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The_ThingI was afraid somebody was going to say that.
sysRPLreisio: anyways, they have a 3 year waranty through ocz
bizzpodrobertzaccour: Those packages only work for more recent cards I'm afraid. If it was a 3000 series card or above then they'd be the right package.
gym_janehi all
cybanThe_Thing - do you have a lot of stuff on it?
robertzaccourgotta restart
bizzpodThe_Thing: What order did you install Win7/XP in?
The_ThingNothing that can't be backed up.
kleanchapThis eraser looks pretty good (and without installation).
sysRPLthe agility 2/vertex 2 models just came out in april. they have that new sandforce controller making them really fast
The_ThingXP was installed first, 7 installed second
cybanThe_Thing - I would start over, that went horibly wrong lol
shawn146does xbox prevent lagg when running?
gym_janehas anyone here deployed office communicator?
shawn146cause virtualpc has a lot of lag
The_ThingThough I do apparently have the file backed up on the XP drive
cybansounds like you overwrote yer win7 or xp kernel with the other OS
cybanI am not sure if you can restore the kernel
The_ThingI don't see how that's possible, considering I installed it on a completely seperate partition
bizzpodThe_Thing: Might be worth looking at this tool before reinstalling it all -
cybanbad media perhaps
cybanbiz - that wont repair the kernel..
cybanwill it
bizzpodcyban: Nope. I was wondering if perhaps the boot record was pointing to the wrong location.
cyban "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: C:\Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe. Please re-install a copy of the above file." (Looks right)
bizzpodThe_Thing: Can you boot Win7 and examine the XP partition from there?
The_ThingI notice that boot.ini is on the C: drive on my tower... that has an XP and 7 dual-boot going on as well.
cybanworth a shot
The_Thingbizzpod: I'm booted in 7 right now.
cybanthats normal
bizzpodrobertzaccour: wb
The_ThingHowever on my laptop, where I'm having the problem, it's not on the C: partition
cybanheh can you even get a dos prompt to run progman and sfc the ntoskrnl back in?
The_ThingAlso, on my tower, the installation on that was 7 first, and XP second.
robertzaccourits fixed, updates actually do work woohoo
robertzaccouri thought updates were mostly just security stuff
cybanyep robert
bizzpodThe_Thing: My experience with dual boot Windows systems is pretty limited so I'll leave you in more capable hands I think.
robertzaccourthanks i wanna give yall a hug
bizzpodrobertzaccour: *internet hug* Glad to help.
robertzaccourmy other options were vista drivers or Linux
cybanThe_Thing - it dont matter which is first
The_Thingcyban: Actually if you install XP after 7, one has to restore 7's boot loader because XP's setup program overwrites it with it's own.
cyban1st Install Windows - 2nd Install Updates - 3rd Install Antivirus - 4th do whatever ya want from here
Action: The_Thing always installs AV first, before even considering connecting to any sort of network.
cyban7 dont take over the boot loader?
cybandoes with 2k+
sylbotnew after old
sylbotthats the rule
robertzaccourafter buying this laptop i noticed a tiny small mark in the screen that doesn't affect color or pixels at all. should i feel ripped off? its barely noticeable and doesn't affect picture at all
The_Thing7 doesn't totally overwrite it, to my knowledge.
cybanya usualy
bizzpodUmmm brb, my kitchen is on fire just a little...
sylbotrobertzaccour, what is the mark
cybanoh well, if ya go old first then new will be less problems but still it shouldnt wipe out yer kernel, that was a wops somewhere or bad media
robertzaccoursylbot, its a tiny scratch mark about 1mm long
sylbotold before new windows, before any linux
cybanand as far as I know short of booting into DOS, running PROGMAN, then running SFC and trying to restore ntos from the Windows CD - format and reinstall is yer only other option
sylbotrobertzaccour, If you really don't mind it then its fine i guess
sylbotit should be a used one from a mark that small
sylbotshouldn't dammit
robertzaccoursylbot, thats what i figured, as long as the picture isn't affected and i hardly notice it 200 seems like an ok deal
bizzpodOkay, someone in my house left one of those plastic pizza trays in the oven for several hours. I love shared accomodation :)
robertzaccoura new netbook would cost me 249 plus tax
The_ThingSo, when I reformat and reinstall, would I have to do just the XP, or both XP and 7?
cybanHomework ( :(
cybanDo XP then 7
cyban7 works right
sylbotit doesn't delete
The_ThingOn my tower, I did 7 before XP.
cybando XP then run that BOOT fix
sylbotin fact, it adds it to the boot ini
sylbotno it does it automatically
cybanlet me see who posted it
sylboti installed win7 onece before, it recognizes xp
sylbotand added it
The_ThingAfter doing that, one usually has to repair the boot sector with 7's repair disc
shawn146oh i love that ac3filter
sylbotif you do xp after 7 then
sylbotyou must repair
robertzaccourone thing nice about Linux is not having to mess with that stuff and drivers are automatically installed. lack of pretty apps and cd-rom is a downside however
cybanThe_Thing so ya, install XP then run
The_ThingYes, but that's usually more or less easy
cybanif yer lucky itl play nice and win7 will stay the bootloader
cybanand if not then youl have yer winxp installed right, then you can reinstall yer 7
robertzaccouri got a dell laptop a few months back. within a few weeks i noticed a red colored dead line of pixels, so i think i'll stay away from dell laptops in the future
cybanrobert - thats abnormal, send it back
The_Thingrobertzaccour: Lack of a cd-rom? Is it a netbook?
