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Dr_WillisNarya:  depends on what it Really is..
coz_Narya,   first right click the file go to properties
Dr_Willis.bin means nothing. :) what is it supposed to be?
theadminDr_Willis: .jpg means nothing for Linux too ;) But we're used that it reffers to image/jpeg
coz_Narya,  then the Permissions tab  and tick the "Execute"   box
onetinsoldierNarya: try the following command to see what kind of file it really is.... file <file.bin>
coz_Narya,  then open a to that location  and  run   ./nameof.bin
Dr_Willistheadmin:  .bin is so vague that it means nothing  these days. at least .runme would make sence.
Dr_WillisNarya:  what is it supposed to be?
theadminDr_Willis: .bin = binary = runnable straight away
Dr_Willistheadmin:  unless its a cue. or a ROM image for a game.. or a ......
theadminDr_Willis: ...oh... :/
NaryaDr_Willis, mozilla firefox adobe reader plugin
mezenryan__, can you tell me what is the computer you have ?
BluesKajryan__, applications / sound
coz_Narya,   ooo   you should be able to just drag that onto firefox window  I believe
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bewarei think the kernel update i did on ubuntu 10.04 recently made it incompatible with the nvidia driver
johannI would like to mount permanently a SSH connexion but I am not sure how to proceed. Can someone help me?
coz_beware,   did you try a hard reboot  =  restart?
bewareafter the update: yes
bewareagain: no
Dr_Willisjohann:  thats doable via sshfs. if you mean mount a remote box to a local directory
Naryacoz_, that's what happened
coz_beware,  ok and   is the nvidia driver one you installed via  Hardware drivers
Naryacoz_, dragging it into firefox just caused to to redownload somehow...
coz_Narya,   that pastebin is empty
bewarei think so. maybe through enabling hardware acceleration in the config, but nothing manual
e01onetinsoldier, Dr_Willis , perfect, it working now :)
Dr_Willisjohann:  read up on sshfs and examples of usng it from fstab
bewarerebooted. still doesnt work
onetinsoldiere01: cool :-) you're welcome
luckyonehello all - anyone in here running xbmc on 10.04?
e01next time when want kde i will install just kubuntu :D
coz_Narya,   did you  open firefox  go to  "Tools"   then  "Addons"   and search for that plugin  on their site?
ryan__mezen, I have a HP Pavillion TX2530ea Tablet PC.
theadminNarya: If Firefox tries to download the .xpi file instead of installing - it's a broken addon
niko-mojoAnyone know how to get around this "Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services" ? I'm a little confused with IRC
onetinsoldiere01: roger. i have kbuntu installed in separate partition here just in case i want to run it ;)
Naryatheadmin, coz_ It looks like it installed even though it didnt look like it would
luckyoneI am having some issues getting xbmc to use my libvdpau1 package from the nvidia ppa
SmarttVikingHi all, i am running a computer with 4gb ddr3 ram, and a dual core 2.33ghz prosessor, 64bit or 32bit OS?
coz_Narya,   ok  in that pastebin I see you used  "run"   no need   just type    ./AdbeRd  and hit the tab button to complete the name
drizzt_what exactly is in my /usr/src folder? can I remove it?
ryan__BluesKaj: I removed pulseaudio from synaptic and i'm still getting it.
DJonesniko-mojo: It means that you need to have registered your nick with freenode and be logged in with that account
bewarewhen i startx (i don't use gdm/kdm) i get "failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module", etc
DJones!register | niko-mojo
ubottuniko-mojo: Information about registering your nickname: - Type /nick <nickname> to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode
onetinsoldierdrizzt_: don't remove /usr/src
drizzt_onetinsoldier, why?
bewaredoing it this way has always worked before, including earlier on in 10.04, until now
onetinsoldierdrizzt_: maybe you could, but i wouldn't recommend it.
drizzt_so you don;t know and still give advices? wonderful
manibuntuanyone here use mdadm with raid 1 plz ?
niko-mojoubotto - but I logged onto pidgin using
onetinsoldierdrizzt_: nope.. don't think you'd want to remove that dir. stuff does get installed there by default!
coz_Narya,   so I assume this .bin is on the desktop  so open terminal    type     cd  Desktop   then type  ./Ad   hit tab  to complete name  and then hit enter
Naryacoz_ somehow it was already installed even though firefox said it wasnt
SmarttVikingHi all, i am running a computer with 4gb ddr3 ram, and a dual core 2.33ghz prosessor, should i use 64bit or 32 but Ubuntu? I don't use 16bit software to my knowledge.
