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Maartenhsa2: I just use the Pidgin windows executable.
JaHoOveEr69Maarten: its not porn
JaHoOveEr69and even though its streaming this sensitive information comes up, remains the same for anywhere between 5 -> 60seconds and then changes
JaHoOveEr69and its on the same area of the screen all the time even when it changes
Viking667bah. Missed the keyboard prompt. gotta reboot again.
Viking667Does this CDROM _seriously_ have to load everything and sundry for three minutes, just to get me to a recovery console?
syslqCome on, I have just joined and first line I read  includes "reboot"
syslqViking667, doh
JaHoOveEr69have you not seen those programs that turn an image into a 3d viewable image which is totally grey? if you dont go crosseyed it just looks like a grey image ..but when u go crosseyed its the image that u changed
JaHoOveEr69i dont see why there cant be a program that just does that for the the few areas of the screen where i need it
syslqHow about some flamewars or something
fwcHmm, anyone ever use an AMD/cheap Promise RAID controller? its working fine in AHCI mode, finally got it to boot in RAID mode.. took about 10 minutes, now I'm getting spammed with "AMD RaidXPert Task 20 timeout on disk (port number 1, target id1) at LBA 0xdeadbeef (Length 0x100)" bubbles. The system is extremely unresponsive, but when benchmarking the drive with HDTune, I get 90mb/s average read speed at the head of the drive. Any ideas? Latest drivers from AM
fwcD(SB/AHCI/RAID), SB600 southbridge, 2 RAIDs - 1 JBOD (this drive), 1 stripe with 2 other disks currently not used.
l43a2nuke war maybe
syslqfwc, well I have experience that it's way better to use software raid than cheapo onboard controler
fwcsyslq: well i want to take the win install from this drive and put it on a stripe, without writing any more than i have to
fwcsyslq: so installing and converting to a dynamic disk is a no go
Viking667hmmm. Should I be worried that BOOTCFG /SCAN can't find a valid Windows install?
syslqfwc, from what I know you cant even boot from dynamic volumen  or can you
syslqViking667, what are you doing?
fwcsyslq: haven't tried it, but afaik you could. regardless, not something i want to try :P no trim on these SSDs yet
Viking667tried that at the recovery console of the Windows CDROM
fwcso im kinda stuck with onboard raid for now
syslquuu, ssd's :=)
Viking667I'm going to be so pissed off if I have to reinstall windows again from scratch.
syslqfwc :), well just skip it and keep an image of system
syslqViking667, why?
fwcViking: what happened?
syslqViking667, what is an error?
Viking667so far, I don't know.
fwcsyslq: the issue is i cant get windows to work without shitting out with the onboard "raid controller" :\
Viking667I can't boot windows. I can't get any sane results out of "bootcfg /scan"
Viking667that's as far as I've got.
syslqbootcfg /rebuild?
fwcsyslq: since the SSDs would be on the SB600, popping the image to them would just result in the same issue.. so I have to resolve the issue with timeouts first
syslqIt should somehow rebouild your bootini or something lemme check
Viking667won't work if it can't find a Windows XP OS to begin with.
Viking667d: doesn't come up with anything sane (Cannot enumerate directory)
syslqViking667, output bootcfg /list
syslqpaste it I mean
fwcViking: can you see/access the partition?
Viking667There are currently no boot entries  available to display
syslqhmm, how about what fwc askeD?
syslqcan you actually see windows parition
Viking667Diskpart shows an "unknown" partition in the correct slot.
syslqHmm, sounds like fucked up partition
Viking667... of the correct size, just doesn't mention the correct filesystem.
fwcViking: try a linux CD, is it a SATA drive? first partition? if its XP uhh.. mount -o offset=32,256 -t ntfs /dev/sda /mnt
Viking667ouch. I had a whole development setup on that partition
Viking667It's PATA.
syslqfwc yeah but there is a better way actually,
peteskievening! I've started getting that black screen pre login on windows 7 pro :< I reboot to safe mode and then reboot again.. its ok, but next reboot its back to black
syslqViking667, try linux system rescue cd and run testdisk
Viking667I could see if it mounts under Linux, would let me see if it mounts, at least.
peteskiAny official fixes for this? I read they claim its mallware
fwcok then mount -o offset=32256 -t ntfs /dev/sda /mnt, if it mounts then just repartition the drive
JaHoOveEr69anyway of reseting samsung nc10 bios password without opening  ?
Viking667syslq: I think I've got a copy of that.
syslqViking667, mhm, testdisk is very nice util, it can handle ntfs very nice
Viking667that offset, is it in bytes, blocks, or what?
infoGhow can i tell if one of my raid drives has gone bad
syslqfwc, I'm impressed :), you're looking for a job :)
fwcid use diskpart over fdisk, get the size of the disk in bytes from fdisk, then open up diskpart, new partition.. start = 32256, end = (size of drive in bytes-1), type = ntfs
Viking667then I'll root up my copy of sysrescue
Viking667fwc: well, the details are all correct, just the partition type isn't correct.
Viking667and no, the drive doesn't JUST contain the one partition
fwcwell then, just use fdisk in linux to change the partition type
fwcor get handy with a hex editor
Viking667the partition type is CORRECT! (if it's 0x7 for WinXP/ntfs)
fwcyes, it is
Viking667So, reboot into Linux? See if I can at least mount it?
fwcif you have a Linux CD handy, thats what id do
fwcverify that something isnt seriously corrupted first
Viking667I have a fully working Linux install bootable from the grub, that's not at issue.
syslqSpeaking of which, grub2 found my windows loader and added it to menu without me asking it, before I had to switch boot drive in bios since I was to lame to set up grub
Viking667oh, far OUT!!! guess what. Filesystem checks. Bah.
fwcdisable forced fscks imo
Viking667not on my computer. They've saved me the occasional problem.
fwcugh screw this im buying a real raid controller, this is outrageous
Viking667at least most people in here know _of_ linux, even if they're not actually running it as their main system.
flybackjust stop
flybackwhat are you doing?
flybackyou got a disk error?
syslqfwc, congrats ;)
syslqfwc, it will save you tons of stress
flybackdo you need to recover data?
fwcflyback, no i need to stop getting timeout errors :\
Viking667flyback: can't boot a Windows disk, though I can boot everything else.
