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phylogenesisI have a Windows 7 shared folder on a PC and I can't see it from my Fedora 11 laptop.  I rebooted the laptop to Windows 7 and via the crossover ethernet cable I transferred files.  How can I see the shared folder when I am on Fedora?
phylogenesisI've enabled samba-client in the firewall
bigondid I miss something? how can I add users to the backup operators group (rid=551?) and allow the users in that group to access windows machines?
Ceendatif I was going to use linux for a file server for a mid size company, what flavor would i use?
alfredoIm trying to start migrating some services on my network (windo* 2003) to linux, and Im thinking to start migrating the printing service to linux- Is it possible to migrate just the printing system to samba with a domain controller on 2003 server?
ZombieI suppose.
SupertankerI have this odd problem; I have smb.conf configured to force my share to a specific user, and I can create folders fine. But when I try to create a file inside that folder, it gives permission denied errors, even thoughthe folder is owned by the foced user and group.
SupertankerFrom the connecting system, I have it mount the share with gid and uid options equalling the user I want to force to read and write on the server system, along with credentials for the actual connection.
SupertankerI can't figure out why it seems to ignore the force user settings while trying to read or create files within a folder owned by that user!
SupertankerMy smb.conf is here:
SupertankerAny ideas?
SteffHi all. I'm getting problems authenticating to a samba server that is joined to a Windows 2008 AD. I've successfully joined samba to AD and winbind is enumerating users. The error I get is check_domain_match: Attempt to connect as user steff from domain TEST.INT denied. Google did not give me any useful result. What does this error mean?
SteffI'm using Samba 3.4.3
eljosamba is set up as domain member, access with a regular user works, but i need to give a service running as LOCAL access to a share (i.e. MYDOMAIN\FOO$)
eljoall i get from logs (level = 10) is  Get_Pwnam_internals didn't find user [MYDOMAIN\FOO$]
eljogoogled it up and down, but couldn't find anything.. help would be greatly appreciated :)
eljoversion is 3.2.13 apparently, on a openfiler 2.3 box
MrTorquehi! i joined a windows machine in my domain. how do i store the windows-profile on the samba server?
MrTorquei basicly followed
RiXtErso, is there any easy way to migrate users from samba 3 to samba 4? (samba 3 is already using ldap as its backend)
MrTorquehi! i joined a windows machine in my domain. how do i store the windows-profile on the samba server?
MrTorquei basicly followed
Arrowmasteris there a utility like browstat.exe (or at least that does the same as 'browstat status') for samba?
miloDDoS it's working... :-(
greenegw0ls0n: the machine is joined to the domain, as I _can_ login to the console with AD users, just cannot get the shares to mount for users
w0ls0nRiXtEr: I'm actaully using FreeBSD
RiXtErdid you do a net join on the freebsd machine
w0ls0n[/usr/ports/net/samba3] root@exsi# net join NS1
w0ls0ncannot join as standalone machine
RiXtErnet join ns1 -U ns1\administrator
RiXtErtry that line
w0ls0nI still get
w0ls0ncannot join as standalone machine
RiXtErnet ads join ns1 -U ns1\administrator
RiXtErif its samba 4 or a win2k+ domain
RiXtErwith active directory
RiXtEruse net rpc then
RiXtErsamba 3 is your pdc then?
w0ls0nHost is not configured as a member server.
w0ls0nI have 6 XP boxes connected to it
RiXtErmay have changed since I last did it
RiXtErthere is a net dom option nwo
RiXtErthere is a net dom option now
RiXtErnet dom join domain=NS1
RiXtErmay work
w0ls0nlet me try that
w0ls0nNo command: dom
Last message repeated 1 time(s).
RiXtErtestparm -V and tell me the samba version
w0ls0nlet me give that some different options
w0ls0nVersion 3.0.37
RiXtEri am on 3.40
RiXtEror something like that
RiXtErthat is
RiXtErI knew there were some new options ;)
greenegnvm, figured out my problem.... seems that the 'valid users = %S, %D%w%S' setting in smb.conf was blocking access.
w0ls0nServer role: ROLE_STANDALONE
w0ls0nill change that to ROLE_DOMAIN_MEMBER
w0ls0nthen try that
jhutchins_ltI am having problems with file creation on a CIFS share.  create mode is 0777, but the files are being created 0600
--- Wed Dec 16 2009
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