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shadashsingle quote around the statement?
shadashis there some kind of escape character/s?
shadashI think ^
PatjeUgh mgolisch, it only displays drivers that are not compatible with my pc (that's what windows says, at least)
PatjeI attempted to load one of them but it returns an error
vitalyguys i got some background for windows and it made all icons and icons fonts not transparent anymore
vitalyall icons are like in this blue ugly box
vitalyi searched in google about it, they say like remove shadows in fonts under my_computer > properties > advanced > performance > etc
vitalybut it doesn't work
mgolischPatje: hm strange
vitalyanyone else ran into that with windows xp backgrounds?
PatjeI'll try to install from USB again.
PatjeIt would be USB-FDD right :P
PatjeOr is fdd floppy
malikcpphi everybody !
malikcppis it possible to pipe all the data an application is downloading from the net ??
malikcppi mean within a program
Lex_Talioniswhat do you mean by "pipe"
Lex_Talionispipe typically refers to forwarding logs or results to a log of some kind
malikcppsorry for my vocabulary but in other terms i want to get all these informations
Lex_Talionismalikcpp, if you want to capture all the information an application is downloading use a packet sniffer like wireshark...i cant teach you how to use or interpret wireshark you'll have to learn about that yourself
malikcppi know this program but is there any wireshark api or sthing like it for developping an application ? because i dont really want to do all from begining with basics sockets in c ...
malikcppmaybe i should search first on the net ... but thx for your help Lex_Talionis ;)
Lex_Talionismalikcpp, good approace/question I honestly dont know if they supply thier api
mgolischmalikcpp: winpcap?
mgolischiam quite sure they use that for the actualy capturing
malikcppwinpcap ? thx mgolisch let's see
malikcppyet these programs can only filter type of packages and not what application is requesting these packages ...
m00sethat's for internet packets
m00seI'm suspecting that you don't want that pgm
m00seyour question is so vague that it's impossible to tell you where to find what you're looking for
m00se"an application" is not enough information
malikcppi mean a running process ... an exe file ... i dont know how to be more precise
m00sebut you aren't telling us what data you want - you can use a pgm like procmon.exe that will give you a LOT of information, in real time, that tells you what every process on your computer is doing
m00seis that what you need?
jimcooncatmaybe he wants to tee the download
m00sethat's not what he's saying
m00se<malikcpp> i mean a running process ... an exe file
m00sehow do you gather that from his statement?
m00sehe wants internal process information
m00seprocmon is one tool that's free, that does it
bilalakhtarwhen will windows become open source?
m00seit is!
malikcppdo you know IVAO ? if you dont it's a virtual aviation organisation which promote simulation of ATC (controlling) and flight
m00seit happened this morning - how bout that huh?
m00seyour lucky day!
malikcppi want to test a program which is a automatic flight controller .. but all programs which want access to data can only download it 1 time per minute (only validated programs can download it when it want to)
malikcppand they are of course validated programs and i want to get from them the data they have downloaded
malikcppm00se: i think i could not be more precise
malikcppwas i clear ?
m00seI'm still parsing
melodie_hi KalmVsKhaos
m00seso you want to eavesdrop on an internet stream of data that isn't directed to your machine, but another on the internet - correct so far?
melodie_I'm coming for an advice, it's about restoring a windows image from clonezilla
melodie_do someone have some experience with that ?
melodie_I had come here when I wanted to do the backup, now there are 2 possibilities I can use, I'm not sure which one is the most relevant :)
melodie_anyone uses Clonezilla to backup his systems ?
jgornickHas anyone ever experienced an issue where I have XP SP3 and join a domain, add a domain group to the local Administrators group, then log back in with the local administrator account and don't have permissions to run like an IE7 or IE8 install or re-install SP3?
m00semelodie_ which 2?
m00seI've used clonezilla once or twice
m00secertainly no expert with it but I am familiar with it a little bit
melodie_I want to restore the boot of Windows, but for this I have only 2 possibilities :
melodie_either restore the whole drive, or restore partitons, but it seems it only offers to restore the partitions and not the mbr
melodie_I guess I'd better restore the whole suff :)
melodie_that's a netboot and I use Clonezilla live booted from Grub on the pendrive
m00seyou have to restore how you imaged though
melodie_connected with ssh to the desktop where the backup is stored
melodie_m00se, allright, I get that
m00seif you only imaged a partition I don't think that includes the mbr
melodie_in what Clonezilla sees as "one image" there are several files, among which "sda-mbr" and other named "partition-this", "partition-that"...
m00sethen you're in luck
melodie_is that so ?
melodie_well now it's looking for a directory that don't exit
m00selet's hope so anyway
m00seI have had mixed luck with that pgm
melodie_I will have to create /home/partimag it seems
m00seunfortunately I can't recommend it 100%
m00seit's hosed a couple of my images in the past
m00sewithout warning
reisiowhat has?
melodie_what is "hose" ?
melodie_rotten ?
m00sejust didn't include all of the files and formats that it was supposed to
reisiomelodie_: boned, b0rked, corrupted
m00seyes, bad
m00sewrecked, destroyed
melodie_reisio, ah ok
SP1hi reisio
m00seclonezilla reisio
SP1hi m00se
reisiofigured :)
reisiodoesn't clonezilla use dd?
reisioonly all the steps are obfuscated, so you can only use clonezilla to get it back?
