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pg_docbot_adzFor information about 'contrib' see:
peercereplace 'current' with 8.2
peercein the URL
iswariafts is working in my local server :)
peercehmmm, the 8.2 manual is missin ghte contributed section
iswariaI am getting this error: column "'" does not exist
iswariaLINE 11:       AND  'Ramesh'::tsquery@@"'" & e.collecteur || " " || n...
endpoint_davidiswaria: you're using identifier quotes instead of string quotes
endpoint_davidsingle quotes -> strings; double-quotes -> identifiers
iswariaIf i replace 8.2 for current, i am getting  "The requested URL /docs/8.2/static/contrib.html was not found on this server."
endpoint_davidso ITYW: '''' & e.collecteur || ' ' || nom_entier || ' '  || nom_complet & ''''
davidfetter <-- lol!
iswariastill not working
davidfetteriswaria, if you're starting a new project, do not use such an old version of pg
peerceheh.  fermi's lack of a paradox.
Raptelanendpoint_david: DRBD is O/S-level.
davidfettero/` i've got 99 problems o/`
Action: davidfetter puts on some danger mouse
endpoint_davidand a bottle of beer ain't one?
jim99 might be :)
davidfetterlol@ endpoint_david
newbie2Hint: No operator matches the given name and argument type(s). You might need to add explicit type casts.
newbie2what the meaning of it?
jimwhatis "operator"?
jimwhatis "argument"?
jimwhatis "type"?
merlin83newbie2: show us your query?
pg_docbot_adzFor information about 'paste' see:
newbie2select * from c_order where c_order_id like '8%'
akretschmernewbie2: use a paste site
merlin83newbie2: hmm, you can't use like on an int/bigint.. you'd probably want c_order_id::text like '8%'
jimperhaps "like" is the operator
jimnewbie2: have you found what those three words mean yet? here's a phrase you should look up too: "type cast" and "explicit type cast"
jimonce you know what those mean, all the other words are plain english
xenoterracidenewbie2 what are you trying to do?
xenoterracidenewbie2 I'm guessing you want to find order_id number 8 ?
xenoterracidethat would be where = 8;
xenoterracideLIKE is for searching text
xenoterracidethe only other thing I could imagine that you might be trying to do is find all orders that begin with the number 8
xenoterracide < that should work
pg_docbot_adzFor information about 'select' see:
pg_docbot_adz :: ::
pg_docbot_adz ::
newbie2 --> it work
newbie2thx all
albert_kamHi, im using 8.2.6. Is redirect_stderr configuration parameter enabled by default ? I can see that it's commented in the postgresql.conf. The postgresql doc doesnt say about the default value when the paramter is commented.
RhodiumToadit's off by default
RhodiumToadif you haven't edited the value, the commented-out value is the default one
RhodiumToadand you can always show the actual value in effect, if the server is up, by connecting and using SHOW
albert_kamRhodiumToad: that's convinient .. thanks for the info ..
albert_kamthe doc also doesnt say whether the directory specified in the log_directory parameter will be automatically created when it's unavailable .. but i guess i can find out by trying :)
RhodiumToadiirc it won't be
albert_kamok ..
albert_kamand if i want to see who issued what sql statements, is the log level of 'notice' sufficient ?
RhodiumToadsee log_statement
RhodiumToad(or log_min_duration_statement=0)
albert_kamsorry .. just reached that section in the docs .. :)
RhodiumToadmake sure you set log_line_prefix to something suitably comprehensive
albert_kami used '<%t %u@%e> '
albert_kamtime to restart to test things out
albert_kamthanks alot for the help
RhodiumToadalbert_kam: you really need %p
albert_kamwhy PID ?
RhodiumToadotherwise you can't sort out which session is which
albert_kamohh ..
albert_kamok2 .. adding
albert_kamHi, i wonder why my log outputs so much from a single select statement ? the log file for a single sql select : .. the conf file for the logging :
albert_kami dont expect to see the parse or bind duration, and i dont want to see other statements issued on pg_catalog n such. i prefer only seeing the info for the issued sql statement ..
albert_kama simpler output that's more readable
albert_kamwhat did i miss in the configuration ? :)
merlin83albert_kam: how are you executing those queries?
albert_kammerlin83: i did ctrl+e (execute sql) on aquadata studio app for the sql "select * from mytable"
albert_kamlemme try it on psql
RhodiumToadalbert_kam: you'll see parse/bind/execute for queries executed using PQexecParams
RhodiumToadalbert_kam: the three phases have to be logged separately because for prepared queries, there might be one parse and multiple binds, and with some client interfaces there can be multiple executes per bind
albert_kamwow, the log output from psql is very clean and is what i wanted, lol
Action: RhodiumToad wonders where WIT is
RhodiumToadalbert_kam: looks like "aquadata studio" is doing a lot of its own metadata queries
RhodiumToadvery inefficiently, too
RhodiumToadI mean, a whole roundtrip to the server _for each column_ just to check whether it's declared not null?
albert_kamI see ..
