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WolkeGood thing I'm not actually subbed to politics.
WolkeElse, my front page would be unreadable.
mentokWolke, where do you live?
srslyWolke: 7 f's  and 12 u's
redditalienTitle: FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU- (at
srslygo ahead and let out your frustrations there
srslyin other news
srslyipad is out, tiger woods still can't undo the sex scandal, and miley ray cyrus is pregnant
mentokSandra Bullock's husband confesses to 7 affairs.
mentokI guess she got...blindsided
srslyin astronomy, discovery of pink holes baffles scientists
mentokand now over to sports, Jim?
srsly another unidentified man whooping and hollering about saving the world from the LHC has been arrested after he mysteriously appeared naked, covered in mucus and shivering in the middle of a middle school basketball tournament. It is confirmed that the unidentified man is not the same janitor from last week, but a supposedly a future janitor from the week before, who was arrested and later released to mental health specialized socia
srslyat 11
hjstraouldlv: I appear to be the only person in that channel (on
srslyIn local news a turkey was found mauling an unattended baby at a local mall. Don't miss the top 100 most outrageously rare fatal animal attacks caught on film, right after the news.
srslyPolice say the baby provoked the attack by quote: "the baby was shaking his baby baby rattle at the turkey, making the turkey think the baby had a gun. The threat was enough to provoke the turkey to attack baby Jerome Jr."
srslyIn related news, police chief sent to mental hospital after thinking he was a turkey in a temporary lapse of sanity.
srslyIt seems he will recover from mental stress after a needed one month paid leave, while the whole incident blows over.
srsly" says the marketing department of local police station
srslyIn other distracting news, Miley Ray Cyrus is impregnated by youtube super star Fred Figglehorn.
srslyIs the internet impregnating your white middle class children? Please tune in after the break to get old fashioned, time tested, home grown tips on how to prevent your teens from having thought about sex, ever.
|_ockeanyone wanna play some ps3 online?
|_ockei just updated to the fucked new system firmware
srslyi am srsly bored
|_ockei have gta4, gt5 prologue
|_ockethe darkness
raouldlvhjst: irc://
|_ockeand modern warfare 2
srslywhere can i get a ps3 at 1:18am?
|_ockesrsly, walmart
srslywith only $150 in the bank.
|_ockeor a pawn shop if theyr'e open
|_ockesrsly, pawn shop tomorrow
hjstraouldlv: ah, well now that's different - ta :-)
srslybut I want to play naow
srslypawn shops don't have it for that cheap
raouldlvhjst: from the topic of the chan: If you are looking for an invite, email with a link to your Reddit user page. You can also visit #baconstaff>
|_ockeyeah they do
|_ockeits 150 for the 20 or 40g one here
|_ockeand 199 for the 80 or 160g one
|_ockei bought an 80gb one
|_ockefor 199
srslywhat's the regular price?
hjstraouldlv: thanks again
raouldlvnp :)
|_ockeits like 299 i think
|_ockefor the lowest one right now
srsly!google pawnshop 94804
redditaliensrsly: |
jrabbit.seen ddrt
redditalienjrabbit: ddrt was last seen in #reddit 1 day, 7 hours, 13 minutes, and 8 seconds ago: <ddrt> The montage started and I was like... oh it's starting already!? wow... and then it lasted for 20 FUCKING MINUTES!
srslyI need to find a cheap xbox 360 that isn't banned so I can talk to a girl about xbox 360s
|_ockefuck 360
|_ockeonly if you want a system that will die on you
srslyyes that's the deal
raouldlv.seen jrabbit
redditalienraouldlv: jrabbit was last seen in #reddit 18 seconds ago: <jrabbit> .seen ddrt
srslyi want to fuck her
ThibitI just realized as to what having a tab open up across eons of sessions can do for tracking
srslywhat does it do?