SP1what is clonezilla
bilalakhtaris windows debian-based or redhat-based?
reisiobilalakhtar: :p
bilalakhtaror freebsd-based?
m00sebilalakhtar - OS/2
SP1windows is ms based
reisiobilalakhtar: it's a cross between DOS-based and OpenVMS-based
bilalakhtarno, its MAC-BASED!
m00sereisio - she's got an image already
reisiodon't they all
m00senot THAT kind of image
Snaresbilalakhtar: You're right, though :)
Snaresbilalakhtar: But Mac is Xerox based so...
reisiom00se: don't they all
bilalakhtarSnares: I don't understand why this channel id here
HentaiPCBSDfor help
reisiobilalakhtar: what do you understand?
SP1how is windows os/2 based?
HentaiPCBSDread topic bilalakhtar
HentaiPCBSDSP1: it isn't
SP1thank you
reisioSP1: insofar as it isn't
HentaiPCBSDalso it depends on windows you are talking about
SP1any windows
RagenixOr DOS/2.
bilalakhtarreisio: but isn't it wierd for windoze users to come on irc to ask questions?
SP1insofar? reisio
SP1bilalakhtar this is the chat room for windows users to ask questions in
bilalakhtarI also don't understand why windows exist. I mean the physical windows in a house
SP1the pc wouldnt be what it is today with out microsoft making windows
eightfoldseriously, is there a way to get rid of the light blueness that is everywhere i w7?
HentaiPCBSDbilalakhtar: enough with the trolling
Brimstareightfold:  Change themes?  I've got grays
bilalakhtarHentaiPCBSD: fine, i will leave with a troll
reisiobilalakhtar: not as weird as it'd be for them not to
eightfoldBrimstar: yes, i've changed theme, but that only changes the window borders?
rjkclassic mode
eightfoldeh, so you have to turn off aero to truly affect colors?
eightfoldor else it is light blue?
SP1classic mode will make your windows look plain and borind
BrimstarAdvanced appearance settings possibly?  Never really looked for it
SP1eightfold what version windows os
eightfoldWindow Color nd Apperance isn't affected
eightfoldSP1: ultimate
SP1you mean 7?
eightfoldSP1: yes
eightfoldand yeah, they seem to have hard coded that fugly light blueness into standard apps like calc.exe
SP1i dont know about vista or windows 7. i have xp pro with sp2 update
eightfoldwordpad etc
eightfoldeven changing to classic doesn't help
SP1did you google the problem to see if others have it?
m00seclassic is blue
SP1and on xp classic theme is grey everything
eightfoldm00se: no, you can use "Window Color and Appearance"in classic and chose whatever color you like
eightfoldSP1: classic uses same rgb numbers in w7 as in xp it seems
SP1hmmm... i dont know anything bout that
SP1all i know when you turn on xp's classic theme it looks ugly
eightfoldi'm probably alone with this, but i kinda hate that kindergarten blue
SP1mine is xp theme right now?
Arrickgads I hate windows delayed write
Arricki have a TB of info lost because of it
eightfoldok, i see now it really is blue and can't be changed
reisioArrick: yeah, that's annoying
eightfoldgood job
SP1what is delayed write?
reisiowhen it says it's done writing, but isn't
reisioalso known as 'not-write'
reisioor 'not right'
SP1here i just wait untill i dont hear any hd noise and the hd light is stopped flashing
rjkyou could monitor with perfmon too
SP1or you could brab a program that shows on your desktop when the drive is working
m00seor you could just turn the write behind off
m00seor you could just throw it out the window and hit a puppy with it
MaxHRHello, I have some mov files I need to convert to avi/xvid to play on a Divx capable Toshiba dvd player, any suggestions for best audio/video settings to ensure it will play smoothly?
reisioMaxHR: you have a hardware DVD player that plays AVI files?  Neat
reisioMaxHR: WinFF or HandBrake
MaxHRreisio: yeah, its old, got it from costco about 2 years ago
reisiocostco, those fiends
MaxHRI am using MediaCoder as the conversion program
reisioby default most programs do not select the highest quality preservation settings
MarupaIn linux, there's a plugin for Compiz called maximumize, which lets you tile all windows to available space on the screen.  Is there such a program for windows?
reisioas transcoding and preserving quality exactly tends to create enormous files
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