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Accoladeok, it doesn't have a possessive quantifier, but vim regex DOES have non-capturing groups, right? RIGHT??
Accoladephew :)
godlygeeknot sure what "possessive quantifier" refers to?
Accoladegodlygeek, that's greedy and not backtracking, normally written *+, can be implemented with atomic groups
Accoladegodlygeek, so what does vim call non-capturing groups or what's the syntax
elikaren't they atoms?
Accoladeah, got it
elikAccolade, at any rate, it will be around that
godlygeek:help /\%(
Accoladeit was shortly after \(, should've thought of that
AccoladeI just searched :h pattern for /captur
derridawhat would be a good reference to use to help memorize the substitution regex syntax? i think i need something i can print out and be able to glace at
godlygeekAccolade: if i understand what possessive quantifers do, :help /\@>
Accoladeright, \%(, not \%\(
derridai know them well enough that i hesitate to look things up and i think that it's not a good way hehe
Accoladegodlygeek, right, that's as close as it gets - that's atomic groups
godlygeekwell, then - vim can do it and the syntax just isn't as nice, right?
Accoladekind of, yes.  Like most things in regex, *+ is just syntactic sugar
Accoladein this case it doesn't save a whole lot, so yeah
derridagodlygeek: colorchart.vim is really cool :)
derridaand ... it shows how unbelievably fucked up my color cubes are .... o o
derridagodlygeek: color6/color14 - cyan/brightcyan?
derridai love the controls, very cool
derridawhere did these color charts come from?
godlygeekstole them from
derridado you use urxvt?
godlygeeknope, i use xterm-256color
derridai might install that just to see how different things look
derridasometimes it's best to not mess with what's working though :)
godlygeekquite, considering that the terminal supports 3 times as many colors.  ;-)
Ken69267my urxvt has 256 colors :>
derridahehe. sort of.
godlygeekKen69267: urxvt supports 256 colors only when compiled with a particular patch, and even then i know of no terminfo file that properly describes the resulting terminal that any distribution would know about.
derridagodlygeek: how much effort do you think it would take for me to write a proper 256 color terminfo?
derridai guess i should start by studying the normal one
godlygeeknext to none.  the issue isn't creating the trminfo, it's distributing it around so that the other machines you might connect to will know about it.
derridai'm root on the machines i connect to
derridabut i still have never seen a proper terminfo. the xterm-256color terminfo running with urxvt cause loads of issues for me.
derridathose xterm-256color profiles do not support unicode afaik anyway
godlygeekwell, for creating the terminfo, it's probably enough to just   infocmp rxvt-unicode | sed -e 's/colors#88/colors#256/' -e 's/rxvt-unicode/rxvt-unicode-256color/g' >rxvt-unicode-256color.tic; tic rxvt-unicode-256color.tic
godlygeekmaybe   sudo tic    depending on the OS/distro
godlygeektic as a regular user works on every linux distro i've ever used, every other OS would require sudo tic.
derridagodlygeek: do i need to export this TERM manually?
derridait still thinks it's rxvt-unicode
derridai do see the 6 color cubes though
derridaomg. vim colors unbearable.
derridabackground is bright red
derridaset term? > term=rxvt-unicode
derridamaybe i did need sudo
godlygeekno, sorry
godlygeekyou'd still need to tell urxvt to set $TERM to rxvt-unicode-256color
derridado i need to somehow compile it show it will show up in /usr/share/terminfo/r/
godlygeekurxvt -tn rxvt-unicode-256color
godlygeeknope, on linux it's enough for it to show up in $HOME/.terminfo/r
derridai was just in $HOME :)
derridadoes it remain with the .tic extension?
derridathe others are +x and no extensions
godlygeekuh, no - it shouldn't have a .tic extension...
derridai think something didn't work right
Action: derrida checks his work
godlygeekdoes   infocmp rxvt-unicode-256color    show a terminfo file with   colors#256   in it?
derridainfocmp: couldn't open terminfo file /usr/share/terminfo/r/rxvt-unicode-256color.
derridathats why i was hunting around there
godlygeeknah, don't worry about the error...
godlygeekbut... that does still mean it can't find the file in $HOME/.terminfo ...   so... something went wrong.
derridainfocmp rxvt-unicode | sed -e 's/colors#88/colors#256/' -e 's/rxt-unicode/rxvt-unicode-256color/g' > rxvt-unicode-256color.tic
derridathats the line i did
derrida.tic ...
derridaor is that correct?
godlygeekthat creates a file that contains the input tic needs.
godlygeeknow, you need to run   tic rxvt-unicode-256color.tic
derridayeah, doesn't seem to be working :\
godlygeekdoes the file look... right?
derridait does actually hehe
derridai'm turning up tic verbosity
godlygeekwell, you can always try   sudo tic rxvt-unicode-256color.tic    and then see if   infocmp rxvt-unicode-256color.tic   works...
derridathere we go
derridahm, strange line breaks maybe
derridai'm very curious about line 6
godlygeeki found the problem...