onetinsoldierdrizzt_: by default... i have in /usr/src --> fglrx-8.723.1  linux-headers-2.6.32-22  linux-headers-2.6.32-22-generic  linux-source-2.6.32.tar.bz2
Naryacoz_, started up firefox again and there it was
coz_Narya,  mm  that's interesting
Naryacoz_, I agree
onetinsoldierok, perhaps the linux-source-2.6.32.tar.bz2 isn't 'default'.. but the rest is!
coz_Narya,   ok   I would guess the best way to install firefox plugins is through the  Tools/addons  menu
bewareis there an official easy way to update nvidia drivers from the console so as to make them match the kernel again?
Naryacoz_, I guess so
coz_Narya,    go to their site and search for the plugins you want  and they install from there
theadminSmarttViking: What OS are you currently on?
niko-mojoubottu - oops - it says name is in use
Naryacoz_, ok Ill do that from now :) thanks
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)
Naryaniko-mojo, ubottu is a bot lul
coz_Narya,  no problem...
SmarttVikingtheadmin, I use ubuntu 10.04
SmarttVikingtheadmin, 32 bit
DJonesniko-mojo: ubottu is a bot, if you need help registering, you should join #freenode and they'll be able to help you with registering and logging into the account so you can join the channel you were trying to get into
ManDayI press ^ and a and I get ^a - does Ubtuntu not support UTF-8 =!
onetinsoldierdrizzt_: you want to brutally rip out your kernel headers installation(if you have them installed) from /usr/src, go right ahead then
theadminSmarttViking: Uh. Well if it works... However for >3 GB ram it's better to run 64-bit systems.
mezenryan__,  in System -> Preferences -> Sound -> Hardware tab, set Profile to Analog Stereo Duplex
theadminManDay: Ubuntu uses UTF-8 by default :/
ManDaycan i not expect from a contemporary OS to take into account composing chars as COMPOSING?!
greezmunkeySmarttViking: run this to find your *exact* cpu: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -e "cpu" -e "model"
ManDaytheadmin, well then why does it not compose?
niko-mojoNaraya -  Djones  - thx, think my name is in use by someone else.
theadminManDay: Compose... I dunno what that even is, sorry
SmarttVikingtheadmin, ok think you i will install 64 bit, i have never tried that before. :)
drizzt_ManDay, you need keyboard layout with dead keys or set up composing key
ManDaydrizzt_, WITH dead keys?!
bsmith093what is composding key, like music composing
ManDayi want NEITHER dead keys NOR not working composing chars
SmarttVikinggreezmunkey, I'm sorry i am not at that PC now. :)
ManDayi want it to work ... just like on windows
ManDayyes... i just said that
ManDayand NO, im not going to install windows "then"
drizzt_ManDay, only Word use composing this way
theadminManDay: Uhm. I type "^a" and I get "^a" on Windows.
greezmunkeySmarttViking: make it king of hard to run then, huh.
mezenryan__, if it does'nt work, type "gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf" then add this line at the end of the file: "options snd-hda-intel model=auto" without "" and reboot
wildc4rdafternoon all!
ManDaytheadmin, thats because you are a freak
ManDayj/k :P
drizzt_ManDay, still, you need keyboard layout with dead keys
creat0ranybody knows how the bandwidth monitoring tools work????
mickster04creat0r: magic
ManDaydrizzt_, that has nothing to with word. whereever i type ^a or `e I get the appropriate composites
creat0rmickster04: how?
AbuBadrhi all
AbuBadrmay i ask?
ne7workhow to redirect any port from windows to linux virtual machine
ManDaydrizzt_, what keys would "die" then?
mickster04creat0r: no idea
drizzt_ManDay, ' " ^ ` ~
onetinsoldierthings seem a little rough in this room this morning :-|
bsmith093its 12:30 where i am
theadminAnyway, isn't "^" gotten when I Shift+6? :/ That's not even a "key"
greezmunkeyne7work: what are you trying to do?
