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freetown2could the changes in's gone through a bit
freetown2so browsing is fine but once writes get involved...the XP clients all 'freeze' for a while at the same time?
freetown2or individually?
Markleit affects more than one client if the other clients are trying to do something involving samba
MarkleI think that's where I was getting mixed up describing the behaviour.
freetown2that's the part where I start running out of ideas if i/o is not going through the roof...
MarkleSo if the timeout thing gets triggered you won't be able to browse the shares either.
freetown2a triggers then b and c are affect
freetown2hopefully someone can dig that out for us...i'm still running 3.0.3x
freetown2heading home soon, hope you get an answer and a solution
Marklefreetown, thanks very much for your input :)
mbarperHi guys
mbarperI have some problems with my 2 samba domains to create a interdomain trust relationship
mbarperSomebody could help me?
mbarper[root@moi-server ~]# net rpc trustdom list Unable to find a suitable server [2010/04/27 10:36:29, 0] utils/net_rpc.c:rpc_trustdom_list(6083)   Couldn't connect to domain controller
pti am trying to connect to a samba-server from a xp-client and get the error: \\\Volume1 is not accessible. You might not have permissions to use this network resource...
ptbut the samba-server is an open share
ptand the permissions on the files of the samba-server are 777
ptif i look to Microsoft Windows Network(Entire Network), i couldn't see the Workgroup
pthas anyone an idea?
mbarpermy problem is solved :)
uwehello, i have samba printers on cups print server, im trying to set it up that it would be colored capable, in cups it is already set so, what should i do in order to make windows clients aware that its color capable ?
BluntObjectuwe: Use the correct driver on your Windows client.
uweBluntObject, im using cups-windows driver  (unified for all printers)
BluntObjectuwe: Same advice still applies. Have you checked that the cups-windows driver supports color?
uwewell, frankly no, i havent, i assumed that it sends stuff in postscript which should support colors
blingmeuwe: depends on the windows driver you are using
blingmewindows isn't like unix ....
blingmeif you're abusing some windows postscript driver ... it could be for a b&w printer ....
twbSo I just heard about this SMB2 thing that Microsoft rolled out in NT6.0.
twbWhat resource should I be reading for Samba's take on SMB2? ?
uweok, in my test pages (printed from windows) it says Color support: no , is this info from the driver or from the configuration/settings ? or can it be either one ?
RoyKhi all. is smb2 in recent samba3?
twbRoyK: stop following me!
Action: RoyK hands twb a beer
twbGood idea.
blingme3.5.x has some "experimental" support
RoyKI guess I'll better wait for v4, then
blingme1)that may be quite a wait, 2)4.0.0 may not have SMB2 support ....
blingmesamba3 is ahead on "file serving" features AFAIK
RoyKwhat else do you use it for? making coffee?
twbWikipedia says that samba4 has experimental smb2 support.
twbAnd if Wikipedia says it, it MUST be true!!1!
Action: RoyK takes twb's beer
twbRoyK: that's the Hypertext Coffee Pot Protocol.  You need Emacs for that, not Samba.
RoyKI know HTCPCP :)
twbYou'll also need an elec eng background, since sadly you cannot buy HTCPCP-compliant coffee machines yet.
Action: twb rails at capitalism
idraRoyK, master has almost complete smb2 support, we expect to have full smb2 support in s3 within the month
twbidra: is anybody working on a linux client side yet?
RoyKtwb: you mean smbfs? isn't that in kernel?
twbRoyK: for SMB2, not smb/cifs
RoyKyeah, but most smb mounts I've done uses smbfs, which is in kernel, not samba
idratwb, there is some work for an smb2 driver, but it will take time, however smb is fine for linux, do you have servers that do only smb2 ?
idraRoyK, smbfs is ancient code, not maintained for ages, you want to use the cifs driver
twbidra: no, I was just going "ooh, sexy, a new protocol that claims to be more performant"
RoyKidra: it's not really a need, more of a "want" since smb1 isn't very well suited for slow WANs
twbI don't actually give a shit about Windows hosts; it's a perk of my current gig :-)
RoyKidra: I'll remember that
idraRoyK, smb2 is not too different although it may have some minor improvements
RoyKI thought they had cut down on the chatting there?
RoyKlow-latency wan links aren't very good with smb/cifs
RoyKnfs4 is good, though, but not well supported in linux
RoyKand hardly in windoze
idraRoyK, nfsv4 works just fine in linux
RoyKI haven't tried with kerberos, but without it I got issues connecting to solaris
twbSolaris isn't Linux
twbheterogeneity leads to Interesting Times
RoyKtwb: I know, but solaris has been using nfs4 for some time and afaik their implementation is quite good
RoyKtwb: heh - yes - but interesting in terms of good (not Pratchett's version) :)
RoyKhomogeneity be damned :)
uweBluntObject, blingme , thank you for your hints, you were perfectly right, i just could not see it, the ps5ui.dll that i used is from adobe and apparently was too old, using the file that comes with windows (i used one from 2003) fixed the color management tab issue !