godlygeekyou copied and pasted wrong.  ;-)
godlygeekdid you ever run it with sudo?
godlygeekok.  well, then you broke your 88-color rxvt-unicode terminfo file... heh
derridano big deal
derridathe problem was not copying and pasting
godlygeeksee the typo:   -e 's/rxt-unicode/
derridaas in, i typed it by hand
derridaso, i should probably remove rxvt and reinstall before proceeding?
derridasince that profile got clobbered hehe
godlygeekno, don't do that
derridaah this is why we didnt mess with /usr/share?
godlygeekwe can still fix it; the only thing that got clobbered was colors#88 got changed to colors#256
derridaoh ok
godlygeekwell, it's certainly one of the reasons, heh
derridanice that worked
derridagodlygeek: are the cubes unfolded?
derridain colorchart.vim
godlygeekyeah - hard to display something 3 dimensional otherwise.  ;-)
derridai'm on fire tonight
derridawell, i guess i mean, they are not in a row
godlygeeknot sure what you mean by "in a row" ...
derridai'm gonna send you a screenshot, my terminal might still be misbehaving
godlygeekno, that's perfect... except that you seen to have cursorcolumn set, which doesn't play too nicely with colorcube.vim... haha
derridai need to figure out which setting is setting things to underline instead of background hilight hehe, excuse that :)
derridathat's a very useful plugin for creating themes
godlygeeknope, it points out that i should probably unset cursorline and cursorcolumn in the plugin, heh
godlygeekthe idea was stolen from a Dr. Chip plugin, which is actually able to create colorschemes...
derridaDr. Chip?
godlygeekvimgor: dr chip
vimgorWish I knew.
godlygeekvimgor: dr. chip
vimgorNo idea.
godlygeekvimgor: drchip
vimgorDr Charles E Campbell is a pretty nice guy who gives a lot to the vim community, but who's prolific scripts are a 50-50 split between good idea horribly implemented and bad idea even more horribly implemented
derridai had tried another color plugin sort of sounds like that description :)
derridagodlygeek: would it be possible to press enter on a color to write the hex into the X selection buffer?
godlygeekyeah, that would be possible.  :)
derridathis interaction must have been .... mindbending
derridagetting it to work so well
derridagodlygeek: maybe i'll hack around and send you a patch if i get that working. makes a pretty badass color picker :)
derridagodlygeek: i would use it with gimp for sure :)
derridahi che_
derridawoops! :)
Guest85006hi derrida
godlygeekshould be simple to do.  just a :map on <CR> that copies one of the colors.. but, which one?  xterm?  konsole?  term?
derridai *think* xterm clone
derridaoh yeah super easy
derridagodlygeek: could i use visual mode to select the word after clones: using a word boundary?
derridai'm not sure how to code the copying part
godlygeekgive me one sec.
derridatake your time, i'm doin other stuff here too no worries
godlygeekderrida: :nnoremap <CR> :let @* = substitute(filter(getline(1,'$'), 'v:val =~ "^Color"')[0], '.*\(#\x\{6}\).*', '\1', '')<CR>
derridathe let statements are ... awesome
derridathey're nearly stereograms
godlygeekhaha, that should do the trick, though i'm sure there are better ways to do it.
derridai see two distinct animals in one as well ;) lmao
derridaworks great
derridai added it into colorchart.vim
derridaomfg, on the 88 color term these weren't like this at all
derridai think it's time for bed
Action: derrida makes the connection that cows are animals
godlygeekheh, indeed they are.
derridagodlygeek: i'm going to make a new color chart and then go to bed :)
derridagodlygeek: thanks for the help again. i'll use this daily.
godlygeekhehe, if you say so.  i'm glad someone will have a use for it, haha
derridabtw, it might be an interesting visual effect to set all the color blocks to _ like the way the cursorcolumn line became
derridawell, for people who like to work in a terminal mostly, picking colors is a pita
derridai have a little paperback i end up using which isn't very fun either
godlygeekderrida: try searching for /_/
godlygeekassuming that you have hlsearch set
derridait turns them on in the cursorcolumn .. bold i think
derridaprobably my theme
godlygeekright, but - if you have hlsearch set, you can search for /_/ and see that every colored block is just an _
derridaonlh wow
derridait was the the theme
derridabecause the _ is the same color so it blends the easiest?
godlygeekderrida: because it's the smallest, so it makes it least obvious that there need to be some character in that square for the magic to work.
derridagodlygeek: are the color charts just different representations of the cube?
Action: derrida makes the connection that the "whales" chart are supposed to be whales and not a paper cube unfolded
derridathats what i was asking about before, i didn't realize those were supposed to be whales and was thinking .. ehmm i didn't know cubes unfold that way?? hah
derridai assumed these charts were named after various color theorist with animlistic names!
godlygeekheh, i would never known what you meant if it weren't for the screenshot
derridaso funny
derridawho came up with these?
derridai mean, are they historical or drchip hehe
godlygeekthe cube shapes?  arbitrary.
godlygeekjust different shapes to arrange 216 colors into.
derridathose shapers are arbitrary?!
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