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user123456789the tor client which has the hidden service lines in the torrc is
user123456789it would prb
user123456789it would probably help if i put HSAuthoritativeDir 1 in the torrc of the DirServer, I'll try that
user123456789oh, it is already in the torrc on the dirserver
user123456789the dirserver has this message in the log "Configured authority type does not match authority type in DirServer list, Adjusting (14 v 6)"
user123456789the version of tor on the dirserver is
OFFSharedir authorities type: (V1, V2,  * HIDSERV, BRIDGE).
user123456789OFFShare: do you know what the "(14 v 6)" means?
OFFShareuser123456789: sorry, not found in i don't have a 0.2.1.xx source...
user123456789just upgrading the dirserver to .25 now, perhaps things will be smoother then...
ilterSebastian_: ping?
graffz`is it possible to used a fix chain?
miscfor ?
misca fixed chain of relay ?
graffz`sorry, let me rephrase
graffz`i just want to relay on a certain host
graffz`point the TOR program to use a specific relay
DrThodtanyone setup tor on debian lenny? the torrc reads like its incompatible with how its installed as a daemon running with an init script
graffz`would that be possible misc?
iltergraffz`: It's possible. You can configure strictnodes afaik.
iltergraffz`: Look for strictnodes option on tor manual:
graffz`its embarassing to say but im on windows and im using the GUI with the vidalia bundle, how am suppose to do that
graffz`ilter: ok, im checking the web page now
ilterHmm .. I'm not sure how it's configured on Vidalia. Maybe you should ask it on #vidalia
ilterBut also on windows you can modify torrc file (tor configuration file) .
graffz`ilter: on what platform your using TOR?
iltergraffz`: I'm using Linux.
iltergraffz`: But sometimes i need to use win.
graffz`nice, i have compaq presario m2000
graffz`im planning to run linux on it
graffz`is hard to find drivers for notebook?
iltergraffz`: I don't think so but it's not a Tor issue.
graffz`ok, back to TOR, i know where the torrc file located
Last message repeated 1 time(s).
graffz`so i just add the lines there?
iltergraffz`: Yes.
graffz`ok, thank you sir ilter , brb trying it now
Action: dandon does he (graffz`) mean relay or exit node?
Sebastian_ilter: pong
ilterSebastian_: Hello. I hope you're doing well. I'd like to ask about simulation platform. Remember your script to set up private tor network. Do you have any idea to start traffics from different clients on the private network?
ilterSebastian_: Or is there a way to create random traffic on Puppetor?
Sebastian_In both cases, you need to program something. But with either my script or puppetor it is really easy to use an external source
Sebastian_like maybe a bittorrent client, or something that just fetches http documents from a list
Sebastian_just connect to the socksport of any of the clients
ilterSebastian_: Good point, if i write a program how to i connect to the sockport? Is there any example program?
Sebastian_ilter: well, I'd just use a program that someone has already written. Like wget :)
ilterSebastian_: Can we make http requests on it by using a specific port (i.e. sockport of a client)?
Action: ilter looks how wget works
Action: Sebastian_ suggests a web search for "wget socks proxy"
nsaor: [Tor Bug Tracker] #1376 filed by nickm:  #1376: router_rebuild_store() uses a needless tmp file -
nsaor:  In router_rebuild_store(), we use write_chunks_to_file() to build
nsaor:  cached_descriptors.tmp, and if that is successful, we rename
nsaor:  cached_descriptors.tmp to cached_descriptors.
nsaor:  But write_chunks_to_file() *already* uses a tmpfile to make sure that it[...]
Action: ilter thanks to Sebastian_
Sebastian_let me know how it goes, it should be very easy
ilterSebastian_: Ok i'm trying it.
bubbles|can i configure tor so that i have more than one ip at once?
bubbles|so that i have ip_1 on port 8081, ip_2 on port 8082, etc. ?
Sebastian_You can run Tor more than once
katmagicYou can, but you'd have to interact with the control port manually.
bubbles|control port?
