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grant_im pretty new to load balancing and replication
xzillayeah. we do immediate send of the xlogs to the pitr slave, but our recovery program has a parameter to delay application for x minutes. this way we have the files in case of failover, but gain safety from stupid/malicious sql. ie. someone updates without where clause, we have 10 minutes to stop replication before it gets applied to slave)
xzillanon of the failover stuff is built in... ie. the streaming replication systems wont take over automatically... you have to promote one of the as a new primary, and the coordinate that change amongst all other nodes
xzillait's kind of a pain
xzillaand needs much better documentation
xzillagotta go, bbiab
grant_im off to bed anyway
grant_thanks for the info.. hopefully i can pick your brain another day =p)
xzillathose are the scripts we use, or at least the most recent collection
xzillawe need to push more changes back into the public repo
xzillabut its a start
grant_ahh ok
grant_i was actually looking into standalone hot standby
adsThey actually believe it - i made a good joke ;-)
toaderHi, i have serveral processes to insert data into the same table simutaniously. So, as only insertion operation, they won't cause currency problem, eg.,lock. How to express it formally? Is it name "lock free" ? or any other suggestion? thanks
toaderor exempt from lock??
PChotany pgphpadmin here? i have problem with import feature
PChota mean pgphpadmin developer
PChoti'm trying to import simle csv file with format 000006+2553.2,MIRA
davidfetterwhat's wrong with psql?
PChotand i'm getting error
PChotERROR:  column "000006+2553.2" of relation "rename1" does not exist
PChotLINE 1: INSERT INTO "public"."rename1" ("000006+2553.2", "MIRA") VAL...
selenamariePChot: use single quotes, not doublequotes for the values
selenamarieoh wait
PChoti have plain text file without quotes
selenamariei'm not familiar enough with pgphpadmin to tell you why it is doing that. :D  but it is interpreting your csv values as fieldnames
selenamarieinsert statements are of the fomr:
selenamarieINSERT INTO public.rename1 (field1, field2) VALUES('000006+2553.2', 'MIRA') ...
selenamarieyou're missing field1 & field2.. see?
PChoti know, that's why i'm looking for pgphpadmin developers
PChothere is example of my file
PChotnothing fancy
selenamariePChot: i imagine there's a section in the documentation about importing csv.. have you looked?
adstoader: insert needs no lock
selenamariehi ads!
adshi selenamarie
davidfetterhi selenamarie
davidfetterhei ads
adshi david
selenamariehi davidfetter see you in ottawa soon.
davidfetterindeed :)
Action: davidfetter trying to recall which continent he saw selenamarie in person on last
PChoti cannot find any docs about csv at pgphpadmin
selenamariePChot: alright, i'll have a look :)
pg_docbot_adzFor information about 'ppa' see:
selenamariewow the online docs are not good :)
davidfetternot as such
PChotwho can help me? which nicks?
davidfetterPChot, your best bet is to try with psql, which just about everybody here knows about
pg_docbot_adzFor information about 'psql' see:
selenamariei'm looking at the interface.. hold your horses :)
Cheprajust prepend a line with the proper fieldnames?
PChoti know psql, the problem is interface of pgphpadmin
davidfetteris there some reason you're not using psql?
selenamariePChot: Chepra is correct
selenamariePChot: phpPgAdmin expects the first line of your csv file to be field names
selenamarieand they must match the fieldnames of your table
PChotok, thx, a thought i worsk like copy comand
selenamarienope, it is doing INSERTs
PChotok, i handle with that
PChoti'll try something else
absddaemonAnyone know if there is a way to log login attempts to the data base, both failed and successes.
guestplease tell me, is there any packet type like "ping" to keep connection alive?
guestequals to mysql_ping()
Action: davidfetter trying to get schemaspy working, and suspects a driver path issue
Cheprafix it ;)
davidfetterwell, it appears not to be finding the driver :(
davidfetteranybody got a clue as to how i might track this down?
merlin83davidfetter: -cp <path to jdbc driver> on the command line?
davidfettermerlin83, tried several versions of that :(
Action: davidfetter swipes Possible's frites
Action: Possible hides the beer
davidfettertoo late
davidfetterthere's just better beer where you live
Possiblethat's what you get when you gulpdown those double-fermentated beers ;)
Possiblefermented even
davidfetteroh java expert, i'm having jva issues
Possiblenot sure if I can help...but what java issues ?
davidfetter <-- lots of versions of the command line here give that error
davidfetterany way to make it more verbose?
