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jamesd2Necrocow, what version are you using?  ssh comes with solaris 9 and 10...
Necrocowssh but I don't see sshd (sshd, sshd_config, etc) unless it's somewhere I'm not used to
jamesd2 /etc/ssh/ssh*
Necrocowyeah /etc/ssh/ is all there, sorry, was remembering wrong. Theres just not sshd anywhere that I can see
Necrocowand I don't see anything in /etc/init,d
jamesd2solaris is moving towards using SMF,  its much more powerful that init.d files...
jamesd2svcadm enable|disable|resstart  ssh
jamesd2svcs -x  to see servicest hat have failed
jamesd2svcs -a  to see a list of all services
MindDrive - might this help for the Terminal question?
jamesd2 /usr/lib/ssh/sshd
AJC_Z0What might make a difference to terminals in gnome on different platforms is termcap vs. terminfo support
Necrocowok that started sshd and it seesm to be working, thanks. How do I make it start everytime
MindDriveOnce it's enabled, it will start again after every reboot.
jamesd2Necrocow,  svcadm enable ssh  is permanent until you disable it
NecrocowAJC_Z0: any idea on how to make it always start with a certain size (ie, 132x50 instead of 80x24)
Necrocowand if it's not to much trouble, how to get home/end/pgup/phdown to work right; I'm so used to using home/end to go between the ends of the line and the pg keys to go between the ends of the bash history buffer
Necrocowjamesd2: between reboots?
Necrocowah I see
Necrocowjamesd2: thanks
jamesd2Necrocow, yes SMF handles services startup.. by enabling it you make it permanent, and smf also detects services that can stat up in paralel making booting quicker
AJC_Z0Necrocow: I set X resources in my X resources file. See xrdb(1). Gnome probably has some database driven XML file hidden nine directories under one of five configuration dote directories, but should respect X resources
jamesd2and should a service fail  smf will attempt to restart it a few times before putting it in to maintaince mode,  svcs -x lists services that are in maintaince mode.. great for 2 am  pages... login .. run svcs -x  see what has failed
AJC_Z0If you're not familiar with X resource syntax, see the various resource file in wherever app-defaults is these days
NecrocowAJC_Z0: ie ~/.Xdefaults ? I completely forgot about that
NecrocowAJC_Z0: I remember having to set that up once for rxvt to work right on another system many moons ago
AJC_Z0Necrocow: Yes, exactly that, but you should understand how resources are managed what when what changes take effect
AJC_Z0So why aren't you using rxvt-unicode?
Stricgnome-terminal doesn't care about X resources
Striclike the rest of the gnome apps, as they don't use libXt
AJC_Z0Stric: If true, then that would be sufficient reason to not use it
NecrocowAJC_Z0: I may consider it, I just wanted to see if I could make the default term more usable :)
NecrocowStric: oh. so how do I set what size I want (ie 132x50) then?
StricNecrocow: Have you checked Preferences?
NecrocowStric: and overide home/end/pgdn/pgup
axisyscan I run this mount -F ufs -o remount,logging on a partition or do I need to edit vfstab and reboot to activate it .. this is for solaris 8 and I did not find anythign on about not running it on active partitions
Necrocowthe oly prefs I see in it's menus are PRofiles but theres n osetting for changing keys or setting the size
AJC_Z0As for handling funny key strokes, any one or more of at least five different components may be involved. Good luck with that
kop__got titanium ??
AJC_Z0axisys: remount will do the trick. See output of "mount"
AJC_Z0axisys: So why are you both running an unsupported platform and trying to make changes to it?
kop__we're all from such diverse backrounds and experience I thought I'd give it a shot
NecrocowAJC_Z0: actually I just want to make those keys act normal, in this term pgup/down causes the scrols bar to scroll up and down
kop__looking for like 1" x 6" bar stock
Necrocowand home/end move the scroll bar end to end
Necrocowit's like it not even sendi ng those key strokes to the term itself, but just catching it and using it for it's own means
axisysAJC_Z0: we are slowly deprecating those solaris 8 boxes.. still we have few that we are responsible for and among those few never had journaling on and bitten by fsck in the middle of the night
axisysAJC_Z0: thanks for your help
axisysAJC_Z0: will the remount work even for root (/)
Necrocowit's most annoying when pgup/down don't work in vim
Necrocowditto for home/end
AJC_Z0Necrocow: I'm used to shift-pgup/down for that. Try various shift/alt/meta combos
Necrocowis there no way to change it though?
AJC_Z0axisys: It should be for obvious reasons I haven't done that in a while
Stricdon't have any sun provided g-t around, so I can't check that specifically.. but my debian lenny g-t doesn't grab pgup/dn by default, but uses shift-* for that..
