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OOTDscare the f out of little kids
redditalienTitle: monkey !! (at
poop_in_yo_soupreddit is good for backlinks?
poop_in_yo_soupI thought theyd be no follow or something
yoasifnot nofollow
poop_in_yo_soupthey should make it nofollow then there'd be less incentive to spam
new2baconnofollow unless it hits the front page
yoasifthen there is just more incentive to game the site further
Paradoxguess ill just stick with irssi
Paradoxit worked best
dihydrogeni think r/tldr is my new favorite sub
redditalienTitle: dihydrogen_monoxide comments on I learned Chinese. It earned me a $200,000 per year job. AMA. (at
dihydrogenchinese lesson
poop_in_yo_soupwell done dihydrogen
jrabbitwho gives a fuck.
jrabbitWorld trae is conducted in english
jrabbitrefusal to do trade in english is terrorism
dihydrogenhave you seen firefly
Paradoxget this man 13CC of firefly via hulu stat
jrabbitfuck your half-assed scifi
redditalienTitle: Ehm...why yes, of COURSE I've read it, i mean, come on... : pics (at
Paradoxlol worthy
poop_in_yo_soupI have not seen firefly either
poop_in_yo_souplooks shit tbh
serenadihydrogen - downvoted
dihydrogenoh come on
dihydrogenat least give me a few hours
serenamaybe if you waited a few hours to whore your comments?
jrabbitParadox: meh
jrabbitI don't ahve to read the GPL.
jrabbitI /know/ he gpl
Paradoxbut the fact that there was a dialog box coded up to pop up and lol at it made me lol
jrabbitI searched the comments no mention of gpl
jrabbitI closed the tab
jrabbityeah its funny
jrabbitbut the comments are dumb
redditalienTitle: fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu: over 18? (at
Paradoxwell drawn
jrabbitmy envelope is fucked up
redditalienTitle: Something tells me this is not legit (the link was sent to me in msn messenger as if from an admin) : geek (at
Paradoxpoison these assholes datat set
dihydrogenParadox: halp me get work <3
Chapatiholy shit there are mormons across the street
Chapatiknocking on people's doors
Chapatiwhat do i do
poop_in_yo_soupgo holler at them
Chapatiahhh nah
poop_in_yo_soupask them for needles
Chapatithey'll come to my door in time i bet
poop_in_yo_soupill paypal u 50$ if you film u self telling them a nigger joke
Chapatilol srsly?
poop_in_yo_soupyeah fo realz
Chapatithats like $3000/hr
Chapatiwhat if i tell them 60 nigger jokes
Chapatikeep them there for the whole hour
poop_in_yo_soupnah just on ejoke
Chapatisux no cam neway
Chapatigonna drive away before they knock on my door
Chapatior if it goes really bad they'll walk up to my house just as i'm pulling back in the driveway
Chapatiin which case i'll have to shoot them
Action: Chapati gone
redditalienTitle: 1961 Wireless TV Remote Promotional Video : technology (at
jrabbitThe Corperation is required watching
jrabbitChapati: death metal
redditalienTitle: Area Man Constantly Mentioning He Doesn't Own A Television | The Onion - America's Finest News Source (at
Paradoxdont really find the onion that funn
jrabbitI like they're bigger ideas
jrabbit"Black man given worst job in US"
Paradoxits just they overdo some things
Paradoxthat was funny
Paradoxbut for the most part
Paradoxtheir stuff is just boring
jrabbitand when they "sold out to china"
jrabbitmost is dribble
poop_in_yo_soupthe hidden button panel on tthe tv is pretty snazzy
Paradoxand the channel number window is so innovative!
Chapatilol i just saw a kid jump off his roof onto a trampoline
Chapatii always wanted to do that
Chapatibut i never had a roof over my head
jrabbitChapati: go jump off the kids roof
Paradox2001 was...bizzare
Chapatilooked like he was 8
Paradox2010 was a far better movie
Chapatiya thats an idea!
jrabbitParadox: 2001 was good.
Paradoxi liked it
poop_in_yo_soupgod I hate FFUUU strips
Paradoxbut 2010 is still better
jrabbitI did not get the fucking starchild bullshit though
Paradoxthats why i don't consider Clarke a hardcore sf author
jrabbitI got the insanity over infiite time bit
jrabbitthat made sense
Paradoxhe dabbles too much in fantasy
Paradoxniven, however, is hardcore sf
jrabbitbut the LSD trip at the end was all like wat
Paradoxeven when he does fantasy
Paradoxits hardcore sf
Paradoxeg magic goes away world
jrabbit2010 wasn't made into a good movie though
Paradoxmanna is a resource that goes away
Paradoxmakes sense
Paradoxesp when you realize that the whole series takes place in arizona, utah, and california
Paradoxin some of Niven's fantasy books
Paradoxlike Burning Tower
Paradoxand The Burning City
Paradoxthere are obvious references to real-world landmarks
Paradoxand in the back of the books
Paradoxhe explains the references
jrabbit lol
Paradoxhere is a debate
Paradoxwhich is better, Blowjob or boobfuck?
Paradoxi like both
Chapati lolwat
Chapatithat billboard is politically incorrect
heylookatmelol very nice
jrabbitSuper effective made me chortle :(
poop_in_yo_souplol I haven't heard the word chortle since I last read the Beano
Chapatilol i havent heard the word chortle since i stopped playing that 1 MUD
Chapatipoop: ?
redditalienTitle: BEANO HOME (at
poop_in_yo_soupno the beano you noob
Chapatiwtf a whoopee mask?
heylookatmeoh my
Chapatiit farts when someone sits on your face?
poop_in_yo_soupfuck knows thats from 1938 lol
zaggynlwhoopi goldberg mask
jrabbitpoop_in_yo_soup: wtf racism
poop_in_yo_soupi like the little nignog eating the watermelon
poop_in_yo_soupits a little more polticaly correct these days
jrabbitthat is all
zaggynlWaiting for
jrabbit /.'d
poop_in_yo_soupyeah how slow is this site
poop_in_yo_soupserver error
Dashiellslow as dick
jrabbitits the coral cache its fast shut your whore mouth
redditalienTitle: The Coral Content Distribution Network (at
snugglebitchpoop_in_yo_soup - i thought you were gonna change your nickname :/
Dashiellit's slow as dick.  i've made my judgement, like it or not
poop_in_yo_soupyou want me to serena?
snugglebitchi was curious to see what else you would pick
Dashiellmaybe it'd be fast if the server wasn't getting skull fucked
piyshow about piys
snugglebitchthat would work :)
--- Mon Dec 7 2009
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