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peppicool cool
peppihola then :P
peppiis noone here or what?
arp-i need help
peppidon't we all :P
arp-with Windows 7 :S
peppiI use XP :/
peppibut you can try
arp-my inglish is bad sorry
peppimeh who's isn't :P
arp-you speack some spanish?
BasisBitinfoG: I just posted another really informative post at this english blog:
arp-you use ftpd?
BasisBitarp-: I am usinf filezilla and it works 100%
arp-I using Windows 7 , but I like remove some files's, but de system block this file's
arp-TrustedInstaller i not idea
Armymenwhere is the EXE for : run, and FIND
Armymenin windows vista
gh0st3rhey guys... got a problem with bluetooth, whats the default bluetooth key to use when connecting my mobile to my windows xp pc? (note the mobile is initiating the exchange, mobile asking for computers pin)
Ether_Mangh0st3r, there is no "default" key..  You supply a pin on the mobile which you then enter on the computer as well
gh0st3rEther_Man, when i try and connect to the pc it askes for a key though... any key i enter it fails it with an authentication error
gh0st3rIts a blackberry by the way
Ether_ManArmymen, run is not an exe. It's a function built into the windows system supplying the graphical interface to begin with...  Find however is located in the windows\system32\ dir
Armymen[ Ether_Man ] thanks i just found the exe for search
Armymennow just missing the RUN
Ether_ManThere is no exe for run
Armymeni just need a way to have a shorcut to open RUN
Armymenhumm :(
Armymenneed to found a way ; )
Ether_Mangh0st3r, no idea. When I do the same on my SE, it asks for the pin, I enter any pin I want on the cell, and then windows shows me a dialog of which pin and I enter the same and voila :)
Ether_ManArmymen, anything wrong with winkey+r combo?
Armymeni using a alternative shell
Armymenthat why
Armymenbut winkey+r dont work with that shell i guess
Ether_ManNo since that's part of Explorer
Armymenthat why i search a way to make that shourcut, or found the command what will open it
Ether_ManBut if you use an alternative shell, well then it's that's shell to either supply a call to the Run function, or have its own Run function.
Armymenyup i will try some stuff thanks guy ; )
Armymenyou should see the look of the shell very nice ; )
Ether_ManThanks but no thanks.
gh0st3rEther_Man, shit i hate propreitary software, its the blackberrys windows software not finding the correct device, not windows
Ether_Mangh0st3r, heh
bizarrefishevening, all
Cveldebizarrefish: are you here to play "gates" ? :D
bizarrefishnope :)
bizarrefishI'm just here
bizarrefishnow stop harassing me, urchin
BasisBitgoogle makes advertisement for microsoft:
bizarrefishBasisBit: lul nice, didn't know you could do that with youtube
bizarrefishhopefully it'll be more successful/functional than winmo
BasisBiteven better:
BasisBitwould fit more to google...
bizarrefishthat's awesome :P
BasisBitbizarrefish: look at now for info on how to do the youtube fun link-changes!
CveldeBasisBit: nette sache
BasisBityes... :D
BasisBitand one next fun stuff posted @ : Chuck Norris virus hacks routers without hacking!
Tripknotixwhat os is this,
thelostpatrolthere a way to get a vimeo video to download in firefox?
Jck_truethelostpatrol: If you want something entirely webbased it's
thelostpatrolyeah clipnabber failed me for this vid actually which is why i ask
thelostpatrolthanks for the program, i'm forwarding it to the guy who req'd help and will let you know if it works
Jck_trueIts a great app.. I know the author a bit...
f00bar80trying to mount -t smbfs or cifs a windows shared drive from my debian lenny, i got in dmesg CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code=-111/110 , at the time i can ping machines the tow ways, i tried to google it but always unlucky, any comment ?
f00bar80i'm asking if any specific service on the windows machine needs to be started , i even turned off windows Firewall and avast protection
MGSsanchoyou disable ntsf somethign authentication in group policy?
MGSsanchono its not ntfs...
Action: MGSsancho is trying to remember
MGSsanchoin ur debian sex machione, edit /etc/pam.conf
MGSsanchoadd this stuffs
MGSsanchoother   password required     nowarn
MGSsanchosave, exit, change usename on ur debian machine
MGSsanchosudo passwd username
MGSsanchosmb pam module should be actuvated if not restart the service
MGSsanchoshouold work
MGSsanchoalso this is a samba question not a windows question
f00bar80MGSsancho, sorry what does " other   password required     nowarn" exactly ?
f00bar80MGSsancho, no answered me on #samba
MGSsanchodisclaimer thats from not debian notes. that goes back years (about 4) so they might not work!!!
MGSsanchotell authentication module dont warn when user logens with simple credentials
f00bar80MGSsancho, why should i change username for the debian machine ?
MGSsanchoneed to activate the module somehow
f00bar80MGSsancho, a reboot doesn't do it ?
MGSsanchoin solaris you change the pass. i beleive you do the same for debian
MGSsanchono it doesnt
MGSsanchojust change the pass. doesnt matter if its the same pass.
MGSsanchoand ther eis a setings in windows policy editor that you may have to change
wasmahenare we really using winx XP kernel in win7?
