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BdMdesigN@ mika: you must untar the files
ilitchi have some problems after instaling a iso created on suse studio
tacitilitch: Once in the shell: "export http_proxy=" To make it permanent, set it in YaST or edit /etc/sysconfig/proxy
tacitilitch: (and run SuSEconfig)
ilitchtacit in suse i have to use apt-get or what?
tacit!zypper @ ilitch
SUSEhelpilitch:  zypper is the easy to use commandline interface to the YaST (openSUSE PM pattern) package management. See
ilitchoqs thanks, know, i have on this computer: ubuntu, estrella roja and suse
ilitchbut on the grub, when i try to start ubuntu gave me the error 17, and the estrella roja the error 13
ilitchany idea?
tacitilitch: Is that openSUSE's grub or ubuntu's grub?
sarah93wow you should check this
Last message repeated 1 time(s).
ilitchi think open suse
ilitchbut i'm not sure
ilitchwho can i know it?
tacitilitch: Is it green?
ilitchit's black
tacitilitch: Which options does it offer?
ilitchestrella roja
ilitchand the live cd of open suse
tacitilitch: You probably changed the partition layout.
ilitchand the solution is?
tacitilitch: Point grub to the right one. For an initial boot either use grub shell to edit the configuration. After a successful boot fix the configuration in /boot/menu.lst in the system responsible for the configuration.
ilitchhow can i open the grub shell because it don't gave me the option
tacitilitch: Press ESC.
ilitchoqs thank ;)
tacitI'm pretty sure it sais "press e to edit or c for a commandline"
ilitchi'm going to look for it if i have any problems i'm going to tell you
ilitchtacit i don't know how to do it because it chenge my keyboard
ilitchdo you know how to do the / ?
ilitchoqs thanks ;)
massi leggendo in un furum mi apparsa questa scritta con il viso di obama e due sirene hai lati mi spiegate cosa vuol dire grazie (il tuo ip ** ** ** ** ** il tuo isp telecom italia stai usando linux e usando firefox il tuo pc sotto sorveglianza )
sinistre!it @ massi
SUSEhelpmassi: Puoi ottenere supporto in lingua italiana nel canale IRC #opensuse-it oppure sul forum
lazarus477Can someone enlighten me please. Every once in a while my update applet (KDE 4) tells me I have some Dummy Package to update, what is this all about?
Cymagelazarus477 : it means it is a package that points to a whole bunch of other packages.  kinda like patterns
lazarus477Cymage: I see. Then why do I end up getting an update error whenever one of these Dummy Packages is to be installed?
Cymagewho knows,  would need to know what the actual error is
lazarus477I have been using openSUSUE since 11.1 came out, currently I use both 11.1 and 11.2 on my machines so this is a frequent question for me.
Cymagelazarus477 : i never use the update applet.  quit using it in 10.3 when it always said it had to update a couple of apps,  would download,  install,  then say needed to update those same apps all over again.  was a viscious cycle
lazarus477Cymage: I hear ya. Well then I think I will stick to zypper and disable this update applet.
Cymagelazarus477 : thats what i do.  i do a zypper update every couple of days
lazarus477Me to but along side of that I would also try to please the little applet bugging me for updates, haha.
dojehello.  I've got several machines on my lan running openSUSE 11.2 now and I'm wondering if I could speed up the update process by caching downloaded packages so they don't have to be downloaded by each machine.  Is there some built in method for this?  I was thinking I might be able to use squid.
anankeyeah, squid can do it, if you set it to cache larger files
lazarus477doje: I use squid for that.
anankethere's SMT, but it requires sles to run.
lazarus477doje: Remember to set the machines to only download packages from one single specific mirror or else you will be downloading from all over the place.
lazarus477doje: But this problem is if squid is not setup as a transparent proxy. As a transparent proxy I beleive you can have squide redirect all downloads to  a specific mirror.
dojeI was thinking I could change the DNS names of the repos to they go through squid instead of a lan wide proxy
lazarus477doje: That also sounds like a viable idea :-)
dojeI'll let you know how it goes :-)
dojeananke, lazarus477 thanks for the help
tom_hi people, how can i turn off the blinking icon next to cursor ?
tom_please :)
Cymagewhat blinking icon?
tom_when i load applications in kde4 is has a the icon of the app blinking next to cursor
tom_had a look in configure desktop/appearance/icons. but nothing
sinistretom_:  launch feedback
sinistreset it to "passive busy cursor" or something.
