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nsaor: phobos committed revision 22431 (/projects/presentations): add Karen's tor brochure
nsaor: phobos committed revision 22432 (/website/trunk/en): change the youtube link to ours now.
hotaru2k3i'm having some trouble with torbutton... firefox crashes when loading any page through a proxy. if i disable the extension, firefox works fine.
SmirnoffHello, the tor and privoxy daemons are running but the tor "Test Setting" in tor button is failed, any ideas ?
MannySmirnoff: can you verify tor is working with another client?
SmirnoffHow to do that ?
Mannywhat are you using for irc?
Mannyyou could try setting xchat to use tor
Mannyoftc lets you use tor
SmirnoffTo test it it works ?
Mannyyeah, I'd wanna know that your tor is working
Smirnoff:S I didn't configure privoxy's config file
Mannyall better?
hotaru2k3anyone have any ideas why torbutton would be making firefox crash?
Mannyis this a recent version?
Mannyhotaru2k3: ^
hotaru2k3torbutton 1.2.5 and firefox 3.6.3
hotaru2k3if i turn on tor and try to load a page, it crashes.
hotaru2k3if i turn off tor, set firefox to use any proxy, and try to load a page, it crashes.
hotaru2k3if i disable the torbutton extension and try to load a page (using a proxy), it doesn't crash.
Mannywell if you see mikeperry in here, be sure to bug him
Mannyoh, and when you use tor without torbutton, does it still work?
hotaru2k3yes, using tor without torbutton works
Smirnoffwhen test setting of Tor button is running, the TorButton preference gets forzen
Mannyallright, sure sounds like torbutton to me.  only thing else you might try is creating a new profile and using torbutton with it
Mannymaybe something else u r using is conflicting with it
hotaru2k3i tried disabling all plugins and all other extensions and it still crashed when using torbutton
SmirnoffI got this: Tor proxy test: Local HTTP Proxy is unreachable. Is Polipo running properly?
Mannyhotaru2k3: as a workaround until someone else who knows something shows up, you could for the time being set it manually to use tor, and disable plugins manually
hotaru2k3hmmm... with a new profile it doesn't crash
SwissTorExithotaru2k3:  hi , have you installed torbutton on a new profile ? Mabye tried  "firefox -no-remote -p"  and create a nw profile for it and try again
SwissTorExityeah, you must always use a new profile if i am right , that's quite normal that it crash if you have plugins before
Mannyhotaru2k3: well there ya go.  not bad for me being retarded :)
MannySmirnoff: polipo != privoxy
Mannyfigure out which you're using
hotaru2k3and now i fixed the profile i was using before... just copied all the torbutton settings from prefs.js in the new profile to prefs.js in my original profile
SmirnoffManny, I set torbutton to use manually configured setting to work with provixy
Mannyso you're sure you're using privoxy
SwissTorExitTorbutton are already configured to use privoxy/polipo, both use same port ....
SwissTorExitbut yeah, you can manually too for sure ;)
Mannyit would be nice to be certain which of the two he is using
SwissTorExitwell it a sure thing while you can't have or better to say , you must have only one running, so not hard to know
SmirnoffI don't have polipo installed
SwissTorExiti don't like polipo for my part, it slow a lot my browsing on my system and mostly make problem when i have 10 or more pages open
SwissTorExitme too, no more lol
Mannypolipo should be faster actually
SwissTorExitbah some say that but on my 4 cores , privoxy are a lot more faster by me
SmirnoffWhen I unchecked polipo, some of the manual settings are gone
Mannybecause privoxy does url filtering by default, it has to load the whole page before displaying stuff
SwissTorExitbut i have privoxy 3.0.15
SwissTorExityeah, i see that it use a some ressource to load the page, mabye that's why slow on old system
ilterSebastian_: Hello. Now i can run tor- as a relay also.Here is my torrc file;
ilterBtw hello everyone.
SwissTorExitbut i agree that early when Tor used privoxy, it was outaded and bugged, it gived some timeout but that's fixed from very long time now and devloppement are really on heavy dev, so i don't really get why there changed so quick and without really tested actuall version privoxy, anyway the luck are that we have everyone the choose :D
SwissTorExithi ilter
SwissTorExitit was a improuvement for you with libevent2 ilter ?
MannySwissTorExit: how can it not be slower?
SwissTorExiti don't know, i just see in reality on the same machine, the rest i not have a clue
ilterSwissTorExit: Yes now i'm using latest libevent version (2.0.5-beta).