MGSsanchowhere did you hear that garbage from?
f00bar80MGSsancho, changed the password, always getting mount error 111 = connection refused
MGSsanchokernel was rewritten from scratch when they made longhorn, rewrote it for vista and tweaked for win7
wasmahenMGSsancho: my boss told me so lol
f00bar80MGSsancho, and thats " other   password required     nowarn" what i exactly added in /etc/pam.conf
wasmahenand he is near me now
MGSsanchook then i beleive you need to edit a line in registry or policy editor
f00bar80MGSsancho, which is ?
MGSsanchotrying to remember hold on lol
MGSsanchofoobar, which vindows version you using?
MGSsanchoim on 7. i can boot xp vm if i have to
MGSsanchopolicy editor> local policies > security options > Network secirity:
MGSsanchogah which one was it ~
MGSsanchoi think, LDAP client signing requirements to , negoiate signing
MGSsanchono not it,
FINDERHi, anyone know how to change Default Search Provider changing the windows registry? Firefox, IE and Chrome
MGSsanchosearch provider in what app and what os?
FINDERFirefox, IE and Chrome
dshsanyone who can make a quick resume on which windows version to buy for daily use but without the need of networking?
MGSsanchothere are like 23 versions of windows
FINDERXP and Vista
MGSsancho2 diffrent OSes completly
FINDERok, but you know how to change default search provider in that programs?
dshsuh sorry
FINDERLike orbitdownloader do
dshsment windows 7
MGSsanchoopen up your browser of choic and it should have a pop asking to be number 1
dshs7 home pro or ultimate
Damascenehello, did any one test openoffice on windows?
FINDERI need to change via registry or other way... I making a program and I need to change this on the lfy
MGSsanchodshs, i use win7 home europe edition ofr VM in testing and win7 ultimate as a desktop
dshsDamascene: I did, I don't do much office stuff, works fine here and it's plenty for me
dshsDamascene: (nevertheless I had some crashes) :)
Damascene may you check this
dshsI don't see any real advantage in ultimate besides maybe the bit locker
Damascene here is a screen shot of my problem
zChrisDamascene: antialiasing perhaps?
f00bar80MGSsancho,  LDAP client signing requirements is negoiate signing
MGSsanchofoobar i think thats was it
Damasceneit's enabled
MGSsanchoand umm the one below it, ntlm something, disable 128bit stuff.
FINDERMGSsancho I already search in google
MGSsanchodamn i cant find my book mark on it ^_^ sorry
f00bar80MGSsancho, i didn't modify it was set to negotiate signing
dshsDamascene: antialising seems to work on w7 here
MGSsanchofoobarr ,what os you using?
dshsanyway, anyone who can give a reason why to buy w7 pro or ultimate?
f00bar80MGSsancho, windows xp prof. sp2 and debian lenny for the other box
MGSsanchodshs, enterprise features are handy for advanced network features
MGSsanchofoobar, motherfo... damn gotta boot my virtualmachine hold on
dshsMGSsancho: I'm looking for all the reasons besides the network ones because they don't interest me :)
MGSsanchodshs, i use the iscsi features, firewall sexy stuff, rdp server (also avaliable in premium) and if you want to use microsofts virtual PC
MGSsanchoyay my VM wont boot!!!
dshsfirewall sexy stuff? :o
dshsbtw I'm on w7 x64 ultimate rc1 atm so I'm sort of affraid to miss good stuff next week :)
MGSsanchoadvanced firewall editor is better. astully i havent looked at it on basic so i cant say. so strick back that reason lol
dshsprobably in home one cannot make app specific settings?
MGSsanchofoobar, lol i cant find it
MGSsanchoa lot of the new stuff is group policy based. so in a enerprise network netadmins can push out updated firewall settings
f00bar80MGSsancho, should i use the windows machine ip as the gateway for my debian box /
MGSsanchothis a serious question? :)
MGSsanchogate ip is your home routers ip
f00bar80MGSsancho, i really don't know what's wrong , that's what make ask this kinf od question
MGSsanchoif you want a simple fileserver use something like freenas. takes longer to download then setup
Jck_trueFreeNAS rocks XD
MGSsanchosee last section
f00bar80MGSsancho, this is my mount command, mount -t cifs // /mnt/windows -o user=prof,password='' , as my share not using password neither the machine does
MGSsanchooh want to mount a windows share?
MGSsanchowhy didnt you say so -.-
f00bar80MGSsancho, yes
MGSsanchogateway is still router
f00bar80yea gateway is still router
MGSsanchoin policy editor allow guest logins with out username and pass
MGSsanchoshould work
Damasceneis there any tool that can tell me if some machines changed there ip in my network?
f00bar80MGSsancho, where in policy editor ?
MGSsanchouse a tool like nagios for network monitoring
MGSsanchoomg seriously dude. where have i ben telling you to look at in the polify editor?
MGSsanchoof about 30 network security and access choices about 11 could be of usefor for incoming connections
MGSsanchoanyways, i beleive i answered all questions or at least pointed people in the right directions
Action: MGSsancho goes back to chem homework
Damascenegood work
f00bar80MGSsancho, can't find it
Damascenehe is doing his homework now
MGSsanchonetwork access: do not allow anonymous enumeration of sam accounts and shars.. might want to test disabling that
Action: MGSsancho misses other operatin system chat room. nothing like being pointed to a mailing list or a fourms or read 20 pages of a ma pages. or being pointed to a 6 hour video explaining the process
MGSsanchooh well stillmore intelligent than mac forums
f00bar80MGSsancho, already disabled
MGSsanchotest other settings
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