Cymagetom_ : right click on main menu icon,  select menu editor.  go through each item and disable launch feedback
tom_is there a way to set it for all apps in one click?
sinistretom_: as I said
tom_had a look in configure desktop ?
tom_where is the launch feedback settings sinistre?
sinistrein the "desktop" section
tom_ahhh woops
tom_thanks :)
sinistrenp. It bugs me too. :P
tom_quite simple really
Mookjust updated to 11.2/kde4; how do I set a hotkey to open the application launcher menu (the thing at the bottom left)? settings/keyboard&mouse/global/plasma workspace/application launcher doesn't seem to work.
cliffMook: right click on the launcher icon and click the "Application Launcher settings".  The setting is in the window that opens
Guest16389im trying to make a bridge connection with wlan and eth ....
Mookcliff: thanks!
mccanlessHi, all. I just started using the kde4 desktop. I clicked on the little pad and pencil icon on the side of the translucent rectangle in the upper left of the screen.
Guest16389with bridge-utils and it does works :(
mccanlessHow do I get that rectangle back?
SUSEhelpFor help and general chat about Ubuntu please go to IRC channel #ubuntu
BManojlovicGuest16389: what is a problem?
Guest16389ok ... what im exactly trying is try to share the connection of the wlan to the eth
Guest16389there are no error message is just it dont make the connection
BManojlovicGuest16389: why are you tried using bridging? is simple NAT not doing job or?
Guest16389 i try with bridge-utils
BManojlovicGuest16389: fine but why bridging that is my question
Guest16389yes is like simple NAT i guess
Guest16389im reciving internet in wlan and i want to share it over the eth to my router
BManojlovicbridging of eth and wan interface is not really supported operation
Guest16389oh I see ....
BManojlovicit is possible but it is not that simple
Guest16389well i will keep using windows for that :( ....thanks
Guest16389there are a tutorial or something for that?
BManojlovicbut wait
Guest16389ok :)
yalokiwell that's plain old simple NAT
yalokino reason to use bridging for that
BManojlovici'm trying to figure out why you don't do nating
yalokiGuest16389: your host will simply act as a SNAT to the hosts on eth
yaloki(SNAT is also known as "masquerading")
yalokithat's just a checkbox in yast2 firewall
Guest16389mmm so it can share interent?
Guest16389LOL never mind
Guest16389thanks .... :)
yalokiyast2 firewall masquerading [x]
Guest16389ok brb
BManojlovicbridging is really not needed in your case as it  makes things veeery complicated
Guest16389welll a lot of thanks...... now fanaly i can stop using windows for the bridge :) see ya soon.....
ruben23hi any repo for php5-eaccelrator..?
ruben23opnsuse 11.1
ananke!pin @ ruben23
SUSEhelpananke: Please use
Action: ananke kicks SUSEhelp
ruben23ananke: i cant see it even i search the full name of the package
anankeruben23: then it doesn't exist
ruben23i cant see the package name..
ruben23are there other ways i can get such package...
yalokiruben23: there are 3 or 4 php accelerators, I believe that the two best ones are packaged
yalokiruben23: and if I'm not mistaken, eaccelerator is a dead (unmaintained) project nowadays
ruben23yaloki: problem it si needed by my apps..
yalokiruben23: tough luck then, no one bothered to package it for openSUSE
anankelooks like somebody has it for 11.2
Abd-Almo3tasimhowto install kernel-source on opensuseEducation
Abd-Almo3tasimand driver nvidia offline
yalokiAbd-Almo3tasim: zypper in kernel-source
Abd-Almo3tasimthank you yaloki
yalokiAbd-Almo3tasim: for the nvidia driver, get it from and run it after installing the kernel-source package
yaloki!nvidia @ Abd-Almo3tasim
SUSEhelpAbd-Almo3tasim: To install the nVidia drivers see
ruben23thanks i found a repo for it..
