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oiaohmYep richardcavell
richardcavelloiaohm: I just ran it under Wine and it crashed my system
oiaohmOk that is not ment to be possible.
oiaohmUnless you have suspect drivers.
richardcavellwell comctl32.exe just spat the dummy
oiaohmWine really does not have the power to crash systems without help.
richardcavellAnd I had to close X11
richardcavellWine crashes my puter about every 5 hours or so
richardcavellThough again it may be Apple's fault rather than Wine's
oiaohmI would say stuffed X11 stack not wine on the crash.
oiaohmwine test spitting the dummy and leaving screen in a mess does happen.
oiaohmIe something don't render right opps.
richardcavellwell, I'm a novice coder, but the way I see it, instead of blaming Apple for dodgy X11 implementation, the solution is to find workarounds, right?
richardcavellTry and make it work
oiaohmThere is a option to work with the developers of the future driver for OS X in wine doing testing and the like for them.  richardcavell
oiaohmAnd along the way learning to code.
richardcavelloiaohm: Well, I'd be happy to help
richardcavellespecially if it's as simple as just running programs on my machine
Gimpexemasterslakk did u manage to get warcraft 3 working?
oiaohm  Basically should speak to them. richardcavell.  They also have a bit of object c to C translation todo.  That is not write from coding.
richardcavelloiaohm: okay
richardcavelloiaohm: I need to find a project where my non-leet coding skillz would be of some use
oiaohmThere are quite a few areas.
oiaohmGoing threw the bug list hunting duplicates is something that does not need major coding skilling.  richardcavell
oiaohmBeing a appdb maintainer caring for an applications status inforamtion is another.
richardcavelloiaohm: well I'll keep my C coding skillz sharpened and maybe one day I'll be able to contribute.
oiaohmwe have huge list of never ending jobs.   richardcavell  All classes of people are required.
oiaohmThe hardest of all to find is documentation writers.
oiaohmThat is a rare breed in the open source world.
Gimpexeits hard to know what to write in the documentation
oiaohmThat is part of the problem.  documentation writing is a very specialised skill.  Even more than coding.
Gimpexeu seem pretty active on this channel oiaohm, how long have u been working on the wine project?
oiaohmNot exacty working on.  I help people through there problems with wine.
Gimpexewell your very helpful none the less =)
oiaohmI need to do english prac to control my dyslexia.  This is useful way todo it.  Gimpexe
Gimpexei have a friend with dyslexia, he has problems differentiating M's and W's
oiaohmAfter years of work I have mine under control.  Gimpexe
Gimpexethats good news. gj
masterslakkgimpexe, yes i wonder if i can beat you.
Gimpexemasterslakk lol
Gimpexegoodnight all
Gimpexemasterslakk, my nick on is Gimp.exe
Gimpexei usually play on USWest of Europe
luceafarHey,I've got a problem here. How to make a shortcut to a file that doesn't accept being run from another location? Here's the concrete example. I run an application (euroloader.exe) using Wine. When I go to the "euroloader.exe" folder and run a terminal there,then type : wine "euroloader.exe" -opengl all works fine
luceafar but when I create a launcher,for example and type in the command line : wine "/home/luceafar/.wine/dosdrives/C:/Warcraft III/euroloader.exe" -opengl the app. pops out and gives the error : Could not open war3.exe Are you sure the euroloader is in your Warcraft III folder? Any ideas?
Zabacd to that directory first
luceafaryeah,this is how I run it
luceafarbut I want to make a shortcut to it
luceafarand when I create a launcher,and put in the wine "/home/luceafar/.../Warcraft III/euroloader.exe" -opengl
luceafarit gives me the same error
Zabathat is because the program wants to run whilst in the directory it is, and thus the files it needs are in.
luceafarI understand that,but I want to be able to double-click and enter the app.
luceafarnot run a terminal every type
luceafartime *
luceafarin that open folder and type wine "euroloader.exe" -opengl
rethuscan i set the envviroment var PATH into wine cmd ?
AimHereIn the windows stylee, it's %PATH%
AimHereAnd your wine %PATH% doesn't really want to be the same as your Linux/Unix $PATH anyways
rethusAimHere: jeah, thanks.
rethusbut i have the strange thing, that system.reg (which inside of .wine would be overwritten each time with default values.
rethusu know why?
rethusa great wish for wine: make us able to set the Enviroment-Vars like PATH (founded into system.reg on KEY: [System\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Session Manager\\Environment] in winecfg
rethusthat woul be realy great
rethusdid anyone know, why gis always overwritten?
rethusi change something... and some mitutes after that its disappear
rethusah, wait...
rethusit dissapear if u start winecfg
rethusanyone here listen me, or i'm talking to myself?
rethusok, only 3 people listen here... me, myself, and i :D
calumHello all. Was directed here from #ubuntu. I cannot get a game to run in wine which a similar one did. Half the menu wont appear
calumI am using wine 1.01 on Ubuntu 10.04
grant_I need some help with Wine
grant_Is anyone there?
aar0nyes what are you having problems with
bp0I tried to play Starcraft using Wine in Ubuntu 10.04, on AMD Phenom 3.1Ghz, but it was very laggy
bp0any ideas?
