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cntrationalDr_Willis: you are smarterbot
ae86-drifterikonia, sure well on two occasions it failed for me and both occasions i had to clean install over again
vu1kanvodll click buddies>join a chat and select Yahoo from the drop down list, either type the room name or click 'room list'
ikoniaae86-drifter: ok - so you're personal experiences have not worked out, so please don't say "do a clean install" as the upgrade works for thousands of people
ae86-drifterubuntu upgrades it is not very robust in my opinion
Dr_Willisive found upgrades in most OS's to not be very robust.
vodllvu1kan thanks:) one more, i created an irc account, now how do i paralell connect them? [i'm using xchat right now for irc]
ikoniaae86-drifter: thousands of people would disagree, it can have problems if you are not %100 in line with requirements
ae86-driftershould probably ==> "do a clean install"... thats not what i said ikonia
vu1kanvodll not sure i understand what you mean
ae86-drifteri am just sharing my experience to benefit others
ikoniaae86-drifter: that's exactly what you said
bastid_raZorvodll: ask in #freenode ..they have all the answers
vodllvu1kan how do you connect to irc with pidgin? i created the irc account and then?
ikoniaae86-drifter: no - you are not saying "I've had 2 failures" you're saying you'd be better off doing a clean install as fact, based on you having to experiences
ae86-drifteri said probably
slacker-ahh.. If a RAID partitioning scheme is used during installation the grub boot loader will only be installed on the first hard drive instead of all the drives. Booting the system if the first drive has failed will not work. As a workaround users can manually install grub to each disk in the array using the grub-install command
ikoniaae86-drifter: probably doesn't make it any better
vu1kanvodll...oh...same as the procedure for joining a yahoo room
ae86-drifterin your eyes
slacker-so they actually recommend installing it on both drives
ae86-drifterur a dick
IdleOne!language | ae86-drifter
ubottuae86-drifter: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.
slacker-I thought that would upset the raid
inpxfxLINUX .. making porn complicated since 19??
inpxfxits true
loopidityI put a live ubuntu disk in the laptop, and it looked like it did load ubuntu, but half an hour gone and only black screen
IraqiHow can install file .tar.zag without internet??
ikoniainpxfx: that topic is nothing to do with ubuntu - please drop it
vodllvu1kan what do you input in username/password on an irc connection? [really silly question I know]
loopiditynever seen this happen with ubuntu
IdleOne!ot | inpxfx
ubottuinpxfx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!
loopidityhow to load it now?
ikoniainpxfx: untar it and check the README and INSTALL files
Pirate_Hunterhey ikonia been a while, how you ding?
ikoniaPirate_Hunter: all good, I'm in #ubuntu-offtopic if you wanted to chat
vu1kanvodll username would be your nick, and you can ignore the password unless you set one up with nickserve...either way nickserve will bug you about /identify
bastid_raZorIraqi: do what ikonia said to inpxfx
Dr_Willisloopidity:  whats your video card?
ikoniabastid_raZor: ahh, well spotted, thank you
loopidityDr_Willis to be frank i dont yet know
inpxfxif ubuntu is loading and never starts up off the live cd theres a good chance its corrupt / video card old / u need to do a cold boot
matt__ok ill start agin :S
loopidityDr_Willis I got this computer off an old lady who asked me PLEASE put ubuntu on it
jammin79hi all
inpxfxthat happend to me a few times with an old laptop
loopidityand then I try to boot off the live cd...
bastid_raZorikonia: its the simple things in life :)
matt__think i jus caught someone suggesting clean install rather than upgrade
loopidityits an old laptop though, looks like german laptop
ae86-drifterikonia, do you think the upgrade is fairly robust? what could possibly cause it to go wrong? I am sick of every time a new release comes out it fails for me, and i need to clean install again.