Sn0wballhello all
Sn0wballIm getting this in one of my solaris boxes: /dev/vx/dsk/dbadg/v_aaa_data
Sn0wball                     2031711 18446744073709535242 1987134 936021843030584% /aaa/data
bensonsthats just cool :)
Sn0wballthis is a solaris 8
Sn0wballim looking for a reported bug regarding veritas 3.5 and solaris 8
Sn0wballdidnt find anything so far
StricDid you check with sun or veritas?
ImmerDerBestSn0wball: it's not cool .. it's utterly sad
Sn0wballdidnt engage the vendors for the moment
bensonsImmerDerBest: sure its 64bit aware :)
Sn0wballand cant umount the filesystem for the moment
Sn0wballanyone seen somthing like this?
ImmerDerBestheh bensons .. sure ;)
bensonsive seen funny uids over nfs but never such df outputs
Sn0wballIm afraid that vendors will suggest patching, but im looking for an already reported bug to save time
StricSn0wball: It would probably help if you said what filesystem as well ("veritas 3.5" .. company name, version.. no mention of _which_ veritas product v3.5.. maybe vxvm, maybe vxfs..)
ImmerDerBesta lot of people claims in IRC totally driven things .. showing logs and whatever .. few minutes ago claimed one guy sshd segfault in #suse bensons
StricI see english words, but not english sentences there..
Sn0wballImmerDerBest: Im not hoping to get magic from here, just asking if anyone saw this
ImmerDerBestSn0wball: np dude .. just ask. ;)
Sn0wballImmerDerBest: :)
bensonsImmerDerBest: segfault and sshd is kind of different to the thing Sn0wball posted
ImmerDerBestSn0wball: i am very glad that your Q: is not from the UFO pool just today .. and it's fair then if not :D
ImmerDerBestbensons: hmm. i have never seen output like Sn0wballs one as well as sshd segfault since 90's on various *NIX systems
Sn0wballI saw sshd segfaults but not in solaris boxes, the problem was related to wrong libraries versions
ImmerDerBestoh .. i don't have a luck :/
bensonsright :) but a borked df is more likely, especially if there is solaris and vxvm in the gmae :)
Sn0wballjust for the record, this is what i have:
Sn0wball# modinfo | grep vx
Sn0wball 19 10200e7a 11db80 241   1  vxio (VxVM 3.5s_p4.5 I/O driver)
Sn0wball 21 10309a4d  1c31c 240   1  vxdmp (VxVM 3.5s_p4.5 DMP Driver)
Sn0wball 22 103237d1    847 242   1  vxspec (VxVM 3.5s_p4.5 control/status)
Sn0wball# uname -a
Sn0wballSunOS host01 5.8 Generic_117350-46 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire
ImmerDerBestSn0wball: probably it's some kind of reward - just for have a fun - for your bloody money spent by vxvm :D
StricSn0wball: so you're probably using UFS then..
Sn0wballStric: yes, UFS
Sn0wballImmerDerBest: hehehe
erkulesAny recommendation for HA on Solaris? Someone recommended wackamole wich I never heard. And their is Veritas and Solaris Cluster. As a Linux guy I don't know any of them.
erkulesHmm looks like Sn0wball uses Veritas :)
ImmerDerBestSn0wball: yeah ^^ .. it has met a point .. you're giggling .. so everything is good then
ImmerDerBesterkules: for HA of *what?
erkulesImmerDerBest: yes
ImmerDerBestHA for *yes .. interesting
erkulesImmerDerBest: ups sorry. basicly nothing more then VIP-management
Sn0wballerkules: That server is using sun cluster :)
erkulesSn0wball: ok thx:)
mustangSn0wball: perhaps consider unmounting and checking the filesystem?
mustangerkules: VCS is pretty nice. Runs on Lonicks too :)
StricSn0wball: one guess is that you've got some file system corruption on your hand.. if you had run zfs instead, it would have saved your ass..
mustangStric: he's on Solaris 8. Try again.
Sn0wballStric: may be, this server is going to be upgraded in the near future, now it has sol 8
erkulesmustang: hmm on benefit of veritas would be having the same pice of software on solaris and linux. Anyone recommend wackamole?
Stricmustang: Yeah, I saw that.. my statement still holds :)
Sn0wballmustang: Im almost sure that a reboot or an umount will bring the df output to its normal value, but I have to schedule that task, cant do it right now
ImmerDerBestStric: zfs causes sometimes unpredictable umems' errors ..
mustangSn0wball: you should at least be able to check the filesystem. there'll be a switch to fsck_vxfs that tells it not to go trying to fix anything.
AJC_Z0The best advice for your unsupported platform is to LEAVE IT ALONE, BUILD THE REPLACEMENT AND RETIRE IT
Sn0wballerkules: wackamole, what the hell is that? (sorry for my ignorance)
AJC_Z0Your effort to fix it is a far greater threat to its function than leaving it in its current state
StricImmerDerBest: unpredictable umem errors?
