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deadleighonly humans can come up with such evil
MetrickUbasti: it's the only entertainment the freaks have
Metrickthey have no good food, music
UbastiOr when they want you tortured, by golly they go all out.
deadleighthe freaks in the US also have a similar form of entertainment its called capital punishment (same as the one in Iran) and the media devours it with gusto
Metrickno but when there are no criminals left to torture
Metrickthey went and hanged about 10 business men they called corrupt or something
deadleighsame shit just another name or method
Metrickor the business men simply weren't making them enough money
Metrickdeadleigh: I know
katherineYeah.. it was because of the lack of TV in ANCIENT FUCKING PERSIA.
katherineWhat a fuckwit
bad-bobwhen the Aztecs were sacrificing for blood, the Spanish were burning heretics.
Metrickdeadleigh: sure darryl holton was obviously drugged out of it when he supposedly chose the electric chair
UbastiWell aren't you guys of the very popular, PC, liberal view that the death penalty is bad.
UbastiTorture is...but not how we have the death penalty in the's the most humane way.
MetrickUbasti: buring alive?
deadleighMEtrick: its still a barbaric practice IMO .. and no amount of dressing it up in a supposedly humane way is gonna change that. The problem is humans are just an evil, scheming, nasty bunch. Nothing will change that
MetrickUbasti: even in russia, they used guns
UbastiI'm not gonna watch that, but what are you talking about burying alive?
UbastiHow about it's barbaric to murder and rape someone who doesn't deserve it.
bad-bobafter the Spaniards conquered Mexico, they set up an auto-de-fe (execution place) in the Aztec temple square
LawOrderanyone likes the naked russian spy Anal Chapman's pics?
MetrickUbasti: human nature, and humans on drugs etc
deadleighLawOrder she is super hot
LawOrdershe is at least c cup
LawOrdernice boobs
UbastiYes it's human nature, but it's also up to govt to serve justice...and letting someone who has murderer another live is not justice.
UbastiLaw, wrong room for such discussions
Metrickthat's playground rules justice Ubasti
Metrickmental age of 10
deadleighhah yeah .. now there is a pleasant view LAwOrder:)... better than this morbid shit about torture
Metrick"lets get them back"
katherineKilling people against their will is, imho, evil.
Metrick"he tripped me at soccer first!!"
Metrick"but he did it first!!!"
katherineI dont care what someone did, if they do not want to die, killing them is evil.
UbastiMeh, liberal hippies
Metrickme too katherine
katherineUbasti: Well done. You just showed you cant have a discussion with adults. Have a nice day.
deadleighUbasti you wouldnt be saying that if you were in the electric chair
UbastiIf I were in the electric chair because I had murdered someone, I deserve to be there.
Ubastikatherine, like I care about your view of me :)
Metrickkatherine: look
UbastiPeople who murder deserve for the govt to murder them.
Metrickkatherine: this guy was a maniac
deadleighpointless convo ...
Metrickkatherine: child rapist and killer etc
pollinihello is everybody o.k. in usa??i doubt
katherineMetrick: And?
Metrickkatherine: but the russians just gave him one in the back of the head
Metrickkatherine: they didn't throw him into a pit of tarrantulas or burn him slowly in the electric chair
Metricka government is not superior to a paedophile or mass murderer
Metrickif it goes and does the same back to them
katherineMetrick: So? They still killed him, and I believe that is evil.
Metrickand makes the people feel that it is justified
UbastiSo an evil person who murdered someone should be allowed to live while getting fed three times a day, watching TV, etc.?
Metrickkatherine: well there was a plea for clemency cause he was abused as a child, but the president denied it
polliniit was enough to see from the report that a liar like bill klinton who transformed the white house into sex-street considered the number 13 best see who is the source
MetrickUbasti: widescreen sony
MetrickUbasti: or that pioneer hd 600hz tv!
Ubastihi bleu
deadleighUbasti the problem with your argument is that if someone is a neanderthal, u have to become one too, to seek "justice" ; do grow up
Metrickaye deadleigh
Metrickyou don't club every suspect to death
bleubunnywow i'm on mibbit
UbastiHow exactly is it you think you can define what is and is not justice?  Why isn't justice taking from the person who took, what they took from another?
bleubunnyi never knew about this before
Ubastibleu, yah it's cool eh
Metrickjust to satisfy the people's lust for murder of the murderer
polliniwell funny:bush was responsible cause a natural disaster occured but obama is not responsible for a human-made spot oil which wasn't treated from 6 months
deadleighno wonder the human race doesnt grow up; infantile reactions and base instincts to murder loot rape and pillage
UbastiIt has nothing to do with a lust for murder, it has to do with a sense of justice, that the person who took another's life does not keep theirs in return.
Metrickobama administration have killed how many hundred thousand since in power?
pollinino one heared about that silly report?
bleubunnyyeah just think of all the dead sea life
MetrickUbasti: it's fuckin steven segalish
MetrickUbasti: "you killed my wife, NOW I TAKE YOUR LIFE"
pollinidid obama change anything?
CLU"An eye for an eye" was a metaphor.  The Christian bible is actually telling us to become a society of lawyers and actuaries.
UbastiHaha liberal hippies indeed, whatever.
katherineWhen you start looking at a book from the bronze age as a guide to your morality, then you are fucked up.
bleubunnyhippies and their medical marijuana are going to destroy our country and obama is going to bomb us
UbastiWell aren't you highly opinionated and crude while at it, katherine...not a fan of the dweebs in here right now.  C-ya.
bleubunnythats why they chose that fake name for him
bleubunnybecause everyone knows he has no real birth certificate
CLUIf you really want to deter crime, you strap convicts to tables and let a guy with a puke green leather smock over his white lab coat play with the convict using acids and salts and scalpels and broadcast it on national TV.