ManDaydrizzt_, well if by "dead" you mean that i can only type a ^ through ^<space> then that is ok
drizzt_ManDay, if you can do yhis on Windows, you're using dead key layout, 'like US International'
drizzt_ManDay, that's what dead key mean
ManDaydrizzt_, i thought dead keys means i can aswell pick them off my keyboard
drizzt_theadmin, on plain US keyboard, yes
theadmindrizzt_: Is not a US keyboard :P A russian one
AbuBadri have 4 GB RAM   but in system i can see only 2.2 GiB  !!!
coz_AbuBadr,   is this a 64 bit system or 32 bit?
theadmindrizzt_: But it's a typical QWERTY with buncha russian letters apart from english ones, just have to switch the layout :D
coz_AbuBadr,  open a terminal and run     uname -m
AbuBadri got    i686
AbuBadris that 32 bit?
coz_AbuBadr,  ok that is a 32 bit ubuntu you have installed
mezenAbuBadr, if it is a 32bits system, you have to installe a PAE kernel to see all your 4GB RAM
AbuBadri c
AbuBadrhow to do so?
theadminI have a weird issue: Same machine, Karmic and Lucid... on Karmic lshw lists 380 MB ram, on Lucid 512... ?!
ralliasHow do i have my computer connected to multiple networks (IE an encrypted wifi network and an ethernet localhost network)
coz_AbuBadr,   however  your actual hardware may be 64 bit in which case you can either do what mezen  suggested or reinstall with the 64 bit ubuntu cd      what cpu  do you have on that system?
bewareok, it can't find a package linux-restricted-modules for my running kernel version (, i'm going to try to boot an earlier kernel
avsuIs lm-sensors application installed on Lucid Lynks by default?
theadminavsu: It's "Lynx", and I don't think so
AbuBadrhow to know?
bewarexkcd #349
SeguraHii! I have some issues with my conky file... I'm trying to load 2 conky config, the first load a "background" image and some information, the second load more info. But the image covers that second config.. Anyone know how do it properly?
Segura(sry for my english)
theadminbeware: !?
greezmunkeyAbuBadr: in a terminal: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -e "cpu" -e "model"
avsutheadmin: ok thanks!
coz_AbuBadr,  when you talk to someone here .. it is best to type the first couple letters of their name and hit the "tab" key to complete it so they can be allerted :)
bewaretheadmin: xkcd is a web comic with a geeky joke/comic for about *every* situation a geek may encounter
guest7895cat ~/.irssi/nicklistfifo
ne7workhow to redirect any port from windows to linux virtual machine
guest7895upss sorry
theadminbeware: I know what xkcd is, I just don't get why you posted that here :P
AbuBadrcoz_, i c
AbuBadrlike this??
bewaretheadmin: i can't get into graphics mode and it looks very messy
bewarenvidia driver won't load after a kernel upgrade. no restricted-modules for my kernel version
coz_AbuBadr,   yep thats how you alert someone :)
bewaremind you, a kernel upgrade thats part of the automatic process. it should just have worked
beegeeanyone knows what package contains "isohybrid" command?
caraelCouldn't find any package whose name or description matched "python-qt4"
theadminbeegee: Type it and see.
coz_beware,   ok go into system/administration/hardware drivers and see what is listed or activated
caraelwhy it doesn t want to install it
ralliashow do i make my computer connect to multiple networks of the same type at once?
theadmincypher_: 0 40?  #ubuntu-ru ?>60;C9AB0)
bewarecoz_: i can't get into graphics mode. i can only work on the console
caraeli try to install python-q4
caraelit doens t find the package
caraelwhat can i do
AbuBadrgreezmunkey, what to type exactly in terminal ??
coz_beware,  oooo I see
greezmunkeyrallias: multiple ip subnets on the same wire?
greezmunkeyAbuBadr: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -e "cpu" -e "model"
drizzt_carael, try to update repos first
beegeetheadmin:i did but no luck.. isohybrid: command not found
caraelhow do i do that
ralliasgreezmunkey: no one wifi connection and one ethernet connection that the computer acts as a pseudo dns server on the eth0 port
drizzt_carael, sudo apt-get update
theadminbeegee: Well, "apt-cache search isohybrid | less" might give something
coz_beware,  let me update my lucid and see hold on
creat0rtheadmin: do you know how could i monitor my bandwidth usage?
onetinsoldierbeegee: that command is not normally part of a lucid install
AbuBadrcan i copy all that??
theadmincreat0r: wireshark.
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