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ikoniaeagles05138785: why are you trying to add a user to a group that doesn't exist
eagles05138785n-iCe: do you have the model of the processor. i can find that out quickly for ya if you do
aciculan-iCe: there are many types of xeon, but the number governs its feature set, just type ark xeon and the number into google to find the spec page published by intel
ikoniaeagles05138785: the problem is xauth (binary file) can't get a lock on your personal authority file - I'm guessing you're trying to do this as the wrong user
eagles05138785ikonia: i doing this as the user that i setup the os with
ikoniaeagles05138785: show me the output of "id" please ?
enavi want to try ubuntu 10
enavkwhere i can get ubuntu 10
eagles05138785ikonia: id of the user
ikoniaeagles05138785: please show me the output of "id"
ikoniaenav: check the topic in #ubuntu+1
enavikonia what that means?
ikoniaenav: join the channel #ubuntu+1 and type "/topic"
eagles05138785think i found my problem hold on a sec
MrUnagiwhat permissions is / suppose to be set to
PiciMrUnagi: root:root 755.
MrUnagiso chmod / 755?
n-iCeeagles05138785: ok found one, what about this one? Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology
shileyhello all, I want to install Ubuntu desktop on 10 machines simultaneously. How can I acheive this ?
MrUnagior do i need to specify
Kingsy102is there a copy of photoshop for linux users?
n-iCeIntel® Core(TM) 2 Duo processor T5250
n-iCe2 MB L2 Cache | 1.5 GHz | 667 MHz FSB
n-iCeKingsy102: gimp
FloodBot3n-iCe: Please don't flood, use to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.
PiciMrUnagi: Yes.. but why do you need to do that?
Kingsy102i.e not GIMP.. I mean adobe
CrimiusKingsy: nope.  use a VM with windows
PiciKingsy102: No. Some versios of PS can run in Wine though.
eagles05138785n-iCe: what is the model number of the processor you are after, also alot of modern day processors can run 32 bit or 64 bit.
MrUnagii dunno im at my final attempts to get os x to boot.......all of a sudden it doesnt want to
n-iCeeagles05138785: how do I get that
PiciMrUnagi: Well. I don't know anything about OSX.  Perhaps you should ask in their channel.
eagles05138785n-iCe: for instance a core to duo model number is E7400 for example. are you trying to find out what is in your machine
psychuilhow do i install the firefox 3.6 i've downloaded? got a .tar.bz2 file which i donno what to do with
n-iCeeagles05138785: this is my laptop:
MrUnagiPici: i one wanted to answer
xanguapsychuil: for installing the latest stable fx in ubuntu use either 'firefox-stable PPA' or 'Ubuntuzilla' repositories
MrUnagibut with this issue......../ should have the same permissions in either os
shileycan I ibnstall on many PCs with NFS?
PiciMrUnagi: I have no way of knowing that.
MrUnagiwhy would it be any different
eagles05138785n-iCe: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor T5250<------ t5250 is the model
n-iCeeagles05138785: I told you above
eagles05138785n-iCe: and to answer your question it is 64bit
Schokoho1icOne quick question: Is there a way to make gnome-terminal show bells in the task bar -- or elsewhere? My computer doesn't have a soundcard so I won't notice the bell -- for example when someone highlights me on IRC -- while the terminal is in the background.
PiciMrUnagi: Because its a different operating system?
n-iCe09:42 < n-iCe> Intel® Core(TM) 2 Duo processor T5250
eagles05138785apologies n-iCe didnt see that
MrUnagiboth derivatives of the same os base...
psychuilxangua, how do i use those repasatories?
blakkheimrepasatories lol
NollogSchokoho1ic: Can you program? That would be pretty easy to do.
eagles05138785ikonia: im not understanding what id do you want
_UsUrPeR_I'm using apt-mirror to create a local repository on an internal server at my office network. It's become a consensus that we no longer need to have a local mirror of the 8.04 LTS in the office, but I can't figure out how to remove all the old hardy packages. Does anybody know of a good way to purge all hardy packages from my server?
psychuilblakkheim, english is not my main language, and it's not nice to mock people.
_UsUrPeR_We've also got a local repo of both 9.10 and 10.04 Alpha, so just deleting the repository directory would require a re-download of ~80 gigs
Schokoho1icNollog: Yes, actually I study Computer Science. So there is no option to do that by default?
ikoniaeagles05138785: I'd like you to show me the output of the command "id" please
eagles05138785ikonia: uid=1000(jonathan) gid=1000(jonathan) groups=4(adm),20(dialout),24(cdrom),46(plugdev),109(lpadmin),110(sambashare),111(admin),1000(jonathan)
n-iCeHave you heard of RAID being a problem during installs?
maekin-ice yes
NollogSchokoho1ic: Don't know, but you can do it yourself by looking up the bel character.
maekin-ice i had to uninstall the dmraid package in order to get install to work
Nollogif bel, do boom.
shileywhich clear text file has the network configs for the ETH0 in ubuntu server?
Schokoho1icNollog: That's in fact my least favourite option... thought there was some easy way that I just didn't see. Thanks anyways. :)
NollogSchokoho1ic: There probably is, I don't linux much.
arzonistaguys how can i become a hacker?
ikoniaarzonista: read the internet and don't ask in here
psychuilno firefox 3.6 for ubuntu?
om26erpsychuil, you mean karmic
artrinsi use kopete...and since about 1 week the server not some modification ?
ghassenhi there i just deleted important files how can i restore them?
xanguaartrins: in pidgin the server it uses por yahoo is
arzonistathnk u
sploopidyHi all. Is ubuntu 10.04 going to be LTS?
