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klaus-vbare you using some unusual rdp client?
Azeotropeklaus-vb: no, win XP's RDP client
klaus-vbodd... haven't heard of issues with that since vbox 2.x times...
AzeotropeI have 3.1.0.
Azeotropeklaus-vb: what do you suggest to do?
Azeotropeklaus-vb: if i do netstat -a | grep 4601 i get tcp        0      0 xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.r:42435 TIME_WAIT
klaus-vbI'd use wireshark to rule out that this is an iptables issue. if that's the case you automatically have a packet trace suitable for attaching to a vbox bug report...
Azeotropebut i remember it worked once. the client connected with the VNC viewer because winXP RDP didn't work
Azeotropeklaus-vb: Ok. I started wireshark as root to listen on all interfaces with filter "port 4601" but I got nothing
Azeotropeplease i need assistence
klaus-vbAzeotrope: that shows that the problem is somewhere between your systems. it gets blocked somewhere
klaus-vband that means it's totally off-topic here
klaus-vbif the traffic never reaches the vbox host then it can't possibly be the problem
KiraGod, I'm starting to suspect that VBox for Mac OS X has broken USB support in general.
klaus-vblast time I checked God wasn't around in this channel ;)
klaus-vbKira: what problems do you have?
Action: AniWorks greetz everyone!
AniWorksIs any1 familier with export getting stuck on 100% on Windows 7 (x64-host) and using VBox 3.1.0?
puchui run 2 xp guests on linux
puchuand id like to share the clipboard between them .. it works but only for the first copied text ... after this the clipboard doesnt seem to get updated ... is there a way to fix this?
klaus-vbAniWorks: no. and this sounds like the wrong place for such bug reports. it's unlikely that there's a quick workaround possible. the only thing you could try is disabling the export of the hard disk...
anli_would be great if I could expose a physical hard drive to a vbox machine
anli_So it can see both the virtual and the physical one
obfuscatrpuchu, i've had some success using synergy to transfer clipboards between VMs and disabling the feature in virtualbox. ymmv and it's a potential world of pain though.
puchu synergy what is  synergy?
puchuguest to host works nice .. but host to host doesnt
Kiraklaus-vb: my Windows XP guest can't even recognise generic USB storage dongles or webcams.
klaus-vbwebcams can be tricky, but I haven't heard of issues with usb storage in quite some time
KiraYa, I figure it's absolutely abnormal.
klaus-vbanli_: see manual, raw disk.
KiraDoes it have to do with 64-bit kernel mode of Mac OS X Snow Leopard?
klaus-vbKira: possibly. are you really using a 64bit kernel? that's for obvious reasons less tested than the 32bit case.
Kiraklaus-vb: yes, I specifically made it boot with the 64-bit kernel mode.
KiraI even have a tool to tell me what kernel mode I'm in.
KiraI would be really annoyed if all this is caused by the 64-bit kernel (again).
KiraI'll test it again when I get the chance to reboot. It's not normal that the whole "USB Devices" menu item in the VBox toolbar is disabled (grayed out) to begin with.
krautis it possible to give a guest two cpus, but not to activate vt-x for that guest?
klaus-vbkraut: no
RHKratosThe vbox manual mentions rdp5.2 and rdp5.1, where 5.2 has the ability to supply your own CA certs and uses OpenSSL, how is that configured?
klaus-vbkraut: what's the problem? vt-x enabled is a prereq for both guest smp and 64bit guests
krautklaus-vb: performance issue
klaus-vbkraut: how severe?
klaus-vbis there a bug report for this?
spldartStory leading to question: I downloaded the debian package for 3.1.0 and installed it on my debian lenny machine. Short of a quick apt-get -f install to fulfill dependencies I was golden. I then created a vm with 20 gig partition for xp and installed a legit copy of XP Pro Corp that I had slipstreamed all the service packs in. Things worked beautifully. I then added those 'additions' set up a share folder etc etc etc. I'm very excited and all
spldart that. Problem is this. I then created another vm for Win 98se. Problem is I access a floppy .img of 98 startup floppy but boot hangs if I select 1) boot with cdrom support. I did go ahead and boot with 2) without cd rom support and successfully create a partition on 4 gig I set aside and formatted it. How can I get my 98se install stated? I assume 98 drivers on 98 floppy for cdrom's are to old. I don't know.
erstaziKira: grep vboxusers /etc/group | pastebinit -
Kiraerstazi: sec
Kiraerstazi: It's empty.
klaus-vberstazi: this is on OSX (64bit)...
