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Action: copycat42 sets mode: -o copycat42
copycat42i gave ishi a reading list, she's pretty cool  once you get past the kneejerk reactions of her liberal upbringing.  :)
galwaithheh thats funny dude was going on about "FT only manages" and wants to get all "rule technical" but failed to read the part where it says @FreeTrade and @CometBaby are the OP Administrators (channel owners).
copycat42i think FreeTrade=beige
copycat42who is beige
galwaithbeige is cool, unlike FT ;)
wteeflol in oct '92 there were less than 400 people on all IRC networks
wteefaccording to efnets site
wteefgalwaith you sure you still wanna claim youve been here for 20 years
copycat42I was on IRC back when we threw stone tablets at one another.
wteefOct 91 - 399 users 120 servers 44 opers (hits 500)
Action: Glock21 chucks the first five commandments at copycat42
galwaithhaha flooding with ctcp's would kill your connection
wteefso he lied about ignore, and lied about time in here
Action: davtek was into smoke signals
galwaithahh the joys of channel take overs
galwaithnick collisions to take out folks bots walk in take their channel
Glock21Dutch vs U,RU Gay? today in the world cup
galwaithhaha Glock
galwaithis this the final?
copycat42can nicks be registered and passworded on efnet?
Glock21Nah, Spain vs Germany tomorrow
galwaithor those next week?
Glock21Winners go to the final
galwaithno copy
galwaithi wished
Glock21I'm hoping for a final of uruguay vs krauts with Uber Alles Deutchland
galwaithit is the one thing i wished they would do
galwaithyou could more easily manage a channel that way.. anyone with an unregistered nick joins the channel you can set auto-ban etc
Glock21America's out so all I got left to root for are my fellow Krauts.
Glock21I still can't stand to watch a full game... but the last half hour or so is barely tolerable.
Glock21Fucking vuvuzelas though... jfc.
Glock21I'm curious to see what aussie football is like though. Apparently they disparage soccer almost as much as we do in some circles... call it "wogball" some old ethnic slur.
galwaither uh aussie football is rugby isn't it?
Glock21I'm a sports ignoramus generally anyways... on foreign sports I'm useless.
galwaithI've watched this
galwaithit is like soccer and rugby and US football mixed together
galwaithwith no padding
Glock21Kick ass.
galwaithsmear the queer and they haev to KICK  the ball over the goal
galwaiththere is no "running the ball into the end zone"
galwaithi don't think
galwaithThere is no offside rule nor are there set positions in the rules
galwaithplayers running with the ball must intermittently bounce or touch it on the ground. Throwing the ball is not allowed and players must not get caught holding the ball.
galwaithhehehe kind of like hot potato and smear the queer mixed together
EEKtheCATanother day finished
galwaithA goal is scored when the football is propelled through the goal posts at any height (including above the height of the posts) by way of a kick from the attacking team. It may fly through on the full or bounce through, but must not have been touched, on the way, by any player from either team.
galwaithI bet the scores are pretty low hehehhe
galwaithA goal is worth 6 points whereas a behind is worth 1 point.
galwaiththere are a total of 4 posts, the 2 posts in the center are the goal posts, if you kick between the center posts and the behind posts, it is a behind point..
galwaithif you kicked directly through the center posts 6 points
galwaithman they gotta bring this game to USA... =P
ovnsAnd the field is oval shaped.
galwaithEEK, Aussie rules football
galwaithAustralian rules football damn it
EEKtheCATi've tried watching rugby, it's pretty much a free for all
galwaithrugby and Aussie football are different
galwaithi have a hard time watching just about any type of "field sport"
Glock21Prank leaves Justin Bieber facing tour of North Korea -
galwaithbesides the olympics, i love watching them
rayworkanyone near Myrtle beach? NC?
galwaithLOL Glock
rayworkthey banned bike week because it's too rowdy now businesses are complaining they are going bankrupt
galwaithgood ray
galwaiththe more that go bankrupt, the more these politicians are more likely to get lynched
galwaiththese politicians think that folks won't resort to violence to get their point across
galwaiththese folks have the come uppance of a lifetime heading their way...
EEKtheCATwho is justin bieber and who cares where he goes?
galwaithdon't know, but i saw his picture and all i could think was "Backstreet Boy"
EEKtheCATlooks like some gay ass emo kid
EEKtheCATwhat the fuck is it with the hair?
Glock21New damn pop star for teenyboppers
galwaithyeh i don't know whats up with their hair these days
EEKtheCATwhatever happenned to kids and crew cuts?
galwaithi'd be happy to see a normal mohawk these days
TailorIt's called, hair in your face.
Glock21Some young lesbian girl almost caused a riot because people thought it was Justin Bieber and crowds of fans started coming out from everywhere to see.
galwaithI should get my hair done like his and see if it works for me
EEKtheCATVacant office space continued to accumulate in the second quarter, the latest indication that businesses aren't planning significant hiring in the near future. Office buildings across the U.S. lost 1.8 million square feet of occupied space in the quarter, pushing the national office vacancy rate to 17.4%, the highest level since 1993, according to New York-based research firm Reis Inc.
rayworkJustin Beiber's mom is a milf
Glock21Another one here:
EEKtheCAT17% reduction in office space, not counting warehouse and assembly lines
Glock21Cops came to arrest Justin Bieber only to find out it was a young lesbian woman.
