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spamhamis there some simple way to set up a local "proxy" that will catch requests to, say, localhost/ and forward them through the local tor socks proxy?
spamham(to make up for firefox's apparent inability to set per-tab proxies...)
spamhamI suppose you'd have to rewrite the html links in the returned html pages too
bjaspamham: i heard about foxy proxy or something like it, people said it worked wonders, i just haven't got the time to try it out
Tasthe proxy autoconfiguration file can do that, too
Tasall about pac files:
spamhambja: right, could try that again... had some issues with getting tor-dns to work, but maybe with privoxy or polipo one won't need any special treatment for dns
spamham(if firefox sends the hostname to the proxy rather than trying to resolve it itself)
anrxcspamham: do you know newer firefox can send dns requests trough socks proxy?
spamhamanrxc: yes. But it's harder if you want to use foxy-proxy to only use tor for .onion urls :) seemed to work or fail at random ;)
spamham(foxyproxy switches the proxy on or off depending on url)
__LirezhI've integrated dirservers1, is there another configuration I need to add ?
BarkerJris my tor relay tax deductible?
nickmdonated services generally aren't tax-deductible in the US, I think.  but i am not a lawyer. :)
wseltzerThe IRS has a pamphlet on deductible expenses: #
wseltzererr, that was supposed to be a paste of the URL
spamham_maybe if you bought the server for the express purpose? but IANAL
nickmif you _gave_ the tor project the server, probably.
nickmbut fwiw, if we knew a way for all server ops to claim a tax deduction, we'd tell people about ut. :)
__LirezhHmm what is the trouble with eventdns.c ?
__LirezhI forgot how I made that compileable
__Lirezhusing mingw
nickmit builds on mingw for us most days
andreijis there any tor discussion board?
phobosnot yet
phobosBarkerJr: we've been advised tor relays are not tax deductible under USA laws, however if you want to try for the deduction, they can say no
phobosor maybe the IRS says yes and people can then donate their relay costs, but only if it's dedicated to just tor
andreijmy tor is not able to load OR descriptors, the hole day, i am from germany
phoboswhat version of tor?
andreijvidalia 0.1.15, also AdvTor
andreijweek ago it worked
andreij"connection to a relay directory failed (no route to host)"
phoboswhat is advtor?
andreijsome other tor client
phoboswe also updated tor directory authorities and new versions last week
phobosthat vidalia 0.1.15 is old
BarkerJrmaybe you just need to give out receipts to tor relays for the value of their donation?
BarkerJrI don't really care, though... I don't spend enough on tor to matter :)
andreijmy tor works after a new install..
phobosBarkerJr: that's exactly what we can't do
phoboswe can say "thank you for running a relay from (start date) to (end date), you've helped provide online anonymity, privacy, blah, blah, blah..."
phobosbut the person doing the deducting has to value their donation, not us
phobosbecause it's a conversation between the person and their tax authority
phobos"i donated a tor server valued at $1 billion us dollars in 2009" irs> lol, try you paid $100/mo for 2 months. denied! welcome to auditland!
BarkerJrisn't my service priceless to the users? :P
phobosto the users, yes
phobosnot to the irs
BarkerJrr1eo, I just filed 1233 for corrupt bridge history
__Lirezhis tor overloaded ? I keep getting "Directory busy, try again later"
BarkerJrcan you tell what directory it is?
__LirezhJan 26 03:27:47.236 [info] connection_dir_request_failed(): Giving up on directory server at ''; retrying
__LirezhJan 26 03:27:48.024 [info] connection_dir_request_failed(): Giving up on directory server at ''; retrying
__LirezhI also got: Jan 26 03:27:48.502 [debug] directory_get_from_dirserver(): Deferring serverdesc fetch: all authorities are in use.
__LirezhMy boot is stuck at 45%
__Lirezhi tried removing the data directory a few times, no help
BarkerJrjust to be sure, you are on or, right?
__Lirezhyes .22
__LirezhI am getting a lot of those serverfetch errors
BarkerJrI'm not seeing them
__LirezhHave any idea about possible causes?
BarkerJrnot from me, sorry
__LirezhHmm I also see: Jan 26 03:25:20.839 [info] router_pick_trusteddirserver(): No trusted dirservers are reachable. Trying them all again.
__LirezhThis might be the real cause
__LirezhI had the same error before, that's why I upgraded to latest
__Lirezhthat's why it is stuck at 45% i guess
__LirezhCrazy I keep getting Jan 26 03:53:26.748 [debug] directory_get_from_dirserver(): Deferring serverdesc fetch: all authorities are in use.
__LirezhStill boot is locked to 45% because the servers deny me the descriptor download
andreijcan i see all the descripptor data tor is downloadloading with the standard client..
andreijonion keys etc..
__Lirezhis it possible FetchDirInfoEarly is flawed in the late releases ?
__LirezhThat might have caused my issues
__Lirezh6 hours of bug searching ;)
nsaor: Christopher Davis <>: 2010-01-20 17:20:41 [polipo/master]: Detect overflow when parsing integers.
nsaor: Christopher Davis <>: 2010-01-26 04:54:47 [polipo/master]: Merge branch 'parseint'
r1eonumber of running relays goes down.
Sebastian__Lirezh: flawed in what way?
Sebastianalso, why do you set that option?