RhodiumToadon a remote server that'd be seriously painful
albert_kamthats the gui tool we use here as the sql manager, to do sql devel .. it's a shame it issued many sql statements ..
albert_kamStrange why it's WIT, should be WIB. Btw, im in Jakarta, Indonesia. But perhaps people dont usually know Indonesia, but they know Bali :)
RhodiumToadyeah, I guessed that from running  select * from pg_timezone_names where abbrev='WIT';
kllalbert_kam: selamat pagi!
kllalbert_kam: oh, well, for me at least :)
albert_kamkll: selamat siang here :)
albert_kamRhodiumToad: your opinion on the database client now makes me to find other alternatives .. any recommendation for all-purpose GUI database ? perhaps ? :)
pg_docbot_adzFor information about 'pgpool' see:
Action: RhodiumToad isn't the person to ask about GUIs
albert_kamRhodiumToad: my apology, hee hee
RhodiumToad"xterm -e psql" :-)
ginteki have problem with pg_tablespace_size('mytable') and i have error does not exist
gintekbut select * from mytable work fine ?
johtogintek; pg_total_relation_size('mytable')
gintekany idea what i`m doing wrong with  this stupid problem ?
johtogintek; tablespaces are something completely different
gintekjohto: why in manual pg_database_size(name) Disk space used by the database with the specified name
johtothat would work if you want to know the size of the database, but I don't see how that's related
gintekpg_total_relation_size work fine
gintekjohto: thx
RhodiumToaddatabases, tablespaces and tables (relations) are completely different things
gintek?? tablespace
pg_docbot_adzFor information about 'tablespace' see:
wwwaldquick question concerning pgadmin
wwwaldare there any Windows builds available for releases since 1.10.2?
pg_docbot_adzFor information about 'mysql' see:
pg_docbot_adz :: :: ::
pg_docbot_adz :: :: ::
grandmounHave you already an webservice using SOAP and postgres?
pifhi, can someone explain the window functions 'lead' and 'lag'?
asfjiohello, is it possible to view last changes made in some database if they are not executed through psql? something like history?
johtopif; "lead" is the row following the current row and "lag" is the previous row
iguannahi all
iguannathere was a way to set up the psql to show the row with the null values in order to distinguish from a empty row
iguannabut I don't remember which
johto\pset null foo
mage_RhodiumToad: ?
mage_you use FreeBSD, no ?
mage_for you is it normal that /usr/local/lib/libpgport.a isn't provided by the -client package ?
mage_I filled a PR for mapserver which require this file ( but the fix of the package maintener is only to add a dependency on -server ...
mage_it looks strange to me that you cannot build mapserver with postgis support without building the -server port
RhodiumToadwhat is it referencing libpgport for?
mage_it's required by mapserver when you enable PostGIS support
RhodiumToadwhat functions is it trying to use?
mage_I don't known .. the port fails to build without it
mage_with :
mage_/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lpgport
mage_gmake: *** [shp2img] Error 1
mage_but I don't understand why -lpgport is listed with pg_config --libs and that that file (/usr/local/lib/libpgport.a) is missing
mage_(on a machine where only -client is installed)
RhodiumToadthe client/server division in the freebsd port of pg is a bit questionable in parts, though that's partly due to the fact that the project itself doesn't provide any clear distinction
mage_do you think I should fill a PR for this ?
mage_ok thanks
RhodiumToadpg_config is a problem in itself because of confusion over whether it reflects the server build or the client
RhodiumToadit really needs splitting into two
mage_yep ..
RhodiumToadthere should be a server version that reflects what is needed to build server modules, and a client version
mage_I'll include that in the PR
RhodiumToadsince there are clients like dbd::pg and (I assume) mapserver that want to use it for client builds, packaging systems tend to put in a version suited to the client needs,
RhodiumToadwhich then buggers up any attempt to build server modules correctly
mage_there should really be a libpq port in FreeBSD
SmokeyDhey everyone. When I have a pl/pgsql function with "rows:=SELECT colname FROM tablename WHERE colname=val;", how can I test if that query returned any results?
SmokeyDjohto, cool, thanks
RhodiumToadthat statement is wrong anyway
RhodiumToadyou want SELECT INTO
RhodiumToad(and FOUND isn't set by assignment statements)
SmokeyDRhodiumToad, yeah. I just figured that out :) Thanks. I just do SELECT colname FROM tablename WHERE colname=var;IF NOT FOUND THEN blah....
SmokeyDwithout the assignment
RhodiumToadthat'll fail too
RhodiumToadare you trying to get the actual value of "colname" or just check whether the row exists?
SmokeyDjust checking if it exists
SmokeyDI don't need the value
RhodiumToadif exists(select * from tablename WHERE colname=var) then ...
SmokeyDah, that is better. Thanks
Diablo-D3hey guys
Diablo-D3whats the cost of a simple query?
Diablo-D3like, is there a medium or large startup cost just to execute the query?
wulczerDiablo-D3: there's some overhead of parsing and planning the query
wulczeryou can avoid both by using prepared statements
Diablo-D3okay so like
Diablo-D3lets say I just want to return rows, and do no real thinking outside of just simple column matching
Diablo-D3I have 1 server, a million rows
wulczeryou just want to get all the rows from the server?
Diablo-D3100 servers, the data set split up
Diablo-D3how much would I be losing if I executed the same simple query on every one
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