EEKtheCATi bet you warehouse and assebly lines space took a harder hit
galwaitharrest him for what?
Glock21underage drinking
Glock21Kid's only 16.
Glock21The lesbian was of legal age.
galwaithcops should grow a ferkin' brain
Glock21This kid is going to be the brunt of jokes for the next decade.
EEKtheCAThair like that, no shit
rayworkglock nasty
EEKtheCATi thought it was a gay asian thing
Glock21He's just exploring his metrosexuality.
EEKtheCATsee shit like that in hong kong
JohnXXIVgood morning #politics!
Action: EEKtheCAT waits for the canadian to leave
JohnXXIVwho me?
EEKtheCATa fiscally consersavtive canadian can only be a plant
EEKtheCATa spy
JohnXXIVmost of us are fiscally conservative, even many who call themselves Liberals
EEKtheCATurban legend
EEKtheCATa myth
EEKtheCATstories told to scare little homosexual liberal kids
_3Josephsspeaking of the Queen ... she's at the UN today
EEKtheCATSuper-High Pressures Used to Create Super Battery: 'Most Condensed Form of Energy Storage Outside of Nuclear Energy'
EEKtheCATno working prototype yet
galwaithhmm.. i wonder if its anything like High Pressure Sodium lamps
EEKtheCATjust proven that they could do it
OcDochelps the enemy ... rofl
JohnXXIVthat is cool
OcDocculture, tradition, religion, corruption, history, terrain ... ALL help the enemy ...
EEKtheCATprobably expensive as hell to make too
EEKtheCATand it only talks about charge density, nothing about durability
OcDoctime to pull out ... the officials have enough money saved up in Swiss bank accounts to bail when we pull out
EEKtheCATat least from skimming
OcDocor they can side with one of the regional warlords for protection after we leave like they always have
OcDocwhen the Russkis pulled out there was no particular blood bath
OcDocwhen we pulled out of Vietnam, tens of thousands of vietnamese came to the US and bought fishing boats and convenience stores
JohnXXIVI estimate $1 trillion a year comes from corrupt countries and goes into places like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands
OcDocthe Afghans can grow poppies in California to plant along our highways
EEKtheCATand stone sunbathing liberals?
JohnXXIVabout a third of the world's corrupt money comes from Pakistan
OcDocand build mosques near terrorist sites like the WTC
OcDocas a gesture of tolerance
JohnXXIVthere is a distinct correlation between corruption and poverty.
EEKtheCATno, there's a distinct correlation between stupidity and poverty
EEKtheCATcorruption enriches the politicians
EEKtheCATwhile stupidity puts them into power
OcDocand the police
EEKtheCATtake chicago and detroit
OcDocand the gangsters
JohnXXIVcorruption takes currency out of circulation which could be used by the people.
OcDocnew york
cody-free bnc pm me
JohnXXIVBy global standards, America is not corrupt by any definition of the term
EEKtheCATcalling it "lobbying" doesn't make it less corrupt
JohnXXIVif you look at the CIA world facts book
Raccoon`Send Bieber to North Korea! --
OcDoclet's see ... for whom does the CIA work ... snap! oh, it's the US!
JohnXXIVand you divide the currency GDP by the PPP
JohnXXIVyou will see that western countries in general have very low corruption
JohnXXIVsure stuff goes on but it is all more or less visible
Raccoon`the CIA works for Facebook
JohnXXIVI mean you know about the lobbying
JohnXXIVand you know how the senators and congresscritters voted
JohnXXIVin these corrupt shitholes like pakistan you wouldnt know anything
EEKtheCATgod damn, those bags look heavy
EEKtheCATyou know the US is in for a lot of trouble when you see bullshit like that
JohnXXIVI still say we should use Blago's hair to mop up the spill
EEKtheCAT4 bags to hold what looks like 1 gallon of sand
EEKtheCATholy shit
OcDoclet's see ... how many feet of shelves does it take to hold the Code of Federal Regulations (that's federal only, no state, county, district or city regulations)
JohnXXIVOcDoc bonfire of the vanities!
OcDocand how many fire inspectors, meat inspectors, peanut inspectors, code inspectors, drug enforcement teams etc. to collect graft ...
JohnXXIVYour president is probably not putting 10% of the US GDP into an offshore bank account
OcDocJohn: probably not
JohnXXIVthats the kind of scale of corruption you find in places like Pakistan and Suriname
OcDocJohn: the President is the least important source of corruption in the US
_3Josephsnot directly ... that's what unions are for
OcDoche takes his cut AFTER he's out of office
OcDocwell, the vacay is over ... back to work
JohnXXIVthe most corruption is probably around the issuance of building permits.
JohnXXIV'environmental studies'
JohnXXIV'engineering studies'
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