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mickster04dziadu: oh, ok, have you used linux before?
dziadumickster04: I am advanced gentoo user
dziadubut I've never used ubuntu before
dziadubut I know more less how to use apt-get :)
Brownie385mickster04: i am not sure i really havent tried to use any of this stuff until this week
enavguys witch is the most stable server edition of ubuntu 8 ,9 or 10?????+
Dirty_habiThey guys
Dirty_habiTNeed a little help
japanfredbodom, well, it is set to start on bootup, but it might be doing something dodgey!
Dirty_habiTmy thread is getting bumped down really quick and has a bunch of replies.
mickster04dziadu: well you can compile source in ubuntu ok i think, you should be good at that right ;)
Cube``i love 10.04
Cube``good job on it
Cube``especially the design
FloodBot3Cube``: Please don't flood, use to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.
mickster04Brownie385: system>admin>synaptics package manager
bodom!ask | Dirty_habiT
ubottuDirty_habiT: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)
UltraParadigmPlais Halp!  My computer crashed and now wineboot says "err:process:start_wineboot failed to start wineboot, err 11"         It says that even after I purged the entire package and reinstalled it.  :-(      tears
dziadumickster04: I would prefer to not compile it if teher is another option
bronsonno mater what I do, networking is "stop/waiting".
bronsonhow do I find out why it's stalled out?
SauLusmickster04: I found the problem. It was related to me having manually installed packages to /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/hamster/. After removing these files the upgrade can be resumed
Cube``how come though i cant install gears on firefox?
hechoensonora_cual es el canal en español ?
dziadumickster04: I can maintain it but I don't know what about other users
Dirty_habiT is my thread.
Don930710.04 LTS is the best OS around.  MS can kiss my grits.
bodom!es | hechoensonora_
ubottuhechoensonora_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.
flyfishingHello I'm having a screen problem, I can't see the lower part of the desktop, Is there any idea what happened and how to fix this problem, TY!
VCoolioCube``: is that still actively maintained? (gears I mean)
mickster04SauLus: fantastic
Maartenwhich RDP client do I need to connect to a RDP server that uses Network Level Authentication?
AppetiteIn the terminal, is there a way to add support to show the ? characters as they should be?
mickster04dziadu: well just get it up to date and leave it there? its up to you from there, but youve set it up...?
mickster04dziadu: mayb there is an apt-source?
Cube``VCoolio: i believe so, it gives you the option to store google mail offline for example, on a laptop that doesnt have an internet connection 24/7. and google mail is used by what? 40 million? :)
bodomDirty_habiT: it's a bit complicate. First question. What's BT4? :D
dziadumickster04: ok, i see there is no option, well, that's why I love gentoo, it takes me 5 minutes to write new ebuild and everybody is happy :)
Cube``bodom: backtrack 4?
Pici!backtrack | Dirty_habiT
ubottuDirty_habiT: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)
Dirty_habiTbacktrack 4
DDwianyone know if there is an issue with ?
liminalalien260 i have run a forcefsck
mickster04dziadu: mayb there is an apt-source?/
dziadumickster04: from other side, it is strange that nobody responsible for science in ubuntu didn't update it yet, it is hih recommended
Dirty_habiTi don't think it's a backtrack4 specific issue.
liminalwhy would my root partition disappear?
mickster04dziadu: you could set the sources to include unstable uilds?
bodomDirty_habiT: second questions. Wich of these oses controls the mbr?
dhikrhi all ! i have a problem with gDesklets on 10.04. gDesklets dont want running when i click on...
flyfishingHello I'm having a screen problem, I can't see the lower part of the desktop, Is there any idea what happened and how to fix this problem, TY!
Stevinkohi guys, i am looking for someone with ATI laptop experience ? (i am strugling with bad power saving problems)
BluesKajDirty_habiT, did you ever run sudo update-grub ?
UltraParadigmIs there a channel for wine help?
Blaze__hello is it possible to slow down compiz animations
VCoolioflyfishing: did you recently add a panel or dock that needs compositing that don't work right?
Dirty_habiTi believe i did.
Dirty_habiTi can do it now
Don9307DDwi:  If you looking for a key on the server, it sometimes takes a couple of tries before you can find it.
liminalalien260 i ran this sudo touch /forcefsck
Dirty_habiTi would prefer grub2 to be installed.
liminalit showed nothing
BluesKajUltraParadigm, yeah #wine
Stereocaulonflyfishing, what did you do before you got into this predicament?