KiraHmm... did the 3.1.0 installer screw up?
mazenharakeHi, I have a question about VirtualBox performance. I have tried 3 different Linux guests on my Vista Home host and they are all really slow. I don't suspect memory since I have played back and forth with it (Host: 3Gb, Guest 512Mb assigned currently). I also tried enabling/disabling various CPU settings ets. Nothing seems to work, everything is extreamly sluggish. Any ideas on how I can take this further? I have tried 3.1 and 2.1.4, both equally slow. T
erstaziKira: ah, nevermind about that command
spldartReading now erstazi :)
spldartThanks for the link.
mazenharakeI should mention I'm on a laptop as well if that makes any difference :)
klaus-vbmazenharake: which guests...
erstazi!pastebin_windows_config | mazenharake
erstazimazenharake: pastebin (eg the contents of C:\Users\<YOURUSERNAME>\.VirtualBox\Machines\<VMNAME>\<VMNAME>.xml (Vista and newer) or C:\Documents and Settings\<YOURUSERNAME>\.VirtualBox\Machines\<VMNAME>\<VMNAME>.xml (XP and older). Also, make sure to replace <YOURUSERNAME> and <VMNAME> with the appropriate name.
mazenharakeUbuntu (9.x something) Suse 11.2 and was going for slackware but it didn't even start
spldartMeh... Doesn't seem to cover my problem at all :(
mazenharakeso just count 2 guests then :)
spldartMy problem boils down to 'cannot get cdrom support from boot floppy .img so cannot initiate the install from the cdrom.
RHKratosspldart: why not boot from the cdrom then?
mazenharakeerstazi; yeah probably I screwed up by removing everything before I thought of the idea of getting help on IRC :) I'm currently downloading gentoo see if it makes any diff
spldartThe virtualbox app just states 'this is not a bootable media' or some suck
erstazimazenharake: can you read the first paragraph that I said to you?
spldartThe cd is fine.. I can stick a 98 boot floppy in an old k6-2 500 power rig and then initiate the install from the cdrom just fine.. I just can't do it in this virtualbox thingy
spldartI guess I can follow one of those antique tutorials on how to take a non-bootable 98 cdrom and create a bootable one.
erstazispldart: you might need to change the boot order in virtualbox
spldartI've tried unselecting all floppies and other images and just leave cdrom as the only boot device.
erstazi!pastebin_linux_config | spldart
erstazispldart: pastebin (eg the contents of ~/.VirtualBox/Machines/<VMNAME>/<VMNAME>.xml (make sure to replace <VMNAME> with the appropriate case-sensitive name)
spldartic.. lemme boot that machine. I had worked on it last night till I pretty much passed out from fatigue last night
mazenharakeerstazi; you asked me to paste a bunch of xml files from the machine I set up. unfortunately I removed them already
mazenharakethich was stupid of me I know
mazenharakemaybe I'll come back when I have something to paste ;)
erstazimazenharake: mind you, booting from a LiveCD to install is not a great performance measure
mazenharakeno that is not what happened. I installed both Suse and Ubuntu completely (despite the agony filled process)
mazenharakeI installed guest additions as well thinking it might help somewhat
mazenharakebut it didn't, this is why I'm asking if there are any tips in general for people complaining about slow performance (other then memory)
anli_Ah, I managed to install linux on another hard drive using vbox actually
anli_Now, if I restart the computer and boots up on that drive, will / still be /dev/sda1? :) Its a SATA drive
erstazimazenharake: this depends on a lot. you said this is a laptop that is the host.
mazenharakeyes that is correct
mazenharakeon the other hand, another laptop (the one I use for work) works fine, but it has vista professional (something)
mazenharakeI was hoping this would be a general problem but it seems I might be on my own since google and the forums don't really yield anything
erstazimazenharake: depends on your CPU model, your hard drive speed, how much ram you have (you have 3gb with 512mb for guest, which is fine), is VT-x enabled?, is PAE enabled?
erstazimazenharake: is it 32bit guests? 64bit guests?
short_circuitok.. <this is spldart> I have a pastebin of the 98.xml... xp working fine and all I didn't pastebin it.
erstazimazenharake: is your laptop plugged in when running these guests? if not, most modern laptops cut cpu freq in half
Action: short_circuit quests for coffee... getting ready for work still
mazenharakeI played around with VT-x and PAE, no change... Guests are 32 bit
mazenharakelaptop is plugged in
mazenharakehmm... need to double check the 32bit part
AzeotropeMy Vbox machines have VRDP enabled on diffrent ports, host has rdp enabled and all the ports are allowed inbound but i still get the "remote computer has ended connections" as a client
mazenharakebut I'm almost 100% sure
AzeotropeI tried conencting from another VM, from another PC and from host
mazenharakeI'm off from work now so I need to go. Thank you erstazi for your time anyway mate
erstazino problem
anli_wohoo! works like a charm!
anli_I installed linux using vbox and now I booted up on that drive
anli_I feared everything, but it just started
Action: erstazi hopes that anli_ read the warning in the raw disk section in the user manual
klaus-vbAzeotrope: what makes me suspicious is that you didn't see rdp traffic in wireshark...
spldartwell poop :(
yoplahello there. My kubuntu vbox guest works great but without openGL support.*
yoplais there a way tou activate it ?
krikowindows 2008 original: Sky[x]: pazi pri importu
krikoeh sorry
JshWrightyopla: VBox version?
yopla(My host is windows 7 64) vbox is 3.1
JshWrightyopla: is 3D acceleration enabled in the VM settings?
yoplaVboxAddition have installed correctly
krikowin 2008, latest vbox:
yoplayes with 128Mo
kriko32 bit host
krikowhat could be the problem?