Possibleso that's the error ?
davidfettermost of that paste is the error
davidfetterit's not doing the thing it's supposed to do
davidfetterand it's whinging about the way i invoked it, which as far as i can tell, is exactly how i'm supposed to
Possiblewell it doesn't list the -h and -port switches ..
merlin83davidfetter: you tried using -dp to force it to use the driver you specify? their svn code for the location of the pg driver is quite comical.. doesn't list -db either...but the example does..
Possiblehmm.. has the syntax
davidfetterjava -jar schemaSpy_4.1.1.jar -t pgsql -h localhost -port 5432 -db neil -u neil -o neilwtf -dp /usr/share/java/postgresql-jdbc-8.4.701.jar  <-- same error
Possibledavidfetter: loose the -h localhost -port 5432  bit
Possibleit's not psql
davidfetterum, what?
davidfetterit's -t pgsql, afaik
Possiblebut no -h or -port
Possiblein other words...don't use psql switches ;)
Possibleschemaspy doesn't list the switch..but does use it in the example..
davidfetterjava -jar schemaSpy_4.1.1.jar -t pgsql -host localhost:5432 -db neil -u neil -o neilwtf -dp /usr/share/java/postgresql-jdbc-8.4.701.jar
Possibleanyway..use -host
davidfetterkinda works
davidfetterwell, runs, anyhow. doesn't actually produce output :(
Possiblenothing in neilwtf ?
davidfetterit creates subdirectories, but they're empty
davidfetteroh. have to specify the schemas :P
Possibleduh :P
merlin83davidfetter: if anything.. apps built on java usually require extremely verbose (aka excessively long) configurations... they don't trust assumptions or general use-cases .. e.g. maven/ant/xml configs ;p
davidfetterthis is not the least of the reasons i avoid java whenever i can
Possiblemerlin83: well a better documentation on the schemaSpy arguments would help too
Possibleit's incomplete
Action: cybernd likes java
mkadhow to download from database three values but not outputing them as | value | value | value ?
Possibledownload ?
mkadI want to use that in script, maybe its possible to output query in other format
mkadI mean I use psql to query some data
Possiblewhat format do you want ?
mkadthe IP/download/upload for QoS script
mkadvalue value value
mkadwith spaces
mkador something easier to parse
Possibleselect col1||' '||col2||' '||col3 FROM table
davidfetteryou could try setting the record separator in psql
PossibleI was just looking for that option
Possible \f
Possibleinside psql
mkadbefore select?
Possible\f string
Possible\o output file
Possiblesee \? for all the options
mkadah.. I am using psql from script
mkadwhich is going to output result
Possiblesame difference
Possiblefeed the sql in a file
mkadhmm does not work
Possiblewhat are you doing ?
mkadField separator is "|".
mkad\f: extra argument "select" ignored
davidfetterpsql -F '|' ...
Possibleyou can put the commands in a sql file and feed it to psql..
Possibleincluding the slashcommands
davidfetterthere are all kinds of abstruse, but at least well documented, command line switches for psql
mkaddavidfetter, does not filter out that |
Possiblemkad: you just set it...not removed it
Possible-F ' '
mkadyes -F ' ' also does not work
Possiblemkad: psql --help  for all options
davidfetteror man psql
mkadit works but only with -A
mkadalso is it possible to check somehow within psql if string is a local IP address ?
mkadI am quering some IP addresses and I would like to filter out none internet adresses
davidfettertry the WHERE clause :)
mkadI already use where
davidfetteryou can put multiple conditions in it :)
Possiblewhat are non-internet addresses ?
Possibleyou mean non-public IP's
Action: davidfetter routes
mkadI would like a SQL function that checks it is non local network IP
Possiblethe IP's are stored in a inet datatype column ?
mkadyes non-public
mkadI think its string columnm
mkadnot sure though
davidfetterturn the column into a more appropriate data type :)
pg_docbot_adzFor information about 'ip' see:
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