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Iraqiand i told you is problem just no firmware
Skywisecan you get the firmware from windows?
Iraqiin linUx backtrack 4 final in command : lsusb is show
Iraqiatheros ar5523 ( no firmware )
Iraqithat all problem i have
Iraqiskywise  how?
rob0 step 2, firmware
SkywiseIraqi, it would be one of the files in the driver
Iraqirob0 wait because i have back track now
Iraqidebain is 1 giga
Iraqisky how how
rob0You would use /lib/firmware in Slackware.
SkywiseIraqi, try what rob0 suggests
Iraqirob0 from where in windows i get firmware for my wifi
Iraqiin windows how i got it then i copy in there /lib/firmware
rob0grrr ... the link has a URL, did you try that?
Iraqibut is for debian ?? it wil work?
mancharock the kazbah
rob0Firmware is for the device, not the OS.
Iraqivery goooooooooooooooood
Iraqiwait open web site is want time
Iraqirob0 i did that
Iraqiand in
Iraqibefore this line
Iraqi# m-a a-i ar5523
Iraqii got problem
Iraqiand it was show me  ( ignore) skip  ( stop)
rob0Don't do the Debian stuff. Just get the firmware and put in the Slackware /lib/firmware directory.
Iraqican i download manul this firmware
Iraqibecause how i can get it
Iraqiis in side
sahkodo noobfarm quotes have to be approved before they appear?
rob0To get good at this, one must be able to pull abstract concepts from what one reads. If you take everything literally, you will not do well.
rob0And yes, I know part of that is the language barrier, sorry, can't help with that.
Iraqirob0 my english bad sorry
manchathere are too many to post all at once
switch10__I just installed the google chrome browser, but I am getting this error:  /usr/bin/google-chrome: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Iraqiwhat is extration for firmware
Iraqii mean this extration for install in windows  .exe
rob0Noobfarm has a continuous feed from ##slackware, just chops them randomly and inserts.
sahkoswitch10__: chrome has dependencies
Iraqiwhat about for firmware .??
switch10__sahko, ahh ok
manchacan someone disconnect Iraqi's power supply?
rob0Iraqi: the link was a .tgz which implies it is a gzipped tar file.
arfonHowdy Slackers
rob0Opening it in Windows might be possible, but rather pointless, I would think.
Skywisewinrar can manage them
rob0Skywise: ^^ pointless?
stinkyIraqi: the wifi worked in backtrack 4?
rob0You get the firmware, you get the source, you boot Linux.
sahkoisnt backtrack 4 ubuntu based?
Skywiserob0, should be pointless, but in this case....
stinkySkywise: yes
stinkysahko: ^^
rob0Then you install the firmware and compile the source.
rob0Finally. "modprobe -v ar5523" and check dmesg.
Skywiseif he warm boots from windows, won't the firmware still be loaded from the windows boot
mancha"firmware" has lost its true meaning
Skywiseyeah, that was an old trick for some devices that didn't have support
Skywiselooks like something didn't work
Iraqistinky no no there too no avalibale
Iraqii want extration for firmware
Iraqito i download it
Iraqilike  ar5523.exe
rob0 firmware. Unfortunately the driver source is in git, and I have no idea how/if you can get that from Windows. Are you depending on the wireless device for Internet?
Iraqirob0 yes for hacking
Iraqimust by wifi
Iraqiis downloading wait...
Iraqirob0 can you too download it
Iraqiis have many files
Iraqiin  side
stinkyif you plan to do this so called "hacking" why not use pentoo?
Iraqiand one of them is
stinkyit's only the size of one cdrom
Iraqistiky is support my wifi
Iraqithat my problem
Iraqirob0 i extra this  uath-firmware ?
IraqiyouKamii them not support my wifi
Iraqileave them
stinkyif it works on one Linux it will work on any Iraqi
stinkyand vice versa
Iraqirob0 have many file is go side in side then in side will see this file uath-ar5523?
Iraqistiky i heared many voice like you
Iraqibut not successful
Action: stinky shakes head.
Iraqilook in is say support
Iraqithen when using and show error them say oh is not support
KaMiiwhy are we helping someone who wants to hack?
Iraqithat not mean hack
Iraqiis mean learn
Action: KaMii trusts no one
Iraqithat what do believe
Iraqirob0 what happen?
Iraqidid you saw it?
rob0We being ##slackware, should use the traditional computing rather than the mass-media definition of hack/hacker.
