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IneptMofohes prob being looked after
ajavidcold and alone dog child away from home, stupid dog had to run out the houe when my dad opened the door
IneptMofou checked any of the dog sheletr places
ajavidI hope so man, my younger brother is devastasted
mudddaw damn, what kind of pup?
ajavidmix of border collie, black lab, mostly
ajavidvery smart dog
IneptMofomaybe he was tryna get to mensa
ajavidfew months ago he got out, he came back at like 4 in the morning at the back door
ajavidwe kept the lights on and everything all night
mudddhe isn't "fixed" is he?  I'm guessing not
ajavidI stayd up waiting for him
ajavidno, his testicles just dropped
ajavidwe don't cruel to animals
towardmewhich free firewall for PC Windows is better? :P
ajavidbob barker should die.
ajavidtowardme, windows 7 firewall is excellent
ajavidtowardme, for vista or earlier, sygate personal firewall
towardmeMight be. But I am looking for XP
mudddtowardme, xp's default firewall seems to me to be good enough
ajavidits crapola
IneptMofoas long as you have a decent router
IneptMofoyou will be fine
mudddyou can change alot of stuff and its functional
towardmemuddd: If I have believed in it I would not have sought other third-party firewallsw
ajavidits ok
ajavidno harm done
ajavidcheck out sygate
ajavidI been using it for YEARS
ajavidbut with windows firewall and a nat router you're firewalled
towardmeajavid: It is no longer free for a long time
ajavidevery nat is inherently a router
ajavidevery nat router is inherently a firewall
ajavidI need tea.
towardmeajavid: what's the next best offer?
towardmeajavid: Free?
ajavidany of them will do
ajavidComodo is free and lots of people swear by it
ajavidyeah, I would go with Comodo
ajavidI should have thought of Comodo earlier
towardmeI saw Zero Knowledge Firewall :)
towardmewhat a nostalgia
towardmeFaded away?
towardmedoes it mean no longer updated?
ajaviduser mode file system for windows
ajavidI just found this
ajavidfuse for win
ajavidsay bye bye to expandrive
ajavidi hate shareware
ajavid(depending on Dokan library and Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package)
ajavidDokan SSHFS is a program that mounts remote file systems using SSH.
spitziIS there a way to make the "Send To" context menu disappear completely ?
ajavidhmm, .NET binding to write a windows file system driver
ajavidthis is awesome
ajavidsshfs for windows... sweet, no more crappy sftp or scp with winscp or filezilla
spitziWell, if anyone cares to disable the "send to" context menu, here's a how-to link:
spitziSee ya.
ajavidI don't disable it
ajavidI customize it
ajavideasy way to send stuff to places quickly
JonnyPPany c++ or winapi programmers here?
Caemyrtry #winapi
JonnyPPthanks tons
mobileusermay i know any way to remove all thumbnails, temporary internet files, jumplists and all with a click in windows 7. also the recent open file menu of paint,word, notepad etc?
Caemyrif they cant answer your questions
Caemyrtry #reactos later on
mobileusermay i know any way to remove all thumbnails, temporary internet files, jumplists and all with a click in windows 7. also the recent open file menu of paint,word, notepad etc?
IneptMofocccleaner @mobileuser
mobileuseralso deletes word's recent list? And notepads? Does it?
mobileuserthanks for the info
mobileuseri wanted to hide the kids story books from the parents because they don't allow him to read them and instead want him to read all the time
freysteinnHello. Do you know if it's possible to mirror the display in Windows XP?
freysteinnAnd if so, what would I need to do it.
jeffmrI think you can do that automatically
jeffmrjust connect a vga or whatever cable to your computer
jeffmrgo to display preferences
freysteinnjeffmr: Just be clear, I don't need a mirror screen with two monitors, I need a vertical mirror of my display on one monitor. :)
freysteinnjeffmr: That should have been: Just to be clear, ... sorry. :)
jeffmrI'm not sure about that.  What is a vertical mirror on one display?
freysteinnjeffmr: I want it to look like it's a reflection of a monitor in a mirror.
freysteinnjeffmr: Flip might be a better word.
freysteinnjeffmr: I know I can rotate the image, but I need to flip it.
jeffmrI'm not sure about that
ajavidWindows Media has netflix built in
ajavidI can watch instantly some of the things using my unlimite account
ajavidI don't have to go into IE, sign in, wait for silverlight to lag
ajavidwindows media center is awesome
THE_GFR|WORKhey everyone I have a compaq desktop computer here with pentium D 2.8GHz CPU and it reads 58/59c in the bios idle, in windows 49/50c idle and with a load in windows it runs if the CPU is at max usage 72c
tomatto_when i run fixboot and fixmbr and i want to start windows from disk... it said me disk error. what i did wrong?
THE_GFR|WORKtomatto_: I no speak english broken
tomatto_THE_GFR|WORK: what language do you speak?
THE_GFR|WORKtomatto_: I speak English.  I do not speak "Broken English".
garmehi guys
garmethere is a free antivirus like Symantec Endpoint Protection?
tomatto_THE_GFR|WORK: i need to fix my master boot record. ok?