Sn0wballBTW, I've just found something similar for solaris 10:, but in this case with SVM
Stricsame UFS
Sn0wball(hate Oracle logo!! why they had to use it into sunsolve!!!) :(
AJC_Z0Because Oracle OWNS it
Sn0wballAJC_Z0: oh, i know... just trying to resist world domination
Sn0wballAJC_Z0: just joking, :)
AJC_Z0Sn0wball: I used to have an account at the widespread US national bank, Nationsbank. They were bought by Bank Of America and one day (and I mean in one day), they disappeared. There was no Nationsbank or sign of its present or past existence, just Bank of America
AJC_Z0I heard from a source that they even tried (and mostly succeeded) to take all the staff's branded stuff
ImmerDerBestStric: yes .. we have had zfs for a message store backend with a lot of i/o operations .. it failed several times and one could say that more often then even bleeding edge filesystem would fail
ImmerDerBestStric: the *umen based errors was a leitmotiv in all fails
wuffi600when having a HAStoragePlus-Resource on sc32u2, how can i change the name of the diskset to use with this resource? I guess it can be changed with "clrg set ...", but how?
Action: cfs senses the imminent release of 10u9
AlasdairrrI love the way it takes 5 days for Sun to process an order for a support contract
AlasdairrrBecause people don't need patches straight away. Why would they? Why would someone buy a support contract and want to immediately download patches.
zetanyou're lukcy! it took me a WEEK
cfsYou two complain too much, it took me 5 years!  (not really, I lie, I'm a liar)
AlasdairrrI don't have mine yet. I've just paid for it.
AlasdairrrI want to knee Sun in the testicles right now.
cfsYou mean Oracle
AlasdairrrNo, Oracle will get rid of all this bullshit.
cfsthere is no Sun, only Larry Zuul.
AlasdairrrOracle know people want to buy things!
Action: cfs thinks of more Ghostbusters<>Oracle/Sun acquisition jokes
Sn0wballwonder what will happen with opensolaris
AlasdairrrI wonder what will happen with Solaris Next
zetanSolaris Axed
zetandude Unbreakeable Enterprise Linux will beat solaris!
cfsSolaris 11, not 11
cfshahaha, nononono, ZuulLarry is going to keep Solaris
cfsmeanwhile, anyone know when 10u9 is going to FCS?
cfsanyone? bueller?  bueller?
AlasdairrrLarry hailed Solaris as the best UNIX on the market.
AlasdairrrI heard S10u9 will come out either this month, next month or the month after.
cfsif anything opensolaris is going to get axed.
ponyofdeathhi, what is the proper way to install the en_US.utf8 locale?
cfsAlasdairrr 5, that does not program.
cfsponyofdeath lemme see if there is an install cluster.
ponyofdeathcfs: when i did it using pkgadd from the cd last time it pulled all sort of bloat like gnome and gtk
cfsthere might be deps from that cluster to GNOME.
cfsI'll pvtmsg you a list of packages from 10u8
cfswell actually you can look for your self /path/to/so10u8media/Solaris_10/Product/.clustertoc
cfssearch for CLUSTER=SUNWCutf8
Sn0wballzetan: man, Unbreakeable Linux is just an unbranded Red Hat linux
cfsI mean from the command line, besides sort order, there really isn't much magic to the en_US.UTF-8 locale than C
Sn0wballzetan: or centos, whatever you like most
cfsRedhat makes me vomits in my mouth a little.  (sorry for the visual)
ponyofdeathcfs: problem im having is the currency issue
Sn0wballcfs: thats ok, but Oracle's attitude on selling a copy of red hat is just disgusting
Sn0wballcfs: i mean, worst
ponyofdeathcfs: seems our java apps rely on locale to get currency and if its not en_US it shows up as USD as oppose to $
AlasdairrrOracle "stealing" RHEL was rather "vulgar"
AlasdairrrIt's the sort of thing most normal companies wouldn't do because they follow some sort of vague code of ethics, at least for PR reasons
Sn0wballAlasdairrr: yes, it was, and in addition they called that "oracle enterprise linux" puagggjjj :P
AlasdairrrOracle doesn't seem to care if people hate them
cfs<ZuulLarry> ARE YOU A GOD?
AlasdairrrI'll be sad if OpenSolaris gets axed. It was finally starting to congeal into something vaguely usable on the server side
AlasdairrrAlthough AI is still a joke
cfsand a horrible movie to boot
Alasdairrrhaha :)
AlasdairrrI cried pathetically at the end of that film.
Alasdairrr(But I didn't cry at Titanic)
ponyofdeathcfs: do u know off hand how i can change the currency to $ without messing with locales
ponyofdeathAlasdairrr: should java be able to set its one locale and not be dependant on the os for currency setting
Alasdairrrcan't you do something like "LC_ALL=en_US.ISO8859-1 java myapp"
Alasdairrrto run your java app with a particular locale
cfsponyofdeath, hrm, I suggest studying locale(5)
cfsand specify explicity
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