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flan_suse"The ability to change the desktop background is unproductive and ineffecient, and it creates overhead. This is a beneficial decision."
velcroshoozso switch to a distro that doesnt make those choices for you - run gentoo or arch, and start with a bare shell and work your way up
velcroshoozyour better off finding where you fit then single handedly trying to change the direction of a business backed distro
bitshuffler_flan_suse: as impolite as it might sound: either you put work in it or you eat what you get served.  For  the rest you pay.
flan_susevelcroshooz, where did I single handedly try to change the direction of any distro?
flan_susebitshuffler, or find a workaround, which I did. I even said it was worth it (removing pulse to fix the stuttering/crackling problems).
velcroshoozflan_suse, you dont want pulseaudio included, and there is not just a checkbox thats going to enable you to switch
velcroshoozso run a distro that doesnt include it by default. easy.
bitshuffler_flan_suse: no, that isn't "ludicrous" but simply a free project your aren't paying a single cent for moving on.
flan_suseExpressing a grievance does not equate an attempt to force a change.
chris062689Allright, booting up the Live CD, this is where it gets interesting :D
bitshuffler_well, we talk again if you put any work in said project
flan_susebitshuffler that almost implies, in that argument, that donators should have voting rights, unless they already so.
bitshuffler_like thise "I FOR KDE3!!!!!" morons
flan_suse*already so
flan_suse*already do
bitshuffler_*fork ...
flan_suseOh, my dreaded ring finger.
Action: bitshuffler_ needs to ring fingers for screwing the typing
bitshuffler_;D ;P
chris062689I didn't know you wore your ring on your middle finger.
chris062689anyway, installing r8168
flan_suseAnyways, I'm out.
bitshuffler_flan_suse: how did I say that donators have voting rights for anything ?
chris062689no wait flan, :(
flan_suse"Not paying a single cent" for something.
chris062689I still need this problem resolved.
chris062689Otherwise I won't be able to switch to openSUSE.
flan_suseDonators do "pay cents" but do they get voting rights on future decisions?
bitshuffler_flan_suse: well, why should anyone who does it in his free time bother with what you want?
flan_suseAnd like I said, which you two seemed to misread, expressing a grievance is not the same as selfishly forcing change.
chris062689nothing provides ksym 1118335a needed by [r8168 package]
chris062689So I need to grab the ksym package?
bitshuffler_flan_suse: now you lost me on english - prolly my bad
bitshuffler_chris062689: use osc to build it locally
SUSEhelposc is a command-line client for building in the openSUSE Build Service:
flan_susebitshuffler_, how many people do you know who never say things that are on there mind, such as things that bug them or annoy them?
bitshuffler_chris062689: add the "openSUSE:Tools" repo, install "osc", then ask me again
chris062689I can't bitshuffler!
chris062689No ethernet, remember?
flan_susebitshuffler_, probably no one, because that's what humans do. But just because I'm doing that, it doesn't mean I'm trying to manipulate anyone, or force anyone to do my bidding.
bitshuffler_chris062689: why?
chris062689I have absolutely no ethernet connection.
chris062689aside from this netbook here
flan_susebitshuffler_, I felt that you and velcroshooz might have been looking too deeply into what I was simply say off the cuff.
bitshuffler_flan_suse: well, why should those matter since they don't contribute in anyway anyways?
flan_susebitshuffler_, because I have a keyboard, an internet connection, and people who are chatting in a public channel.
bitshuffler_chris062689: what was the name of the iso you installed?
chris062689it's not installed, running it on the live CD
chris062689it was...
bitshuffler_flan_suse: right, and that's why other people should care about you, ivnvest their free time to make you happy and so on? I humbly disagree.
flan_susebitshuffler_, you misread my words again.
chris062689ksym is apparently a dependency, so what package is that?
chris062689Let me google "ksym opensuse 11.3 rpm"
flan_susebitshuffler_, it's like if someone makes a comment about how he hates living in a crowded city, and someone tells him to "Move somewhere else!", he won't because he has a job in the city.
bitshuffler_chris062689: sry, if the driver from doesn't work for you then PLEASE file a bugreport and CC me.
bitshuffler_!bugreport  @ chris062689
SUSEhelpchris062689: How to submit a bug report: -- the bugzilla is at
flan_susebitshuffler_, it's just something to express, to be taken for what it is. He's not saying "I think everyone should move out of the city so it's not so crowded anymore!"
