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Action: bja greets the channel
OFFShareps ax | grep tor   and  kill -term <pidoftor>
kfishersudo killall tor ?
kfisheri used commnad sudo killall tor, then i just restarted vadilia and it working...
Sebastiankfisher: those two optoins aren't compatible
kfishernow i have another question on how to set a defaul exit relay. using the hash and inputing it into the config file
Sebastianif you reconfigure vidalia, choose "don't start tor on boot"
Sebastianthen Vidalia can start it.
kfisherHuh? so what is running tor now tor or vadilia?
Sebastiannow Vidalia is starting Tor
kfisherwhen i reboot i will have same problem do i fix it. config vidalia to not start on reboot
Sebastiandpkg-reconfigure vidalia, I think
Sebastianthen choose not to start Tor on boot
bjaRuna: Is there a way i can review the translations i've submitted on the pootle server?
kfisherits asking me if i want to stop the exiting tor process and let vidalia start tor? no, yes(just for now), or Yes(and disable it for every boot)
kfishernever mind, i didnt read ur no response
xtoasterbja: you committed ? then you have to commit it again i guess. i used to commit my translation more than 5 times in 1 minute. :-)
Sebastiankfisher: right, yes(disable for every boot)
kfisherif i disable for everyboot, does that just mean that i need to manually start vidalia when i reboot?
bjaxtoaster: What do you mean by committin, doesn't the Submitt button do that automagically?
Sebastiankfisher: I'm sure your desktop environment has a way to start gui applications when you log in
xtoasteruh let me check. i dont remember quite clearly
kfisheris is my w7 main machine; now i have another question on how to set a defaul exit relay. using the hash and inputing it into the config file
xtoasterbja: submit ? you mean the submit blew the textbox ?
xtoasterno it doesn't commit.
kfisherExitNodes server1, server2, server3
kfisherStrictExitNodes 1  ----this is what needs to be imput in the config file, but when i put a hash in it cannot connect
xtoasterkfisher: where did you get the hash ? are you sure the hashed exit is running ?
bjaxtoaster: Ok I'll look at the changes and try to commit them
kfisheri logged in as client and pulled it from the lister of servers on the map
xtoasterbja: modify at will :) pootle commit the po file to svn server and cache the translated sentences
kfisherits starts with a $ and bunch of numbers
xtoasterbja: the commit link is hidden under "Show Editing Functions "
bjaxtoaster: thx i'll take a look asap
xtoasterkfisher: yep. but you got to be sure the exit is not sleeping :)
xtoasteranyway what about trying some more exits
kfisherhow do i check if its sleeping. i put 3 different exit nods in the config.
xtoasternot sure. i guess 3 is not enough to save you from bad luck :)
OFFSharecached-consensus file.
kfisher[19:51:20] Your Computer's Clock is Potentially Incorrect - Tor has determined that your computer's clock may be set to 3310 seconds in the past compared to the source "DIRSERV:". If your clock is not correct, Tor will not be able to function. Please verify your computer displays the correct time.
kfisherCould this be different time zones
Sebastiankfisher: is that on windows or Linux?
xtoastermy tor used to keep crashing for no reason days ago (run as service so unable to see the output)
xtoasterbut when i run it from the console. i see clock incorrect message. after sync the clock. everything works fine so far.
xtoasteri am no windows
SwissTorExitkfisher:  hi, if your on linux, install ntp, i do always that to never have  anymore such message, by the defalut config with ntpd , i get this message too
xtoasterwell, by keep crashing. i mean it suddenly crashed without any sign during web browsing. and it happens randomly quite often.
nsaor: [ernie/master] 2010-04-20 15:55:01 Karsten Loesing <>: Add summary on overlap between votes and consensus.
kfisherhtat is widnows 7
Sebastiankfisher: make sure you have the right time and timezone
Sebastianif you have that, don't worry about it.
Sebastianit might be the relay that has a problem.
Runabja: if it's for the website, you'll have to wait until I convert it back to wml (and phobos converts to html and pushes the website)
Runabja: this can only be done when you have translated more than 80% of the file
bjaRuna: thx, i think i'll download the pootle file, do a grep on somestuff then correct it on the website if it is wrong.
Runabja: great, you can also upload the po file again on pootle, or email
Action: bja writes down the email address
tulipHi, for some reason I just cannot connect to tor :S It was fine last time I used it but now just won't connect. It's not my OS since it doesn't work on the amnesia live cd either. In the message log tor opens the circuit and 100%bootstraps but thats it.. it just never connects. I get a socket operation time out error message.
Sebastiantulip: maybe you can pastebin the exact error message
tuliptheres no error message in the logs, just vidalia pops up saying tor cannot connect and it has "socket operation time out" in brackets
tulipno other info
tulipthis is with the latest version of tor but it also is happening with the release before that
Sebastianok so if there is nothing in the logs, how does it say 100% bootstrapped?
