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redtricyclekleanchap_: I maintain the slackbuild on
manchaklean, i've played with it, it has the benefit of interoperability with windows
xversehehe indeed!
Urchlaymrselfpwn: eh, I dunno, if it's geared towards high-end gaming rigs, it's got no place being installed on this old clunker
mrselfpwnoh, it's one of those type computers?  what specs?
Urchlaygentoo on a box with only 256M of RAM is kinda painful (lots of compiling, lots of swap use...)
redtricycleSo, i isntalled Windows XP on my laptop to dualboot
redtricycleb/c I wanted to play games
mrselfpwnUrchlay: well, sabayon is actually a binary distro laptop originally ran Vista, so WinXP drivers dont exist for some of the hardware
Urchlayceleron 2.4, 256M, onboard crappy intel video chipset (at the time, AGP cards were the best you could get, but this has no AGP slot)
fire|birdUrchlay: Sabayon you don't need to wait for stuff to compile.
redtricyclekleanchap_: it's pretty awesome.  Especially when you use dropbox + Keepass
kleanchap_mancha, I use it on Windows and want to move my desktop to work to Slackware.  When I looked for KeePassX in SBO, I did not find it listed atleast for the SL13.
MLandenUrchlay, emachine?
mrselfpwnUrchlay: I'd look into it.  Disable compiz (default it is iirc) and it should have no prob.
kleanchap_redtricycle, what is dropbox?
manchaklean ah i see what you'resaying. if it's not there for v13 you can probably just use the v12.2 one
mrselfpwni mean, no distro will turn that pc into a lean mean gaming machine. heh.
redtricyclekleanchap_: Dropbox lets you share files with different computer via the "cloud"
UrchlayMLanden: I have no idea, the faceplate was missing before I ever got here. The BIOS is a Dell one though
kleanchap_redtricycle, I missed your earlier comment.  Do you maintain the KeePassX on Slackbuild?
fire|birdkleanchap_: The keepassx from for 12.2 works fine on 13.
fire|birdheya MLanden, how's it going?
Urchlaymrselfpwn: this would have been considered a lean mean gaming machine in 1998, 5 years before it was made :)
MLandenheya,fire|bird....going good...yourself?
fire|birdMLanden: excellent, thanks. :)
kleanchap_One other development tool I am looking for SL13 is NetBean 6.7.1 (latest).  Does Slackware have this IDE tool?
kleanchap_fire|bird, Thnx.
mrselfpwnUrchlay: haha
MLandenUrchlay, the memory pc100/133 or pc2100/2700?
redtricycleNetbeans is awesome!  Only because it's vim plugin is actually decent
Urchlayand there's only two slot, and I haven't checked but I'd bet $50 that it won't take more than 512MB of RAM
mrselfpwnask him if he would like his very own home server
mrselfpwnmaybe he can host the games. ;)
mrselfpwnUrchlay: most likely it won't take more than 512. it's a slot p570 ?
redtricyclealienBOB's rsync patch script is pretty sweet...
Urchlaymrselfpwn: I have no idea
UrchlayI quit keeping track of CPUs and slots a long time ago, cause I quit doing PC repair for the most part...
mrselfpwni understand
kleanchap_See you folks back tonight again.
kleanchap_Is there LXDE available for SL13?
MLandenkleanchap_, check alienbob's site
mrselfpwnanyway, i have about five distros on a usb stick i'm using and i'm thinking of making one to cover everything they do, such as f-prot, avast, etc, virus scans, gparted or qparted etc etc, and i'm wondering if I should take the time to put together a slax iso or make a full fledged slackware live cd to accomplish this.  I've seen a little guide to do this though it was slackware 9.0 so i'm not sure what would be bes
andariusumm, helix
mrselfpwnumm, i'm looking for free
andariushelix is free
andariusthey also offered paid versions
mrselfpwni think they went fully commercial didn't they?
andariusI just checked
andariusit is in their store and all that jaz, but the cost is 0$ and it is an ISO download
andariuseasily converted to a USB bootable if one has the necessary skill or google prowess
Urchlaymbohun, mrselfpwn, Camarade_Tux, mancha, everyone else: I fixed the mysterious intel Xv blue screen issue
UrchlayXv works just fine in 1280x1024, doesn't work in 1600x1200
Urchlay   "Note: Since displaying video using hardware overlay uses more video memory bandwidth than is normally required, it is not supported in some of the highest resolution video modes."
mrselfpwnandarius: thanks i'll look into it though i'll be suprised if it offers everything I need without any of the stuff I don't.
