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redditalienTitle: The Perry Bible Fellowship (at
AlienateYes, yes.
AlienateI've seen all of PBF
jesstWhat is up with Germans? an old friend of mine, her husband was in Germany for the Military (hes in the army) and she just found out he was having an affair with some woman the whole time he was over there. Apparently hes still in contact with her too
SolInvictusHave you seen Truck Bearing Kibble?
redditalienTitle: Truck Bearing Kibble (at
SolInvictusLike Deadwood, only better.
Alienateseen a few of them
gallumbitsI don't know who a is.
AlienateYour statement is confusing.
jessthi gallumbits
AlienateAn internet comic (humor) is better than an HBO TV show (Drama)?
Action: jesst has no idea why her bot just talked
notdiminotenI don't know who a is.
SolInvictusseen jesst
gallumbitsjesst is on the channel right now!
SolInvictusshould add a . or a ! to it
SolInvictusor some other symbol.
Alienateseen Alienate
gallumbitsLooking for yourself, eh Alienate?
Alienateseen lizzzy
gallumbitsI don't know who lizzzy is.
Alienateseen jesst
gallumbitsjesst is on the channel right now!
jesstthats not what he is supposed to do
gallumbitsQuote 5 of 6: meow meow meow meow meow meow
jesstthats what hes supposed to do
Alienateseen gallumbits
gallumbitsgallumbits is on the channel right now!
SolInvictus!quote 6
gallumbitsQuote 6 of 6: meow
jesstwell at least the quote bot knows how to meow
Action: jesst shrugs
SolInvictusi need to follow my schedule.
mojumoobs :(
jesstwe need to add quotes to the bot
redditalienTitle: Secret prison revealed in Baghdad - (at
jesst!addquote 14:17:07  dgautsch | bah
gallumbitsQuote has been added to storage file.
dgautschi'm not sure "bah" is very quotable
Swiftywell apparently it isn't a secret anymore
jesstits not, but the bot needs to be fed
Swiftydear post secret. I have hundreds of Sunni men in my secret lair.
Swiftylocked up
notdiminoten"Dress carelessly removed; head, less so" - joss whedon
AlienateI'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Swifty.
Action: jesst turns head to the side to figure out what Alienate just said
Swiftythat is not a boobs >:(
Swifty'lol it's a pope
AlienateThat's the emoticon to let you know that your mother was just crushed to death in a trash compactor and cursed your name with her dying breath.
jesstAlienate: how do you figure?
Swiftyi thought it was a pope with the pope hat and a crucifix necklace
SolInvictus!addquote <Swifty> dear post secret. I have hundreds of Sunni men in my secret lair.  <Swifty> locked up
gallumbitsQuote has been added to storage file.
SolInvictustoday's xkcd sucks
notdiminotenyes it does
SwiftyI assume it always suck unless it doesn't
notdiminotentotally unrealistic
Swiftythose brilliant ones redeem it
Swiftyeven tho i always look at it wanting to like it
jesstwait are other xkcds realisitic
jesstseen Swifty
gallumbitsSwifty is on the channel right now!
notdiminotenit's completely reasonable to fill the US Senate with playpen balls
jesstits kind of funny that my bot is tweaking
redditalienTitle: Penny Arcade! - Machinations (at
redditalienTitle: Abstruse Goose (at
Swiftyi like abtruse goose and smbc and explosm on a regular basis.. I have crude humor
gainRobobama: you herez?
Robobamayeah im here
jesstseen Robobama
gallumbitsRobobama is on the channel right now!
gaincould be afk!!
gain2 more exams
jessti wish i could get adium  to live on my server and then SSH into it
jesstthere is that bittlb thing
gainyou have a server?
jesstbut ive heard the documentation iskind of crappy
jesstthats where my irc lives
jesstfor both me and the bot
gainyou're like a bigger nerd than me
mojujesst: bitlebee is fine
mojunever set it up mind you
mojubut it is hella easy to use
jesstmy problem that i have now is, that im not in some channels because i hate when the number gets over 10, and then the meta + number key doesnt work
gainhow long have you ircing for
jessttoo long
jesstfar too long
Psychouroborosits time to retire
mojujesst: irssi on server and mac localy?
jessti use weechat on my server moju
jesstand I ssh in
jesstweechat is jut prettier than irssi
mojucan you not do alt+q-[
mojulike in irssi alt+q will be window 11
jessti dont think so
gainis there a macweechat
jesstno gain
jesstnot without macports
mojuI might try weechat
gainguess ill stick to macirssi
jesstI'm sure I can change the key bindings for everything past 10
jesstmoju: i like weechat its nice
jesstperhaps once im done figuring out how if fucked up apache ill figure the keyndings thing out
jesstomg i cant type a
jesstletter after a
mojewhow does one scrool the nick lisT?
jesstdo /help bar
mojewNo help available, "bar" is an unknown command
jessti just did the command and got a whole help screen
mojewwhat version of weechat?
mojew0.2.6 here
jesstthats the problem
jesstyou need to get 0.3.0 at least
mojewyou on a more recent version then I'm assuming?
jesstthey dont support anything before 0.3.0
redditalienTitle: YouTube - Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf (at
cardboar1phonewhy is reddit so damn slow the past few days
ukdkbrI keep hitting refresh
cardboar1phonei been listening to the new ICP album
cardboar1phonetheir viral marketing on reddit convinced me to pirate the album
notdiminotenshe went sane
notdiminotenand sent me a nearly coherent message that effectively says, "I'll leave you alone"
notdiminotenoh thank god
MBCookHow can I add a thumbnail to my submission?
notdiminotenshe thinks I'm hiding something, but eh, who the hell cares
irvjust make up some bs
irvtell her you're sorry for keeping it from her, but it was supposed to be a surprise
notdiminotenI don't need to, that's the best part, I'm done talking to her forever
irvyou've been planning a secret present!
irvwell in that case, good riddance
irvthe even better part is, you don't need to talk to fuck
RobobamaAlienate, you posted this earlier
AlienateNo, I didn't.
AlienateI posted THAT one earlier.
zerobotI hope my roommate comes through today
zerobotit's 420
Thrasherskcomes through where?
ukdkbrthrough his sock
Robobamaukdkbr, stfu
flouchwho in here is high?
jessti will be in about 10 minutes
Action: Psychouroboros raise hand
Psychouroborosbeen high all day
mojufuck you all
jesstIm like the fucking #reddit ambassador
jesstits funny
jessti point everyone in the right direction
mojui'll point you
Action: moju points
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