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jnlinux_dr: try
_4getlinux_dr: or better since it doesn't have region autoswitching yet
StrangeCharmpossibly offtopic: will https everywhere be coming to chrome?
_4getStrangeCharm:  Ctrl+F intercept
StrangeCharm_4get, quite different functionality: kb is dom-based, so results in quite a lot of leakage
_4getStrangeCharm: not that, he explains the reason why it cannot be yet done the other way
StrangeCharm _4get aah, i see. so noscript, https everywhere and so on will have to be firefox only for a while, it seems
_4getStrangeCharm: even more disappointing is that HTTPS enforcement was implemented as a built-in feature half a year ago
_4gethowever this STS enforcement list in Chrome is not exposed neither directly to user nor to extensions API
_4getthey do have recommendation for such a feature in the draft, but only in a form of "advanced feature"
ilterHello everyone. I'm tracing circuit_send_next_onion_skin method in circuitbuild.c. And i'm trying to understand this if statement; "if (circ->cpath->state == CPATH_STATE_CLOSED)" . As far as i understood this if block is run only by OPs. Could you verify that please?
ilterAny comment?
mib_yvy4fthi, the link on the front page links to a non-existing exe:
mib_yvy4ftalso a question, i recall seeing a page that mentioned a setting where i could make my tor select relays only from a certain country?
_4getmib_yvy4ft:  EntryNodes  ExitNodes  StrictNodes
_4getmib_yvy4ft: + list of country codes
mib_yvy4ft_4get: thanks, ill be reading that
mib_yvy4ft_4get: strictnodes and country codes in config not yet supported says the log ;/
alkmib_yvy4ft: using stable or unstable tor?
alkperhaps it's supported in unstable
alkalso, you can manually add that functionality, there's a file with tor called geoip
alkwhich has a list of ip number to countries
mib_yvy4fthow do i check which version i run?
alkdunno :)
alkso you can either make some code to convert them
alkor do it manually
mib_yvy4ft0.2.1.22 it says
alkon the tor page there's the option to download stable ro unstable
alkok it's just out of date :P
alklatest stable is
alklastest unstable is
mib_yvy4ftstart page links to .25 which also is a dead link..
mib_yvy4ftDLed the unstable one now
mib_yvy4ftanyways, removed the country stuff and running with only excluding slowserver
mib_yvy4fthmm i cant get tor/polipo to work over lan ;(
mib_yvy4ftanybody know how i can check where in my chain it fails from my workstation browser all the way thru so i can see where i get stopped at? atm i made polipo listen on and allow ips pretty much all lan ips i have including ect and still doesnt work
nsaor: [Tor Bug Tracker & Wiki] #1564 was updated:  #1564: Reported dirreq-v3-stats are 0.00% -
nsaor: Comment(by mikeperry):
nsaor:  At a glance, I think the patch looks ok. though I still think this
nsaor:  probably should be computed offline using consensus docs.. The main reason[...]
nsaor: [Tor Bug Tracker & Wiki] #1515 was updated:  #1515: Torbutton shold enable firefox's "Private Browsing Mode" -
nsaor: Changes (by elehack):
nsaor:  * cc: michael@& (added)
ilterIs there any way to run a Tor deamon as a only relay? Not also client.
ilterI see ClientOnly 0|1 options on Tor manual but it seems there isn't any option for RelayOnly etc.
rudi_silter: Use SocksPort 0 in torrc, then nobody can use this relay as client.
ilterrudi_s: Actually i'm tracing source codes and i put some logs to trace it well.
ilterrudi_s: But unfortunately i'm confused on a point ..
ilterrudi_s: In circuitbuild.c source code there is a method; "circuit_send_next_onion_skin". I couldn't get how it works.
rudi_silter: Sorry, but I don't have any knowledge of Tor's source code.
ilterrudi_s: Ok no problem, thank you for your concern.
