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arosenbergSetting up a Snow Leopard box and can't get the unstable vidalia bundle to work. Ticket #512 doesn't seem to affect it. Tor seems to work, but the problem seems to be proxy-related.
Sebastian_arosenberg: so you installed torbutton, and toggled it on? What happens?
arosenbergFireFox reports "The proxy server is refusing connections"
Sebastian_try closing Vidalia, moving the Library/Vidalia folder someplace else, and reopening Vidalia
Sebastian_hrm, gotta go. Time to sleep. Good luck, if you still have a problem I'm sure other people can help.
arosenbergSebastian_: thanks. that seems to kick it in the head properly.
RaptorRibsWhen I get a 504 Connect error while trying to go to an .onion site, what does that mean? It's happening to a lot but not all sites I've tried.
RaptorRibsIt says 504 Connect to websiteaddress.onion failed: SOCKS error: host unreachable
phobosdoes your message log show an error similar?
phobos"unable to find [scrubbed].onion host"
RaptorRibsIt says [Notice] Closing stream for '[scrubbed].onion': hidden service is unavailable (try again later).
phobosthat generally means one of two things; 1) the hidden service is down, 2) your client can't find an introduction point to the hidden service
RaptorRibsAhh, allright.
frazzydeeif I'm using a laptop (which is disconnected often & has a different IP address during the day), does it help or hurt to run a tor exit node?
phobosyou won't get much traffic
frazzydeesorry I should mention, it's connected all night, but disconnected/switches IPs during the day
phobosbecause you need to be online for a few hours consistently before clients will find and use it
frazzydeephobos: I do get a bit of traffic at night, and I have the same IP every night
phoboswell, empircal data wins
frazzydeephobos: but you're right, it's not a lot
frazzydeedo you think it helps, or just cloggs the network?
phobosit all helps
mikeperrywell, that's not true. that sort of setup would be terrible to run as a bridge right now. but its good enough for an exit
mikeperryI don't believe current tor clients are good at tracking bridges when they change IPs
mikeperrywhich is unfortunate, because that is something that would be really good for a bridge to do
mikeperryarma has some plan to try to follow bridges by orhash, but I don't think its implemented yet, and it won't do you much good if that was your last bridge that just changed
nsaor: [polipo/master] 2010-03-24 03:23:30 Christopher Davis <>: Rewrite memrchr to avoid an unsigned integer underflow.
nsaor: [polipo/master] 2010-03-24 03:40:40 Christopher Davis <>: Update CHANGES.
jzherhas anybody in china managed to access tor network without using bridges?
mikeperryprobably works from time to time. they seem to do blocking in waves, and there is a high amount of churn in t[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[Che tor network
mikeperryirssi fail
mikeperrykarsten's stats extrapolate from long-lived nodes though, iirc. so his stats tell us no one from china can access the normal network
mikeperryI suspect this is not 100% correct
ln5mikeperry: disk on salsa is filling up pretty quickly and will be full within a couple of days.  could we clean up more aggresively or should i try to find some more disk?
mikeperryln5: cleaning it out now
ln5great.  let me know what you need to stay on the machine and for how long and i'll hack up something to clean up periodically.
ln5i'm really not aware of exactly what you're copying off the machine.  you've probably told me and i've forgotten it.
mikeperryln5: there's a cron job on my server that scps the bwscan.V3BandwidthsFile off it every hour. that's all I really need to stay there. I just removed all the .sqlite files. I thought I had patched the scanners to not snapshot those in the first place, but I guess I didn't. doing that now
ln5sounds good.
nsaor: mikeperry committed revision 22042 (/torflow/trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority):
nsaor: Disable saving sqlite files. They take up too much space.
nsaor: mikeperry committed revision 22043 (/torflow/branches/stable/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority):
nsaor: Disable saving sqlite files. They take up too much space.
mikeperryok going to restart the scanners so that they stop writing these files
ln5mikeperry: sure, thanks.
mikeperrymaybe I should git pull and rebuild tor while I'm at it
mikeperrywoah, no git
ln5should be.
mikeperrymaybe its not in the scanner user's path
ln5hmm, nope.
ln5i'll fix it.
ln5gah! build errors. :( wtf.
ln5mikeperry: there.
nsaor: pootle committed revision 22044 (/translation/trunk/projects/website/nl): Commit from The Tor Translation Portal by user Infinity. 67 of 67 messages translated (0 fuzzy).
nsaor: pootle committed revision 22045 (/translation/trunk/projects/website/nl): Commit from The Tor Translation Portal by user Infinity. 23 of 23 messages translated (0 fuzzy).
DeliriumIs there someone who I can consult about Orbot?
Sebastian_just ask your question
Deliriumok, I just don't know how to describe this bug and am not sure is there bug at all
DeliriumI have HTC hero with Chinese firmware
Deliriumbuild number 1.79.482.3
Deliriumwell, I'm in China now
Delirium(but I am not chinese)
Deliriumand "ISP blocks connecting to tor network"
Deliriumabout my device
Deliriumwhen I bought it
Deliriumit was already rooted
DeliriumIn console I can write su
Deliriumthen it asks me question like "Accept/Decline/Always"
DeliriumLast Orbot is installed
Deliriumbut when I start it, firstly everything seems like device hanged
Deliriumthen I see it tries to connect, it took too long time for it
Deliriumso... it just freezes
Deliriumthe way I cannot even open a menu to set bridges for it
Deliriumactually, I never even saw a menu, since I cannot open it
Deliriumnothing happens after I push the button
Deliriumthe only button what has response is "home"
Sebastian_yeah, that certainly sounds like a bug
Sebastian_can you reach to file a repot?