bitshuffler_flan_suse: well, you just have to realize that most of the ppl do it in their free time so they aren't obliged to you or anyone else.
chris062689bitshuffler_ I think I can get it to work, I just need to install a dependency.
chris062689How can I install the ksym dependency?
bitshuffler_chris062689: you can take the realtek driver and build it locally
flan_susebitshuffler_, I'm saying I had nightmares with pulseaudio, on multiple computers (and others have similar stories), but I'm just an end-user, not a developer. I never said "This, this, and this are the things that must be done in the next release."
chris062689but that requires even more dependencies.
chris062689Why can't I simply just grab the ksym?
flan_susebitshuffler_, I have repeated over and over, and made it clear that I don't expect people to do anything for me. And have given examples to illustrate that.
snadgewill suse 12 be dropping support for xen or not?
bitshuffler_chris062689: install kernel-$flavor-devel and then build the thing locally
chris062689Which package is that though?  I have no idea what "flavor" I'm running, you mean the x86_64?
bitshuffler_flan_suse: yeah well, then stop using PA or talk to upstream.
flan_susebitshuffler_, I did the former: Not using PA. :)
snadgei know RH6 will no longer provide xen dom0 support.. just wondering if suse is going to do the same
bitshuffler_chris062689: "uname -r"
flan_susechris062689, there's a package called "kernel-syms" but I believe you only need it when compiling something from source.
bitshuffler_chris062689: so $flavor = desktop
chris062689I remember when I attempted to compile for Ubuntu I ran into dozens upon dozens of dependencies.
bitshuffler_chris062689: kernel-desktop-devel
chris062689so search for kernel-desktop-devel?
chris062689ok, any specific version?
bitshuffler_no, simply install it.
flan_susechris062689, that's the exact name of the package.
flan_susebitshuffler_, there's no way for him to install the 8168 rpm package you made?
chris062689That would be amazing :O
bitshuffler_he asid earlier that the current factory snapshot doesn't work for him
chris062689I don't know if it does or not.
chris062689I have a ksym as a dependency.
flan_susebitshuffler_, he said something about a dependency.
flan_susekernel-syms ?
chris062689I assume so.
chris062689That's what google searches brought me to
chris062689I just don't know where to find that package at.
flan_susechris062689, it's called "kernel-syms" in the Updates repo.
bitshuffler_chris062689: Anyways, no offense, but since you don't seem to have much clue about what you are doing why do you intned on installing Factory (development version) instead of just sticking with the latest release = 11.2 ?
chris062689I have an idea of what I'm doing, I told you already that I'm not familiar with rpm's though.
chris062689So I don't know where to go to actually find said packages, I realize there on a repo, I just don't know the path to the mirrors.
flan_susechris062689, should be in the included repos.
flan_susechris062689, you're using the YaST package manager?
bitshuffler_chris062689: fine then, simply note that "factory" is the development version which can blow up right in your face at any second ;)
chris062689yes flan_suse.
chris062689But I can't simply install it, because I don't have an ethernet connection!
chris062689I have to grab each package manually, download it, transfer it over via USB, then install it manually.
bitshuffler_chris062689: so perhaps get accustomed with 11.2 (=release) and then, when you got familiar, go for factory.
chris062689Will this problem probably be resolved for 11.3?
bitshuffler_e.g. then that whole r8168 werent a probem either.
chris062689(in time for it's release)
bitshuffler_chris062689: if you file a bug?
bitshuffler_chris062689: iow: FILE A FECKING BUG please! ;D
chris062689I'll go ahead and look around opensuse 11.2 some more.
chris062689Fine, I'll look into that too :P
chris062689Thanks guys.
bitshuffler_if you wont it will bite you on 11.3 too
flan_susebitshuffler_, I would ask about my .exe problem, but I'm out.
bitshuffler_don't ask me about wine, I  never use it
Schmittyhow do I install kde on 11.2 via zypper?