DDwiDon9307, never took multiple tries before? it just hangs
bodomDirty_habiT: Only one of them should, if every os tries to update the mbr you'll get similar issues very often
UltraParadigm:-( oh I got kicked from that one.  It said invite only
josvukhi, I started pppoeconf and it prints me three ethernet devices eth0 pan0 wlan0 so what is pan0?
flyfishingdownloaded my graphic driver took over monitor settings...
AppetiteIn the terminal, is there a way to add support to show the ? characters as they should be? i dont want to completely switch it to another locale, i want to retain the current locale, but support russian + special (áßéëåéëg®bœ) chars for example
UltraParadigmand I don't think anyone was in there
Dirty_habiTit's asking me if which menu.lst i want.
Dirty_habiTpackage maintainer's version?
Don9307DDwi:  I haven't had that happen.  Just what I described.
mickster04UltraParadigm: ?
Dirty_habiTor keep local version currently installed?
Stereocaulonflyfishing, could you be a little bit more specific about your graphical card and driver?
mickster04UltraParadigm: are ou registered?
VCoolioAppetite: try another terminal, like rxvt-unicode
Dirty_habiTbtw, when i get this figured out i will post the answer in my thread so that others can be helped as well.
krabadorhelp me to set default soundcard in lucid
dziadumickster04: I don't know what is apt-source
BluesKajUltraParadigm, strange that it's invite only...that's just plain dumb
flyfishingnvidia x server settings...
DDwiDon9307: gpg: requesting key 7AE26941 from hkp server
DDwigpgkeys: HTTP fetch error 7: couldn't connect to host
UltraParadigmOk weird
mickster04dziadu: oh, well in ubuntu there is a list of sources to get apps from.... some are hidden, like unstable, you can umcomment these linse andit will look thrugh those sources too
UltraParadigmIt let min after I Identified
Brownie385will adobe work with ubuntu 10.04 and firefox? if so what file type do i need
UltraParadigm*me in
AppetiteVCoolio: if i am SSH'ing or am on TTY how do i support it though
Stereocaulonflyfishing, what driver are you using? nv or nVidia restricted driver?
bmhI have a question about this bug: While it appears that xkeyboard-config has been patched, the patch doesn't seem to have made its way into xkb-data
dziaduMikelevel: is it in sources.list?
Don9307DDwi:  What terminal command are you using?
BluesKajUltraParadigm, looks like that room'd ben hijacked ..i recall using it in the past without invitation
UltraParadigmOhhhhhhhh I sends you over to winhq automatically
Cube``is there any package i can install for the 1000he on ubuntu 10.04 that will be a governor for the processors to save power
BluesKajroom's been hijacked
dhikrsorry i must go out, bye !good night!
flyfishingit's for a Geforce 6150SE
DDwiDon9307, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:canonical-dx-team/une
mickster04im out of here!
BluesKajahhh, winehq,, shudda known :)
VCoolioAppetite: don't know; change your $TERM variable? use tmux/screen?
Stereocaulonflyfishing, please answer my question completely if you can, you are using a nVidia GF 6150SE, but which driver are you using?
pjok_Anyone any good with Wubi? I'm getting "No root file system is defined" when Ubuntu is about to install - been around on the forums for about a month now without success. Someone please awnser! -.-
Don9307DDwi:  Why don't you try gpg: --recv-keys (Key ID)
Naryahow can I make a terminal launcher start on a different workstation?
Naryalike click it on my main workstation, but it runs on the 4th one
MaartenSo... I have a 2008 R2 server I want to connect to, and its RDP is configured to use Networl Level Authenticaten. That's not changing as  we've got all remaining XP stations set to use NLA, just can't connect to it yet from Ubuntu. Which client should be able to do RDP with NLA?
japanfredbodom, as stated in the pastebin, i can still ping (the host) from the VM, but i can't ping
DDwiDon9307, exact same thing, try it yourself gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-key 0x50A40F50
Don9307DDwi  Or try --recv-keys (Key ID)
Fandekasp_I've got a problem with my ssh connexion. I arrive from my client to connect to myuser@myip , but I have an error when I try to connect to myuser@mydns , starting with WARNING: POSSIBLE DNS SPOOFING DETECTED!
StereocaulonNarya, you could open an ssh session on the other box to your main work station
VCoolioNarya: if you use compiz, then try the place plugin, else try devilspie
Fandekasp_Do you know what should I do ? My ssh is working, but I have no .ssh directory in my ~/ , strange isn't it ?
flyfishingNvidia accelerated graphics driver (version current)
alien260Maarten: does it not connect using RDPv6?
NaryaStereocaulon, VCoolio: I misspoke. Its one computer, but the 4 desktop switchers. Thats what I was talking about
bodomjapanfred: staying to you pastedbin, your firewall is completely open now. You can ping
krazykrivdaI lost the top border of all windows where you can grab, and minimize maximize etc..anyone know how I can get that back?
