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cesog-filSo who think obama uses bad deodorant?
PancakesGet GLaDOS in here
Pancakesthen you will see celebrating a countries failure lol
pilgrim`Look at Greece
cesog-filNancy Pelosi released a statement saying sitting near him during speech's was like sitting behind a dump truck.
DanielCDi think obama had sex with a terrorist
Pancakeslol really?
Pancakesnot @ daniel
Pancakeswow, link?
cesog-filGood riddance.
cesog-filLike 3 years from now, when obama gets out of the white house
cesog-fildont spa
Action: Pancakes waits patiently for the rest of the link
cesog-filSo debate topic:
cesog-filObama sells weapons to RoC, ruins relations with PROC
cesog-filAny takers?
Action: Pancakes takes.
cesog-filNot you syrup
panini1st part wont happen but 2nd part is guaranteed
StanGrofscroll killer! :D
StinkfooTlet me spam my site one time.   also in 9 other states and adding more all the time
Pancakescan some1 unban DanielCD pl0x? He says he wont spam anymore
CometBabytell him to go to the AOL chatrooms :)
CometBabythats where he belongs
cyberfr0gkeyword: jackass
StinkfooTdoes anyone remember a user from this channel around 2004 named Rebec who was runninng as a libertarian for a county seat in michigan? is she still a semi-regualr here?
PancakesLol, he asks if he can debate somemore
CometBabyStinkfooT no she doesn't come in
TheTailorPancakes, use your ignore, he's of no interest.
cM0ssStinkfooT, I remember her.
StinkfooToh, too bad. thanks, comet
pilgrim`yeah I knwo some of her tale
Pancakeswhy would I use my ignore? I like talking to him.
TheTailorThen don't report it here.
DrRocketMan, i'm tired.. but it was a brilliant launch.   Last night time, manned American space launch for 20 years?
PancakesLol, I asked if he could get UNbanned.
c1t1z3n0nah. 50
rayworkwho's on the east coast?
StinkfooTi think unmanned space exploration is the way to go. the life support adds huge amounts to the cost and robots can do a better job.
DrRocketsightings were reported as far north as Abington, Mass
rayworkman another 10-20 inches this tuesday @12pm through wednesday @7PM
TerryPspace exploration isnt the way to go
TerryPits expensive and useless
rayworkthen on sunday more coming and that's gonna be even huger than the current past 25+ we've had in the wash metro area
rayworkwow al gore where the hell are you
cM0ssTerryP, yep...that is what some told Columbus.
c1t1z3n0dea sea exploration is cheaper, just as hard, and much more viable. just not as whiz-bang as 'space'!
DrRocketTerryP  and yet, you seem to like your miniturized microprocessors
TheTailorc1t1z3n0, can you mine H3 in the oceans?
c1t1z3n0you'd know better than i
Effreetoh my !
EffreetChina has closed down what is believed to be the country's biggest training website for hackers,
Effreetstate media has reported.
cyberfr0graise your hand if you watched more of the puppy bowl then you did of the super bowl?
pilgrim`Bulgaria used to host an Academy that was THE Hacker haven
Action: Effreet did not watch tv at all
pilgrim`whats a puppy bowl ?
cyberfr0gpilgrim`: it's a game with puppies
pilgrim`I just found out today who one Superbowl  oh I also foudn out who was playing
c1t1z3n0the conspiracy is they let new orleans win cause of how they screwed up katrina so bad
pilgrim`not big on my  "this is important" list
DrRocketpilgrim`  the Animal channel basically has a mini 'football stadium' with a bunch of puppies being well, puppies.  
pilgrim`Rocket sounds far more interesting.
DrRocketpilgrim`  if they would release one cat.. it would be ;-)
pilgrim`let a hungry lion loose and it woudl be  Rome all over
cyberfr0gwtf is iran going to come out with on the 11th?
DrRocketPennsylvania Democratic Rep. John Murtha, the first veteran of the Vietnam war to enter Congress and one of the House's most powerful lawmakers, died Monday afternoon at Virginia Hospital Center after complications from gallbladder surgery. Murtha was 77.
DrRocketyou know, i feel no compulsion to shed a single tear.. other than his tyranny is over.
pilgrim`the witch hunt begins
cyberfr0gi hope he has a nice time in hell for what he did to those marines
WintergrnWhat did he do to those marines?
TerryPMurtha was a fine man
TerryPa Vietnam vet
TerryPhe gets my respect
TerryPfighting in those jungles
DrRocketWintergrn  judged them guilty without any evidence, due process, etc
cyberfr0gi respect his service to his country, but not him as a man and what he became
PancakesFUCK SALT!
cyberfr0g"There was no firefight, there was no IED (improvised explosive device) that killed these innocent people. Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood."
cyberfr0gthose were his words
yowz||murtha's a fuckin whack job
cyberfr0gagain, i hope he enjoys his eternity in hell
cyberfr0gbecause he deserves it
adosmichael savage on
adoson stimulating talk radio
_3Josephsyow, not any mmore
pilgrim`Global warming has produced a trillion dollar plus industry.  
cyberfr0gi've always said that global warming is the next great money maker
pilgrim`it has already made a ton of money
cyberfr0gman made global warming is the greatest hoax in human history
adosglobal warming is a good excuse for the government to limit our travel and shape our consumption habits
TheTailorados, and tax us.
