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post_hxcno she's saying she+doesn't+give+a+fuck
Paradoxmy family has been in phoenix for 4 generations
Paradoxand arizona since it was a terratory
Paradoxsame with utah
jesstIm trying to say that Paradox is sounding like a jack ass and arguing things he doesnt know anything about
Paradoxjesst, your going into journalism right? You lie and make up numbers to support your position
post_hxche isn't sounding like one. he is one
Paradoxthats what a good journalist does
Paradoxpost_hxc, dont stick your neck out or it might get cut
Paradoxyou can drive across new york city in 30 minutes, if you make good time
post_hxcoh please do. i'm SO afraid
post_hxcyou are sounding like a bigger and bigger asshole
jesstParadox: you cant drive a block in NYC in 30 minutes
Paradoxjesst, dont shit me, i was there 2 weeks ago, i know
jesstParadox: big deal, you were there on vacation.
srslygiraffes have long necks, I've never head of a giraffe's neck getting cut
Action: jesst has actually lived all over the country
Paradoxjesst, i'm sorry we all aren't fortunate enough to live on the east coast
Paradoxtell me the next time you get hit by a hurricane
jesstParadox: Ive lived on the west coast too
jesstParadox: Boston doesnt get Hurricanes
post_hxcalright paradox shut the fuck up
Paradoxill be sipping a tea at an atheist cafe in seattle
post_hxcyou don't even know what you're talking about now
srslyYou guys can live with me in Richmond or Oakland
post_hxcthe northeast doesn't get hit by fucking hurricanes you arrogrant prick
jesstthe water is too cold
srslyyou don't need to bring bullet proof vests
nonomadThere are atheist cafes?
srslyI'll supply
Paradoxnonomad, yup
post_hxcreal mature asshole
Paradoxi know rite
Paradoxits so funny wathcing you part
Paradoxi love parting people like you
jesstParadox: youre the one trolling!
post_hxcyou're an asshole\
post_hxcpeople like me? you mean reasonable people?
Paradoxjesst, they see me trollin, they hate
jesstParadox: you suck at trolling
nonomadThat's funny, because theist cafes are called churches, right?
Paradoxlolol post_hxc and resaonable not punctuated by a negatory
Testyklesewhat's the thing to kill a shitty bpage in chrome?
Paradoxnonomad, yup
ParadoxTestyklese, shift+esc
manbraparadox, did you smoke tonight
Paradoxi dont know jesst, you took the bait
Testyklesemotherfucker closed on it's own
Paradoxmanbra, no, i dont smoke, i have horrible asthma
Testyklesei wanted to kill that shit
post_hxcwow you're real mature paradox
Paradoxi drank some everclear
Paradoxyay post is gone
Paradoxlol hi jeezus
______Almonds are pretty good
jesstIm eating crackers and cheese
______Cheese is an unethical food stuff I'll have you know
signpost______, I love eating the suffering of animals
signpost______, it's called canine teeth bro
Testyklesei like how chicks like wine and cheese and crackers
Action: signpost bites off some of ______'s flesh
Testykleseit's like...really?
Testyklesethat is all shit food
Testyklesefuckin cheese
Testyklesecheese is the devil
jesstI am eating wine and cheese and crackers lol
Testykleseyeah i figured
______The question is, what type of crackers
jesstI bought pub cheese today!
Testyklesepube cheese?
Paradoxi had a big fucking burrito from a local mexican resteraunt called "Big fucking mexicans" no joke
