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WhiteGuyhow the heck do i send a break via ssh to an ALOM ? i've been reading and trying ~~. (which disconnects) ~#. ~B .. no luck
datadiggerWhiteGuy: Do you use PuTTY ?
WhiteGuyjust ssh from a linux/osx/bsd machine
datadiggerWhiteGuy: Sorry, don't know that.
radsy~. always works for me
radsyoh, /me reads
WhiteGuyradsy .. ~. disconnects :D
WhiteGuyi need to send a break while this machine is booting so i can get into OBP
WhiteGuyhmm.. i need to figure out how to send a STOP-A remotley
[pwgr]send a break signal via the terminal
WhiteGuyi'm trying to in SSH but it's failing
WhiteGuytryin ~B , ~# ~. disconnects me
[pwgr]yeah you need to change the break signal for the ssh shell so that the shell doesnt translate the break but passes it on
WhiteGuymind telling me how? ssh -e rings a bell
WhiteGuybut i'm not famliar with it
[pwgr]try -e"none"
Sean_McGs55: should I buy with the subscription?
Sean_McGewps, wrong channel
WhiteGuypwgr , by doing ssh -e"none" or ssh -e "none" now ~. no longer works.. it jujst displays any character in the console window
datadiggerWhiteGuy: ~~B  ?
WhiteGuythat just displays ~B on the console
WhiteGuy~B seems to sorta do something.. but not when booting
datadiggerWhiteGuy: the ~~B  should work without the -e
Action: gothos always though that the keycode was identical to the one you use via serial :S
WhiteGuydatadigger it doesn't
WhiteGuyor at least when i reboot the machine via alom
datadiggergothos: That would be F1, A   right?
gothosdatadigger: I just use #.
gothosbut default, thinkso yes
WhiteGuyff it possible to turn off sun machine automatically (without typing power-off) when shutdown the server ?
[pwgr]shutdown -g0 -i5 -y
nnnnnif I know linux terminal will i be able to use most commands on solaris?
Sean_McGprobably, but you'll still need to be mindful of some of the differences
nnnnnsean, what kind of differneces are the most common?
nnnnnI'm going to try to learn solaris starting next week and then take tests on it and stuff, so hello everyone
Sean_McGsome tools like grep and make and so on are not like the GNU implementations you're used to -- they have different arguments and output format
chromehey, can someone enlighten me; why do we store things like protocols and services in ldap/nis ?
chromeis it just, its useful for a few people, so its the default, thing?
beggarschrome: perhaps for centralization, just like the rest of ldap/nis services
chromethings like ethers, I think, I don't want in ldap :)
chromethey generally only need to be configured for the jumpstart server
chromebut I get a cookie today; I set up multi-master DSEE :D
chromeeasy peasy.
chromeis there a nice tool that sun give you to administrate posix accounts/groups etc in an LDAP directory?
chromeSMC looks like it should do it but it doesn't seem to work
Sean_McGSMC should work
chromeI r doing it rong
chromeThe attempt to view Users or Roles has failed due to an unexpected error. This was caused by the following error:
chromehelpful ;)
chromeahh, /etc/named.conf breaks it
Action: chrome hugs google.
chromesvccfg -s dns/server setprop defaults/options/configuration_file=/var/named/named.conf
chrome^ why isnt that working?
chromewithout the defaults/
peercewhat kind of ldap server are you using? typically, you havev to use that servers tools to admin it
Sean_McGhe said DSEE
peercedoesn't that have its own whole admin suite ?
Sean_McGyeah there's a web interface
peerceand an API for writing custom rule based group management apps and such?
chromeso I'm doing svccfg -s svc:/network/dns/server:default setprop options/configuration_file="/var/named/named.conf" but the init script is not picking up the property that I've set, and /usr/bin/svcprop -p options/configuration_file svc:/network/dns/server:default shows that its empty
chromewhat am I doing wrong here?
peerceis options/configuration_file even an option for that service?
peercefwiw, i've always found named.conf in /etc/  not in /var
peerceunless you're running a chrooted' bind.
chromei need to move it
chromebecause smf has a bug that makes it not work with user administration
chromeand this is the documented workaround
chrome/etc/named.conf File Causes Solaris Management Console Operations on User and Group Accounts to Fail (4777931)
peerceyou're running solarlis 9 4/03 ???
chromeseems to apply to sol 10 too.
peerceer, 9/02 even ??
TomJIs there a way to see if my running NIC drivers are gldv2 or gldv3?
chromeactually this is 9/08
chromebut yes
peercewhy are you using SMC anyways, that program is a total joke.
chromemoving /etc/named.conf resolved my issue
peerce2nd year jr college IT students could write a better admin program in vbasic.
peercei sure don''t knwo any solaris admins who use smc for -anything-
chromeI'm investigating it.
peerceon non-ldap kinda systems, I tend to use useradd/usermod
chromeits an ldap kinda system
peercefor ldap, I use the ldap servers directory administration
chromeyeah. DSEE's admin console is shit for administrating users.
chromefor example, posixAccount isn't even in the list of possible objectclasses to add to a new account. You have to add it, then go and manually add it later.
chromeand its not at the top of the list. Its right down the bottom.
