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antibodyantibody> how can I set vidalia to start tor with strictexitnodes with a node list
antibody<antibody> is it possible?
antibody<antibody> (linux)
antibodyhi everyone, btw
kmmioerror: ping
armashaman0, our mongolian relay, is back.
Giannihello everyone
Giannidoes any Ita or kind benevolent online helping me using tor on mirc, please?
Sebastianhey Gianni, has a section on mirc. does that help?
GianniI'm takig a look, ty. Really hard for me
Giannifound it!
Giannithank you sebastian
GianniI'll let you know
GianniI have to warn another problem I usually having. May I expose here?
Giannior #tor-dev ?
GianniIn short, If I reboot the pc Tor run. If I don't reboot. It doesnt run. Run I Mean It can't connetct to the Tor network
Giannilittle strange issue on me
Gianniconnection refused by peer
GianniBut If I reboot the pc, It runs great
Action: Gianni slaps Sebastian around a bit with a large trout
Giannihello fossiiil
Sebastianhey Gianni
Sebastianhere is the right place for questions.
Giannihola seb
GianniI can't understand why my Tor Runs only when I Reboot the PC
SebastianYou might want to talk more about your setup
Giannii.e. now I want to conncet to the Tor network and It says "connection reset by peer". If I go reboot. It runs.
GianniI'm on win7 x64 and win fireall is up
Sebastianyou mean if you run it for a while it stops working?
GianniI mean that It works but I need to reboot the pc
Giannieach time. i.e. If I go without Tor for a while then i need to reboot to go Tor
Giannibecause right now it says "connection reset by peer"
Sebastianwhere does it say that?
Sebastianin mIRC?
Giannion Vidalia panel
Gianniwhere I got the "play" botton.
Giannipushing play and receive the connetion reet by peer
Sebastianmaybe you can make a screenshot? I don't understand what you're trying to tell me at all.
armagianni: which irc network are you connecting to?
GianniWell, I will connect to irc after. Now I'm trying to connect to the tor network through this panel.
SebastianGianni: right
Sebastianbut there is no error so far, is there?
GianniIt doesn't go "connection reset by peer". BUT If I reboot the pc - It runs.
Gianniyep there is error but I didn't screened it
Gianni"connection reset by peer"
GianniIf you mind I can recreening with the message
GianniI disabled firewall - closed browser and any apps
Giannino way, the only way is to reboot pc
Sebastianthat sounds like maybe Tor didn't really terminate when you tried to close it or something. But hm...
Giannigoing to reboot
Gianninow it works :)
armawhat changed?
armaalso, if it's not working, click on 'message log' and it might tell you more
squigglestor is exiting with this: Jun 26 03:09:55.127 [err] strmap_get(): Bug: container.c:1017: strmap_get: Assertion map failed; aborting.
squigglesWhat would be the cause of it?
squigglesIt was working fine before.
squigglesIt happens when i add another DirServer line
DarkNemesis_squiggles, just a guess here umm... an assertion failure
DarkNemesis_do you use a password?
squigglesWhat do you mean by that?
squigglesDarkNemesis_, a password for what?
squigglesActually, it seems to happen only when i add this particular directory server line. The first one is okay, but the second one wonīt run by itself or with the first one.
squigglesIīm not sure why that is, given the other directory server is configure with both and isnīt exiting with this error.
squigglesOn my private tor network, the Vidalia client on WinXP is hanging with: [warn] Received http status code 404 ("Not found") from server '$IP:$PORT' while fetching consensus directory.
squigglesI fixed my previous problem by switching one machine to being a relay, and the other to being a directory authority.
zhxkshow me a private bridge
zhxk bridge,bridge,bridge
zhxkbridge,bridge,bridge,show me tor bridge
Sebastianzhxk: that's enough.
zhxki cant start tor without an avilable bridge
apparlehello guys, I am connected to internet via a proxy server and strict firewall with only port 80 &443 allowed. Can I use tor
rockyapparle: set FascistFirewall to 1 in your torrc and you should be fine
apparlerocky: so I can use IRC with tor... awesome...
maqrollI'm running a Tor client and relay. maps into or etc. etc. rather the English/US site.
maqrollHow can I fix this?
dr|z3dmaqroll: substitute for
dr|z3dyou may want to add a new search engine via to do that; you may also wish to edit keywordURL in Firefox's about:config
maqrollYour first suggestion doesn't work. Right not Firefox always takes me to! I'll try the other recipes. Thx.