IdleOneloopidity: lspci | grep VGA
jammin79I don't have apt installed in my ubuntu server
bastid_raZorjammin79: doesn't sound like its an ubuntu server then.
loopidityIdleOne There is no way I get ubuntu boot up(or atleast see) and I can only log into xp
jammin79yea cause I crap guy did remove it
loopidityits all dark
vodllvu1kan hm weird...must be doing something wrong since nothing happens once I click save and I don't get an option to join anything
inpxfxubuntu without internet access = soda coaster
matt__so im about to upgrade from 8.04 server to 10.04
loopidityctrl alt F1 wouldnt work also
jammin79I am just on the machine and it's quite crazy this
IraqiInstall file .tar.gz downloaded before like wammu 0.3 without internet?
IdleOneloopidity: ahh well you can check in Hardware configuration of XP. ##windows for more help with that
ikoniaIraqi: untar the file and read the README and INSTALL files
inpxfximjust here for the females
jammin79bastid_raZor: is there a way to get the apt back?
ikoniainpxfx: stop with that sort of topic -you won't be told again
loopidityok, Idleone let me boot up xp, it takes ages.....
IdleOnePlease read inpxfx
Pirate_Hunterikonia, im currently multi-tasking but will be popping here often I rarely go to offtopic
inpxfxsure apt-get install apt-get
matt__and it says i MAY have to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and change the default boot kernel to the newly installed 10.04 kernel.
Gwarinpxfx, I think there is a problem with that line
jammin79inpxfx: ..... no such file or directory
abhi_navjust for all your info i found this regarding docs:
inpxfxwhy is ikonia being mean to me :(
ikoniaabhi_nav: no-one was asking about it - so don't post it
abhi_navikonia, we were discussing about it
jammin79i have to install back apt...
inpxfxoh i though~_~
Iraqisorry, bad net
ae86-driftermatt__ you will be lucky if that is the only other thing you have to do
matt__will the info for 10.04 allready be in menu.lst?
inpxfxjammin it  might be on the live cd
Iraqiikon can tell me step by step to install.. please?
ikoniaabhi_nav: who was, I don't see anyone discussing docks
jammin79eheh but the server is quite away 2000 miiles
ikoniajammin79: can you post the output of "uname -a" please
loopidityIdleOne and when i run wubi on xp , why does it show everything in German, cant that be changed to english
ikoniajammin79: from your server
ae86-driftermatt__, create a backup image of your hard disk first
bastid_raZorjammin79: what does lsb_release -a   tell you?
abhi_navikonia, vu1kan and airtronix
abhi_navikonia, some time ago
matt__ok any suggestions whta to use
IdleOne!locales > loopidity
ubottuloopidity, please see my private message
jammin79Linux 2.6.24-27-server #1 SMP Wed Jan 27 23:39:33 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux
jammin79Linux www.--------  2.6.24-27-server #1 SMP Wed Jan 27 23:39:33 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux
inpxfxim lookin jammin79
FloodBot2jammin79: Please don't flood, use to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.
IraqiCan any one help me to how install any file .tar.zg ?
jammin79ok flood sorry about it
bastid_raZorjammin79:  lsb_release -i ..rather
abhi_navIran, this is compressed. unzip it first
ikoniaIraqi: did you read what I told you to do ?
ikoniajammin79: please post the output of "uname -a" from your server
Iraqiikonia: Sorry, my internet is bad so i miss your message... Can repty it if you can and thank you..
ikoniaIraqi: untar the file and read the README and INSTALL files
inpxfx-xvgf 'filename.tar.gz
inpxfxtar -xvgf 'filename.tar.gz
Iraqiikonia and inpxfx Thank and wait..
SlidingHornjammin79, a cool little tool you can use to prevent flooding:  sudo apt-get install pastebinit    (then when someone tells you to post your outputs...)   uname -r | pastebinit
inpxfxif its corrupt itll give u errors
jammin79that's the output from uname -a
SlidingHornjammin79, for future reference :)
jammin79thanks :!
inpxfxikonia u wanna meet me at walmart and fight!
jammin79the nice point is that apt is not going :S
loopidityDr_Willis, this is what I see as the graphics card on XP, Intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller
IdleOnethat should just work
loopiditywell, i get the ubuntu loading screen at startup, and then it gets dark all time
IdleOneloopidity: burn a new live CD at slowest speed possible also check md5sum of file before burning.