Sebastian_katmagic: no, you cannot. Socksport can be set only once.
bubbles|ok, the next question is can i specify that one ip should be used for a few hours, rather than just 10 minutes?
bubbles|so that i can be sure the various ip_x IPs won't overlap
Sebastian_if you're talking to one host only, the trackhostexits optoin might be useful.
katmagicOld circuits won't migrate to the new routes, so if you do some evil magic you could, right?
bubbles|Sebastian_ where do i find it?
Sebastian_the manpage has stuff
bubbles|hm... i'm using it on windows (with vidalia=
bubbles|* )
ilterSebastian_: This page ( says i need to change environment variable. Is there any option to specify sockport instead of changing env. variables?
Sebastian_use a different program :)
ilterAre you using wget to specify socksport by changing env. variables?
Sebastian_(meaning: Yes, I have done that in the past)
OFFShareor .wgetrc
ilterSebastian_: Ok. What about torsocks? usewithtor?
DrThodtSocksPort 9050 # what port to open for local application connections
DrThodtin torrc
ilterDrThodt: If you answer for me thank you. I asked it to use wget over socksport which my tor client use.
DrThodtoh you want wget to go through polipo/tor?
Sebastian_ilter: I haven't analyzed most of those choices. Sorry.
ilterDrThodt: through tor
DrThodti cant even get my tor plugin to work :( lol
DrThodtim hosting tor on a debian box in the lan
ilterSebastian_: Thank you for pointing me wget. It's already so good for me.
ilterOFFShare: Thanks for your answer. Now i'm trying to add socksport on wgetrc file.
ilterDrThodt: tor plugin?
DrThodtthe tor plugin for firefox
DrThodtit still isnt connecting to tor
DrThodtim having to edit torrc and polipo conf to allow clients within my lan
ilterDrThodt: Do you use TorButton?
DrThodtnot working atm though
DrThodtcan someone double check my settings?
ilterDrThodt: I think you should change proxyAddress = ""
DrThodtwould outside hosts be able to connect?
DrThodt# Uncomment one of these if you want to allow remote clients to
DrThodt# connect:
DrThodt proxyAddress = ""    # IPv4 only
armathe backlog is confusing to me. what are you trying to do?
DrThodttor is running on host, id like any client in to be able to connect
armaah. is polipo or privoxy there too, or are they on your client machines? or are you skipping the http proxy
DrThodtjust polipo
armaand polipo is where?
DrThodton the .100 machine with tor
armaok. if your clients are talking to polipo, then a) tor can still just listen on localhost, and b) you need to tell polipo to listen on more than just localhost
dandonwhy are the "strongest" exit nodes situated in germany and as good as no servers are from sweden?
armaif your clients are talking to tor directly too (meaning socks proxy), skip 'a'
DrThodtok so default tor is fine, since using the proxy
armadandon: germany has a bunch of privacy fanatics. also servers there are cheap.
DrThodtso I need to fix:
DrThodt proxyAddress = ""
DrThodtallowedClients =
armadandon: people in sweden don't like privacy, clearly. or at least, don't like it enough.
dandonabout the paranoia i know. but isn't sweden supposed to be prime bandwdith land?
dandonyeah i guess
dandoneven though they're supposed to be atheists
armadandon: i'm going to there next week. i'll see if i can get a better answer.
dandonoh. nice. arma europe?
ilterOFFShare: When i add "http_proxy = " and "use_proxy = on" lines on wgetrc. But wget gives error: ERROR 501: Tor is not an HTTP Proxy. Any suggest?
murbdandon: i'd get just due to geography, germany is better connected to the internet than sweden.
dandonarma: yes you go to sweden, but you are swedish?
ilterDrThodt: arma is master, asking him is best. Sorry if i directed you wrongly.
