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suseROCKsNote to others:  That's  "a 500 error" not "500 errors."  :-P
CymagesuseROCKs : hmmm,  makes me wonder if the vhosts are part of the problem
suseROCKsCymage:  according to documentation, mod_status is a server-wide directive, not applied to just vhosts.
twkmread your error log.
suseROCKstwkm:  it doesn't show up anything in the error logs
twkmthen either you did something very bad (touched the error log while apache had it open) or very stupid (turned off error logging).
twkmor perhaps you have multiple error logs and you aren't looking at the right one.
suseROCKstwkm:   You're making some rather gross assumptions  :-)
suseROCKsI haven't touched the error log,  It does work and I get error messages on other unrelated things which I've resolved
suseROCKsI believe the problem has to do with properly enabling ExtendedStatus
twkmi believe a 500 response that isn't logged is the prime problem.
Action: AlbertoP sends Geeko to help suseROCKs
suseROCKsthe syntax listed on Apache's website is quite different from that in our /etc/sysconfig/apache2 file
twkmsysconfig is sourced by a shell script, it isn't what apache uses itself.
twkmstuff under /etc/apache2/, in .conf files at least, is what apache uses, and those are influenced by the init script which is influenced by the sysconfig file.
twkmbut in any case, if the log level is low enough for *any* other errors to be recorded, it should also be low enough for a 500.  well, anyway, you probably aren't getting your status because that .conf file isn't actually being referenced, even though the module is being loaded.
AlbertoPmaybe we should give hints IF we know them, or be silent ;-)
twkmi'll assume that was aimed at me, even though i've provided hints.  i'll probably also ignore something.
suseROCKsI don't think I'd want my log file recording 500 errors.   That'd be insane
AlbertoPtwkm: well I know you're trying to help, but I also know it might be annoying for others to read the same hint many times (logs) ;-)
twkmthanks for finally being concrete.
AlbertoPjust what I think, as always :)
twkmsuseROCKs: sounds insane not to, since they are critical flaws in your configuration, but okay.  since you have no log of the problem you'll probably have to manually trace the includes -- perhaps just manually edit /etc/apache2/sysconfig.d/include.conf, and pray a bit nothing else changes it.
AlbertoPjust an info: on forums there is a thread about apache not loading modules
AlbertoPsuseROCKs: here it explains how to set status stuff -->
suseROCKsAlbertoP:   link me pls.
AlbertoPsearch for apachestats
Action: AlbertoP pats Geeko
felipe__how can install amsn in opensuse 11.2?
felipe__I have a tkimage library problem
Chrysantinefelipe__: It's in the Packman repository.
billProblem with today's automatic updates of SuSe 11.1.  Error message says: r8101-kmp-default-1.013.00_2.6.27.7_9.1-3.1.x86_64 is needed but not available.  How can I get the update to complete successfully?
Chrysantinebill: Did you receive a kernel update today?
samyaktwkm, just to update you on my hunting to have it all on HTTP...
samyaktwkm, sadly the http streaming is not meant for live streaming ..
Chrysantinesamyak: What kind of live streaming do you want?
samyaklive audio and video streaming ..
samyakI am currently using hosted account with Flash Media Server
Chrysantinesamyak: Yes but you didn't specify what source.
bitshufflerbill: add the proper drivers:nic repo and be happy
Chrysantinesamyak: For example a live stream can mean a webcam or a video grabber or a tv channel or.
bitshufflerbill: and 1.013.... is totally outdated so you might want to update all that stuff
Chrysantinesamyak: Depending on what solution you wish there are some possible solutions for you, such a mpeg4ip (mp4live from it) and Darwin Streaming Server to do the actual RTSP serving.
billChrysantine: I do not believe I did, but I'm new enough with SuSe Linux that I am no sure.
samyakChrysantine, We are using Sony PD77 video camera
Chrysantinesamyak: Does it present itself as a Video4Linux device you can access?
