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Ether_Man_Cymage, I mean..  What's the thing that usually happens when you change something in a soho router? :)
l43a2emolatur. dont be stupid
CymageEther_Man_ : yeah,  i know
l43a2we are not here to hold your hand we are get to get people back onthere feet quickly as possiable
emolaturWe actually spent more time on it than I was hoping.
l43a2why dont u use your brain
l43a2an google the issue
emolaturI was hoping someone was going to sya "Oh, that's an error <such and such>" and I'd google the "such and such" and be on my way.
emolaturI did google the error message, it didn't give me much, except some forum posts with people having trouble with myspace/facebook.
l43a2actually ill do it for u
l43a2since im so nice.
air_so you basically want a lmfgify
Ether_Man_emolatur, look. The most common thing to happen when you submit a change to a soho router, such as the WRT54G, is that it will reboot. Either entirely or parts of it such as the http server in it. That means that IE will not be able to reach it again for a short while.
l43a2is it IE7 or 8?
White_CatStryyker yea but I will not ever touch avermedia
White_Catalso I dont quite want to spend money on something I may be able to resolve
l43a2it mite be the web browser imo.
White_Catturns out avermedia exes intentinally dont work
Ether_Man_emolatur, which means that "temporarily unavail" is quite true with a high likeliness
emolaturEther_Man_; well great but the changes I've specified aren't happening eithe.r
emolaturEther_Man_; nor is it disrupting my internet connection, nor are any of the LEDs doing anything different - so it's not rebooting.
Ether_Man_emolatur, I see. That's information that could have been usefull earlier.
shrimantshello again
l43a2emolatur: from what i've found
l43a2its a problem with IE
shrimantsso yeah, its not quickset. my CPU is definately just locked at the lowest clock frequency. im trying to figure out a good temperature thing right now
shrimantsto see if my temp sensors died
air_nonono, l43a2, it's IE usually a problem
emolaturEther_Man_; it's only useful if I want you to troubleshoot the problem for me. I don't. I just want to know the meaning of that error so I can continue to attempt to troubleshoot it myself.
Ether_Man_l43a2, IE have no problems with doing http POSTs...   Where ever did you get it from to be an IE problem?
l43a2shut up ether_man_
Ether_Man_emolatur, the meaning of the error is that it cant reach the website.
l43a2just dont speak at all
l43a2wow your a retard shut up now.
emolaturEther_Man_... I think you're the person one of my friends on another network was bitching about. lol.
air_Ether_Man_: it all should have something to do with windows, so it's ie most likely
emolaturI should've remembered that nick. *IGNORED*
l43a2haha :P
Ether_Man_air_, not at all. It's more likely his firmware
air_his firmware isn't windows based
Ether_Man_But hey, denial is always fun aint it?
l43a2emolator try
emolaturl43a2; that's a 404.
perscitusaha  WIndows 7 still dont work on Macs.
l43a2how about index.stm ?
Cymagel43a2 : have you not been reading things.  he can access the pages,  he just gets failed posts trying to submit
emolaturindex.asp works.
l43a2thasts funny :P
l43a2asp fffffffffftl
l43a2emolatur do you have another computer to test this from ?
shrimantsdownloading and installing HWMonitor right now
emolaturNot atm, which I suppose means I might have to put it on hold.
shrimantsif its my temp sensors, im gonna be pissed.
emolaturMy other computer is about 1/3 of the way through installing Win7.
White_Cathmm in xp how can I find where the drivers a spesific hardware is using
shrimantsbecause this crap happens like ever .5 years. temp sensors report cpu at somethign preposterous and then forced downscaling happens
l43a2Emolatur do you have firefrog installed?
perscitusemolatur.->  Install process is faster then XP
emolaturno. :|
Stryykershrimants: Some do it not because of heat but because they are not being used.
perscitusEverytime i installed XP  back in the days, i could watch a entire 1hour tv episode
emolaturl43a2; I thank you for your time, I'll try it with the other computer. This laptop's been acting a little funny so I'm not opposed to someone's suggestion that it's the computer/browser. I'll try it from the other box once I get win7 installed, and will return if that doesn't solve it.
l43a2while ur away ill try find sum more infoz
emolaturThanks :)
shrimantsreported temperatures are 60 degrees C across the board
shrimantsthats a bit high but more or less normal i think
perscitusshrimants.-> 140F shoot
StryykerPerhaps the case has bad circulation?
shrimantsits a laptop
l43a2my cpu sits on like 30c
l43a2most of the time
perscitus80F more and you can boil some water for coffee
air_shrimants: 60C is good
StryykerWhat is the CPU utilisation?
perscitusair_.->  its on the high side
air_perscitus: i continue to play game when cpu hits 95C
shrimantsour other dell laptop is also running like 50 celcius
shrimantsand that one has wayyyy better airflow than mine does
perscitusair_.->  and youdamage cpiui
l43a2i had my old P4 2.0 at 90c+ once
l43a2it still alive
air_i had my celeron 2.0@2.5 at 105C several times
air_and it's still alive
air_first thing to die will barely be cpu, but mobo components most likely
shrimantsyeah 60 is pretty dang normal
air_or even gpu cooling system
shrimantsmy danger level is set to like 90 by dell
Shtli have sony notebook model PCG-5S6P with 4 GB RAM and 320 HD, originally there was vista, now m changing to XP, in between while installing its giving some memory eror, i searched in BIOS to change HD mode to IDE from SATA, but that option i could not find at all, can any one help me please....????
shrimantsand the emergency off is set to 94
StryykerYou may be able to change SATA mode to different options and they may not say IDE but do the same thing as.