ThibitThey show up as visit x+1
ThibitIt does explain a few stats that I've seen though
Action: Thibit also knows this to be a duh moment
srslyno duh
jrabbitit's so windy its fuckign with msh cable
jrabbit South winds 15 to 25 mph with gusts to 35 mph.
srslyis that what tech support told you?
srslywhile blowing into their phone receivers?
srslywooohhhh    shhhhhh
Action: srsly requires my sleep
Action: srsly does the sleepy head dance
redditalienTitle: YouTube - drunkhistoryTesla.avi (at
pengosent a text to the person the text was about
raouldlvpengo: ive done that before.
redditalienTitle: YouTube - David O'Doherty text song (at
pengothere's a song about it
raouldlvthis is considered a song?
raouldlvit hurts
pengoit has a melodic chorus
pengoand a bridge
Action: raouldlv cringes
redditalienTitle: YouTube - Drunk History vol. 1 - Featuring Michael Cera (at
Action: raouldlv has discovered drunk history
ThibitTime FLEW by in the last 1.5 hours
ThibitOn the plus side, I've finally reached 0.99 for my CSS
Action: Thibit thinks about transposing his CSS into subreddit form
Action: Thibit sets it aside for another day and heads off to bed
redditalienTitle: Grooveshark - Listen to Free Music Online - Internet Radio - Free MP3 Streaming (at
lukjad007First day back at work...
islingtonHoly shit that reddit plasmoid is great!
jesstholy net splits bat man
DonSliceThose aren't netsplits.
DonSliceThose are parts.
jesstyea i was just noticing that lol
jesstat first i just saw all the messages
jesstwe have some people with some shitty ass connections
zerobotmorning redditers
jessti got 2.1 last night
jrabbiturgh connectign to tor from the sdchool is a pita
jrabbitsomethign now is corrupting its memory
zerobotyou restored your droid?
zerobotto original rom?
jesstand then got the 2.1 update
Action: jesst finds the closest large object and gives abarrett a slap with it
zerobotEris users, of course, are panicking
zeroboti hope they fix the phone issues in the official 2.1 release for the Eris
zerobotwith the leaked 2.1 the phone function of the Eris is essentially useless
jesstlighthazard: youre using miranda?
lighthazardNo, zerobot is
jesstoh lol
jesstthat newb was using the webz
zerobotwhy would anybody care what client i'm using?
zerobotlighthazard - why do you care?
jesstlighthazard: cares
jesstyour client is like your e-peen
jesstlighthazard thinks is is big because he uses x-chat
jesstbut tbh hes still using a gui
jesstnothing wrong with x-chat though, i used to use it
DonSliceo noes, not a gui.
zerobotoh right
zeroboti forgot
zeroboti must not be a l33t h@xx0r
DonSlicezerobot: you're not.
zerobotthat somebody cares so much what window i'm looking at on my computer
DonSliceunless you can program a gui using vb to hack their ip
jesstDonSlice: who stole my abarrett?
Action: DonSlice shrugs.
jesstDonSlice is 1335
jesst1337 too
DonSliceNo, I'm 1335.
DonSliceI haven't graduated.
lighthazardit's all about the e-peen
jesstDonSlice: someone did that background on 4/1
jesstin fffuuuu
jesstbut maybe its still up?
DonSliceI can't see it on my monitor.
jesstbep would remember
DonSliceI lol'd at this, sadly:
jessti dont  remember
MikeSethoh god
MikeSethyou're STILL outraged about this?
MikeSeththe whole wikileaks thing
Action: abarrett would slap jesst, but is not being violent today
MikeSethwikileaks is troll par excellence this spring
abarrettDonSlice: the background is still there
MikeSethyhbtlaf congrats
abarrettbut it was much higer contrast on 4/1, I'm sure.
jesstthere is my abarrett!!!
DonSliceMikeSeth: What are you insinuating?
abarrettgood morning jesst :)
jesstmorning abarrett
redditalienTitle: beckstcw comments on Saw the video Wikileaks posted; here's a measured interpretation from someone who's been over there (at
MikeSethI'll just leave this here
MikeSethtldr wikileaks pulled anti-war propaganda stunt
DonSliceMikeSeth: Oh, right. I'm not outraged at what happened. I'm outraged at the coverup and lies.
DonSliceMikeSeth: It's war. That shit happens, but I expect my government to take responsibility for its actions (hahahahha)
MikeSethDonSlice: aren't you outraged about the coverup and lies emanating from Wikileaks though?
MikeSethlook at the front page: "civilai massacre", "indiscriminate slaying", "collateral murder"
MikeSethall fucking lies
DonSliceThose aren't lies, those are buzzwords.
DonSliceAll of those are true, you know.
DonSliceThe civillians WERE massacred.
DonSliceThe slaying WAS indiscriminate.
MikeSeththe ones that hung around in a war zone with RPGs?
DonSliceThe murder WAS collateral damage.
DonSliceExcept for the fact that it was a camera, yeah.
MikeSethlet me guess
MikeSethyou saw the short version
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