Viking667Grub complains about the boot, and I can't boot the drive bare
Viking667I'm about to check what Linux's disk says about the drive because bootcfg can't "see" a bootable OS.
fwccopied an OLD ahcix64s.sys in, and it boots faster than 15 minutes
Viking667hdb1 is type 0x07, and it's marked as active.
syslqfwc what's your gig anyway? I mean what field do you work in?
flybackViking667, is there data you need to recovery or are you able to mount the partition in linux and copy it iff?
Action: flyback bbl
syslqViking667, try testdisk (do man testdisk before), it has very good ability to repair fucked up partitions
flybackback in a bit
flybacksyslq, bad idea
syslqflyback, always worked for me?
syslqLike 20 times now
flybackhe should try to mount it in linux and copy out any crtitical data first
flybackyeah but writing back to something unknown is always risky
Viking667I can't mount the partition. dmesg claims primary bootsector is invalid,
flybackI am not saying you shouldn't use that tool but should backup first
syslqflyback, speaking of which he should do dd image before yeah
flybackhow big is the partition
flybacklike syslq said
syslqflyback, yeah, you're right man
flybackdo you have a 40 gig hd or 40 gig of free space
flybackI would bit stream image that partiiton before you do anything
fwcsyslq: nothing hahah
Viking667"bit stream image"?
flybackyeah just raw dumped sectors
flybackfrom 1 to end
syslqWell he could pipe it trough bzip but that will decrease it something like 10gigis
jiggaboojonezhappy holidays...
Viking667ahhh. right.
flybackthat's true
flybacknature calls
syslqfwc, ? really?
flybackso I have to run
flybackfwc or Viking667 if you guys need help just message me
flybackI will look when I get back
fwcsyslq: im apparently a professional bum. hard to find work around here, get the occasional tech refresh etc
Action: flyback has done a lot of data recovery
jiggaboojonezhow to i restore or replace MBR? can i just install GRUB/any other bootloader w/out installing linux?
Viking667yeah, I may need to call on you two later. I have to go out to amuse my two nephews...
syslqfwc, ah american
peteskihmmn, no malware :<
fwcViking, ahh, let me know if you need help when you get back
fwcsyslq: hahah, yes indeed
Viking667well, from the expression "Primary bootsector is invalid", what would I do? Run Fixboot?
fwcViking: woa what? when do you get that error?
syslqfwc, move to california for fucks sake, my ex coworker went there in the middle of the recession and he got work, but he's like fucking genious so that might had something to do with it :)
fwcsyslq: haha maybe, i hear they hug trees out there though.. :)
Viking667When I initially try to mount the partition in Linux. I see directory entries if I use -o ro,errors=recover
Viking667so I see the data there, all right.
syslqfwc from central/eastern europe
fwcViking: and what errors do you see in dmesg?
Action: Viking667 from New Zealand
Viking667fwc: that WAS from dmesg
fwcViking: no after mounting with errors=recover
syslqViking667, yeah New Zeland rocks I hear
fwcViking: any other error messages in dmesg?
Viking667hot-fix: recovery of primary boot sector failed, read-only mount.
Viking667it then says:  using backup boot sector
fwcaye, yeah
fwcgood, you should just be able to restore it from that
Viking667so. where's the backup normally stored, and can I simply dd that into place?
fwchmm not 100% sure on that one
jiggaboojonezany alternative to MBR/windows boot loader?
fwcoh fun
syslqfwc, might be for you
syslqfwc, it's 00:47 here :)
fwcsyslq: :) thats not so bad, i was up til 4:30 punching my computer.. it won that fight though
syslqfwc, which reminds me I still have backup bash script to do
syslqbah in the morning
fwcoh sweet, my win7 box finally works with the controller in raid mode.. time to install onto my SSDs
fwcso, i put 2 Kingston 40GB drives with the intel controller in here.. brand new, they read at 240mb/s per drive... in raid-0, they average 300mb/s with 380mb/s peaks hahah
syslqThats nice
fwcwith a very predictable read pattern, the peaks get progressively lower, then goes back high
fwcso i really need a real controller anyway.. especially if i want to hook up the other 2 drives
syslqfwc, they are not that expensive
fwc1 drive is flatline 240mb/s :\
fwcnah, not too bad, around $280 US for a halfway decent PCI-E x4 controller
syslqfwc, especially in US, your prices are way lower than in EU
syslqI had things sent, payed all customs etc and was still cheaper
fwchaha ouch!
syslqfwc, but hey I have affordable healthcare even if it does suck big time :)
fwcok now lets see if acronis can actually deal with SB600 raid
fwcyeah, i get charged if i even think about going to a doctor hah
syslqfwc, basic is free here and aditional is solidarity principle like I pay way more than guy who get's minimume etc but even that's not a lot, it's like dunno 20eu
fwcso i have to choose between 1GB/s RAID arrays and medical care, ugh, that sucks
syslqfwc, bah, that's theory
syslqif you want good shit you pay
fwcstill better than nothing
syslqfwc, but you will not die from preventable cause for lack of money that's true, well they might fuck you up in the process but hey
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