OFFShareilter: http_proxy = http://localhost:8118  and use_proxy = on thats what i have..
armadrthodt: that sounds plausible
ilterOFFShare: So wget request reaches Tor over Polipo?
phoboswget wants an http proxy, not a socks proxy
phobossame with curl
OFFSharei use privoxy and that works.
ilterphobos: Is it reason wget can't use direct Tor?
phobosi've never been able to get wget nor curl to use tor as a socks proxy
phobosthey both want an http proxy
OFFShareso privoxy listens on 8118 for http requests.
ilterphobos, OFFShare, Sebastian_: Thank you so much. I got it.
OFFShareand wget "http://" works fine.
ilterYes now it works fine ..  
bubbles|ok, i started tor manually (over the command-line) but i get a "tor is not a http proxy" message
armabubbles|: you're trying to use your tor's socks port as an http proxy.
bubbles|hm.. but when using the socks proxy websites load much slower
bubbles|why is that?
bubbles|no, when starting it with vidalia it was much faster
nsaor: phobos committed revision 22250 (/projects/presentations): Add jacob's sourceboston presentation.
phobosdo you mean browsing the web was faster? or starting tor was faster?
bubbles|browsing was faster
phobosi suspect that's circuit dependent
bubbles|why? does vidalia have its own one?
armabubbles: you haven't really described enough for us to guess what you're doing.
bubbles|tor.exe -SocksPort 8084 -TrackHostExits . -TrackHostExitsExpire 21800 - then i put that port as a socks proxy in firefox and started surfing
armaah. yes, firefox can't do socks proxies directly. i mean, it can, but its socks proxy support is broken in quite bad ways.
armawe've been bugging them for a few years to fix it, but they don't fix it.
bubbles|ok, so what do i do?
armathat's why we suggest you use an http proxy.
bubbles|is that what vidalia does?
armavidalia is a gui for tor. depending on its config, it starts up tor, or a http proxy, or both, or neither.
armaperhaps you mean "is that what this bundle i installed that i am calling vidalia does?"
armatorbutton by default points to localhost 8118,
armaand the polipo that comes with the vidalia by default listens on localhost 8118
armas/the vidalia/the vidalia bundle/
armasame with the tor browser bundle
bubbles|and polipo then sends the http-requests to the tor-socks-proxy?
bubbles|is there a page like for polipo?
armaor 'no', depending on what you are wanting
dandonok. so i just want to clarify a small thing i already asked today.. flash and tor. [2010-04-13 21:03:40] <danieldg> I'm not sure if flash uses a proxy for anything; I know it doesn't for videos
bubbles|hm... i plan on starting multiple instances of tor (so that i can have different ips and the same time) - do i also have to start polipo multiple times for this to work properly?
dandoni think this statement is onl valid with on linux
armadandon: flash in general can choose whether it wants to use your proxy. that's bad news for your privacy.
dandonthere is no uid for flash on windows. afaik
dandonso what information apart from lso can be shared..
dandonsorrry. flash cookies
armabubbles: probably. what you want is not a common tor set-up.
armadandon: well, it could make outgoing connections bypassing tor, thus revealing your ip address.
armadandon: depending on which bugs have been fixed or not fixed lately, it can probably get you to run javascript on localhost, tricking you into reading or writing local files (and then it can send them out)
dandonhow do you want to wrap this if you don't have a process for flash in windows.. like this guide show for linux
dandonarma: ok
dandondo any experienced windows users hang around in this channel?
katmagicTor implements a transparent proxy internally.
blackpawdandon:What do you mean my experienced?
danieldgbubbles|: you can use a single instance of polipo if you don't mind all your traffic going through only one of the tor instances
dandonwho use windows.. not exclusively but on a regular basis. i still haven't downloaded freecap because i'm still searching for wrappers
dandoni ran across this linux few hours back so i just wondered..
danieldgon linux, you can do tricks with NAT and iptables statistic module to choose a tor instance randomly
ilterIs there any way to see history of files on svn? For example how can i learn when was this one created; ?
armailter: do an svn checkout, then 'svn log'
ilterarma: How can i do it?
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