JshWrightyopla: crank that back down to 12mb or something, 128 is _way_ more than you need
JshWrightthe vram given to the guest is just system memory used to buffer the guest's display
yoplaOK I do this.
JshWrightyopla: does glxgears work in the guest?
yoplayes it works
yoplawith no outpout
yoplaoutput erros
yoplabut game like supertuxkart doesn"t
yoplaand Composite (desktop effects) doesn't work too
yoplaI'm back
yoplait still doesn't work with 12Mo
yoplaheres a Xorg.0.Log : (==) AIGLX enabled
yopla(II) AIGLX: Screen 0 is not DRI2 capable
yopla(EE) AIGLX error: vboxvideo does not export required DRI extension
yopla(EE) AIGLX: reverting to software rendering
yopla(II) AIGLX: Loaded and initialized /usr/lib/dri/
Azeotropeklaus-vb: /quit
klaus-vbAzeotrope: :)
klaus-vbif I were evil I'd have helped you to quit this channel :P
Azeotropei won't quit, i still got that issue with vrdp
klaus-vbAzeotrope: does it work locally on the box? you might have set the vrdp listen address to or some such...
klaus-vbI know that locally it means a different rdp client, but still
Azeotropei only set the port, not the bind address.. how do i do that?
klaus-vb--vrdpaddress, as documented in the manual
klaus-vbif you don't set it, it allows any ip address
Azeotropeklaus-vb: I didn't touched it
klaus-vbso that shouldn't be it then. ah, something just came to my mind: you're not attempting to connect from two clients, do you?
klaus-vbby default only one client is allowed, and anyone coming later will get disconnected immediately
Azeotropeklaus-vb: no, one client at a time
anli_Can I use vbox machines in linus that I created in windows some year ago?
anli_Cant spell, sorry
klaus-vbAzeotrope: better double check... it could be some forgotten session somewhere
Azeotropeklaus-vb: how do i check that. i'll take it step by step
gavachoI've got an XP guest where the resolution isn't maximixed, and the full resolution available in the XP guest isn't the 1280x1024 that is available on the host. Am I missing something? I've got the Guest Additions installed
klaus-vbgavacho: just switch to fullscreen mode
gavachoklaus-vb: fullscreen mode only goes to 1280x904
gavachoklaus-vb: it's weird...
Azeotropeklaus-vb: no, no ghost session
klaus-vbgavacho: you don't mix up fullscreen and seamless?
gavachoklaus-vb: no
gavachoklaus-vb: I don't have seamless enabled
User09hey there.
User09i don't find the shared folder in vbox in my guest system. i expect, that the guest system did not load the vbox driver for shared folder. guest system == ubuntu 9.10
User09if i go to windows network he said that he's not able to mount it
gavachoklaus-vb: <-- don't know if that is at all helpful
User09sorry found solution @help
klaus-vbgavacho: VBox.log would show the resize operations... is "Auto-resize Guest Display" enabled?
klaus-vbgavacho: the latter is in the gui "Machine" menu
ssd5i am able to ping from linux to windows but not from windows to linux. destination host unreachable. am using ubuntu 9.10 server on virtualbox. i am using host only mode
klaus-vbssd5: just to double-check: you're saying that you're on windows host?
gavachoklaus-vb: it is not enabled
klaus-vbgavacho: enable it. disabling means the GUI isn't allowed to tell the guest OS to change resolution
klaus-vbssd5: sure it's not some odd windows firewall issue? it blocks ping by default
gavachoklaus-vb: *whistling innocently*
gavachoklaus-vb: thanks man
ssd5klaus-vb, actually I disabled windows firewall now and restarted the ubuntu networking service now I am getting "destination host unreachable on ubuntu too"
bsdnoobHello all !
klaus-vbssd5: did you misuse/misconfigure host only networking? it must be a separate network
Pete-JHello i am installing FreeBSD as a quest operating system, and i am just wondering what's the defaut address to the DHCP server VirtualBox is using when using NAT
ssd5actually on guest, I am using 2 adapters one is NAT and another is host only. I didn'e do any configuration all is default. just configured IP address.
FergatROnHi folks, I just installed the Linux host x86_64 RPM of VirtualBox and I'm running into a small issue. I can't find the directory anywhere on my computer. I found the ".VirtualBox" in my $HOME, but "locate -i virtualbox" doesn't show anything. I'm really trying to find "VBoxGuestAdditions.iso". Thanks
ssd5so, is that NAT adapter is affecting
FergatROnOk, VERY odd. I found the directory... under "/usr/share/virtualbox", but why isn't "locate -i virtualbox" finding it?
klaus-vbssd5: what are you pinging?
klaus-vbPete-J: dhcp server (and gateway) is, VM IP address is
klaus-vbFergatROn: because the index used by locate hasn't been updated yet
FergatROnklaus-vb, oh... is there a way I can invoke that?
RHKratosThe vbox manual mentions rdp5.2 and rdp5.1, where 5.2 has the ability to supply your own CA certs and uses OpenSSL, how is that configured?
ssd5I am pinging host from guest. ok see, when I ifdown that host only adapter then it is pinging from guest from NAT adapter.
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