KaMii^^ agree
Iraqirob0 slackware is 4 giga
Iraqiis too much larg size
Iraqimore one week need to download
Iraqii'm from iraq
Iraqiand internet is slowly
manchawho has the mute button?
Iraqidownload speed 5- 10 kb/s
KaMiiIraqi: go ask the US Military if you can use their internet
Iraqirob0 just download it and check which one i copy/past and done
stinkyIraqi: buy a slackware dvd?
IraqiKaMii if you have any body from them in Irbil call them and tell them agree to i use them internet
arfonOkay, I'm coming in late on the conversation again but, Iraqi, have you tried the torrent?
rob0Again, I cannot tell you how/if you can download the driver source from SVN in Windows.
Iraqii will be very happy them have very very high speed
dvel4 GB?, the CD1 with basic installation...
Iraqii using torrent show
Iraqihow i tell you i can download it by 4 days
Iraqisorry 4 giga by more one week
stinkyIraqi: when I was on dialup, up until 2005 I had to wait that long to get what I want
paissadthere is no /etc/crontab in my system & i would like to add this crontab line to cactiuser
paissad*/5 * * * * cactiuser /www/php/bin/php /www/htdocs/cacti/poller.php > /dev/null 2>&1
KaMiiits only 10 mb
Iraqirob0 i downloaded this file  and have again aruchef have file uath-firmware
manchawhat does /etc/crontab have to do with anything?
paissadi see /etc/cron.d/ .... can i create a new file there & put the cron job there ?
Iraqistinky when you was benn in iraq?
paissador do i only have to create /etc/crontab ?
manchapaissad, ok, stop.
stinkyIraqi:  better than tinycore in my opinion
paissadmancha, ;)
IraqiKaMii is support atheros?
manchaask your real question!  :)
stinkyIraqi: you don't have to live in Iraq to have slow internet.
KaMiiIraqi: go to the TinyCore chat and ask three
rob0paissad, did you try "man crontab"?
manchawhat would you like to achieve, in words, don't talk about missing crontab files.
paissadmancha, i want to add a cron job for a specific user (cactiuser) ;)
Iraqistinky did you saw irbil?
paissadrob0, i could do crontab -u cactiuser ....
Iraqistinky i will ask Nur Maliki to give me internet :P
manchaadd a file "user" in /var/spool/cron/crontabs
paissadrob0, but i want to proceed otherwise
IraqiKaMii i just travil in irc all say go therre go there :D
manchaor crontab -e <username>
manchathis will edit that user's crontab
Iraqimy passport is working in all country (channel) :P
rob0If you don't like Slackware's cron implementation, rip it out and install a different one.
Iraqirob0 download it is very small size file
paissadmancha, actually, i know about crontab -u user, crontab -e , ..... but i would like to have a file where i could put all cron jobs i want for what user i want ..
paissadinstead of doing crontab -e for each user
Iraqistinky i'm from irbil ( arbil ) is capital city for region kurdistan of iraq
manchaso basically, you don't like dillon's cron
rob0paissad: < rob0> If you don't like Slackware's cron implementation, rip it out and install a different one.
stinkyIraqi: oh, okay
manchadillon's cron works by giving each user a different crontab
stu_i just learned about stoning to death today from sad
stinkyIraqi: I have never been to iraq
stu_cruel way to die
manchathere are crueler
Iraqistinky you said in 2005?
stinkyIraqi: No, I had slow internet in 2005. Dialup
Iraqirob0 tell me or i call 911 i will say you not help me
stu_i know there are bad tortures, but for an execution method.. stoning is really unhumanitary
Iraqistinky sorry misunderstand my english bad
manchasomeone put Iraqi out of his misery already
manchai suggest electrocution
stu_death by poison gas
stinkystu_: I've seen videos of people stoned.  A young girl to be exact.  Was very disturbing.
rob0Iraqi, I doubt I can help any further.
adrienbad bad taste stu_
stu_stinky, yes it seems girls are the ones usually stoned
manchathey do stonings still for adultery i women
stu_the cnn report made me search further in google
manchain muslim countries...usually rural settings
stinkystu_: She was stoned for deciding not so believe in Islam.
stu_the absence of feeling in the people who throw the stones are really really disturbing
adrienthe US don't make better
stu_they even choose big enough stones to cause hurt, but not enough to cause death quickly? wtf
Iraqino no rob0 i will go then just check file
Iraqiand which one is file for must copy/past
stinkyIraqi: Do they still stone where you live?
Iraqiwhat you mean?
Iraqimy english is bad sorry
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