Chrysantinebill: Sounds like you've added a repository where you installed those r8101 files but they haven't yet been updated to provide for the new kernel. (Or perhaps there is another repo that does)
samyakChrysantine, but at the same time we will have webcam as well to be captured if we want to have mutiple location/views to broadcast ..
samyakChrysantine, let me see and tell you
Chrysantinesamyak: If you have a device that works as a V4L/2 device (/dev/video) you can use mp4live and dss to stream it to clients.
bitshufflerbill: Chrysantine again - you need to add the proper drivers:nic repo - the one you have it for 11.1 without updates so you have to add the _update one as well so you get packages for updated kernels
Action: Chrysantine adds bitshuffler_is_a_knob repo.
Action: bitshuffler contains plenty of stuff ;P
samyakChrysantine, I would first try with my webcam  for now ...
samyakI can see /dev/video0 dev  on my opensuse
Chrysantinesamyak: That's most likely your webcam then. Anyway, DSS is not 'free' as in 'free free' but 'free as in beer sorta kinda free'.
samyakChrysantine, ohkk ...let me check out both the options ...
Chrysantinesamyak: You might want to read up on .sdp files and how you can serve those to clients via Darwin Streaming Server.
billChrysantine:  Sounds about right.  System monitor says I have Release 121.1, Linux 2..27.7-9-default.  To rephrase, you're saying that the updates need Linux 11.2, I have Linux 11.1, so the updates cannot resolve dependencies.  Do I have to download all of Linux 11.2 and update from a DVD, or is there some incremental update method I can use?
Chrysantinesamyak: Google has *lots* of help on that subject. mpeg4ip package which contains mp4live (the program that does the video capturing and compression, then streaming that via DSS) is available in the Packman repo.
bitshufflerbill: which part of "You need to add another repo that contains the r8101 package for the updated 11.1 kernel!" don't you get?
Chrysantinesamyak: Alternatively you can use GStreamer to accomplish the same thing, grabbing the video, compressing it and then feeding that video to DSS which serves it to clients.
samyakChrysantine, so I will anyway say goodbye to RTMP and FMS/Red5 with mp4live and/or DSS ?
bitshufflerbill: add and be happy.
ripdoes 11.2's new encryption feature include encrypted swap partition as well?  Where can I go to find out more info. about 11.2's encryption feature?
bitshufflerrip: it's an encrypted lvm on which you can put swap as well
Chrysantinesamyak: RTMP is proprietary stuff and I don't know if oneone has successfully reverse engineered it.
twkmadobe published their protocol.
ChrysantineWell that solved that problem, if anyone has actually developed a client/server for it.
samyakRed5 guys have at least come up with alternative to Flash Media Server
twkmdss is proprietary too, which was later published.  it just has somewhat better uptake in the not-just-them world.
samyakChrysantine, , i guess they have reversed engineered it ... just FYI
Chrysantinesamyak: Ah ok. We didn't have a need for such solution so we built our own hacky-tacky live streaming system.
samyakChrysantine, how did you did it ?
Chrysantinesamyak: We used gstreamer.
samyakI want people to see it in their browser ...
samyakdoes using gstreamer or vlc make it browser ready ?
samyakThe reason flash in video streaming is so popular is that almost all have flash plugin installed
samyakI would check out all the options you guys have come up with
Chrysantinesamyak: Well we don't stream to browsers so.. our needs are different.
Action: evilFunkyFingerz that's an interesting project that I'ed like to try
VojtaeusIMHO, You need plugin to be able to use VLC or MPlayer within browser...
samyakChrysantine, I understand ... in my case I simply don't know what my user is ...
samyakVojtaeus, and asking people to download plugin is not that easy
billChrysantine an bitshuffler:  Sorry, I got behind in the message stream, and was answering an earlier message from Chrysantine.  Remember, I don' know how things are done with Linux.  So, I'll try your suggestions as well as I'm able and get back to you.