THE_GFR|WORKtomatto_: then do a fixmbr in recovery console.
jeffmrgarme, for one computer microsoft security essentials
Caemyrand i wouldn`t recommend anyone using SEP
tomatto_THE_GFR|WORK: yes, i made it, but it failed to work for disk error. ok?
anton__hi everybody! Is this an appropriate room to ask a question on Windows Shell development?
garmejeffmr I looking for a network antivirus.
garmeMore than one host.
tomatto_THE_GFR|WORK: can you help me please? do you understand what i say?
tomatto_curaci vymrdany windowsacky polibte si prden i s tou svou posranou parodii na operacni system
shadeslayerwhats the name of the emulator to run the pokemon games on PC?
tspI'm trying to figure out win7's solitaire, since it apparently became accessible. How do I use it?
kn100So I installed WXP on a spare drive, it installed fine, worked fine, and then I formatted one of the partitions on the drives, which somehow destroyed the MBR, and now the disk refuses to boot, and I can't repair the MBR because the recovery console is not there for some reason, what do I do?
ajavidwhat happens if you turn off UAC slider to all the way down?
ajavidis that bad?
ajavidit is less annoying, but does it sompletely turn it off?
PureEvilGeekajavid: if your still around. i believe in win7 if you turn UAC all the way down its less annoying but not completely off. there is a way of turning it completely off though. note that if you only have one application that is annoying you through UAC then you can set that app to be excempt from the security
PureEvilGeekany one ever used a NAS drive that had POE support?
sproatyI just accessed the XP recovery console to do this,   and got a BSOD about a buffer overun. Rebooted, and the console didn't prompt for my installation/password
sproatytrying to cd to windows gives me access denied
sproatythe bsod happened after I copied the \repair\software folder over, and hit "up" by accident
rewtsproaty, just start over with the last set of copy commands
conb123Hiya which in your opinion is better for oc stability testing, prime95 or occt?
rewtmake sure you're booting from the cd though
sproatyrewt,  i'm using a usb recovery console, damn netbook has no CD drive
rewtok, then make sure you're booting from usb
sproatyand I can't get access to windows
sproatyyeah, I am
sproatyI can get into the recovery console, but it just puts me into c:/ right away
sproatysorry, can't access the WINDOWS folder
shahi. i want to install winxp and win7, starting with winxp right now. the partition which i've created for winxp gets recognized as "J:". i can install in this partition, but winxp won't boot (says it misses some files). what can i do for, that winxp recognizes the partition as C:? and, how should i make this win7? when they both need C:, how should i partitioning the drive?
sproatyreinstalling might be an easier fix, bugger it
shayes, sure i want to reinstall it. but, what do i need to do, that winxp "thinks" the partition is C:?
shaor, is it not failing because it's J:?
sproatysorry, I was talking to myself, there :p
shaah ok
ikoniaplease inform the ops if Thermate starts pm'ing people with racist comments
ElllisDhow do I disable a device from safe mode command prompt?
kronixElllisD, no GUI?
kronixCan't you just launch devmgmt.msc from CMD?
ElllisDas soon as I start safe mode in gui it tries to install a video capture card & freezes before I can even tell it to leave the device uninstalled
rewtElllisD, take it out
rewtand then turn on the pc
ElllisDFreeze when drvinst.exe starts...
ElllisDis it possible to install the right driver prior to adding the card?
ElllisDcard is way too hot
ElllisDbad bad bad windows
rewtyes, some hardware requires that drivers be installed before it's physically connected
rewtwhat does the installation instructions say?
ElllisDno instructions- box says win & mac supported that's all- looking up website now
rewtno piece of paper, or a cd included?
Cpudan80hola amigos
ElllisDnope- ebay auction- this might be due to my having added 2 cards at once...
Ether_Man_Heh..  Gotta love discussing NAT with people that dont understand what it is but think they have all the answers :)
HentaiPCBSDEther_Man_, ?
HentaiPCBSDEther_Man_, where
Ether_Man_Swedish tech forum
HentaiPCBSDah not in english ehh
HentaiPCBSDgot a link?
Ether_Man_They're discussing the shortage of IPs and stuff..  And then a guy comes discussing about making NAT out to be this great way of doing things because it also increases security and stuff :)
HentaiPCBSDEther_Man_, what is the swedish language?
Ether_Man_Swedish :)
HentaiPCBSDEther_Man_, you on there?
Ether_Man_<- EtherMan on that forum
convivialdoes windows 7 use same metadata system for storing info about files as xp/vis
convivialok coolies
HentaiPCBSDsame fs as xp and vista use
convivialI am trying to find information on reading/writing ande modfiying a files metadata but no good on google
convivialI want to set metadata for file of any type basically
convivialany urls to help?
ShamrockAny help on the WinXP reset?
ShamrockYes. reset, HentaiPCBSD.
ShamrockI am downloading some rather large files from cygwin site and in the middle of my download I get reset.
Ether_Man_You mean your computer reboots?
HentaiPCBSDI dunno what you mean reset?
ShamrockYes, Ether_Man_. My computer gets reboot.
HentaiPCBSDdoes the connection stop? or the computer restarts?
HentaiPCBSDsee any blue screen before it happens
HentaiPCBSDflash of one?
HentaiPCBSDmaybe its overheating
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