grant_My problem; I do not have "Programs" in the Wine menu
grant_I cannot launch programs normally
grant_i.e. Microsoft Word 2007
bp0grant_, was it there before? does it still exist in the menu editor, but hidden?
grant_It was there before, but then i reinstalled an older version of wine (1.1.42) for microsoft word
grant_now it is not there
bp0I had a similar problem, and the fix was just to go into menu editor and unhide it
grant_How do i do that
grant_Ubuntu 10.04
bp0(Ubuntu,Gnome) System -> Preferences -> Main Menu
grant_How do i "unhide" it
bp0the "Show" column checkbox
grant_It is not in the "Wine" catergorie
grant_All i see is: Brose C:
grant_Configure wine
grant_and Unistall Wine SOftware
bp0then you don't have the same problem that I did, sorry
grant_Are you running microsoft office on WIne?
bp0no, I use OO
grant_ah okay
grant_What version of wine are you using?
bp0did you build your yourself?
bp0or is it a package
grant_I downloaded it from the archives
bp0huh, honestly the gnome menus are a mystery to me, it all seems very poor
grant_i read tutorials that older version of Wine work with microsoft office
bp0i bet there is some little problem in the menu system
grant_Also; do you know any good note taking software?
grant_That has like a "autodate" so it puts the date automatically
bp0ok, maybe i have a solution to your menu problem...
grant_please share :)
bp0there is my wine menu file compare it to yours
bp0is there anything different?
grant_How can i view my menu file
grant_Sorry, I am a new ubuntu user
bp0in terminal: sudo gedit /etc/xdg/menus/applications-merged/
grant_should i just copy your
bp0well look at it first and see what is different?
bp0is the programs menu included in yours?
bp0see, the programs menu is system wide, but the items in the menu are in your ~/.config/...
bp0and these xml files get all merged together somehow
bp0its not very easy to follow
grant_I do have the program menu in mine
grant_but i don't know why isn't it showing
bp0well, huh
grant_here let me give you mine
grant_see if anything is odd
bp0have you logged out, and then back in since you installed the new package?
bp0you might give that a try too
grant_I thought you didn't need to do those things in Linux lol
bp0yeah, i know
grant_this is mine
bp0seems to be the same
bp0so, I'm out of ideas
grant_but when i copy yours and use it, my whole Wine is gone
grant_alright let me re log in
bp0oh, well first line is the filename
grant_and see what happens
bp0dont include that in yours
grant_alright let me try again
bp0file should start with <!
grant_i am going to log in again
grant_be right back
Grant_WALright i am back
Grant_WThe programs are still not there
bp0well I'm stumped then, someone else will have to give a try, sorry
Grant_Walright, no problem
iamfilanyone know why when i close a document in photoshop cs2 the whole app closes in kde 4.4?
nicklas_iamfil: run it from terminal and do the same thing, copy and paste all terminal text and paste it to pastebin and paste the link here :-P
iamfil there we go. i just started it up, made a new document (file -> new) then clicked the x button on the window.
iamfileverything works fine, it's just clicking the x causes the whole app to close along with all windows. im guessing maybe it has to do with how kde manages windows?
iamfildidn't happen in gnome
nicklas_iamfil: you clicked the x button that closes photoshop?
iamfilno, the x button that closes the document inside photoshop
nicklas_are you running the same dist?
iamfilyea, ubuntu 10.04
iamfilin gnome it works fine
iamfili just turned off "Allow the window manager to deocrate the window" and "allow the window manager to control the window" and i can close documents without closing the whole app
nicklas_ah, it has to do with the window manager, not wine
nicklas_thats what i was guessing, since you use the same dist, first ubuntu then kubuntu right?
iamfilyea. so more experimenting, i just disabled "allow the window manager to decorate the window" only and it works fine as well. it appears to happen when the windows are decorated.
iamfili used to use ubuntu 10.04, but did a clean install of kubuntu 10.04
nicklas_iamfil: window decoration? u dont use kwin?
iamfili do, i meant the wine configuration utility.
iamfili uncheked "allow the window manager to decorate the windows"
nicklas_im afraid i cant tell you why it is like that
iamfiland amazingly, it works. :/. weird indeed. i've been looking through the kde window settings and can't figure out why
nicklas_iamfil: do you use kpackagekit btw? or have you installed software center?
nicklas_i use xfce (xubuntu)
iamfilno, i installed synaptic. it's much nicer. i don't like kpackagekit or software center
nicklas_synaptic is even harder to use than kpackagekit i think
iamfilyea, but im used to it.
nicklas_i mean, when i want to install all the games, i want a simple list with the games, not a list with all the packages of the games, takes years to look through that and click what you want :-P
nicklas_not so user friendly, one major drawback for kubuntu i think
iamfilwhat if you don't like all the games but just want one?
AimHereapt-get install <name of game>
nicklas_well, then i guess you can just use apt-get
nicklas_but after fresh install, its nice to be able to look in a user friendly gui for the package manager, so you can check out what you want, especially if you dont know exactly what is in the repos
ozzloyi am trying to add a language to rosetta stone 3.4.x.  i don't have an optical drive, but i do have the files
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