Slartsploopidy: yes
xanguasploopidy: yes
sploopidyexcellent! cool
Picisploopidy: Yes, further questions about 10.04 in #ubuntu+1 please :)
ghassenhelp:    hi there i just deleted important files how can i restore them?
sploopidyWill we have the option again to change alert sounds unlike in karmic?
Slart!recover | ghassen
ubottughassen: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at and
ghassenthank u man i'll check it
Slartsploopidy: ask in #ubuntu+1
sploopidyohhhh. ok, thanks
sploopidy(sorry, im a bit new
shileyhow to install ubuntu desktop on multiple machines at the same time? sorry to repeat the question
abhi_navbit new? you are bot?
Slart!automate | shiley
ubottushiley: Ways to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at - See also !cloning
shileyubottu , many thanks
shileySlart , ty , oh , lol
shileyhow to config the network in Ubuntu server thru clear text file?
shileyi skipped the network setup on the DVD install, and now i am using ifconfig in rc.local
shileymhall119| work, thanks
shileybut cannot find such a file..:(
psusishiley: man interfaces for how to write one, then you can just use ifup/ifdown to activate and deactivate the interface(s) using those parameters
shileypsusi, ok , i will try it
psusior set them to auto in the interfaces file
Slartshiley: it's really just a simple text file.. man interfaces  will tell you more about it
shileySlart, ok will do
shileyi will try and get back (if i fail)
shileythanks all , bbl
Akkernightdoes Brasero burn bootable disks?
NobleAnyone know where I can find the new ubuntu theme?
NobleThe OSX look alike?
Akkernightikonia, is itsomething I have to turn on?
vividyou could snipe a package from lucid
Dr_WillisNoble:  ive seen it for download at various ubuntu news/blog sites..
PiciNoble: I'd be surprised if didn't already have a copy.
Dr_WillisNoble:  personally i think its a rather ugly theme in many ways
NobleDo you know what its called?
Dr_Willisits called radience
vividlight-themes is radiance
vividthe package name
Dr_Willischeck the site -->
Dr_Williswebupd8 has a ppa with the themes
Dr_Willisalso check out this to get the buttons for the themes how YOU want -->
ghassenhelp: i got nautils crash when i click on the trash????
abhi_navquestion in rhymes? :D lol
Dr_WillisI perfer Hiku error Messages... :)
anodesniI try to use my build-in microphone on my laptop, I hear no sound after I stop
^Willie^i did install mozilla-mplayer expected the mplayer plugin but get nothing at all where can i find a log file to review where the files are and what is done during that install ?
anodesnirecording and press play, I don't hear anything anyway
abhi_navanodesni: mic volume set to high
vivid^Willie^, if you open firefox and enter 'about::plugins' into the url bar, firefox will show you what plugins are installed and running
ania_stupid question but how can i switch off in gnome xchat info about people coming in and out of  channels???
ars1anyone know how to run HoN as root ?
vivid^Willie^, :
abhi_navania_ i need that info too
anodesniabhi_nav, is MM muted or 00 in alsamixer?
matuhi, after i put the netbookremix.img to my usb stick and launch the filecheck it always says me one file is corrupted in despite the .img has the right md5sum, can anyone explain this to me ?
^Willie^vivid: nope i have no mplayer plugin file at my system i did search to manual put it in place in firefox i have no mplayer plugin at all nor on the expected locations
abhi_navanodesni: mm is muted set it to 100
^Willie^vivid: so i wana know what the install did thats why i wana read the logfile
ania_all i see is people coming in nd out ---- important text is lost somewhere betwen
Action: abhi_nav agree with ania_
ghassenhelp: i got nautils crash when i click on the trash????
vivid^Willie^, i dont know much about apt logging, sorry
anodesniabhi_nav, where is the volume of the mic?
^Willie^vivid: any way to revieuw the apt script somehow ?
^Willie^dunno where i can find that
henriquelmHello again!
henriquelmMy cups 1.4.2 can't find the file "", how can I tell cups that this file is located at "/usr/lib64/"?
matucan you put the 9.04 .img to your usb stick without having 1 files corrupted as a result of the checkfiles ?
abhi_navanodesni: you are using gnome? you are in gui? then go to top right corner click on volume there you find mic volume
vivideh, you can dissect the binary package manually with file-roller
anodesniabhi_nav, ah, thanks
abhi_navanodesni: left click on volume control => prefenreces=> internal mic
^Willie^vivid: hmmzz so i have to search for the deb file somehow ?
anodesniabhi_nav, it works
^Willie^vivid: i do expect an log file with more info then it is installed at this date :S
abhi_navanodesni: solved?
anodesniabhi_nav, yes
abhi_navanodesni: :)
Akkernighthow do I force eject my cd-drive ? the button on my laptop doesn't work and Ubuntu doesn't know the disk is in there
trism^Willie^: the apt log is in /var/log/apt/term.log
erUSULania_: right click on the channel name
matucan you put the 9.04 netbookremix .img to your usb stick without having 1 files corrupted as a result of the checkfiles ?
Bennitthe algorithm that determines who comes first in the list of users on gdm start screen
anyoneofushow many device which nagios monitoring?
Bennitis it "who logs in the most" ?
abhi_navAkkernight: do suto eject it wll work
Bennit(is higher up in the list)
abhi_navAkkernight: do sudo eject it wll work
ikoniaanyoneofus: pardon ?
^Willie^trism: that log file only show me when it is installed but not where it did install the files :S
abhi_navwho is nagios?
trism^Willie^: dpkg -L package_name shows where the files go
Akkernightabhi_nav, nope, didn't work
^Willie^trism: i wana know where the files are before i start manual compiling my plugin
BennitI think it'd be more accurate if you'd put in there the person that logs in the longest, as he uses the pc the most frequent
^Willie^ok thnx
ania_erUSUL, thx alot :) thank you
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