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peppechakie: I have no idea of why qt3 is the default. probably people install qt3 first and then qt4, therefore "qmake" points to the qt3 version. we should ask svuorela , btw :P
specialat the coordinates of the item
specialor you can promote those to public in a subclass.
chakiepeppe: but why would anyone even get any qt3 devel packages installed?
chakiepeppe: that should be something you need to install from a "ancient cruft" repo
specialthey're separate packages, I think
snapcallspecial: Thanks for the advice about posting to QGraphicsScene. How do I promote hoverEnterEvent() and hoverLeaveEvent() to public in a subclass?
chakiespecial: of course
chakieKucukMubasir: is the lib really called "lgsoap++"?
specialpublic: using Subclass::hoverEnterEvent(); using Subclass::hoverLeaveEvent();
specialor reimplement them in public:
chakieKucukMubasir: that would give you a file
specialsuperclass* sorry
snapcallspecial: In my case, I am dealing with a 3rd party QGraphicsItem. This method does not apply does it?
KucukMubasirchakie there isn't such a lib in directory, I think I need to generate it but I can't handle it :S
KucukMubasir"The gSOAP engine is build as a library libgsoap.a and libgsoap++.a with separate versions that support SSL. See the README.txt instructions on how to build these libraries with the platform-independent gSOAP package's autoconf and automake.  Alternatively, you can compile and link the engine's source code stdsoap2.c (or stdsoap2.cpp for C++) directly with your code.  "
chakieKucukMubasir: what i mean is that you seem to add the library in a wrong way
chakieKucukMubasir: the extra "l" is what i refer to
chakieKucukMubasir: but i sense you're just guessing here?
KucukMubasirno it is added as in here :LIBS += -lgsoap++
KucukMubasirI am not guessing, that is what tutorial tells
chakiewhere is the lib really?
KucukMubasirbut there isn't such a lib in any directories.
chakieand is that path searched?
chakiehave you built it?
KucukMubasirIt doesn't exist
KucukMubasirI haven't
chakieso build it or include it
chakieas per the docs you pasted yourself
chakiehow do you assume that you can just link to something that does not exist?
KucukMubasir"The gSOAP toolkit is mostly self-contained and does not require any third-party
KucukMubasirsoftware to run in a basic configuration. When compression and SSL encryption
KucukMubasirare required the Zlib and OpenSSL libraries must be installed.
KucukMubasirTo build the gSOAP 'soapcpp2' compiler, you must have Bison and Flex installed
KucukMubasiror the older Yacc and Lex equivalents. Note that licensing differs for Flex
KucukMubasirversus Lex, and Bison versus Yacc."
KucukMubasirsorry for that unpleasant paste
chakie"Alternatively, you can compile and link the engine's source code stdsoap2.c (or stdsoap2.cpp for C++) directly with your code"
chakieas someone said ages ago
KucukMubasirI did it
enkiduanyone know good PDU encoder/decoder? if not, I will start my own in Qt
KucukMubasirand I pasted the output here
chakietoo lazy to go looking for it
chakieif you added it to SOURCES it should be enough, as per the docs you gave
chakiealterntively build the lib
KucukMubasirchakie, this is the output
KucukMubasirbeg your pardon?
chakieadd the libs that the soap lib needs
KucukMubasirthere isn't such a lib
chakiethen you're screwed
chakieC:\Users\Ozgur\Documents\Qt\Console/gsoap/stdsoap2.cpp:557: undefined reference to `sendto@24'
KucukMubasirhere is the source file chakie
chakiewhere are those functions defined?
chakiewhat lib?
chakieadd that/them
KucukMubasirchakie, they are defined there.
KucukMubasirjust as the constructore     TimeServerImplPortBindingProxy
KucukMubasirbut the qt still can't find it :S
chakieqt doesn't find anything
KucukMubasirfor instance: C:\Users\Ozgur\Documents\Qt\Console/main.cpp:11: undefined reference to `TimeServerImplPortBindingProxy::TimeServerImplPortBindingProxy()'
KucukMubasirthe compiler*
chakieyour linker needs to find the stuff
KucukMubasirthat constructor is defined there
chakiewhy not ask the gsoap developers?
chakiethis really isn't a qt problem
KucukMubasirok I will. this is my pro file
chakiewhat extra libs does gsoap depend on?
chakieit needs some functions like:
chakieC:\Users\Ozgur\Documents\Qt\Console/gsoap/stdsoap2.cpp:3223: undefined reference to `WSAStartup@8'
chakiewhere are those defined?
chakiei know nothing about windows, you'll need to know
--- Sun May 9 2010
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