robertzaccourThe_Thing, i'm using a regular laptop witn win 7 right now
sylbotrobertzaccour, i have driver problems with linux
sylbotmy nvidia
sylbottried to install proprietary drivers on th ubuntu UE, and it messed up my config
robertzaccoursylbot, yeah that happens
robertzaccoursylbot, thats odd. its usually ati that has the Linux issues
The_ThingThis gives me a chance to test the XP install disc I slipstreamed :)
cybanleast thats an easy fix sly
sylbotyeah, then I didn't know how to recover it, and I delete the partition to uninstall it
robertzaccourwhats slipstreamed The_Thing ?
sylbotwhich of course f'ed up my grub
bizzpodI have a Radeon 3650 in my machine and I've never been able to get decent compositing performance on it :-/
sylbotso i had the fix the mbr
cybanyou just delete xorg.cong
bizzpodOn any linux distro, that is
The_Thingrobertzaccour: Adding things to an XP disc... updates, drivers, service packs, etc.
robertzaccoursylbot, did you try using the live cd first to test the hardware?
sylbotyeah, i tried it, but x server would start
sylbotrobertzaccour, i use unetbootin
sylbotto try it
robertzaccourThe_Thing, ah i see, like a custom reinstall disc
sylbotthen installed from livecd
robertzaccoursylbot, it would have been a good idea to play around with it and make sure all the hardware works before installing
sylboti tried it with unetbootin
cybana lot of that hardware on live ISO's work fine, then you install and it dont work anymore
sylbotit is like installing the live cd to windows
cybanlike Fedora's Wifi
cybanwell back on f10
Alex610S_SubZero:  still on the ropes
Alex610but im confident i can solve this
robertzaccourcyban, whats the point of a live cd if it works in live and not after install? crazy
S_SubZeroI'd just reinstall, it sounds like you're trying way too hard on this
cybanI duno, Ubuntu and Fedora both do it
robertzaccouroh fedora is crap from what i've heard
sylbotfedora is just more dificult to work with
sylbotit isn't as easy as ubuntu
robertzaccourbut then again it is based on redhat and they're more about enterprise than desktop
cybanI like Fedora, not for Laptop use
bizzpodFedora is quite an "open-source purist" distro, it doesn't ship with many (any?) proprietary drivers
robertzaccouri hate fedora haha
cybanI dislike Ubuntu because its kinda like a Mac
robertzaccouri don't care if drivers are proprietary or not, as long as they work right
sylbotlol anything with gnome is like mac
cybanbut on desktops ive had better success with Fedora over Ubuntu
robertzaccourcyban, mac is bsd with a pretty gui
bizzpodrobertzaccour: Well, ditto. The pragmatist's approach. :)
sylbotrobertzaccour, exactly
S_SubZerothe max/min/close buttons are on the left, therefore "like a Mac"
robertzaccourbizzpod, whats pragmatist?
sylbotanyhting with gnome looks like mac
cybanrobert ya isnt that what Ubuntu reminds you of tho, Linux eye candy?
sylboti like blue better than brown
sylbotlike the literal color
robertzaccourcyban, in a way, and also i notice the nice similarities between win 7 and kde desktop
bizzpodrobertzaccour: concerned with actually having something work rather than any ideologies
Alex610S_SubZero:  like i said my DVD is a digital download
cybanya the gadgets
cybansidebar etc
Alex610I suppose i could burn that but it would be difficult to do ATM
robertzaccourbizzpod, oh, like your computer not being a mission statement
robertzaccoursame here
bizzpodrobertzaccour: pretty much, yep. Personally I take what works well - I used to tinker a lot but now I prefer something stable and well designed.
cybanbiz - whats that, UNIX?
robertzaccourbizzpod, win 7 is pretty stable and honestly the fastest OS i've used yet.
bizzpodcyban: Heh, well you could then ask why I'm using Windows :P. Win7 does it all for me, never crashed once.
cybanwell 08 is NOT fast IMO
robertzaccourhowever i did find one bug on a dell laptop. i did screen capture with dell webcam studio or whatever its called, and when i opened ccleaner the aero theme shut down until after restarting
cybanI sure hope this virtual Win 7 Client is zippier than these 08 virtual systems
cybanfind out in about 2 hours heh
cyban3 if these updates take much longer
robertzaccourcyban, updates usually don't take more than a few minutes
sylbotyeah same for me
cybanI had 53 updates, 564MB's
bizzpodRoll on Win7 SP1
cybansome of them rollups for exchange
shawn146in vbox is it possible to transfer files between my guest os and my host?
cybanso its taken about an hour so far, and its 60% through
S_SubZeroshawn146: yes
bizzpodshawn146: Yes but you need to do it via network drives I believe
cybanshawn - ya set up a shared folder
shawn146how can i do that?
bizzpodUnless they added drag and drop in a recent release?
cybanset up a shared folder and map a network drive
S_SubZeroshawn146: VBox comes with documentation.  There's also #vbox.
robertzaccourbeen using win 7 for 2 days now. it seems like its what vista was supposed to be, so vista was more like a win 7 alpha
S_SubZerorobertzaccour: <previous version> is like a <current version> alpha?
bizzpodI've been using Win7 right from the first beta and it's always been great. That said, after SP1 Vista wasn't too bad - it just had some rough edges design-wise.
robertzaccourS_SubZero, no, win 7 is what vista should have been, so vista seems more like a win 7 alpha, because vista just was not ready
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