Etnafor some reason, if i use NetworkManager instead of KNetworkManager to manage my WiFi in OpenSuse 11.1, the OS refuses to connect to any SSID even though NetworkManager displays them. Why is that so?
tom__anyone have a bridge/adhoc setup, with a wired and wireless adapter?
Etnaanyone knows why, for some reason, if i use NetworkManager instead of KNetworkManager to manage my WiFi in OpenSuse 11.1, the OS refuses to connect to any SSID even though NetworkManager displays them. Why is that so?
OrigenAEHi All, I've created an LV of 7.27TB, when I try resize the ext4 volume using resize2fs I recieve the error "resize2fs: File too large while trying to determine filesystem size" - I've read about this issue and it should only happen with 16Tb volumes with releases of e2fsprogs-1.41, any ideas?
tom__how do i enable knetworkmanger?
tom__is sez under icon in sys tray 'network manager disabled'
anankeOrigenAE: ouch. i know this is not much help, but i have never had such issues with xfs filesystems, larger than that
agowerdhanhey, does anybody know how to start rhythembox or gtkpod automatically when iPOD is pluged in?
mish^Any tips for maximising performance of an ath9k card as an AP?  A laptop connects to it with a connection rate of "130.0 MBit/s MCS 15", but only gets around 20MBit/sec in realworld throughput...
bill-barriere!pin pxelinux.0
SUSEhelpbill-barriere: Please use
octo_is ther a command to look at the temp of the cpu through acpi ?
octo_i have libsensors installed, but i dont have the command sensors available?
amonthothHas anybody installed openSUSE 11.2 with Ati radeon mobility 9200
ok_waitamonthoth: i've not but from what i understand ATI's support for any of their products sucks. what kind of problems are you running into with this GPU?
aeroevan!ati @ amonthoth
SUSEhelpamonthoth: The ATI drivers cannot be integrated into the openSUSE distribution due to the separate license agreement. This guide is to help you install the ATI drivers the right way. (See also: )
amonthothThanks. I used openSUSE 10.3 and it was working fine. Now I did install openSUSE 11.2 just text mode because no graphics at all
aeroevanstrange :/
amonthothI download the ati drivers for opensuse with no results because seems there is not updated drivers for ati radeon mobility 9200
aeroevanyeah, not really sure about that gpu...
amonthoththere is support for radeon 9200 but not the mobility version of gpu
amonthothsomeone told me it is possible to install old drivers and tweaking the system
amonthothChoob: i checked both sites seems none can help with this ati version despite i used to use opensuse 10.3 before with it
_3yE_hello dudes. can i read your bugzilla plz?
_3yE_i tried to register with novel but it fails, just returns to the same form without error message.
amonthoth3yE: no sure this can help but check if your browser has permitted cookies
_3yE_yeah my opera is a cookie monster.
_3yE_ill try another browser.
_3yE_though im puzzled why there is no public read access to bugzilla. it's not like you'd have a chance of keeping anything secret in there.
amonthothtry with mozilla firefox
_3yE_ah i found public bugzilla methinks.
amonthoth3yE: before you try another browser clean the brouser cache and try again
_3yE_ah it has worked with firefox now. thankyous.
amonthothvery welcome happy to be useful
_3yE_.oO(though imo a site which doesnt work with opera is very likely to be broken-ish)
ok_waithey who would i contact regarding a 'kink' in the pannels of KDE 4.4?
_3yE_why does english wiki link to bugzilla by http links and german by https?
_3yE_this page:
_3yE_and its german counterpart
_3yE_now validation makes me run hoops around it. :/ after a few minutes it finally worked tho.
Ghostbuster_hi all
_3yE_and why are the pages so slow :/ its like servers run windows...
_3yE_.oO(or suse;)
DiogenesWshould i ignore you _3yE_ ?
_3yE_if you prefer so.
_3yE_i'm just reading through the bugzilla and i'm not very fong of what i'm seing. ive considered trying suse again after some 10 years...
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