Testykleseyou reddit people are bizarre
jesstpub cheese
Paradoxits a good burrito
Paradoxthe 5 bean burrito
ParadoxBlack, Pinto, Refried, white, and lima
APERSONParadox, fatass
Paradoxits only a 12" tortilla
Psychouroborossounds like ww3 for my intenstines
redditalienTitle: YouTube - OMC - How bizarre (at
jesstI hate when people have the name tia
______Wtf man, lima? That doesn't seem like it would go well in a burrito?
jesstwtf kind of name is Tia
______You're just racist
Paradox______, it actually tastes fucking awesome
______Oh I see well I've have to try it then
Action: jesst hiccups
jesstfucking wine
Testyklesejesst: i've only ever seen azns named tia
Paradoxjesst, drink some vinegar
Paradoxand baking sota
Testykleseusually vietnamese i think
jessteww Paradox
Paradoxyou belch really hard
Testykleseand when i say azns
Testyklesei mean...2
Paradoxbut then your hiccups stop
jesstTestyklese: white people seem to think this is an acceptable name lately
Testyklesejesst: cuz of that azn myspace whore
Paradoxtia? i've met a fuckton of black and latin chicks named tia
Testykleseoh was that tila
Testyklesemy bad
______The key to stopping hiccups is the placebo effect
Testyklesestupid names all sound the same stupid to me
Paradox______, or restarting the diaphram
Paradoxwhich a belch does
Testyklesetia, tila pppffffpp
Paradoxas does a punch in the stomach
jesstI wish the Tea Party was an actual Tea Party. Not just a bunch of fucking weirdos.
Paradoxor a sudden inhalation
______Placebo effects are best with a back story
Paradoxjesst, there was a tea party here
jesstParadox: here too
Paradoxmy friends and i got a tanker truck
jesstSarah Palin came to boston
Paradoxand sprayed them with tea
Testyklese______: i just drunk from the wrong side of a cup
Testykleseworks 100%
Testykleseno more hicucps
ParadoxTestyklese, the bottom?
Paradoxthere is no wrong side of a cup
jesstI thought it was a little ballsy of her to come to Boston
Testyklesethe wrong side
|_ockejesst, why not just call them tea-baggers, that's what they call themselves
TestykleseParadox: YES THERE IS
Psychouroborosi drink water upside down to kil the hicups
|_ockefucking idiots
Testyklesewhat Psychouroboros said
______What do you mean, the left side is the wrong side
Paradoxwe went to a junk yard like a month before
Psychouroboroshe means upside down
jesstI thought it was ballsy for any of the tea party peeps to come to Boston tbh
Testyklese______: you drunk from the far side
Paradoxand my friend who has way too much fucking money "Rich inheritance"
Paradoxbought an old ass tanker truck
Paradoxthe kind they use at construction sites to control dust
jesstParadox: stfu
Testyklesecontrol dust?
Paradoxmost cities have dust ordinances
______The ones that pour out a butt load of water?
jesstaka water trucks
Paradox______, yes, but this one made a wide-area vapor
Paradoxanyway, we took it to his shop
______I was thinking about getting one of those
Paradoxand welded a rebar cage around it, like the military puts on APCs
redditalienTitle: The Best Fake Teabagger Signs at the Boston Common Tea Party: Pics, Videos, Links, News (at
Paradoxwe then put up big signs saying "Have some tea bitch!"
Paradoxon the sides
Testyklesethis sounds like a tall tale
Paradoxwell im exaggerating
Paradoxi was drunk at the time
Paradoxso i cant remember all of it
Testykleseahhh right
Paradoxbut i remember signs that said have tea
Paradoxand brewed a bunch of tea using a screen door and tea leaves we bought from a menenite store
Paradoxand then set up in the parking lot and dumped all that shit all over the lot
Paradoxnot the tea leaves
Paradoxbut the water
Paradoxit was uber-weak
Paradoxbut it made the lot stink
Paradoxor smell good
mentokI wonder if mexican chefs are offended by taco bell and their ability to make up the names of food trying to sound mexican.
Paradoxdepending on who you are
jesstTheyre showing the John Stewart making fun of Fox news on MSNBC
mentokLike this new tortada.
mentokApparently, a tortada is actually a fucking cake
mentoknot a sandwich.
mentokwhat the fuck
Paradoxbut the lot had about 6 inches of standing tea
Paradoxbefore it worked its way out into the street and storm sewers
Paradoxmust have been some buzzed fish
Paradoxi want to go to the next tea party and set up a gaming bus
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