WintergrnThe Guardian ought to get some cred for running that story
EEKiedorritos selling chips on stereotype ---->
pilgrim`what is summer like on Pluto?  winter?
EEKiesingle mom?  black?  
cyberfr0gwelfare queen?
pilgrim`a full solar orbit for Pluto is 248 years.  thus we have not had a full solar Plutonian "year" since bevfore the Industrial Revolution
Matthew_SPalin 2012!!!!!!! wooooh
Irvingpalin is legendary weather girl
Matthew_Sshe's quite a maverick
Irvingshe's a bum
cyberfr0gshe's a fad
cyberfr0ga fad that a good portion of the idiots in this world would vote for
cyberfr0gsorry country
Irvingwell said
Matthew_SI think it's spelled fag
cyberfr0gi think fad is much more insulting to her
Sir_Haderits not all bad if she wins, it'll make the transition from superpower to idiocracy-wasteland less painful by speeding it up
cM0ssObama is taking care of that now
newimageperhaps, still better then obama, just not the republican id vote for
cyberfr0gor it will just be another failed presidency of a one term president with a completely useless congress... AGAIN
Irvingpalin ruined McCain chances of winning the presidency
cyberfr0gnewimage: you really think she'd be better?
Irvingshe messed up  big time
justfurmehi all
newimagewhy because she did not answer katie courics question
justfurmei was looking fro the mirc, help chat
justfurmedid i go astray?
cyberfr0gno fro's in here man
cyberfr0ggo to #mirc
cyberfr0gor #help
pilgrim`tree ring growth is more closely correlated with cosmic rays than with local temperatures, which throws the proxy measurements into the severe doubt bucket.  
cyberfr0gpilgrim`: SHHHH don't tell anyone!
Sir_Haderthat couric interview is by any standards incomparable to the last blunder, writing down that "poem" in her hand to remember that energy,  budget cuts and raising americans spirit is what she'd do as president
Sir_Haderthat's insane beyond words
Sir_Haderit's not ridiculous, it's pathology
cyberfr0gwhy can't people just speak from their hearts? why do they need notes and teleprompters?
cyberfr0git just proves your idiocy
newimageshe wrote down 7 words on her hand, so you never did that when giving a speech?
cyberfr0gand lack of being real
Sir_Hadercyberfrog, that's what palin said, right before looking down on her own hand lol
cyberfr0gwhat a dolt
cyberfr0gand it makes tea baggers look just as rediculous
pilgrim`I was prepped with a teleprompter  and only had to worry that I might muss makeup before the interview
cyberfr0gif that was possible
pilgrim`I used to use a prep sheet I taked to the guitar so I knew which song came next. Get out of sync and the drummer got testy
Sir_Hadernewimage, why are you defending that? how can you POSSIBLY defend that? she showed up and charged 100 000 dollars to speak, what she did is comparable to obama looking down on his hand to be reminded "america, you live in america, you are president"
f1she's not allowed to make money?
f1how stupid is that
pilgrim`she is suposed to go back to alaska and look at that Russia from her porch
EEKiethere's a few things obama knows by heart that does not need a cheatsheet or a teleprompter... "uh, erm, ah, mmm, aaaa, urrrr, eeee,  'say what nigga?'"
Sir_Haderf1, 100 000 is ok. that was just to make the point that she should be able to remember "usa is large, water is wet and apples are tasty"
newimagebet she can pronounce corpsman
LadynayeEE:  you forgot the most important thing
paniniis that a dirty word to you newimage?
Ladynayehe has been to all 58 states
f1Sir_Hader, it was sold out, sorry to disappoint you
newimageits a word obama cant say
cyberfr0g58 states
pilgrim`Obama has a black accent  Bush had a Texan Accent.  how woudl one classify Palin?
Sir_Haderf1, go watch a palin porn, there's a new one out now
panininewimage, well obama is a poor speaker
newimageim waiting for letterman to bring back great moments in presidential speaking
pilgrim`yes he is a poor speaker
cyberfr0gpilgrim`: alaskan soccer mom
EEKieLadynaye, to be fair, his stimulus package also funds congressional districts in arizona that don't exist
TimothyWTgop :
EEKiezip codes from other countries
Ladynayeand he created or saved 2 million jobs with no facts and figures!
pilgrim`its not so much how one speaks.  Harry Truman was an AWFUL speaker
pilgrim`so was Ike
newimageand she can charge how ever much she wants. That money is getting re-donated back into the party. Its not like Clinton does not charge for speaking
Irvingnewimage watch katie courics v ahmasdinejad on CBS  she got PWNED
LadynayeIke deported illegals, he was cool
Irvingits available on youtube
f1the liberal scum is so afraid of her now they don't want her to make money?
Irvingkatie courics is an over rated journalist
pilgrim`is that the mouth?
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