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AlgyzHow can I enable nvidia logo on startup?
tartanCan anybody help me?
yalokiDelhoumi: I didn't take it, I don't need it
DelhoumiCould you tell me why?
yalokiDelhoumi: because I'm good
yalokiDelhoumi: and I have a job already
tartanAlgyz   - Option "NoLogo" "False" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf
yalokiDelhoumi: if you're looking for a Linux job, it can certainly help, but it's also pretty expensive
AlgyzFirst of course nvidia-xconfig
twkmtartan: without any information?  i cannot.
mmaybeemaybe can help, i've worked thru a few network issues.
woodefechi, i can see my repos when in Repo Conf in yast, but not when i enter the softwawre management
woodefechow to fix that? how to rebuild all repos?
twkmzypper clean, but that likely won't do anything to make them appear in sw_single.
tartanOh yes. Network is provided by wireless router with DHCP and stuff like that. All my linux/windows boxes connect fine - i just pick my ESSID in network manager or wicd and here i am.
tartanI am typing from openSUSE netbook, in fact.
Delhoumiyaloki : Could you tell me about such document that help to prepare this eaxm? openSUSE guides is it usefull?
mmaybeei had to disable networkmanager, no DNS w/my 3g modem.
tacittwkm: ah
tartanBut the main laptop connects to wireless (i can even log in to router) but would not ping anything but gateway. I guess it is nameserver or routing issue.
mmaybeecheck /etc/resolv.conf
tartanDone. Everything is commented out.
twkmnot good.
twkmeither manual, susconfig or networkmanager must put at least one nameserver line in that file or no names will resolve.
mmaybeei think nm overrides it. Can't help w/nm, I don't use it.
tartanOne moment, i'll check out resolv.conf on working machine
aeRoSoLyou probably have another resolve.conf such as resolve.conf.netconfig
mmaybeeaerosol: yes, exactly.
aeRoSoLjust move the /etc/resolve.conf.netconfig to /etc/resolve.conf
mmaybeethe  controls are in /etc/sysconfig/network/config, but making changes there gave me problems...
tartanYeah, i found it, should contain nameserver Pretty strange - when i tried to set up connection manually i told to use gateway as nameserver.
twkmnm would normally do that based on the dhcp it received.
tartanDoes the newly installed opensuse have wpa-supplicant, wext and dhcpcd?
twkmahh, a fresh install ... knetworkmanager is broken.  update it immediately.
aeRoSoLzypper dup
tartanI have no bloody cat5 wires at home. Going to check out one script i had for wireless on arch.
twkmif the only problem is the resolve.conf file doing what aeRoSoL said should get you going, then the updated knetworkmanager should keep things working.
tartanOnce i am online i remove networkmanager and install wicd on any machine that has X. Nm seems to act weird in any distro i tried with any DE.
mmaybeeConfess i quit trying w/nm. My connection works now, i'm happy ;)
tartanPretty strange, resolv.conf is allright now... What's wrong with nm in fresh install and what should i download to fix it? Provided that i cannot connect my laptop to network but i have a working netbook.
aaron__Hi everyone i'm in a bit of a jam just finish installing suse
aeRoSoLtartan: run updates.
aaron__i was trying to run update however i'm not sure what this means DBus error : Unable to get transaction id from packagekit.
aaron__keeps popping up
tacitaaron__: You can switch the backend from packagekit to zypper (you may need to install a package)
tacitaaron__: In the meantime, "zypper up" will update your system.
tartanI can not run updates because i have no network access on the machine that needs updates.
beargeisttartan: you can switch your network to traditional ifup method in yast, which works
aaron__thanks tacit but i don't quite understand what your saying
tacitaaron__: Hmm. What don't you understand?
aaron__ou can switch the backend from packagekit to zypper (you may need to install a package)
aaron__sorry but i'm brandnew to linux
cooltacit: I followed your advice and made some progress. I would love, if you could help further. I posted it on forum.
AsG_where to find the application launcher source  code ?
tartanbeargeist - trying it, thank you.