VCoolioNarya: that's what I was talking about too
NaryaVcoolio: ok. so..what's compiz? lol I should just use the second option?
Action: Fandekasp_ has solved his problem ... it was the client ~/.ssh/known_hosts who was fucked, I've cleaned it and now my connexion works
japanfredbodom, nope, times out
hmwFandekasp_: try mkdir ~/.ssh
alien260krazykrivda: are you using emerald? if so try emerald --replace
japanfredbodom, PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
krazykrivdanot using emerald.. not to my knowledge alien260 .. i'm in gnome..
VCoolioNarya: compiz is the fancy window manager that you get when you set visual effects; devilspie is a small app that you can use to specify what the wm needs to do with a new window
bodomjapanfred: most probably it's a routing issue then
Maartenalien260: The default client seems to have RDPv5 only..... hence the question, which client I should install ;)
japanfredhowever, if i reboot the server, it works!
krabadorho can i set default sound card in lucid?
Don9307DDwi:  I just tried gpg:  --recd-keys 7AE26941 and was able to import that key to my keyring in under 1 second.
Stereocaulonkrabador, you have multiple sound cards?
hmwkrazykrivda: metacity ..replace   perhaps? also, try installing fusion-icon
hmwkrazykrivda: metacity --replace   sorry
Action: Fandekasp_ has solved his problem ... it was the client ~/.ssh/known_hosts who was fucked, I've cleaned it and now my connexion works
krabadorStereocaulon, yes, lucid have as default the one i can't use
NaryaVcoolio: ok so I dont think I have compiz. Ill use the second one :)
UltraParadigmWell, I guess I'm just going to stop using wine.  Only native programs
krazykrivdahmw thank you! that worked.. any idea how/why that would have happened.. all i did was reboot
Fandekasp_oops sorry
bodomjapanfred: is routing enabled? cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
UltraParadigmWine keeps not working, and now is broken all together.  And I can't fix it like humpty dumpty
hmwi have no idea, I just saw "emerald --replace" and knew you have Gnome ;-)
japanfredbodom, on the host?
krabadorStereocaulon, with the command less /proc/asound/modules
VCoolioNarya: install devilspie, then create a ~/.devilspie/anything.ds file in which you specify what to do with the terminal window; google for syntax
krazykrivdahaha! hmw to the rescue again
Stereocaulonkrabador, does the other soundcard register when you execute lspci? If you are  not sure, please pastebin the output of that command
krabadorStereocaulon, i can see the one i want use is the 2
NaryaVcoolio: thank you
japanfredbodom, on the host it is, yes
bcardarellaSo I have a binary in a directory that I'm explicitly setting in .bashrc When I echo $PATH I see that directory has the highest priority but when I call the binary Ubuntu tells me that I need to install it with apt-get
bcardarellaWhat am I doing wrong?
bcardarella(I don't want to install with apt-get)
MistaDizzWhere are youuuu
krabadorStereocaulon, no problem with lspci, i look it perfectly
bedwyrMistaDizz, connection hiccup?
japanfredbodom, i've just set 3 rules, and default to drop, now rebooting the server
krazykrivdaPidgin, Miranda, other.. What is recommended by useres in here?
japanfredbodom, when saving, does it do a /etc/init.d/networking restart?
CaptainTrekkrazykrivda, for what?
bodomjapanfred: mhh... it makes no sense: they're no DROP rules on firewall
krabadorStereocaulon, is that : Ensoniq ES1371 [AudioPCI-97] (rev 06)
gbear14275I can't play these videos with sound and I don't know why.  I have tried a couple things to get the sound working but no luck... Could someone please help me troubleshoot.
krazykrivdaCaptainTrek: genereal messneger
Stereocaulonkrabador, you can set the default card per sound server. Alsa would be a good place to start there.
krabadorStereocaulon, but isn't the default
CaptainTrekkrazykrivda, i use pidgin, but read this:
gbear14275on lucid, have medibuntu repos installed and the ffmpeg pacakges installed (I think)
CaptainTrek!best > krazykrivda
ubottukrazykrivda, please see my private message
japanfredbodom, wait for the physical box to come back, and i'll pastebin the iptables output now, with default action of drop on incoming
krazykrivdaha CaptainTrek i didn't ask for best.. i asked for what users in here recommend
BluesKajkrabador, if you have 2 soundcards , you need to set it the bios peripherals by disabling the card you don't want to use
CaptainTrekjust thought i'd mention it, krazykrivda :)
VCoolioNarya: here you have an example to place firefox on workspace 2, you can edit that
krazykrivdawell thank you :-)..
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