Urchlaywoulda been nice to say *which* modes
manchahidden away in the fine print, eh?   :)
andariusif it is pre-wrapped, what does it matter if it has things you don't need? whos to say you wont want/need them later?
Urchlayor woulda been nice for the driver to report a warning/error in the log "Xv is disabled because the resolution is too damn high, n00b!"
andariuseither way, just thought I would point it out. there are several others as well
sahilsksomething weird has happened to my slackware.
kleanchap_Why does Slackware not setup a donate link at their store site?
MLandenlike what,sahilsk?
sahilskit shows me no graphic when focus move to some application. a blackish screen come with a very fade display.
andariuskleanchap_: there is a donate link
sahilski am using kde environment. any clue how to get rid of this error?
mrselfpwnandarius: thanks for pointing that out, i'll look at it.
andariusyw, hope it helps
MLandensahilsk, what video card/chip are you using?
sahilskradeon xpress 200
mrselfpwnUrchlay: well, that is why my brothers computer doesn't work in full resolution
slackwarebobwhat will play a .swf file?
sahilska flash plugin, i suppose.
mrselfpwnsux it's not able to be fixed though at least we know why now.
manchamplayer will, depending on what version
slackwarebobit's a flash movie file. but FF3 just shows it without playing it.
manchagnash has a player too
mrselfpwnslackwarebob: there is a program in that does nothing but play flash content
slackwarebobmplayer refused. let me try gnash.
slackwarebobgnash isn't in sbo. mrselfpwn what is the other file?
mrselfpwnsec looking
slackwarebobmrselfpwn: nm, found one searching for flash. it says it's a player. :)
slackwarebobshould do the trick.
sahilskso, what i intet to do now?
slackwarebob:) thanks.
manchamplayer should not refuse
Urchlaymrselfpwn: actually, fixing the Xv problem was a side-effect of me changing the resolution because the guy said he was getting headaches
slackwarebobflashplayer-standalone works. thanks.
manchahah, serendipity debugging (tm)
kleanchap_One thing I would like to suggest to the Slackware developer community is to make the wlan connections easier for users.  It is the way the world is connecting now to the network.  I had hard time setting up my connection with lots of warning messages.
mrselfpwnUrchlay: awesome, lucky for me my brother also like the lesser resolution, so it was an easy fix.
antiwireit's easy
jeevthis lvm shit is pissing me off grr
Urchlaybloody hell. Now X is corrupting its display and crashing (or anyway locking up the keyboard)
mrselfpwnUrchlay: did you go back to the normal intel driver?
antiwiremake sure you have drivers loaded and you can see the interface in iwconfig and ifconfig. Use 'iwlist interface_name_here scan' to scan for networks and edit /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.conf, setup a network block in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf, restart networking: /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 restart && done
retsudoany newb can slackpkg install wicd
choppantiwire: welcome back. :)
retsudopretty darn easy
antiwirechopp: I'm on a loner for now
sahilskand what for me?
sahilskit's getting annoying.
mrselfpwnUrchlay: we'll get it worked out i'm sure
Urchlaymrselfpwn: apparently I've been spoiled all this time, my primary machine uses nvidia-legacy proprietary driver and it Just Works
mrselfpwnUrchlay: yeah, i have had to deal with all three of them, intel, ati, nvidia.
mrselfpwnnvidia is the best
mrselfpwnthough sadly it doesn't support kms yet
Urchlayand my laptop uses mach64 (laugh if you want, but 2d is decently fast)
jeevanyone seen this? v
sahilskhow to get rid of blackish no graphic screen that i am getting on switching focus to differennt application. I am on xchat, no problem ,but when i focus the folder view , again my   graphics destort.
kleanchap_Where can I find good Slackware Lilo splash screens?