AsG_can anybody please tell me where to find the application launcher source  code ?
beargeistAsG_: "the application launcher"? what do you mean exactly? for most packages, there should be a source rpm. "zypper si <package>" will install <package>s source
zieglerkwhen entering Yast the following error message: "Cannot deactivate all displays: at least one display must be active".
zieglerkI was not even close to the displays -- I wanted to change the keyboard layout.
tartanYeah! It works! Thank you very much, dhcpcd did not work somewhy. Went for my updates. Hope there are nvidia drivers 190 there.
aaron__guess i'll figure this out some other time
aaron__back to windows lol
AsG_beargeist:i need to make the launcher point to a folder instead of a file
beargeistAsG_: and you need to be more patient. repeating yourself that quickly will only antagonize us
beargeistAsG_: what is "the launcher"?
zieglerkWhere can I activate the display?
coolOpenSuse without Internet, Possible? Please guide me!
AsG_the create launcher facility on Gnome
beargeistAsG_: sorry. i do not use gnome.
beargeistwhich did not mean he sould leave... well...
mmaybeetartan: for me, ifup/wicd is the way to go for wireless.
twkmthough #opensuse-gnome or a general gnome channel might be better.
tartanmmaybee, i also use wicd but by default nm is installed in suse and ubuntu. In debian or arch i just run a script for wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd.
mmaybeetartan: right, i should have been cleare in explaining that the 1st thing i did was disable it and use ifup,(after i gave up trying to make nm work).
tartananyway, it works now! hahaha, back to yast, goodbye, strange piece of code named knetworkmanager, wicd is coming!
tartanGoodbye everyone, back to new SUSE, gonna install nVidia drivers.
Action: Samay have a nice night suse
octocppdid vlc packages get downgraded in the repos? I see all avail were in red
aeRoSoLoctocpp: what repos?
aeRoSoLvlc repos?
twkmpackman moved to bs and did something odd to some of their package versions and some of their repo names.
twkm#packman suggested 'dup' to fix it all.  (i declined)
Action: aeRoSoL sticks to vlc repo for vlc....
szaltwkm: why?
octocppaeRoSoL: i think the packman repo
octocppi updated a week ago and i had no sound out from vlc with either the alsa out or the pulse out
octocppaeRoSoL: i wen to degrade it and wa happy to see a red on in there so i hope this ver works again <- + 3 others w/ same version and pkg revision
aeRoSoLyou should try upgrading before downgrading.
octocppaeRoSoL: sweet, the pulse output works, i was about to flip out
alumno00Hallo. Can any tell me I is possilble to use a HDMI connection to see a video camera in a Laptop? Thanks
octocppaeRoSoL: i did upgrade, that is what broke it
george_openSuSe rocks!
tacitgeorge_: Glad you like it.
george_I was an Ubuntu user... now I`m using OpenSuSe
boombatowerwhen using yast partitioner, I am reformating my 500GB external drive to ext4...which is recommeded partition type: MSDOS or GPT (I obviously don't care about being able to read on windows)
KanerixGPT is for messing with BSD partitions and the like
KanerixFor linux, use MSDOS
boombatowerKanerix: ok, thx
feathersanddownin wich package exist ?
KanerixIs it possible to get a linux system to handle two routing gateways in the routing table to the same destination?
feathersanddowni have a crash report with: #7  0xb549ef4c in ?? () from /usr/lib/   ..... so i have to install the appropiate debug package....
Kanerixon different interfaces
szalfeathersanddown: zypper wp
tacitKanerix: yes
szalor, rather,
feathersanddownok... let me see.....
KanerixHere's my routing table. I have two routes to the internet, but only one works at a time. Currently it's the wlan0 route:
KanerixWhat am I doing wrong?
KanerixaeRoSoL, Hey, that seems to be what I'm looking for. Thanks! Now to see if I understand... hehe Thanks mate
KanerixHmm if I understand this correctly, it requires them to both be static IPs?
KanerixOne is static in mine, but hte other is DHCP
aeRoSoLwow, you're so wrong on gpt Kanerix
francisco_Hi! I want to resize my "home" partition. I went to yast and tried to make the resize but it says that it is mounted. my question is, it's ok to unmount that partition?
feathersanddownszal: ... still downloading... ;)
KanerixaeRoSoL, Well thank you for pointing it out so vividly
aeRoSoLno problem :)
francisco_aeRoSoL: is that link for me?
aeRoSoLfrancisco_: no. it's for whoever wants to read a little about gpt.
