcutnews1and reinstalled wine  and trying fresh now
lodtankjust use the native linux version?
prodcutnews1isp bandwidth to download of 2gb  native linux oracle version is discouraging not satisfied with oracle xe ( expess edition) an alternative i got windows version oracle 10g db server
prodcutnews1which im trying on wine .. if it works it will be very handy to  me
olorin_You could probably relicense the existing license for another platform.
Action: olorin_ will nonnom on COD6MW2 when his purchase is downloaded.
maslakhello - is there any bug in wine - which limits my app window size - when I'm using 4:3 monitor and 1280x1024 resolution over an i915 graphic card (as LTSP terminal) i cannot see whole window after maximize app ...
spm_DragetIf I want to open a bugreport with a regression (1..1.44 -> 1.2 release candiate), is there anything I have to pay attention to? Like prefixing my bugtitle with 'Regression:' ?
austin_workspm_Draget: don't put it in the title, but after you file the bug, add 'regression' as a keyword
spm_Dragetaustin_work: I'll do =)
austin_workalso be sure to test in current git, if you haven't already
spm_Dragetaustin_work: I never used git before =/
austin_work$ git fetch ; git rebase origin
austin_workwill retrieve the latest, then apply it
spm_DragetHmm, if you give me a helping hand, I will try :P
spm_Draget*tries to dig for infos on how to setup the repository*
austin_workspm_Draget: wait...have you not run the regression test?
spm_Dragetaustin_work: Hmm? I just found a regression in an existing tool after updating from 44 to the latest rc
austin_workspm_Draget: okay..but before filing a bug, you need to find which change broke it
Action: spm_Draget goes git for the first time, yay
TomInVegasyou were always a git in my mind, if that helps spm_Draget
spm_DragetTomInVegas: Charming...
TomInVegasspm_Draget, You don't know how long I've followed your progress through revision control systems to wait for you to utter that phrase and to snap back with that retort
spm_DragetYear after year...
darkkraicivilization 4 crashes when I try to load a mod (requires a restart)
BtbNHey, i got a problem running EVE Online in wine. Ist just hangs directly when launching is, spamming the following in console: fixme:d3dx:ID3DXEffectImpl_GetParameter (0x175698)->((nil), 377631): stub
Thunderbirduse native d3dx9 (that's not d3d9 but d3dx9) use winetricks for it
BtbNah, thanks
BtbNMicrosoft got slow download-servers :/
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