CymageShtl : what error?
ShtlCymage: it says some memory error, 0000007B some thing like that.....
kayerI have a rar file with password is their a way to bypass it?
ShtlStryyker: that HD option is not there at all, except changing the boot priority
CymageShtl : guessing about the stop code will mean guessing about the solution
air_kayer, you can easily bruteforce it
Cymagekayer : yes,  enter the password
awstottkayer I'm if you googled it you'd find a bunch of results
air_if you only had time
kayerwhat programs would allow me to bypass it I tried bruteforce
shrimantsalright. still have no idea what could be causing my cpu to be force-throttled down
air_search for the ones that utilise cuda of nvidia cards
Cymagekayer : enter the password
kayercymage I dont remember it its just pictures
kayerin rar ..
towardmekayer: nay
air_so it's pron most likely
Cymagekayer : if you dont know the password,  then you probably dont need in it
towardmekayer: Locat the password and destroy it
Cymagekayer : in general,  windows users dont use rar by default.
air_in general, people don't use rar at all
kayerso nothing out their to extract the rar file with password?
towardmewell porns are mostly in rar format
Cymageair_ : rar is very common in pron distribution.  especially cp
air_kayer: 7z
towardmewho store porn in zip?
StryykerIT will still need the password.
kayerIts not porn
towardmekayer: How did you it's not porn when you can't look at it
air_Stryyker: so what, he's searching for a proggy to enter password into
kayeris their ne programs to view my exs facebook like for hacking it?
Cymagekayer : if you supposedly created it,  go through all of your commonly used passwords
ShtlCymage: i did not get u
kayerPM me
towardmeI know it'sporn
Stryykerair_: Are you sure? He wants to bypass the password.
CymageShtl : you are guessing at the stop code.  by doing so,  we can only guess at a solution
Cymagekayer : we wont help a wannabe script kiddie.  sorry
air_let's provide him with several passwords to try :)
towardmekayer: (1) Locate the password (2) Destroy it
kayerill google search again
kayerif you find nething PM me
air_searching for a password to rar with family pics in the internet sounds like a cool idea
StryykerEmail Amazon and see if they'll let you use their cloud service for free.
Cymageair_ : you will probably find a bunch of incest pics
towardmecymage: The worst thing is fake porn
air_the worst thing is 2girls1cup pr0n
Cymagetowardme : i wish some of the boxes i have had to investigate had fake porn on them.  the stuff people think is hot would suprise you
ShtlCymage: its actually boots from XP CD, loads all the required files..., after that when it shows "Starting Windows..." at that time error message says A dangerous memory error occured check your Hard drives, and turn off your computer to prevent data loss,...
CymageShtl : and we need to actual stop code
StryykerSounds bad.
CymageShtl : usually 0x000blahblah
StryykerXP CD good? Any chance it is damaged?
StryykerOR the optical drive isn't as reliable as it should be?
ShtlStryyker: no, i tried with fresh XP CD also
ShtlCymage: yes its some thing like 0x00000...
air_did you do the memtest?
CymageShtl : i am done with you.  you just arent going to get it.  you just want to waste our time
CymageShtl : something like ...,  is totally useless
air_braindead wasted sounds more colorful
shrimantsso if its not temperature and its not bios, what else would throttle my cpu speed?
air_a verybad rootkit
Ether_Man_shrimants, speedstep
shrimantsspeedstep is enabled
air_then it is
Ether_Man_Which is why it will be throttling the cpu
shrimantsno, if speedstep is enabled, it lets the cpu run based on demand, otherwise the cpu runs at the lowest clock frequency
Ether_Man_Speedstep is designed to set the cpu to be in a frequency that is no more than needed.. Meaning if you dont need full speed, it wont run the cpu in full speed
Ether_Man_incorrect..   if speedstep is disabled.. cpu will always run full speed
air_shrimants, with 5% load you will have the least speed possible
shrimantsand if you give me 2 minutes i'll show you
shrimantsyeah but my cpu is reporting things like 110% load
air_then it's rootkit most likely
Ether_Man_It cant report 110% load..
air_which process takes most load?
Ether_Man_The windows report system doesnt allow such a load to begin with..  2.00 load in linux is NOT the same as 200% load as some might claim
StryykerI want 200% out of me CPU.
Cymagewell,  midnight thirty here.  back tomorrow
Ether_Man_Stryyker, yes well..  some actually believe it and basicly say you cant get over 1.0 using a single core and use like 1.12 as proof that they have a dualcore system and such..  it's just silly
shrimantsEther_Man_: i know, something in my system is fsck'd up
StryykerEther_Man_: It would be more special for me. Single core, 2002 piece of hardware with 2 GHz clock rate.
shrimantsjust in this last week my performance suddenly became crap, and then i checked my clock frequencies and found it doing this crap
Ether_Man_shrimants, it's not so much messed up, as it is impossible..  The windows reporting system for cpu speed CANNOT show 110% load regardless of what you do
air_shrimants: which process causes most load?
Ether_Man_shrimants, and still..  if speedstep is enabled, you need to check frequencies when cpu is actually under load or the frequencies will be the downstepped frequency
shrimantsmy bios specifically states that disabling speedstep will force the cpu to be in the lowest clock frequency
air_the thing is that he may be has speedstep and has a trojan or rootkit
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