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apersongood thing palm is going to shit
jrabbitddrt: wanna start the no one gets to vote but jrabbit and ddrt party?
jrabbitjesst: hm
jrabbitjesst: well whats a good android phone
jrabbitI hear good stuff about htc phones by their codenames
jrabbitthen ATT goes and fucking rebrands it
jrabbitso I have no fucking clue what the htc magic is
jesstyou have verizon?
jesstget the droid
jrabbitfor now
ddrtI put my cat on one of those new microfiber blankets but it was folded into a rectangle. She started stretching out and got this like& orgasm look on her face and was opening and closing her paws on the material. I said "what are you doing?" and she looked around really fast as though I had just caught her masturbating LOL
jesstor the nexus one will be on verizon soon
jrabbitits a peice of shit
jrabbitvzw is so fucking expensive
ddrtjrabbit: I like that party position
ddrtgetting an iphone on att is expensive as shit
jrabbitjesst: I'm liking tmobile's rates maybe
jesstverizons not that bad really
jesstits the same as AT&T and any other carrier
jrabbitits liek fucking $140 for two lines
jesstthey all find ways to over charge you
ddrtpokemon has become& difficult.
Action: jrabbit is easy
ddrtat least the battle tower and wi-fi battles
ultraspeedzstop playing pokemans
Action: ultraspeedz summons bill cosby
ddrtI just found a bill cosby live vynl
MassesOfWeird - I think something just recently changed where custom no-image reddit aliens are showing up under -every- post, not just the no-image ones. Check out
redditalienTitle: Marijuana 04/20 Headquarters - smoking, growing, news, and law for weed (at
MassesOfIt also happened when I was trying to add something similar to TodayILearned.
MassesOfanybody else seeing it show up under everything on ?
redditalienTitle: Marijuana 04/20 Headquarters - smoking, growing, news, and law for weed (at
MassesOfmaybe it really always was like that and i just didn't notice it.
jesstMassesOf: it seems to be fine.../
jrabbitjesst: urgh
MassesOfmy head
jrabbitwoudl the nexus oen be good>?
jesstjrabbit: why wouldnt it be?
Paradoxmass turbation
ddrtMarijuana is awesome
ddrtwhy do people make it illegal!
redditalienTitle: YouTube - Dos Equis - The Most Interesting Man In The World (at
|_ockeddrt, harry anslinger
ddrtmother fucking bitches&
jesstThe new iphone on gizmodo kind of looks like the motorola Q
jesstLike the shape of it
jesstthe rounded/angularness of it
ddrtjesst I totally thought it looked like a droid only weirder
jesstlol ddrt
jessti think its the silver strip that makes me thing that
jesstmy Q had a silver strip around it like that
Mad_Goukithe new iphone looks tight
NKTit does
ultraspeedzreal men use blackberries.
jrabbitdid they say if it was an A4?
Paradoxnot really
jrabbitI didn't look
Mad_Goukithat shit about the case special made for it so that it looks like a 3GS is awesome
Paradoxreal men use androids
jrabbitor is it stock iphone arm
Paradoxand sexy women too
Mad_Goukialso linux nerds
Paradoxand unix geeks
ultraspeedzlinux nerds
ultraspeedzare angry @ sony
Mad_Goukisony put that shit back in
Paradoxsony is a dickhead
Mad_Goukiyer, afaik
Paradoxsony needs to gtfo
Paradoxgo back to making tape players
ultraspeedzlink plx
Paradoxthats the last thing they did that didnt suck
ultraspeedzi have a pee ess three
Paradoxim sorry
Paradoxhow much hamburger does yours handle?
Paradoxi know one guy that can fit 5 patties on
Mad_Goukino, he said ps3, not george forman grill
Mad_GoukiI know they look the same
MassesOfCan anybody else confirm that -doesn't- have the no-image alien showing up underneath images that aren't full-height? It's what I'm seeing in my browser now, and I'm not sure why.