Chrysantinesamyak: A quick Google suggests the Red5 is the most popular solution for live streaming on Linux.
twkmhe needs to feed the red5 server.
Chrysantinebill: Well the bottom line is - you installed the r8101 driver from some repository. You should look at what the repository is.
Chrysantinetwkm: Is Red5 merely a streaming server or does it do encoding/hinting?
samyakChrysantine, yup, but what about feeding the data to Red5 from the place of live event ? That part is done by Flash Live Media Encoder which is not available for Linux
bitshufflerbill: no worries. Also you have to enable "refresh" for those repos since their content changes whenever I drop a new driver in it (e.g. the r8101 one got updated to 1.014 quite some time ago).
csthi there
Chrysantinesamyak: There are several tools which can encode files in the fly, mp4live is one such tools - even mencoder can encode into flash on the fly from various sources (even live input). gstreamer cannot (afaik) encode flash yet.
samyakChrysantine, mp4live will capture and encode and send it to FMS/Red5 ... that would be great !
Chrysantinesamyak: Unfortunately mp4live won't do for you because it doesn't encode flash.
samyakahhh :(
cstIs the "widget on screensaver" supposed to work in kde 4.4 beta2 (opensuse 11.2 factory)? When I try to set up the widgets in the screen-saver interface all I see is an empty workspace with the background-image and an anloge clock - no means there to add any widgets
Chrysantinesamyak: As the name suggests, it's great for serving H264 video however.
samyakFlash do have a h.264 support now !
twkmffmpeg can probably stream to the server.
ChrysantineThat's quite likely.
ChrysantineRight, now to make some more coffee and install Slowaris in a VM.
Action: jetscreamer disables coffemaker
Action: gyrfalcon steals coffee filters
Action: evilFunkyFingerz pounds jetscreamer and gyrfalcon
Action: jetscreamer takes sip of coffee
Action: jetscreamer #'s back
jetscreameri've been watching a lot of jet li, don't mess with me!
BitbuckHappy Holidays everyone.
evilFunkyFingerzsame to u
Action: szal just found out that switching repos from KDE:43 to KDE:KDE4:STABLE:Desktop eliminates some inconsistencies that may lead to orphaned pkgs on 'zypper up'
cstyou too Bit!
Guest7520logged out
evilFunkyFingerz!hello @ loooool
SUSEhelploooool: Hello !! Nice to see you. Welcome to the English openSUSE IRC support channel. Don't be shy. Please don't ask if anyone can help you; just confirm which opensuse version and state your detailed question. I hope you can find the support you need here. Enjoy your visit. Type: "/msg SUSEhelp !helpme" (no quotes) for more info about how to use our time-saving, self-help bot!
poorboywillyHi all, I'm trying to enable my compose key.  I've seen instructions to change this in KDE system settings under "region & language", selecting "keyboard layout" and then the advanced tab.  I currently have the option selected "disable keyboard layouts", so the advanced settings are unavailable.  What are the implications if I "enable keyboard layouts"?
bitshuffleryou "enable keyboard layouts"?
poorboywillycurrently selected is "disable keyboard layouts", I have to "enable keyboard layouts" to get to the advanced settings, but what will this do?  Anything I should know about?
bitshufflerin case the world suddenly stops to spin you can disable it again anyways
ukwizafter upgrading to 11.2, I seem to have lost my system sounds. Where are they configured?
poorboywillyI suppose that is true, but I like to keep my system lean and not use something if it isn't necessary
poorboywillyukwiz: kde or gnome?
rhorseukwiz: /usr/share/sounds look ok?
ihuerti Kde SC 4.4 Beta 2 Really rocks! perhaps i should not say this: but it feels really stable
ukwizpoorboywilly: on kde.
ukwizrhorse: It is the configuring that is the problem. None of the system sounds happen
Chrysantineukwiz: System sounds or sound in general? Amarok, smplayer etc?