uwethe cups-windows driver seems to simply utilize that dll , and thus the problem is not related to it directly
BluntObjectHappy to see uwe's problem is now resolved.
mdjokerHello, I have a small question about the machine SID and the domain SID of my samba pdc (3.0 on SLES10). Back when I originally set up the PDC, I saved the machine SID of its netbios hostname (the domain SID should be the same as this, right?). About a year ago the hostname of the PDC had to change. Now I just took a look at my secrets.tdb and something seems to be very wrong.
mdjokerIn there I can see two SIDs: The SID of the old (!) hostname, which is the same as the one i originally saved and the domain SID which is different.
mdjokerAlso there is no SID for the new hostname, causing net getlocalsid to fail.
mdjokerI guess I'm humbly asking for advice on how to proceed here. :)
neosimagohello people; we're looking to transform our old ldap backend authentication on samba 2 to a new ldap 2.3 backend on samba 3 and the schemas are not playing nice during the add. Is there a scrip to convert our old ldap 1.9 datablase full of machine names from samba 2 to be compatible with samba 3?
hatseflatsevening everyone
powerhi,is it possible to create windows shares, per user, with one pub one priv directory ?
hatseflatshaving some trouble with two samba servers on my network, a while ago one became inaccessible through it's hostname
hatseflats this is the configuration for the working server, the malfunctioning box has almost the same config, just some more shares
hatseflatsI have third box on which I repeatedly call smbtree to check which box is discoverable
hatseflatsit's all local to my private home network, so I don't care about security at al
mdjokeryou've probably checked, but the nmbd process is still running on the inaccessible box?
hatseflatsmdjoker: yes, the problem has persisted over several weeks now
hatseflatsduring which the box has been rebooted a few times
hatseflatsusing it's IP to access the shares works just fine
hatseflatsbut now I have a machine on the network which doesn't support hardcoded ip addresses, as such I need to fix this hostname crud
mdjokerhm. do you know which of the systems is the local master browser? maybe you can try to query its database to find more info about what's wrong or something?
hatseflatsI don't know what a local master is, and wouldn't know which of the boxes is supposed to be the master on this network
hatseflatsbut I suppose it's some administrative task bestowed on one box in particular?
mdjokerwell the local master browser is kind of the box that gathers the netbios names and serves them to clients. if you say the nmbd on the affected system is fine, i just guesses there could be a problem in the master browser's database. i'm not too fit in samba's netbios internals, so it's just a vague guess.
neosimagoslapadd is complaining with my machine accounts; '(65) object class 'posixAccount' requires attribute 'cn' ' -- any leads to how these entries may be accepted into the database?
mdjokeronly other thing i can suggest right now is you try to set up one of the boxes as a WINS server. that will speed up netbios name lookups in any case and may also make this problem go away
hatseflatsno problem, I'll stick around if someone els gets an idea or something :)
mdjokergood luck. i'm doing the same right now. :)
hatseflatsabout wins, I've tried that once before a week or two ago I think, didn't work out either
mdjokeralso, if you don't get any ideas, i'd suggest you raise your log level in smb.conf to at least 2 on the affected system for the time being, this will also increase nmbd's log output. when you notice the system disappear next time, look though the logs. you might find something odd.
mdjokerwhat exactly didn't work about WINS? i suppose you enabled "wins support = yes" on one system and "wins server = <ip_of_wins_box>" on all the others?
hatseflatsoh, it's not dissapearing, it's completely lost in the current way clients do the lookup
hatseflatscan't find it at all
hatseflatsnot off and on
hatseflatsmdjoker: yeah, read through the howto from oreilly, but the lookup of that one server still failed
mdjokerwell that's strange. i've never seen this myself, sorry.
hatseflatsmeh, it's probably some obscure flipswitch I left on somewhere somehow
hatseflatsalways something so stupendously obvious that you miss it
mdjokerstill, do increase your log level on that machine a bit and restart nmbd. you might just spot an error message or something.
hatseflatsoh darn
hatseflatsfound it
mdjokeryou did?
hatseflatsthe working system was on netmask, like all the other boxes in the network
hatseflatsbut the second server has a hardwired ip, without hte new subnet
hatseflatsso it was still set at
mdjokeroh. :)
mdjokerheh, i wouldn't have thought of that. nice.
hatseflatsmakes complete sense tho
hatseflatswhen I read the logs for the broken box I noticed that log.nmbd claimed it was the local master on the network
hatseflatsand I had just read that local masters work for subnets or something
mdjokerwell that certainly makes sense.
hatseflatswell, thanks for soundboarding mdjoker, you did help :)
mdjokerwell thanks, great you figured it out. :)
mdjokerso what happened was maybe because it thought it was the local master on its subnet (which was correct in away), it probably didn't advertize itself to the real master. or something. :)
hatseflatsI think so too.