Arathorntips on activating torbutton in firefox to use your own bridge as a tor proxy? Is that even possible?
SebastianTorbutton has nothing to do with Tor's configuration
Sebastianyou'll want to add the bridge in Vidalia
Arathornbut then I have to select "run as client", which disables "run as bridge"?
ArathornWhen I tell torbutton to use localhost and the correct ports it says "Tor proxy test: No TorCheckResult id found (response not valid XHTML)"
nsaor: phobos committed revision 22433 (/website/trunk/include): os x i386 bundles now available.
SebastianArathorn: you cannot provide a bridge if you have to use one yourself to access the net
ArathornSebastian, I don't have to ... I jsut want to be able to. Firefox can use it, just as I use tor to access this irc channel, right?
phobosthe same tor process cannot both use a bridge and be a bridge
Arathornand since I run a bridge myself, I thought I could tell torbutton to connect firefox to tor through my own bridge
phobosin order to do what you want, you'd have to open the socks port on the bridge and then point your firefox at that IP:port
SebastianArathorn: ah, so you want to reduce the path length, basically.
SebastianThat's not possible, sorry
Arathornphobos, I am doing that on IRC, I am using localhost as proxy at the correct port, and I am torified on OFTC
SebastianYou can use your own bridge as a Tor client
Sebastianbut from there you will have three hops, just like everyone else
phobosright, because you're a client talking to your local tor process
Arathornbut torbutton won't play ball
Arathornirc connects successfully (as far as I can tell)
SebastianThat probably means you don't have an http proxy set up
ArathornBut other clients can use http through the bridge I'm running?
ArathornI feel like I'm missing something :p
SebastianWell, let's back up some
SebastianThere are two _completely different_ things going on
Sebastianone is that you are providing a bridge for others, that allows access to the Tor network for people who can't otherwise access it because it is blocked
Sebastianthe other is that you want to use Tor as a client yourself
Sebastianto do that, you need the regular setup consisting of Tor, Torbutton, and Polipo as an http proxy
SebastianNobody else can use your bridge as a client
ArathornWell, forget it then :) I jsut tried to connect IRC through lcalhost, and it worked! ... but I was surprised that firefox couldn't
Arathornbut it's no biggie
murblehmm i suppose i should move my bridges arround.
murble(suspious lack of traffic from any chinese network)
SebastianArathorn: irc uses socks directly
Sebastianfirefox's socks support sucks, so you need an http proxy.
Arathornthanks for the info :)
Arathornbut i just tried it for fun
Action: Arathorn currently gets 20 GB/day of bridge load ... not huge, but it's also growing
Sebastianthanks for running a bridge
murbleArathorn: yeah, i got up to about that, but i've noticed it has been about 20mb a day for the past week ;(
murbleare people in countries other than china using tor bridges much?
Arathornmurble, I have 13 countries in my clientsa list at the moment
murblei'm not seeing much evidence of that here.
nsaor: phobos committed revision 22434 (/projects/misc-sysadmin): add the other yatei.
Sebastianmurble: it might be that your bridge is simply in the unallocated block in the bridge db.
SebastianWe're working on exporting that information, see recent tor-dev posting
murbleSebastian: i'm pretty sure it wouldn't have got to 20G + a day
murbleand then stopped.
ArathornSaudi arabia, Germany, Australia, United arab emirates, Thailand, Japan, Iran, China, France, Pakistan, POland, Canada and the US
nsaor: sebastian committed revision 22435 (/projects/android/trunk/Orbot): Add a missing space to the build instructions
nsaor: sebastian committed revision 22436 (/projects/android/trunk/Orbot): Make it easier for others to be a little less stupid than I was.
st1ckif i used mapaddress for freenodes hidden service can i still use tor ...say to browse, will it use the freenodes hidden service for browsing ?
Sebastianno, it won't. Browsing should work fine
st1ckso i just add the mappaddress line and kill -HUP <pid>   and it work
nsaor: sebastian committed revision 22437 (/projects/android/trunk/Orbot): Don't build the Tor manpages
Sebastianif you do it right it should be as simple as that, yes
st1ckok thanks
nsaor: ioerror committed revision 22438 (/projects/android/trunk/Orbot/src/org/torproject/android/service): add some stuff for transproxy
collarmikeperry: regarding bug 1068 (disable rss feeds), "fixed in 1.2.5"--
collardoes that disable only the builtin updating of livemarks or also all uses of RSS? I'm using the NewsFox extension with 1.2.4.
--- Sat May 29 2010
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