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Xenakioslooks non-native in xp?
RLaa bit
RLaanyway, i have set my own colors and fonts for the app so it looks now more-less same on both systems
tmortonI'm trying to use qSort() to sort some QPoints. However, the order of the QPoints depends on data (variables) in my class, so my lessThan function can't be static.
tmortonHowever, I can't seem to figure out how to pass a pointer-to-member to qSort
tmortonany ideas?
dhrosatmorton: you could make a functor object
dhrosawait no
dhrosawait yes
Xenakiosimplement operator <?
dhrosamake the functor object havea  MyClass member, and have implement operator() to be your comparator
Xenakiosah forget it...
dhrosaXenakios's idea works too if the list isn't of pointers
Xenakiosif he needs to sort according to some condition inside his own class
tmortonXenakios, yeah, that's what i need
Xenakiosi don't think operator < would work?
Xenakiosthat's actually also a question i've been thinking
tmortonthat seems like it might work
Xenakiossometimes it'd be useful to sort things in different ways
Xenakiosand not do a hack like "the < operator looks in the objects it compares for a sort mode member"
tmortonhmm, do you guys see a reason why implementing operator()< wouldn't work?
tmortonoh, wait
tmortoni'd need to implement it in the QPoint class
tmortonso yeah, that wouldn't work
dhrosayeah.... the functor object might be better in this case
tmortoni'll give that a shot
tmortonhmm, but how do I get the sort information from my class to the functor?
tmortoncan i pass a pointer into the constructor or something?
rohanpmtmorton: std::mem_fun , std::bind1st
rohanpmthere's an example in the boost docs which should be applicable here too,
dhrosatmorton: if you want
rohanpmjust search for bind1st
dhrosayour choice on hwo to imeplement it
tmortonrohanpm, thanks, mem_fun looks like it might work
jonrafkindwhats the best way to draw a border around a widget
dhrosajonrafkind: a QFrame perhaps
jonrafkindhm ok, strange that qframe doesnt let you change the color
JickI'm trying to get favicons to work in my QWebView. Right now they ALL display the same blue globe icon instead of the proper icon for each site. I read that I need to set iconDatabasePath in the QWebView's settings correctly. I have tried setting it but nothing seems to work. I even looked at the source code for the demo browser and Arora and my code is just like how it is for those two apps but its still not working. Nomatter what I try to set
KBHomesSo, has anybody had any success using Phonon with QNetworkAccessManager?
KBHomesWhat I'm currently doing is on the readyRead() signal, I'm writing to a QBuffer
KBHomesAnd on the first readyRead() I'm emitting a signal that has the QBuffer in the parameter
KBHomesAnd the main window picks up the signal and does mediaObject->setCurrentSource(buffer); and then mediaObject->play();
KBHomesBut it doesn't seem to do anything
KBHomesMoreover the stateChanged() signal of MediaObject isn't emitted
machtfuernachtI try building qtoctave on Windows and I have some problems with libQtUiTools.a
machtfuernachtnm says, that libQtUiTools.a has no danymic symbols. I think that this is the problem. But I have no idea how to fix it.
JamesAstroI can't seem to compile any of the examples that ship out with qt4 for windows but i can compile my own projects fine. I used the installer so id on't know what could have gone wrong. Any one know what might cause this?
marloshouseJamesAstro: how are you  compiling, from command line or from the qtcreator?
marloshousewhat error are you getting
JamesAstroshoot. i didn't copy it down and it is uninstalling so i can reinstall it
JamesAstroit'll be a sec
KBHomesStrange, if I wait for the entire download to finish, and then play it from the buffer, it works then.