Metrickubasti is a dinosaur for 2010
pollinidid u hear about that report?
CLUWorks in movies, anyway.
bleubunnyor let Dexter kill them
CLUNooooo, don't kill them, at least not intentionally.
MetrickCLU: that only makes people more angry, and split with the government
bleubunnyyeah we just need to get someone like dexter
bleubunnyhe can stab them in the heart
CLUActually, I'd prefer if all the scalpel guys looked like Christopher Lloyd.
MetrickCLU: wtf ever happened to the line "innocent until proven guilty"? cause the western world has it back to front
MetrickCLU: next we'll be back to burning suspected witches
CLUI do believe I used the word convict.
Metrickwhat if there is a chance
Metrickthey are wrongfully convicted
byLLNASA Chief: Next Frontier Better Relations With Muslim World
polliniin mississipi they blame a white president for a natural disaster and accept that a spot oil to need 4 months of treatment?
MetrickCLU: and a jury of lay people is insane
MetrickCLU: for a start most people aren't educated
CLUI saw that in a TV show too.  Simply assign matching sentences to private attorneys that lose.  Public defenders would be exempt.  If someone was later found wrongfully convicted, the prosecuter for the case receives the sentence instead.
MetrickCLU: and the jury should be screened for not being all republican
MetrickCLU: the jury should be upper class of the community, or mixed
MetrickCLU: not a bunch of randoms
bleubunnyor tested by IQ
MetrickCLU: I talked to a schizophrenic girl, from texas, who was called for fucking jury duty, cause her dad was in nam
CLUEducated juries I would agree with, but people would simply intentionally fail any test you give them if they want to get out of it.
CLUYou'd need to attach it to getting things like drivers licenses.
Metrickand should the jury be allowed to talk to each other at all?
Metrickor just anonymously vote?
CLUIf they didn't deliberate together, you'd probably never reach a unanimous conviction.
MetrickCLU: excactly
MetrickCLU: give the person on trial the benefit of the doubt
MetrickCLU: and not give the jury a chance to intentionally make their minds up so they can go home and relax
CLUIf they weren't allowed to deliberate, we'd have to make it a majority vote.  Even without deliberation, convictions would probably increase.
CLUNot really helping "benefit of the doubt" that way.
MetrickI agree with that CLU
Metrickor else freed
CLUThe jury doesn't get to make up their minds and go home until the trial finishes.  How often do they take longer than a day to decide after the end of a case?
deadleighthere are more bans in this channel than ppl who talk sense
MetrickCLU: the jury shouldn't be allowed to form fucking relationships
MetrickCLU: they should be all independant minds
MetrickCLU: people like you laugh in the face of democracy
CLUYou have far too little data to possibly assign me to anything appropriate for the phrase "people like you".
Metrickyou have a point there
Metrickbut you're still coming over
Metricka bit right wing
Metrickin my perception
CLUI think most of the regulars here would laugh at that.
Metrickthey're all nixons
Metricknot fit for 2010
Metrickremember the film from the 60s, 2001?
CLUAccording to political profiling quizzes and such, you'd have to be off the left end of the scale to call me "right".  :)
Metricka vision that, by 40 years time, we'd have dropped the ignorance?
judaha rascal now he
CLUI don't really fit into any party, I have huge disagreements on varying issues with every one I've heard of.
bleubunnylike what
judahCLU i do too
judahi think there is not REALLY any party that represents me
judahas a person
judahit is too much group mentality
CLUFor abortion rights, against no-fault divorce with kids under 18, for drilling in Alaska and gun rights, umm...
CLUI was trying to alternate typical Republica and Democrat talking points, but I am blanking out for both suddenly.
deadleighthe problem and affiliations to political parties always debated about is increasingly redundant as far as the US is concerned. Global policy will be increasingly made in and driven by parties of China, India and others...the US will become another nobody like the UK is now
judahyou should be pro animals
bleubunnythey need more than 2 political parties
judah2 parties
judahisn't that
judaha little
CLUAnimal cruelty laws are good, but PETA should be killed and eaten.
LawOrderdamn iphone assembly cost is only 1% of total cost
Metrickthe labrador party versus the rottweiler party
judahno petapaladins
judahthey kind failed in a way
judahthey are the ony coporation if you can even call it a coporation that fail to bribe the ppl with money hot girls and stars
deadleighLaw: an iPhone apparently costs $189 to make fully.. so Apple's markup is staggering
Metricklabradors are ahead of humans and other dogs, they don't have the death penalty
bleubunnyhow much is the iphone
LawOrderapple makes $360 on profit
LawOrdertwice the cost of making it
LawOrderthat is like 60% profit margin
LawOrdertotally immoral
bleubunnyoh yeah
judahlabradors make good blind ppl dogs
deadleighLaw: yeah and they get a cut of all the exclusive data revenue
bleubunnywell you don't have to buy it
CLUAnd yet Apple sets the wholesale price such that retailers make maybe $5 on each unit and has to make their real money on accessories.
bleubunnyi'm not
deadleighI have a Google Nexus
LawOrderit's morel like cocaine
judahLawOrder how much does an iphone cost ?
deadleighiphone is over rated
LawOrderyou know its bad but its addictive
CLUThat's for pretty much all Apple products, not any one in particular.
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