Chrysantinezypper in -t pattern kde
Schmittythanx Chrysantine
Action: Chrysantine wiggles
mageshi andoresu
andoresuIs there a way to get gnome music applet on opensuse?
magesi think it is in yast
andoresumages:  in yast? where??
magesin yast or in install software i think
magesi do not know too
magesu do not try kde  ando
andoresumages: I'm running gnome.
mageshi ok
magesi have problem too , i  want to install opensuse in live cd mode but it require password
mageswhat is the password, i even do not enter password in  opensuse , live cd do not require password i think
ChrysantineThere is no password on the livecd :p
andoresuIs there a way to get gnome music applet on opensuse?
Chrysantineandoresu: What is the applet?
andoresuChrysantine: do you know music-applet?
Chrysantineandoresu: No I don't use GNOME at all, just trying to figure out what it is :)
andoresuDon't worry. I've just compiled it and it seems to work properly
Chrysantineandoresu: It says it's superceded by Panflute.
watatemwhat is the equivalent program on putty in openSUSE?
Chrysantinewatatem: Open a terminal and ssh somewhere?
watatemChrysantine: i see thanks, what about serial communication? like hyperterm in windows?
Chrysantinewatatem: minicom
watatemChrysantine: thanks, ill try minicom
watatemChrysantine: zypper in minicom, right?
Chrysantinewatatem: yeah it's a terminal application as well
bitshuffler_Just to prevent any "THE NOEZ SAX IS THE DEADZ!" whining - bring it to the beloved forums and find someone who fixes the rotten thing.
bitshuffler_;P ;D
bitshuffler_!search sax
SUSEhelpMatching factoids:  sax2;
SUSEhelpFrom openSUSE 11.2 and onwards there's no xorg.conf by default and X configuration is handled by HAL/autodetection instead of SaX2. For now you can still run 'sax2' from a root terminal if you must. You can also manually create /etc/X11/xorg.conf with added options
bitshuffler_!sax2 is From openSUSE 11.2 and onwards there's no xorg.conf by default and X configuration is handled by HAL/autodetection instead of SaX2. For now you can still run 'sax2' from a root terminal if you must. You can also manually create /etc/X11/xorg.conf with added options. If you are interested in keeping it alive from 11..3 on see
SUSEhelpbitshuffler_: Remembering sax2.
SUSEhelpFrom openSUSE 11.2 and onwards there's no xorg.conf by default and X configuration is handled by HAL/autodetection instead of SaX2. For now you can still run 'sax2' from a root terminal if you must. You can also manually create /etc/X11/xorg.conf with added options. If you are interested in keeping it alive from 11..3 on see
bitshuffler_yah ;P
ChrysantineDie die die :D
Action: bitshuffler_ hugs his nvidia card ;P
Chrysantinebitshuffler_: with the conf.d it should be pretty trivial to hack together a quick ati.conf randomwtf.conf
Chrysantinebitshuffler_: In case the retard autodetection doesn't work :p
bitshuffler_Chrysantine: hack me together some buntu build root that doesn't take the double time to setup compared to rpm based stuff ;P
Chrysantinebitshuffler_: Install in a VM ;D
bitshuffler_Chrysantine: "osc buildinfo security:OpenVAS:STABLE:v2 openvas-libraries xUbuntu_10.04 x86_64 | grep bdep | sort" too much brainfuck already ;D
Chrysantinebitshuffler_: VM! ;p
bitshuffler_Chrysantine: nah, minimizing buntu boot strap on OBS.
Action: Chrysantine pats her collection of random VMs for no reason.
bitshuffler_Chrysantine: the awesome: !
bitshuffler_Chrysantine: but you have to whatch it till the end ;P
ChrysantineI am so not going to fall for that again
bitshuffler_nahmm it's a totally different thing and you'll gonna love it!
ChrysantineSuch transparent lies! :D
bitshuffler_TEH NOEZ!
bitshuffler_Chrysantine: heidi ;P
ChrysantineI knew it!
Action: bitshuffler_ struts :D
javier_JasonWoof: it's now part of the games repository ;)
watatemis it possible to write linux device driver just with linux-kernel-headers and withouth kernel-source?
watatemin openSUSE that is, because in ubuntu, i can write without the source.
bitshuffler_then please look into the source  and tell us how that works ;P ((as in package name is nothing )
ukwizdoes opensuse have an equivalent to anacron?
bitshuffler_and anacron is what?
ukwizbitshuffler_, cron for machines that are not powered up all the time - on powerup it checks to see if any cron jobs have been missed, and runs them
Chrysantinecronie+anacron mebbe?
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