Marco65Does anybody know any servers I can use to protect my outgoing traffic?
nickmilter: If you set SocksPort to 0, that should be enough to run not-as-a-client.
nickm(And TransPort, and DNSPort.  But those default to 0)
nickmDid you have a more specific question about circuit_send_next_onion() skin then just "how it works" ?
ilterHello nickm. Yes i have ..
nsaor: [Tor Bug Tracker & Wiki] #1571 filed by user:  #1571: broken exit node -
nsaor:  Some exit node is stealing failed DNS requests and redirecting to
nsaor:  I don't know which one or how to find out, I suggest
nsaor:  doing a full scan.
nsaor:  [I know this is probably the wrong place to report this.  I won't report[...]
ilterIn this method there is an if statement; if (circ->cpath->state == CPATH_STATE_CLOSED). Does it means that this statement is run only by OPs and Guard nodes?
nickmso, it's only run on origin_circuit_t.  There are two types that mean "circuit" in tor: origin_circuit_t, and or_circuit_t.
ilterI'm tracing circuitbuild.c, and i'm trying to understand which methods are run by only Guard nodes?
nickmBoth are effectively subtypes of circuit_t.
nickmorigin_circuit_t is any circuit that we are originating ourselves.
nickm*any* Tor can originate circuits, including OPs, guards, relays, exits, etc
nickm[servers will typically originate circuits only to self-test]
nickmor_circuit_t is a circuit that we are relaying for somebody else.  Only servers have those.
ilterBut what about circ->cpath->state == CPATH_STATE_CLOSED)?
nickmcirc->cpath is a linked list of the hops in the circuit.
nickmso circ->cpath is the first hop.
nickmso circ->cpath->state is the state of the first hop
nickmremember, Tor builds circuits one hop at a time, so...
nickm... "if (circ->cpath->state == CPATH_STATE_CLOSED)" means "if the first hop of this circuit we are building isn't open yet".
ilterSo if there isn't first hop that means it which run this if statement is first node, ha
nickmI don't understand.
nickm(That statement was so ungrammatical I can't tell what you're asking.)
ilterI mean; if circ->cpath->state is CPATH_STATE_CLOSED that means it's the first node. Am i wrong?
nickmWhat "it"?  Do you mean, "this Tor process" ?
ilterSorry for my english.
ilterYes exactly.
nickm(no need to apologize; you speak English better than I speak any non-English language.)
nickmso the answer is still "no".
ilterHmm.. So which e
nickmIf you enter circuit_send_next_onion_skin *AT ALL*, you have an origin_circuit_t.
ilter*So which methods are run by only Guard nodes?
nickmIf you have an origin_circuit_t, then it is a circuit that you are creating yourself.
nickmI think there are not many functions, if any, that only Guard nodes run.
ilter"yourself" means for my client?
nickmIf a Tor process has an origin_circuit_t, that circuit is a circuit that is being built by that Tor process, and NOT a circuit that the Tor process is relaying for some other Tor.
ilterWhat about circuit_extend method? If we assume that the certain number of nodes is 3 for a circuit, this method is run by only Guard and middle. Is it right?
nickmSure, with the caveat that it is possible for any server, including exits, to be used as a relay.
ilterYes that time the node which has a exit flag is used as a middle or a guard.
nickmactually, I think circuit_extend is middle only.
ilterWhat about guards?
nickmIf you're the first node, you don't get an EXTEND cell, you get a CREATE cell.
nickmTo be more specific, an EXTEND cell means "send this CREATE cell to the next hop"
nickmso everybody gets a CREATE (or a CREATE_FAST) cell, but ...
ilterBut OPs send EXTEND cell to guards?
nickmah, never mind.  Everybody but the last hop does indeed get an EXTEND cell
ilterSo only nodes which is a guard or a middle position in a circuit can run this method, ha?
nickm"ha" ?
ilterI mean is it right by "ha"?
nickmOh.  In that case, 'yes'.
ilterCan we say that if cell_t->command is EXTEND in given parameters of circuit_extend method, that time this Tor process is used as a Guard node?
nickmIt could be a middle node.
nickmThe first node gets a CREATE cell to start the circuit.
nickmThen it gets an EXTEND cell, and passes a CREATE cell to the second node.
nickmThen it gets an unrecognized relay cell, which it passes to the second node.  The second node decrypts it, recognizes that it has gotten an EXTEND cell, and passes a CREATE cell to the third node.
--- Sun Jun 20 2010
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