Deliriumok, I'll try to describe it in a proper way
NeerajSebastian_: read 3 pdfs... too much time consuming
Neerajgot an idea of the onion method
Sebastian_Delirium: also stick around in irc, n8fr8 might have an idea
Deliriumis every rooted droid phone asks "Accept/Decline/Always" when application tries to do something with root privileges?
Sebastian_I don't know, I've never used a rooted phone
Neerajbut still many are left
n8fr8an idea!
Sebastian_Neeraj: well, yeah, don't read them all
n8fr8Delirium: yes basically the app is calling "su"
n8fr8or sudo
n8fr8and that causes the gui prompt
n8fr8one optimization that Orbot needs is to remember if you decline, and to save that state for the rest of that app session
NeerajSebastian_: should i read the latest ones..... to have an idea of what is going on lately
Sebastian_Neeraj: I'm sorry, but you'll need to figure it out yourself, I think.
Sebastian_We do expect our students to figure out what they want to do by themselves ;)
Deliriumok, I'll try to decline
n8fr8Delirium: so does the Orbot icon turn yellow at all?
n8fr8how far does it get? we have others on China Mobile w/ Hero that are working fine
Deliriummoment, I'm connecting to laptop's wifi
Deliriumlaunched Orbot...
DeliriumNow black screen, nothing happened
DeliriumMenu doesn't appear on push
DeliriumSorry! Activity Orbot is not responing
n8fr8okay. so now exit, and try ACCEPT this time
n8fr8and tell me if something different happens
Deliriumblack screen again
Deliriumnothing happens, at least on the screen
DeliriumSorry! Activity Orbot is not responing
n8fr8okay, so basically it is crashing on start
n8fr8Do you have the Android SDK installed by chance?
DeliriumI may try to do the same sequence after rebooting of a phone
n8fr8do you know how to get the adb log output?
n8fr8"adb logcat"
DeliriumI think yes, at least in Eclipse :)
n8fr8you can run that cmd from within the tools dir
n8fr8of the sdk
Deliriumyes, I know how to see a log... I'll do it right now
n8fr8great. you can post the text into:
CTCP PING: 1269440360 21340 from Magellan (Magellan! to #tor
narrwhat THE
narrfor some reason my tor node is back up
narri have tried for DAYS, everything, and couldn't get it back up
narrand now, nothing changed, but it's back
somegeekduckie: I finally got that script working the way I want
duckiesomegeek: excellent, does it do your dishes too?
somegeekwait ... $ do_dishes >> script
somegeeks/$ /$ echo
formalistexcuse me?
formalistyou're harassing us, aren't you? j/k
atagarhmmm... snippet from the control-spec I'm having some difficulty decyphering ( - if tor just replies with the keyword then how am I supposed to determine this 'default' value?
atagarheading out for a bus - if anyone knows then please ping me when I pop up at the atagar_work alias
shahnparse the manpage?
shahnI guess the config options stuff could have been used there
shahngood thing I removed that
shahnbut I think not saying a value is still poor design
brah-my tor isn't working anymore
brah-freezes at loading network status
brah-it appears your guys main exit node is down too, magey
brah-i've tried more than 1 version of tor, none are working
phobosthere is no "main exit node"
brah-main as in what you route most traffic through
brah-for speedup
phobosperhaps you misunderstand tor
phobos"we" don't route anything, the tor client does all the work
brah-that's not what arma said
brah-im well aware the path is client side
phobosthis is tangential to the point
brah-anyway you have any idea why tor isn't working for me?
phobosdo your logs have any errors?
brah-Feb 24 13:46:42.390 [Notice] Application request when we're believed to be offline. Optimistically trying directory fetches again.
brah-Feb 24 13:46:38.656 [Notice] Tried for 120 seconds to get a connection to [scrubbed]:6667. Giving up. (waiting for circuit)
phobosis your tor not working or one application not working through tor?
phobosif you have the gui installed, what color is the onion?
brah-applications aren't working, and viadlia isn't giving the greenlight
brah-its yellow
brah-stuck on the message loading network status
brah-this is the last message i got before the two above
brah-Feb 24 13:41:46.031 [Notice] Bootstrapped 25%: Loading networkstatus consensus.
phoboswhen did it work last?
brah-I used it last few days ago
brah-i've tried different tor versions, restarting tor and vidalia and installing newer vidalia too
brah-no firewall or ip blockers are running
brah-im not using a bridge no
brah-im not in china
phobosi use bridges and i'm not in china
brah-bridges is clearly not the answer
phobosso, if you switch to info level logging, any actual errors?
phoboslike "unable to extend circuit to"
phobosalso, which version of tor?
brah-ill try that
brah-Feb 24 13:52:27.171 [Info] connection_dir_client_reached_eof(): Unable to load consensus directory downloaded from server ''. I'll try again soon.
brah-what could cause that
brah-im using latest alpha version
brah-Feb 24 13:52:17.765 [Info] circuit_build_times_set_timeout(): Set circuit build timeout to 23s (23447.606696ms, Xm: 2025, a: 0.657128) based on 1000 circuit times
brah-Feb 24 13:52:17.765 [Info] circuit_expire_building(): Abandoning circ 0 (state 2:connecting to server, purpose 5)
brah-Feb 24 13:52:17.765 [Info] exit circ (length 1, exit B1BFFE96D67CC1BD7EF6A9D4AC618AF681012A3E): $B1BFFE96D67CC1BD7EF6A9D4AC618AF681012A3E(closed)
brah-Feb 24 13:52:17.765 [Info] circuit_build_failed(): Our circuit died before the first hop with no connection
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