eviltoaster_3ehow do i read or write to the serial port?      (USB to SERIAL - servo controller)
ukwizChrysantine: no problem with sounds in general
Chrysantineukwiz: alt+f2 / multimedia and check what Notifications output device is set to
twkmeviltoaster_3e: as you would with "normal" serial ports, though the device names will be slightly different.
eviltoaster_3etwkm, i dont know how to do that, thats why i ask :)
eviltoaster_3etwkm, any sites i can read up on
twkmwhat are you trying to 'write" to the serial port?
rhorsecan you  boot a kernel on  a usb from a bootloader on an (IDE) drive?
twkmso, something is plugged into a usb serial dongle, and it reads numbers.  thrilling.
twkmwell, good luck.
ukwizChrysantine: I can test notifications there, but it doesn't seem to translate to anything such as system startup and shutdown
eviltoaster_3etwkm, servo controller controlls servos .... and thay need uc need numbers :P
rhorsedo all bioses support?
sekisushaihello i've a prob with networking : i've a internet box :, a computer with two plugs : the first : linked to the internet box, the second that i would use to share the internet connection
sekisushaii've configure a dhcp server to give ip to to computer connecting to the plug
twkmeviltoaster_3e: perhaps all you want is echo, as in ... echo 1234 > /dev/whatever
sekisushaii activate the ip forwading in network settings
evilFunkyFingerzsekisushai: Check your firewall
sekisushaiwhen i plug a computer to it can't access to internet
sekisushaifirewall is disabled for the moment..
evilFunkyFingerzsekisushai: Yast Firewall and put the internal network in the Internal Zone
sekisushaithat's ok
evilFunkyFingerzsekisushai: Verify  if ip_forward is enabled, by cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
sekisushaireturn 1
twkmsekisushai: for the yast masquerading configuration to work the firewall must be enabled.
sekisushaiso it's ok
sekisushaiit's now enabled
evilFunkyFingerzsekisushai: YOur fine now?
sekisushainow i configure dhcp server :
evilFunkyFingerzsekisushai: And another thing, you need DNS server
sekisushaicard (the free plug)
evilFunkyFingerzsekisushai: Or set it it to issue a real dns server ip
sekisushaiip dns i've took those which are in /etc/resolv.conf
evilFunkyFingerzsekisushai: Yes on the Router/Server and configure DHCP to issue those to the client
sekisushaigateway which ip to set ? (plug which receive internet connection) or (plug wich is free and available to share the connection) ?
evilFunkyFingerzsekisushai: Gateway ip should be set to an ip that doesn't conflict with the other card ip
sekisushaiok so i set a random ip but not or ?
evilFunkyFingerzsekisushai: Gateway = --- eg. randome ip and so on
sekisushaiok thanks  it work now :)
sekisushaithank u a lot
evilFunkyFingerzsekisushai: no problem
bill_Chrysantine, bitshuffler: Problem solved.  I followed your general advice and updated all my registries using YaST/Software Repositories, than applied all updates using YaST Online Update. I'm still at release 11.1, and all updates were successfully applied.  Thanks!, then used
trevorim using the live cd, but before i install i need to know two things about KDE
trevorfirst is there anyway to change the cursor to a more traditional mouse cursor rather than this obsidian version
Vojtaeus<trevor> In settings, of course
trevoris that in configure desktop?? sorry im coming from a couple years of Gnome use
Chrysantinetrevor: alt+f2 and type mouse
trevoroh nice thanks
Chrysantinetrevor: Learn to use alt+f2 (or remap it to something else) and you won't go back :P
VojtaeusYes! :-)
ChrysantineBound it to cmd+space myself.
trevoralso, does PPPoE work right away, in ubuntu, sabayon, and mandriva, their new iterations broke PPPoE for me
ChrysantineNo idea about that one.
trevoromh just changed the mouse cursor and it is SO much better
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