KBHomesBut not before it's finished.
machtfuernachtAnyone an idea for ma UiTools.a problem?
dhrosamachtfuernacht: that's not the problem
rohanpmmachtfuernacht: libQtUiTools.a is not _supposed_ to have dynamic symbols
rohanpm.a files are static libraries
rohanpmmachtfuernacht: libQtCore4.a should provide _imp___ZN7QObject16staticMetaObjectE , can you check for that?
rohanpmdon't give the -D option to nm
machtfuernachtyes there it is
machtfuernachtk I had to reorder the libraries.
machtfuernachtseems to compile now.
shadewindif I run a member function using QtConcurrent::run(), is it legal to emit a signal from this member function?
JamesAstroFor some reason Qt is picking up visual studio libraries as a lib path. how do i remove this?
JamesAstrousing QtCreator
JodaZhmm, i am having a problem here, qt is rendering characters of the fallback font in a different size than the normal ones
machtfuernachtIs it possible to get a list of the dlls that the program needs?
dhrosamachtfuernacht: ldd on linux
dhrosaldd might work on OS X, there's also otool for OS X
dhrosadependency walker on windows
JodaZthe problem is with dynamic linking
machtfuernachtthx dhrosa dependency walker did it
JamesAstrodoes any one know how to not allow qt from including from vc++ include folder?
JamesAstroit is causing problems with compiling only the example projects
JamesAstroany one?
rohanpmJamesAstro: are you sure qt is introducing the dependency?
rohanpmwouldn't surprise me if the MSVC compiler is automatically adding these directories to the include path
JamesAstrohmm i suppose there was simple and wiered fix to it
JamesAstroi had to clean the build files and rebuild them
JamesAstrothat fixed it
zekehow can I prevent an user from right clicking on the main window and closing my docks and toolbars?
zekeexcept for certain toolbars
elfMobiledoes QT have a widget like this?
zekeelfMobile: I think you have to make your own
elfMobilezeke, I'm not talking about look / feel
elfMobileI don't know what you'd call those things, expandable regions I guess... there is nothing like that in Qt?
specialprogressive disclosure is the technical name
specialnothing built into Qt, but it would be easy to create
zekeI think there is something like that in KDE or it's a created one because I see it in KDevelop
specialthe functionality of it is trivial, the only hard part is deciding how it looks
zekeblah I really hope this bug gets done:
zekewell I'm trying to implement my own. My implementation is good, just i need those notifications else I'll have to reimplement all of it myself
zekeor completely just start over from scratch again
specialcould always write it yourself and merge request
zekethat's what I'm doing right now ;)
zekewell for my application ;)
zekewell see the problem is, it was requested so much from what I've seen, they just kept push it to the next release and then just denying it
Xenakiosouch...i didn't realize dockwidgets have those limitations >_<
zekeXenakios: yeah they do
Xenakiosi hope i won't bump into those anyday soon
zekeI didn't notice them until I needed them
specialdockwiget is pretty limited and not very attractive with most styles
specialit does need some love
JamesAstrowhy use threads when yo ucan use qtConcurrent? what is the down side?
specialJamesAstro: threads are lower level
specialyou get far more control over what happens and how
specialand sometimes the concurrent API can be clunky
specialall depends on what you're doing
XenakiosQtConcurrent is hard with stuff like progress notifications, cancelling. not very suitable for backround tasks that should always be running
zekeXenakios: special: here is my video of my docks.
zekeI fixed the bugs in that video ;)
Xenakiosin other words, QtConcurrent is suitable for tasks that run and end quickly, with no need for progress reporting/cancelling
zekebut knowing, my bug report will probably get pushed for next release like 3 times then forgotten about
JamesAstroohh i c. Well my situation is this: i am working on a Gui based server and what happens is that a client connects and sends a string and then disconnects. But there are many clients, so i was wondering if i should call a QtConcurrent for every new client.
specialyou don't need a thread per socket, in the vast majority of server situations
JamesAstroso single thread it?
specialQt's sockets are designed to be used asynchronously
Xenakioszeke: damn...autohiding docks...yeah...those would be useful...or neat...or something
Xenakiosit's like something that would be "nice" to have but too much pain to implement from scratch :P
JamesAstrospecial: but what happens is that i need to update the GUI based ont eh information recieved by the client
specialif there is no expensive computation required on your information, you can even run it all out of the main thread
specialif not, one thread for sockets and one for GUI
zekeXenakios: what you like how I did it so far?
specialbeware of threading issues.