SebastianI think I'm misunderstanding you a bit.
tulip"Apr 21 03:23:18.891 [Notice] Tor v0.2.1.25. This is experimental software. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity. (Running on Very recent version of Windows [major=6,minor=1]  [workstation] {terminal services, single user})
tulipApr 21 03:23:18.891 [Notice] Initialized libevent version 1.4.13-stable using method win32. Good.
tulipApr 21 03:23:18.891 [Notice] Opening Socks listener on
tulipApr 21 03:23:18.891 [Notice] Opening Control listener on
tulipApr 21 03:23:18.891 [Notice] Parsing GEOIP file.
tulipApr 21 03:23:21.729 [Notice] OpenSSL OpenSSL 0.9.8l 5 Nov 2009 looks like version 0.9.8l; I will try SSL3_FLAGS to enable renegotation.
tulipApr 21 03:23:22.170 [Notice] We now have enough directory information to build circuits.
tulipApr 21 03:23:22.170 [Notice] Bootstrapped 80%: Connecting to the Tor network.
tulipApr 21 03:23:22.385 [Notice] Bootstrapped 85%: Finishing handshake with first hop.
tulipApr 21 03:23:23.697 [Notice] Bootstrapped 90%: Establishing a Tor circuit.
tulipApr 21 03:23:26.426 [Notice] Tor has successfully opened a circuit. Looks like client functionality is working.
tulipApr 21 03:23:26.426 [Notice] Bootstrapped 100%: Done."
tulipthats is all it says
tuliptor never connects
SebastianWell, getting that message means that Tor has just connected.
SebastianSo while I believe you that something is not working, it surely isn't that Tor cannot connect.
SebastianMaybe explain how you are starting stuff
tulipbut the status is still on connecting to tor
Sebastianthe status?
tulipuh.. i click on vidalia and it opens up tor. It has always worked before, this has just only started happening
tulipvidalias status
SebastianMaybe you can provide a screenshot
SebastianWith the error message
tulipill be a couple mins have to go afk first, sorry.
Sebastianno worries.
Sebastianwhen you close Vidalia, is there a Tor process running on your system?
Sebastianhm ok
SebastianThere is a #vidalia channel
Sebastianpeople there might be able to help you bette
Sebastianbut you have to be patient, I'm afraid. Not very active
tulipok, so this isn't a tor issue right? My isp hasn't done something stupid and blocked tor or something?
SebastianI think this is likely a Vidalia bug
SebastianOr a Tor bug
SebastianOr a packaging bug.
SebastianBut it should have nothing to do with your internet connection
tulipIts just got me confused cause everything was working fine last time I used it last week, I haven't changed anything. Thanks for your help anyway.
SebastianGood luck, sorry I don't know the solution
tulipOne last thing.. so 100%boot strapped basically means I'm connected to tor, right?
OFFShareDo we pick relays that are not in the cache-consensus file ?
SebastianOFFShare: nope
OFFSharehmm, connection_or_digest_is_known_relay
SebastianOFFShare: even if you have descriptors for other relays, those aren't running
OFFShareSebastian: I don't know that, but why the second test ?
OFFShareand "router_get_by_digest" is used constantly in the source.
nsaor: [ernie/master] 2010-04-20 19:10:05 Karsten Loesing <>: Tweak relay flag table and summary a bit.
OFFShare"those aren't running" so why should i pick a not-running relay ?
SebastianI'll have time to look at the code in a bit
OFFSharethanks, no hurry..
sylarI want to install tor on debian
sylarI see I need to install polipo, but I already have squid
sylarso, ?
sylarwill polipo confilict with squid?
armait shouldn't conflict, no
armaand you don't need polipo, if you like your squid enough
miscsquid can forward to socks ?
armano idea.
SwissTorExitarma:  look the last master git more stable again as server, i dunno as client but it look working like early
SwissTorExiti will told you as client next days but i must  have more time to can have a opinion, as server are sure :P
armai imagine tor sucks as a client this month
armatoo many users, not enough relays
armawhich is causing the relays we do have to shut down under the load, which just makes things worse
SwissTorExityeah but like you said,, if the network are unstable, it's pretty hard to have good circuits
Sebastianhs sure have been suffering from much churn in the consensus
SwissTorExityeah, sad think, and coast opne new exit, i looking about, be ready to have and without be sue but actually i have too much to paid :/
SwissTorExitbut it will be up in the next two months maximum
SwissTorExitnow i have upgarded my newtwork to fiber, so it was my first prioroty :d
SwissTorExitwhat's are a surpise for me, it's that my client use some relay in my country now, as almost never before
--- Wed Apr 21 2010
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