Paradoxwhats the difference?
redditalienTitle: Marijuana 04/20 Headquarters - smoking, growing, news, and law for weed (at
jrabbitMassesOf: are you sure you aren't high
Paradoxboth dont really do what they are supposed to do well
Mad_Goukione of them is for cooking burgers
Mad_Goukithe other is endorsed by george formane
MassesOfi'm not high, unfortunately. my head hurts.
Paradoxthe gf grill ruins meats
Paradoxand the ps3 has no games
Mad_Goukips3 has plenty of games
Mad_Goukithe question is
MassesOfit's showing up, even on IE for me
Mad_Goukiare they games that YOU want to play
MassesOfnormally I use Firefox
Mad_Goukiit's messed in FF too
Mad_Goukishows half of the alien
|_ockeultraspeedz, i'm angry at sony
MassesOfyay. Paradox, do you have any ideas for this?
ParadoxIE 9 beats firefox and chrome in SVG and a few things (well, chrome 4)
Paradoxchrome 5 still wins
MassesOfI briefly thought I was going crazy, or at least my browser was.
|_ockebut i updated the firmware anyways cause i wanted to play games :P
ParadoxMassesOf, wth?
Paradoxi dunno wut ur talkin bout lad
Action: jrabbit nibbles on ddrt
Action: Paradox chomps off ddrt's head
Paradoxhes mine
Paradoxom nom nom
MassesOfThe Reddit no-image alien shows up even under posts that aren't self-posts.
MassesOfas per your code and also the (probably similar) one on Trees?
Paradoxsimple fix
MassesOfthere is?
jrabbitwe cut him in half?
Paradoxoh,  hrm
Paradoxnevermind, not so simple
redditalienTitle: Major Lazer "Keep it Going Louder" on Vimeo (at
Rezuseriously, wtf
jrabbitRezu: is that the eric directed music video?
jrabbitit's good
Paradoxwell, it works on ffuuuu because they have images with every post
MassesOfit's like it doesn't catch .thumbnail img[src="/static/noimage.png"] {display: none;} and I'm a noob.
RezuIt's one of the most bizarre videos i've seen, loved it
Paradoxbut i had an alternative of my own
Paradoxthat is a nuclear option
Paradoxdont use the background part first
Paradoxdont use the background part at all
Paradoxjust use the display none
Paradoxyou will never see a noimage image
MassesOfheh, that's not ideal
Paradoxwell, you could try a parent selector
jrabbit"tl;dr - My grandfather was The Bear Jew (sort of) and I've touched a WW2 iron cross and SS dagger.
MassesOf<-- noob
redditalienTitle: commongiga comments on What pieces of history have you touched? (at
Paradox.thumbnail img[src="/static/noimage.png"] < .thumbnail {display: none;}
Paradoxno promises on that though
jrabbitddrt: so what did you do today?
jrabbitare you building a blanket fort?
ddrthomework, chilled, watched a river runs through, anthony bourdain
ddrtand it's back on!
jrabbitanthony bourdain is cool
jrabbitbourdain > pokemon :P
MassesOf background-image: none;
MassesOf background-color: #FFFFFF
MassesOf} although maybes that's something else entirely
ddrtjrabbit: too bad I play both at once.
jrabbityou're an addict
ddrtI've got an addictive personality.
Action: jrabbit snorts an 1/8th of ddrt's personality
apersonso umm
apersonare there any cool people here?
MassesOfthat won't last long, jrabbit
ddrtaperson: no.
jesstaperson only you
ddrtgo way
MassesOfyou'll need more 10 minutes later.
ddrtmore more more more more!
jesstmotor bike is not as cool as motor boat lol
redditalienTitle: Death threats for South Park creators after Muhammad depicted on show, disguised in a bear suit - Jihad Watch (at
Action: jrabbit smooches ddrt
jrabbitwhat happened with that woman issue?
ddrtwhich woman issue?
ddrtbitches be crazy
SolInvictusah here's the original link
redditalienTitle: Security Brief: Radical Islamic Web site takes on South Park This Just In - Blogs (at
jrabbityour "girlfriend" :P
ddrtgot a different one, I know& I'm retarded.
jesstddrt: sitting on your hand until its numb then fapping != girlfriend
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