jzu_ahh, doing an ilom upgrade
onrethat's always fun
onrei should visit the colo and reset goddamn blade chassis, SP has lost network connectivity
onreinterest-o-meter: 0% |=>>                                                             | 100%
jzu_I have to wait 5-10 minutes after the SP has "finished" upgrade
jzu_in reality it still does it in the background
jzu_if you try log in and power on the host the system wont boot and you have start all over again :-)
jzu_upgrade - wait 10 minutes - remove powercord - boot the host
jzu_thats what they dont say in the readme, hahah
onregreat :D
jzu_aka. x86
onrex6250 has behaved quite nicely when upgrading.
eXeC001eron linux available "ssh-copy-id". on solaris/opensolaris ?
onrethat's part of openssh. sunssh does not have it.
et<.ssh/ ssh remote "cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys"
onreindeed. :)
matornever knew about it before
matorbut using pubkey auth for like 10 years
onreditto. :D
jzu_ahh, ILOM upgrade successed and problem fixed.
matorjzu_, what what the problem?
jzu_mator: unable to boot the host after ILOM upgrade.
matorbtw did sun released ilom code sources, since it's based on the linux? :)
matorsomehow someone maybe know?
jzu_no idea
matorand hp maintenance cdrom (sp processor update, firmware, etc...) is also a linux bootable cd
jzu_I guess the ILOM itself isnt released, the OS is just Linux
matori wonder why sun doesn't use opensolaris in SP instead of linux, lol
|woody|because they don't have an arm port yet :)
matorhow lame
|woody|maybe ILom 5.0 will have an arm osol kernel :)
seanmcgthere is an arm port
|woody|yes but not production ready
seanmcgso ' they don't have an arm port yet' isn't true :)
jzu_mator: Please visit to download the firmware's open source components that are required to be made available under open source licenses.
mator400mb to downloadm lets see...
vext01dont suppose you guys know why not every screen works with a sun blade 1000?
faxm0demmaybe it's sync-on-green?
vext01thats my hunch
faxm0demor composite sync
StricI bet it's more depending on what gfx card you have in the sb1000
vext01its an elite3d
StricMy guess is that it wants sync on green
faxm0demmator: ilom source is available on
matoraye, i've downloaded already by jzu link
Action: mator installed "track me not" addon...
matorfor firefox
faxm0dembut I wouldn't give it 0.5s time
faxm0demit's bullshit
matorfaxm0dem, what is bull shit ? :)
faxm0demhaving dug around on the ilom as sunservice account....
faxm0demthe ILOM is
jzu_ALOM <3
matoras far as do its job in hardware management (power on/off, console) it's ok
faxm0demmator: I'd put that in conditional form
faxm0demhaving ~400 ILOMs around I know they're _not_ reliable
faxm0demthat being said, having a 300M linux booting in just under 3 minutes for _just_ powering on/off really is shooting one's self in the knee
jzu_yeah, but on the other hand - Fire 2900 management is not that fast either to boot up
jzu_it takes few minutes to get anything out of it
matorwhatever, dell drac, ibm rsa, ilom in hp...
jzu_the speed must be becaues the service processor is not THAT fast, it doesn't need to be
jzu_but ayways, gotta run
faxm0demit's not fast _because_ it's got a huge kernel with thousands of unused funcionality, and on top of that stupid shell scripts which run as daemons and leak memory
faxm0demBMCs on Dell or xSeries are lightyears ahead in terms of reliability
faxm0demor ALOMs for that matter
dpeckahi all
nettezzaumanaoh my bad memory .. i don't like restarting my workstation
nettezzaumanai had ssh forwarded (-R) local->remote but it's not working for me now
nettezzaumana ssh $host_behind_nat -g -R '*:8022:localhost:22'
asydhave you enabled gatewayports?
nettezzaumanai have on $host_behind_nat in sshd_config gatewayports
nettezzaumanaasyd: yeah .. thanks ..
matornettezzaumana, :8022 could still bound on remote, you first try "remote$ telnet localhost 8022" or try a different port...
matorhint - tcp time wait
nettezzaumanamator & asyd .. well, i am forwarding from A->B and between A and B is one way nat (A->B) .. i have on B "GatewayPorts yes" and from A using this command ::  ssh suse111 -g -R '*:8022:localhost:22'
nettezzaumanadid i forget anything?
asydare you sure you don't want -L insteand?
nettezzaumanaasyd: no, because from outside world, i am only able to access B subnet
nettezzaumanaso i need to have on B forwarded port from A
asydah ok
asydso in that case the gatewayports should be enabled on host a
nettezzaumanaasyd: but you told me this trick few months ago :D
asydsince you want opened the port on host a
nettezzaumanaasyd: but as far as i am not restarting my machines (usually) i have been never repeating it
nettezzaumanaasyd: thanks .. it works now .. it seems like i restarted sshd last time by hand and added gatewayports switch to sshd directly on commandline
HeatHawkmator, thanks for that man
HeatHawkmade my day a little easier
faxm0demI have a little proble concerning liveupgrade.
faxm0demIn order, I did: lucreate -n new , then  zfs destroy some/data
faxm0demnow it's impossible to remove the new BE
faxm0demERROR: mount: /some/data: No such file or directory
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