Sebastianln5: hey. It looks like the guy at Apple didn't tell the truth
Sebastianln5: compiling openssl 0.9.8l on OS X and statically linking Tor against it creates a working tor
Sebastianln5: also, no update on my bugreport with apple
cweiskeHi. I am using tor on my debian server and constantly get "Not enough good signatures on networkstatus consensus" in my log files. what can I do?
cweiske(3 good ones0
ln5Sebastian: hey.  so it's been verified that /usr/lib/libssl.0.9.8.dylib
ln5      doesn't work with tor?  
Sebastiancweiske: hrm. weasel: any updates on the new package?
ln5i would do it myself if only i could understand why that dyld creature doesn't honour DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH.
weaselSebastian: which new package?
Sebastianweasel: the new package
weaselit will be in the next stable point release.
Sebastianah ok
Sebastianlike my new glibc :?
Sebastianwhich authority is down?
Sebastianln5: I think so.
cweiskeSebastian, if you mean me: "Unable to load consensus directory downloaded from server ''"
Sebastiancweiske: hrm, that's dannenberg
andreijhow do i open a stream like in control-spec
andreijtcp connect to op port?
Shamanhello, world
Shamanwhat would be a fair number of file desc for 256kB/512kB of bw allocated to tor?
Shamanw/ 4096, it still continues to cry
SebastianShaman: At least 10k
SebastianShaman: but there's not really a good reason to limit it at all, so why not give it more
Sebastiancweiske: hrm. A good solution would be to upgrade to
ShamanSebastian: I simply want to have a limit for sec purpose.
Sebastianwhat kind of security?
cweiskeSebastian, thanks - will try that
Sebastiancweiske: That's a good idea anyways
ShamanI don't want to have a process that can virtually break the system if it start to work bad (ie eat all the possible file descriptor for the whole system)
cweiskeSebastian, that version is the latest stable in debian, the reason I have it
cweiskebut I'll use the newer ones now
Sebastiancweiske: I know. Debian doesn't like updating software ;)
SebastianShaman: well sure, just set it to 20k. That should be sufficient.
ShamanI just did that right now. Will see if it's better
SebastianuSuRa: ping
ShamanI'm quite impressed by how fast new connections are comming, once the tor is started
Sebastianln5: So if your Apple guy can tell us why Tor with static openssl works and the one with dynamically loaded openssl doesn't, that'd be neat. Otherwise, he can claim whatever he want
ln5Sebastian: Sure.  I've just convinced my dyld to load /usr/lib/libssl.0.9.8.dylib instead of the /opt/local/lib one from macports.  How would I confirm that I have or have not the renegotiation problem?
Sebastianstart Tor
Sebastianwithout a torrc
ln5so i have, but do i have to actually push traffic through it to verify?
ln5i'd like to read some  debug output
SebastianTor will warn if renegotiation fails
ln5linus-2:~% DYLD_PRINT_LIBRARIES=y tor -f /tmp/empty
ln5dyld: loaded: /usr/lib/libssl.0.9.8.dylib
ln5dyld: loaded: /usr/lib/libcrypto.0.9.8.dylib
ln5Jan 26 10:38:32.482 [notice] Tor has successfully opened a circuit. Looks like client functionality is working.
ln5Jan 26 10:38:32.482 [notice] Bootstrapped 100%: Done.
ln5-rwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  894736 Nov 21 04:02 /usr/lib/libssl.0.9.8.dylib
ln5now, one can wonder whether that library is really the newest 0.9.8l.
ln5i'll try to find out
andreijdoes tor proxy have a config file on win?
andreijah k
ln5hmm... I run
SwissTorExitmorning to everyone, it is some problems with Tor network ? i have only 280 relays founds and it work really bad
Sebastianyes, there is a problem. We're working on the fix.
SwissTorExithi Sebastian, good morning my friend, oh ok, so it's not by me while the last git libevent have compile problem too but that other thing :P
SwissTorExitthanks Sebastian and i will see about the news, good luck ;D
cweiskeis it normal that the log is full of "404 not found" info messages?
Sebastiancweiske: not really. Paste one of them, please?
Sebastiancweiske: we're currently experiencing a very unstable Tor network.
cweiskebtw, I have tor now
cweiskebut the connection seems to work now
Sebastianit should
Sebastianthe log messages are there because of general network problems
Sebastiansorry for your problems
cweiskeno problem
cweiskei'm used to problems :)
Sebastianthat's a little sad to hear
ln5Sebastian: manage too bootstrap with v0.2.2.7-alpha (git-69c0147ea6725a63) too, using /usr/lib/libcrypto.0.9.8.dylib
Sebastianln5: did you see my pastebin?
ln5could you get hold of ls -l and md5 of failing libcrypto.0.9.8.dylib?
ln5we have about the same stuff loaded, I'll comment with my output
ln5in the paste
SebastianMD5 (/usr/lib/libssl.0.9.8.dylib) = c4d404ab688c502dfe0a0aefcebf3c5c
Sebastianyou asked for the other file
ln5no, libssl is fine
SebastianMD5 (/usr/lib/libcrypto.0.9.8.dylib) = 2a592d45bfdaa227cc2f3edd83285b9b
ln5but my paste was bad
ln5how do i tell the pastebin to behave?
ln5MD5 (/usr/lib/libssl.0.9.8.dylib) = c4d404ab688c502dfe0a0aefcebf3c5c
ln5we have the same library, weird
ln5I commented on your pastebin but it got formatted badly
Sebastianah. no idea.
ln5pretty weird, huh?
cweiskeSebastian, thanks for you help and goodbye
Sebastianthanks for running a relay
Sebastianln5: we should probably document this in bug 1225... I have no idea what's going on.
ln5I'll try to squeeze it in tonight.  If you beat me to it, so be it. ;-)
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