hatseflatsand the broadcast for the node's hostname lookup would fail as well
hatseflatsbecause the broadcast happened on
hatseflatsand not on the subnet it was listening on
mdjokeryes, that's true of course. well i've learned something today. :)
mdjokerjust have to think of the broader picture sometimes.
hatseflatswell, good night to you, I'm off to bed :)(
mdjokerpower: what did you mean earlier? every user should have each one private and one public share? or should the public share be global?
powermdjoker~  well, yes,but for the private one, he should be able to add users that can access
powerwithout r00t privilages
mdjokerwell you *could* use POSIC ACLs on the samba filesystem for that.
powerie, create a directory,and say user1 user2 can read,write, user3 can read, else have no access
powerany tutorial for that mdjoker ?
mdjokeri don't know any that cover both ACLs in general and in connection with samba offhand, sorry.
powerok thanks
mdjokerbut you might want to learn about POSIX ACLs in general first. they're essentially more flexible than normal unix permissions in that you can add access control entries like: user foo may read and write this file, user bar may only read, user bang may read and execute.
powermdjoker~ after a quick google look,i can say that this one needs some patching and recompiling.
mdjokerthen you just need to make sure that the ACLs on the private directories are set sensibly and they map properly to (windows-)clients through samba.
Action: power crosses fingers
mdjokererr no, not for POSIX ACLs, certainly not.
mdjokeryou will not get all functionality in windows-clients as on an NTFS file system but the basics work.
mdjokerie your users will be able to add ACEs onto their files like "now user foo may also read this file".
mdjokergiven a correct share configuration in smb.conf that is. :)
power this one says i need a patched kernel and samba
mdjokerlet me see..
mdjokerwell... > 18 July 2003
mdjokerthat was a time when 2.4 kernels still needed patches to even support file system ACLs. :)
mdjokerit seems
powerdidnt notice the date
mdjokerabout ACL support itself, don't worry. probably all halfway relevant distributions ship their kernels with ACL support for ext2/3/4, xfs, reiser, you name it.
sauloHello all. I'm with a problem with Samba+LDAP: "smbldap-useradd -a myuser" returns "Can't call method "get_value" on an undefined value at /usr/sbin/smbldap-useradd line 231.". What can be?
mdjokerpower: maybe try this, it's from suse but POSIX ACLs are distribution independent. they also work the same way on other unixes.
mdjokeronce you learn to work with getfacl and setfacl, try to read up on how to pair samba with ACLs. there are some options in smb.conf that affect how they are handled, how they are inherited and so on.
sauloIn reality, my problem is with smbldap-tools package. But no idea about what can be happening
mdjokerpower: Also, I just noticed, there is a chapter about ACLs and their limitations wrt samba here:
mdjokerI guess you should be aware of these.
poweryou helped a lot thanks
powerill make a fresh centos installation and start testing
mdjokergood luck! :)
powerthe last problem on your last link, about MS WORD, is really funny :D
mdjokerheh, yes actually sometimes we have this problem in our setup. it can be a pain.
powerhave you ever used openfiler ? i was about to test it, but i always prefer a custom solution based on centos,then such customized OSes
neosimago1hi people. using the local box with ldap 2.3/ samba 3; what are some test methods to verify that samba is using ldap for verification to local resources shared?
mdjokeri've read about it and wanted to try it for some time but never got the chance unfortunately.  i once tried freenas though. it supports ZFS which has extremely advanced ACLs but i couldn't get them to work as i wanted with windows clients.
powerive a freenas running on an old pc,for some basic NFS support, but its extremely dangerous to play with it, the chance that it will survive a reboot is about %5
mdjokerwow, that sounds adventurous. :)
sauloneosimago1: using LDAP? smbldap-tools working?
powerzfs sounds OK to me :\
poweri can use solaris instead of centos
mdjokerwell... i've put a lot of time into exactly that
mdjokerand to be honest, i failed.
poweroh, freebsd also supports it natively, that explains freenas supporting it
mdjokeryes, however slightly older versions than solaris, obviously. :)
powerif you are around here always, i will share my experiences about this one tomorrow
powerill try ZFS
mdjokerbe aware that you might have to put _a_lot_ f time into that
mdjokeralso, if at all possible, use the opensolaris CIFS server, not samba
poweri hope that configuration files are similar
mdjokerwindows clients with samba and zfs acls will mess with the order of access control entries, causing major havoc.
poweri see
mdjokeri've had test cases where for example trying to add read access to a user as the owner of a file caused the owner to lose complete access.
mdjokerthe main problem is this: zfs acls and ntfs acls are very similar in functionality. but the trouble is in the detail. ntfs ACEs are in a different order. so the windows clients sets them in an order it thinks is correct but in actuality that will have a completely different effect on ZFS itself, which samba then has to honor.
mdjokerthe solaris CIFS server seems to handle this better. however it seems you cannot join that into an NT4/samba domain, only ADS.
mdjokerjust so you know what you're getting into. :)
poweri dont have a domain , most of the clients are xp home edition :(
mdjokerI see. well, maybe i was just completely incapable and actually it's not hard.
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