_4getmaqroll: use it doesn't have geolocation redirect so far
_4getbut never omit the www part
dr|z3dIf my first suggestion doesn't work, then you're not implementing it correctly, maqroll :)
maqroll_4get: that works. Thx.
dr|z3dIn any event, https google is probably an even better response, for now.
dr|z3d#1 suggestion was for Fx's quicksearch bar; #2 for the automated search from the location bar. (keyword search).
dr|z3dFeel free to repurpose that information using
maqrolldr|z3d: K. I was triying it on the location bar and not the search.
dr|z3dOf course, that will only work for google search. Google maps, google images etc will still likely return localized results.
dr|z3dmaqroll: Well, you might also need to restart Fx to see that updated, or at the very least, spawn a new window.
dr|z3d(that is, after you'd edited about:config)
dr|z3dCurious, no longer holds firm. It used to.
dr|z3dFor images etc, you could use or
maqrolldr|z3d: thx for all the tips. maps seems OK right now.
Action: dr|z3d wonders out loud why Reporters Without Borders would team up with Xerobank to offer anonymity to journalists.
murbbecause there was money in it?
dr|z3dOne assues they're a not for profit, in which case Tor would make a better partnership.
murband good marketing for Xerobank, whatever that is, i assume it is some kind of VPN service?
dr|z3dThat's too simplistic. Xerobank obviously gets the marketing cred, sure.. Xerobank is a commercial Tor service, in essence.
dr|z3dRun by the not-very-popular-around-here-man-of-fud aka Steve Arrakis, iirc.
Sebastianexcept it's not Tor at all
dr|z3dLast time I cared to look, Xerobank was using its own Tor network.. maybe that's changed?
murb " If deemed not to be malicious, the log is wiped" -- but they first claim they don't keep logs.
dr|z3dSure, they're exposing their users to legal risk by being susceptible to subpoeanas, and charging them for the privilege.
murbso they have no servers in the us or uk, how does that help?
Sebastianlet's try not to explain how they are obviously wrong and stupid again, please.
murbokay, in anycase this is #nottor material.
dr|z3dIt's a cynical ploy to promote their own commercial interests.. like I said, Tor seems like an infinitely more fitting alliance for Reporters without Borders.. I suggest that someone make representations to Reporters without Borders. As to Xerobank's inanity, I leave that as a research exercise to the reader. :)
ilterCould you say what does this debug log means? Is this log occurred only on relays?; circuit_n_conn_done(): or_conn to abc/, status=1
kmmioerror: ping
ioerrorhi kmm
aantnhi, i can't connect to tor
aantnthe following is from the log file: "Jun 26 21:45:45.311 [Warning] Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 10%: Finishing handshake with directory server. (DONE; DONE; count 3; recommendation warn"
aantnI've tried using vidalia to add the 3 bridges I got by emailing but it didn't seem to help
aantnshould I try using each bridge, one at a time?
Sebastianaantn: do you suspect that your access to Tor might be blocked?
SebastianOr do you think it might be some technical problem?
aantnSebastian: it might be. i'm using the israeli ISP rimon which filters their internet :(
Sebastiandid it ever work?
aantnit could also be the firewall on the home network
aantnoutgoing ports shouldn't be blocked, but just in case how can i switch away from port 9051
aantn(i'm also checking the router config, but could the ISP blocks 9051 to block tor?)
Sebastianmove away from 9051?
Sebastianalso, what happens when you go to ?
aantnSebastian: I'm not familiar with tor. is 9051 just the local control port?
aantnSebastian: that's blocked by my isp
aantnSebastian: ah, never mind about 9051 then
aantnSebastian: do any ports need to be open to incoming traffic?
Sebastianok, then your best bet would be to try and find more bridges until you find one that works.
aantnSebastian: okay, vidalia outputs "establishing an encrypted directory connection failed (done)"
aantnSebastian: i should just add as many bridges as possible and that tor will keep on trying with different bridges?
aantn(right now I have the 3 ports I got by emailing
dr|z3dYou might grab a different set if you request them via Vidalia.. they're staggered in delivery, to frustrate the censors.
Sebastiancan't grab them via vidalia
Runayou can grab bridges via vidalia, but they will be the same as the set on the website
Runa(in general, that is, haven't read backlog, probably should have)
dr|z3dAh, so they're all synchronized regardless of source. Ok, didn't realize that was the case.
Runadr|z3d: I believe the set you get via email is different, but website and vidalia-button is the same
Sebastianaantn can't fetch via vidalia because his isp censors...
dr|z3dRuna: Sure.. he requested his via e-mail..
dr|z3dAs a workaround to censorship, it might be worth trying to access the site via I2P's outproxy. Maybe that isn't censored.
dr|z3dHell, someone could just pm him some new bridges, since he's here!
--- Sun Jun 27 2010
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