Iraqiikonia: i install code tar -xvgf bluesniff-0.1.tar.gz but is freez
Iraqinothing happen
loopidityinfact, the same cd I used for another lady and it just workd fine
loopidityi will burn at lower rate and see
Dr_Willisloopidity:  you may also want to try a pendrive setup  it may boot better from a pendrive made with unetbootin
jammin79did you get the paste about the uname?
loopidityi did try, but this computer doesnt take usb for booting
ikoniaIraqi: tar zxvf bluesniff-0.1.tar.gz
Iraqiikonia: Thank you ... Wait
vodllvulkan: thanks it worked :D
vu1kanvodll np, always like to help
Iraqiikonia: show me error is:
Iraqigzip: stdin: not in gzip format
Iraqitar: Child returned status 1
Iraqitar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
FloodBot2Iraqi: Please don't flood, use to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.
ikoniaIraqi: run "file bluesniff-0.1.tar.gz"
ikoniaIraqi: tell me what it says
burns1lost wireless connection can't install driver
IraqiFloodBot2...I'm apologizy , I'm new here
Iraqiikonia: Please  wait
AdolaHi! Is there a way to see how much bandwith each application is using?
Adolanetwork bandwith.
ikoniaAdola: look at ntop maybe
cntrationalhow long does it take for rsync to copy files
loopidityagainst which file should the md5sum be done? iso?
ikoniacntrational: depends on a lot of things, impossible to say
Iraqiikonia: is says: bluesniff-0.1.tar.gz: POSIX tar archive
ikoniaIraqi: tar xvf bluesniff-0.1.tar.gz
Iraqiikonia: Thank you...Wait...
Dr_Willisthis is when i normally suggest the 'unp' command. :)
Dr_Willis!info unp
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.15 (lucid), package size 10 kB, installed size 76 kB
Iraqiikonia: Is done.. Then?
ikoniaIraqi: go into the directory and read the README and INSTALL files
cntrationalikonia: well, trying to copy a 20.6 GB /home to a new partition, how long do you estimate that it'll take?
aurillianceI"m trying to install the gnome2-global-menu package from the apt line deb lucid main, but apt-get stalls when it gets to
aurillianceanyone have any suggestions?
ikoniacntrational: as I've just said, depends on a lot of things, impossible to say
bastid_raZorDr_Willis: i actually have a script 'uncprs' that does just that.
cntrationaloh <.<
Iraqiok..Thank you very much  IKONIA @>'--
IdleOnecntrational: several hours at least
cntrationalIdleOne: ouch
Dr_Willisaurilliance:   theres been some server issues the alst few days.. but ive not noticed any today.
IdleOnecntrational: like ikonia said, depends on many factors so it is impossible to say exactly
matt__im about to upgrade from 8.04 server to 10.04and it says i MAY have to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and change the default boot kernel to the newly installed 10.04 kernel.will the info for 10.04 allready be in menu.lst?
Iraqiikonia: Sorry, but nothing in README file to important for complete my install
ikoniaIraqi: README and INSTALL file tell you exactly how to install it
matt__so i will just have to make it defaiult
wiesshundyes matt
matt__ok thanks
wiesshundor simply remove the other kernals after you are satified with 10
Iraqiikonia: Please wait ...Thank
matt__so i will still be able to boot 8.04?
Iraqiikonia: in file INSTAL: Installation
IraqiThis has only been tested on RedHat 9 with a stock kernel.
ikoniaIraqi: yes ?
Iraqiand lap lap..
loopidityIdleOne, could it be I should change the screen resolution on windows for ubuntu to work after restarting?
Iraqinothing there ikonia..
ikoniaIraqi: the README AND the INSTALL fie
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