Urchlayand I had a machine running a while back with an older radeon card that Just Worked with the open source radeon driver (3d performance sucked, but I was using it as a TV/media box, no 3d needed)
jeevi dont get what to do, i guess i can google the md0 error, i have lilo showing boot = /dev/md0 but root = /dev/lvm1/root
Urchlaynever had to touch intel graphics before, I must say, I fail to be impressed
Urchlayjeev: eh, "boot = /dev/md0" probably also needs "raid-extra-boot=mbr"
jeevi've got that.
jeevi've done this before man i dunno what im doing wrong
UrchlayOK, I dunno then
jeevi've got initrd loading ext2:ext3:ext4.. just to be safe cause /boot is on /dev/sdb1 and it's ext2, lvm is ext4
sahilskmy graphics gone wild.
manchawth does that usb dongle do?
mbohunUrchlay: "Xv works just fine in 1280x1024, doesn't work in 1600x1200" - i was thinking about that! fcuk - forgot to tell you trying diff resolutions obviously going from lowest to the highest, however i hesitated as i thought you run exactly the same setup/config with a previous version of slack, and you got this problem after upgrading
antiwiremancha: it's a card reader and has 16GB built in storage
manchanow the important question, how much mula?
antiwire160 for 16GB version
antiwirenever mind, it just comes with a 16GB card. that first article reports it like it has built in memory too
Urchlaymbohun: eh, no, this was a completely fresh install, this machine had never had Slack on it before... and, I didn't try different resolutions because (a) I didn't think of it, and (b) when I did think of it, I didn't know how to force HAL-enabled X to use the modes I wanted (the log said it detected 1280x1024, 800x600, etc, but the  'Modes' keyword was being ignored)
manchakinda pricey, no?
antiwirefor 16GB yeah
manchawhat're sandisk 16GB SDHC cards going for these days?
egregora somewhat useless question: why firefox 3.5.6 took all this time to appear in security adv. if it was long before in changelog?
manchayeah, then 160 sounds like a bit of a ripoff
manchaegregor, the irony is that 3.5.7 is out today   :)
manchaer, technically yesterday i guess.
mbohunUrchlay: the only time i had intel gfx card - was my old ibm thinkpad laptop, in workstations i use exclusively nVidia cards
MLandenantiwire, wonder if the 4gb model could use the 16gb sdhc?
antiwireMLanden: Probably, I think they are just sold as a combo
manchasandisk used to bundle readers with their higher capacity cards (pretty much free reader)
antiwiremost likely just detects as a generic USB mass storage
egregormancha: didnt know. lol
manchaegregor, worth a chuckle or two   :)
manchatbh, plugging my camera card right into usb beats hooking up the camera and playing with transfer libs
jeevOH SHIT i think i need dm0 mod
jeevhmm, im close
jeevwhy doesn't it freaking start the lvm
jeevwhat the hell am i missing, i'm so pissed i had it working earlier
crashdatai'm trying to install gst-python but i'm getting this error /usr/lib/libgobject-2.0
crashdata/usr/lib/ could not read symbols: File in wrong format
c0ll3c70rhey guys
c0ll3c70rsomeone help me pls?
crashdatapowtrix, thanks it worked :)
c0ll3c70ri want to install slack, but idk how to format my hard drive during the slackware installation
c0ll3c70rprevious OS was FreeSBD, and now i cant format my hdd
Reticentic0ll3c70r: use cfdisk to make a "linux" partition, then in the setup, make it ext3,4, jfs, etc
Reticentior load up live gparted, and format it in there
crashdatai still cant get farsight to work properly on amsn...anyone got any idea how to install this on a multilib system?
c0ll3c70ryeah, but the only space was shown by cfdisk was 4 gigs
powtrixkmess <<<
c0ll3c70rand i have like 500
Reticentic0ll3c70r: is it using the correct device?
crashdatai got all the dep installed 'i think' but still wont let me use video/voice chat on amsn
Reticentic0ll3c70r: you can do something like "cfdisk /dev/hda"
c0ll3c70ryes, but dont recognize the fbsd partitions
Reticentic0ll3c70r: does fdisk -l show the fbsd?
c0ll3c70ri only try cfdisk, let me try
c0ll3c70rfdisk -l show the freebsd
Camarade_Tuxmorning :-)
MLandenCamarade_Tux, mornin'
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