francisco_ok thx
aeRoSoLfrancisco_: you can use the umount command as root to unmount a file system
mmaybeeseek help w/suse 11.2 problem. After reboot, 3g modem works. if cable gets disconnected, kernel selects usb0 device instead of ttyACM0. usb0 is ethernet device, uses cdc-ether module. quick fix is: modprobe -r cdc-ether; modprobe -r cdc-acm; modprobe cdc-acm, then reconnect cable. is there an easier way?
szalmmaybee: non-professional assessment: sounds like a case for HAL; you could trigger a script that does these steps
Jetchiseludev issue?
szal'hotplug' hasn't been used for quite a while, iirc
szalthat was before udev/hal
mmaybeei'm running old way, ifup. default behavior is unwanted
szalwhat's a 3G modem anyway?  cellphone?
mmaybeecellphone modem
szaland why do you have Ethernet on USB?
beargeistszal: we'd call it "umts"
mmaybeesuse 11.2 default behavior selects usb0 device, i don't want this. it doesn't happen at boot
Action: szal hasn't arrived in UMTS times yet ^^
mosnowhat's the deal, Novell? I call your Australia sales office during business hours and it goes to voicemail?
beargeistmosno: and you complain in an openSUSE channel about it? we are not novell. bug them.
mosnobeargeist, i am trying to!
mosnoi only mention it here for the lulz. i know that some of you work at novell
twkmszal: which?  i have no idea why they suggest dup -- repo configuration is far too complex for that to be a safe response on their part.  hence why i declined.
beargeistpossibly, but not on a sunday night/afternoon
feathersanddownszal: if you are a girl, i could be give you a kiss!!  thank very much for the hint!
Action: szal is male
aeRoSoLbeargeist: I think the aussies are Monday morning right now?
feathersanddowna beer ? a coffee?
beargeistfeathersanddown: why wouldn't you kiss a guy?
feathersanddownkiss only for my father '
mosnoaeRoSoL, correct, it is 11:32AM here
beargeistfeathersanddown: though bear is better than kisses from guys...;)
szalaeRoSoL: nevertheless a bit unlikely for significant Novell staff to read here though ^^
octocppis there a problem with the amd  Turion II m520 and linux that we know of ?
beargeistaeRoSoL: yeah. but here it is 1.30 am and in th us it should be afternoon or s/th like that...
octocppI have a Toshiba Sat l505d-es5025 and i cant even get suse 11.2 cd to boot
szalbeargeist: between 16:30 and 19:30, depending on location ^^
mmaybeewith 11.1, this problem did not occur. with 11.2, device is correctly identified the first time it is
szalmmaybee: looked for/filed a bug already?
surgyhey guys
surgykupdater is being gay
surgywhen i try to use yast or zypper it says that the resource is locked  by the application with pid 4651 (/usr/sbin/packagekitd)
surgyhow do i fix this?
Dominiankill 4651    as root
Dominianthat's how I fix it
BManojlovicgood night
szalsurgy: let the updater finish and/or disable it
surgyDominian: how do i keep it from happining in the future?
feathersanddownszal: uhm...... well... your hint function, i have been installed some packages that solves the problem, but there are some libraries that don't
Dominiansurgy: I'm not sure what causes that to be honest, it only happens rarely for me.
surgyszal: the updater crashed
mmaybeeplugged in. If the modem is cleanly hung up (eg, via kinternet), can reconnect OK. Problem occurs only when cable is replugged. it's my phone, too, ocassional disconnect is unavoidable. oh well, at least i have a workaround better than rebooting.
Jetchiselsurgy: right click on update icon and disable it
surgyJetchisel: updater crashed
Jetchiseldisable it
aeRoSoLmmaybee: why are you not using network manager
surgyoph weell ill just kill it and check back here l8r
mmaybeeaerosol: nm will not set dns correctly for me. connects ok, but no DNS.
aeRoSoLmmaybee: have you run updates?
mmaybeeaerosol: yes. i even tried editing /etc/sysconfig/networg/config and changing NETCONFIG_DNS_POLICY from auto to eg, ppp* NetworkManager, which should work but doesn't.
mmaybeeNETWORKMANAGER="no" works, though ;)
octocppis it normal for a laptop mounse to not work in suse 11.2? is there some mod i need to install ?
octocppcrap, I have a Insyde h20 bios on this laptop, is there any hope for linux to support it any time soon ?
Guest50375hello everyone
surgymy suse install is becomming really unstable
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