Xenakioszeke: i guess it's ok ;)
JamesAstrothanks :-) this makes me fool lighter
specialbut one per socket is a waste of resources
JamesAstro*feel :p Thanks alot
zekeXenakios: maybe if I ever get mine finish, I will attempt at cloning a Qt branch and try adding it to Qt itself. But I have no guarentees I will understand Qt's code ;P
zekenot fond of qmake
zekebut more than likely it'd get accept in KDE before Qt
zekewhich my app is based on KDE :P
Xenakioswell i don't use KDE :P
zekei do, and KDE helps alot where Qt alone doesn't
vector_xyzI am using Qt Webkit to display Images it all works well but some images that are giant take time to load even tho they all are on the local filesystem...
vector_xyzis there a way to preload an image in C++ via QPixmap or so and then pass that to Webkit
vector_xyzto display it inside <img src... />
Xenakioswhy do you think it's the loading step that's slow?
Xenakiosperhaps webkit just is slow to display images?
vector_xyzhow do i improve it :) to be super-fast :)
vector_xyzespecially if an image is on local file system
guest356876qtwebkit doesn't seem to support .ico files by default. is there any way to make it support them? like maybe a plugin or something? although I'm not sure how plugins work or anything.
zekeico images are horrible
zekeyou can make a qtwebkit plugin
guest356876the only reason I need them is because I have a qwebview that has a list of websites and I want to display the favicon of each website next to each site. since everyone does favicons in .ico format I need to be able to display them.
guest356876so how exactly do qtwebkit plugins work? how would I make a plugin for .ico support?
JamesAstrodoes qt provide a mechinism to issue system calls and return the output? without manually writing and reading from the filesystem?
Xenakiosuh system calls? like calling the OS native API from code?
Xenakiosthere's nothing in Qt stopping you to do that
Xenakiosjust need #ifdefs or something for crossplatform heh
Xenakioson the other hand if you mean start up another process, and wait for it to finish or produce some output, then QProcess
rohanpmJamesAstro: huh?  what kind of mechanism do you need Qt to provide for that?
tyfoni think he's thinking about something like that
rohanpmJamesAstro: ok, "system call" has a special meaning that you might not have been aware of
zekehow can I prevent an user from right clicking on the main window and closing my docks and toolbars?
zekeexcept for specific ones
Xenakiostell them to apply superglue to their right mouse button :P
Xenakiosor buy a Mac...heheheheheheh
JamesAstroyes sorry my mistake for not being clear i was talking about some kind of wrapper for System() function
Action: zeke slaps Xenakios
zekewow I never knew about QList::value()
zekeanyone remember the function to get the widget the the current cursor position?
zekeat the*
specialzeke: QCursor has the position, and you can use QApplication::widgetAt
JamesAstroThe wieredst thing is happening to me. I have a class declared and implemented. I have a new instance of it and QtCreator recognises that it is a lagit type but during compile it says that it hasn't been declared in t his scope? what is going on i have it included
zekespecial: thats it thank you
Nazzyhi, I want to use QTestLib to test a C shared object library... anyone know where I can info relating to this?
Nazzyor is it going to work straight out?
zeke!rtfm QTestList
qtassistantzeke: Qt 4.6: QTextList Class Reference -
zeke!rtfm QTestLib
qtassistantzeke: Qt 4.6: QTestLib Manual - qtestlib -
zekeNazzy: ^^
zekeread that
zekeNazzy: will you be using it only for that single C library and not for a Qt application?
Nazzybit of a waste, I know
zekeNazzy: you might want to check cpptest or cmake's test
zekeif you are not using it for a Qt application (waste of dependency and what not
Nazzytrue, though integration with kdev4 seemed a nice point
ToArtisthi,who knows callingallinnovators???
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